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friends with the monster (that's under my bed)

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When Jungkook had first discovered that there was a faceless, concupiscent tentacle monster living under his bed, he had admittedly been more than just slightly taken aback. It had started showing itself around three years ago now, just a couple of days before Halloween, and right from the start, it had seemed quite … enthusiastic, to put it that way. Now, the first stickly sweet touch of raven coloured tentacle on skin is not something that can be easily described, and Jungkook doesn’t think he could do the sensation justice if he tried. All that he knows is that no matter how familiar The Monster and him have gotten, it’s still equally as intoxicating now as it was back then to have it caress his skin, glide across the planes of his chest, nudge his hands away as if to show him they’re there to take care of him, no need to use his plain, old hands.


At the end of the day though, he knows that that is not what is happening.


The Monster enjoys using him. It finds great joy in suspending him above his bed by using its inhumane strength, rendering him immobile and fucking him dumb with its countless slimy appendages, thrusting them in and out of him in whichever way and rhythm it pleases. It loves having him on his knees, his hole gaping around the second thickest tentacle it owns (they’re still working their way up to The Big One), some of the smaller ones holding him up and preventing him from falling on his pretty face, tears mixing with drool and snot as The Monster deepthroats him as rough as his body allows.


It’s never been gentle, is what he’s trying to say – but that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying their little sessions together.


You see, it’s only twice a year that Jungkook really gets the full package, the Ultimate Monster Fucking Experience, so to say. Because as much as The Monster teases him whenever it feels like it, as much as it clearly enjoys toying with him, moulding his body to its preferences – it won’t do him the favour of fucking him outside of breeding season, he’s learned. He has no idea whether it doesn’t want to or it simply can’t, but either way, he’s come to spend his days looking forward to the next time it uses his body to satiate its feral needs.


Now, over time, along with comfort in getting pounded by pitch black, slimy tentacles, Jungkook has also acquired six boyfriends in the form of his bandmates, who, to their credit, have never been anything but very loving, caring and accepting hyungs to their dongsaeng. However, their precious maknae telling them that those couple of times during the year where they don’t see his face for a week straight are being spent getting railed by the monster under his bed might just be the limit of said acceptance. At least that’s what Jungkook had thought to be the case up until around a month ago, when he’d stumbled upon a box filled to the brim with supernatural sex toys in Jimin’s room. He hadn’t even been snooping, the box had just sat on the unmade bed, the Bad Dragon dildos and ovipositors inside practically begging to be played with.


So, apparently his boyfriends were kinkier than he’d given them credit for. The timing had been perfect too, October sneaking up on them quickly, breeding season in full approach. The decision of letting the others in on his secret had been made in a split second after discovering Jimin’s box of monster fucking gear, but he’d held off on actually sitting them down for a talk in fear of them not believing him without him providing the evidence to back it up. To be fair, if he weren’t the one with the tentacles up his ass, he’s not sure he’d had believed one of the others, had they looked in his face and told him they let a faceless creature living under their bed pound them whenever it saw fit. So, he couldn’t hold it against them.


Still, even now, falling into his bed after a long, tiring day, he’s bursting with the need to share this with them. Not just because keeping a secret this big (and this lewd) is exhausting, but also because he’s almost certain The Monster would love them. Six more people to witness how good it’s making him feel, how well it breeds him, six more people to potentially play with, six more warm, soft bodies to split open on its thick appendages … Jungkook is not sure whether the prickly change of atmosphere in his room is down to The Monster being unable to contain its excitement or he himself almost erupting with nervous energy.


As if one cue, he doesn’t even get to finish thinking up a plan as to how to go about this before he feels the first, almost tentative touch of a tentacle slithering up his hip, worming its way beneath his oversized t-shirt. He gasps as it slides over his nipple, The Monster seemingly buzzing with delight at his needy little sounds as it applies a little more pressure, teasing the pink bud some more for good measure. Jungkook can feel his cock stirring in his boxers already, his body so accustomed to The Monster and its ministrations. This is exactly why the timing of finding the box had been so perfect – it’s the end of October, the start of breeding season, the time of year during which The Monster probably won’t be able to control itself even if it tried.


A second tentacle joins the first one in its seductive touch, this one slightly rougher, a little more insistent in getting him to relax and give himself up to The Monster (not that it needs to put in much effort to convince him, but, you know. He likes to pretend he has some sense of dignity left). He screws his eyes shut as it finds its way into his underwear, fondles his balls, leaving a greyish, wetly shimmering trail of slime in its wake. Jungkook would be disgusted by that, would it not feel so deliciously humiliating to be marked, dirtied, tainted like that. The pungent, warm, sweet scent helps, too.


He kicks the blanket off with his legs as he feels another three or four tentacles smoothing over his skin, his shirt having ridden up to his collarbones, his boxers soaking wet with a mix of monster goo and his own precum. He feels hot and feverish, feels naughty for letting The Monster corrupt him like this, for being completely prepared – and eager – to take whatever it decides to give to him. Feels dirty, the good kind. Feels floaty, and ready to be taken apart.


And then, suddenly, feels panicked, as he hears his bedroom door slam open and somebody take in a sharp breath.


The tentacles freeze amidst their inappropriate touches, causing one of them to hover almost comically right above his achingly hard dick – Jungkook doesn’t even remember them (or himself, for that matter) pulling his boxers down and exposing him, but as his eyes dart from his own naked balls in the firm grip of a raven coloured, otherworldly creatures extra appendage to the astonished – horrified? Shocked? Horny? – expression on Yoongi’s face, it’s pretty clear that the small chance that all of this has been a continuous, very realistic fever dream is actually non-existent. Pushing his need to thrust up into the waiting touch of the tentacle lingering inches above his cock aside, he clears his throat and fixes his eyes on Yoongi. Yeah, definitely a little horny, he can see it in the glint of curiosity in his stare.


“Hyung.” It comes out as nothing but a whisper. Yoongi raises his eyebrows, his hand clutching the doorknob so hard his knuckles are turning white.


“I, I can e-explain.” God, he sounds wrecked. Apparently, The Monster decides this is the perfect moment to resume its treatment, as the tentacle that’s been frozen above his dick finally wraps around it, cool slick on heated skin, precum oozing out of his slit. He can’t stop the moan that rips itself from his throat, and it sounds broken.


“Jungkook, what the fuck?”


Wait, that’s not Yoongi. It’s Namjoon, and with him another pair of eyes on Jungkooks flushed and sweaty body, adorned with countless – now very handsy, pun not intended – tentacles. Jungkook closes his eyes again, mentally cursing himself for lying down instead of finally talking to his boyfriends about his little secret so they’d at least be somewhat prepared before they saw him getting railed by some godless, beastly creature.


Well, cat’s out the bag now, he guesses.


“I’m – hyungs, please –“


“What’s going on in here?”


Of course the hyungs had to assemble first. Jungkook would bet money on the fact that Jimin and Taehyung would take to monster fucking like a fish to water, but he’s not sure he can say the same about Hoseok, who has now come to join the fun. The commotion causes Seokjin to peek in as well, as Jungkook can see when he opens his eyes again (albeit not without difficulty, as The Monster has now taken to stroking him in its hold, sending a few of its smallest tentacles to play with his slit and cause him to twitch in their hold – and under his boyfriends’ gazes, as he’s reminded when he sees Namjoon swallow dryly).


He lets out a groan – in frustration or arousal, he’s not sure. Either way, it causes Hoseok to break out of his stupor and march over to him with determined steps, forcing Jungkook to look at him by taking a hold of his chin. His eyes are wild, now, almost reckless, his pupils blown wide.


“Do you want this? Are you enjoying this?”, he asks loud enough for the rest of the boys to hear. Jungkook forces himself to keep his eyes on him, nods his head yes almost desperately. When one of the tentacles slips between his ass cheeks, teases his sensitive rim, he has to bite his lip to refrain from whimpering. Hoseok cocks an eyebrow and tightens his hold on his chin, and this time, Jungkook can’t stop himself from groaning at the slight show of dominance.


“Expect to be thoroughly questioned on this later. Don’t think you’ll get away with hiding a horny tentacle monster under your bed to get your dick wet without us wanting an explanation. But for now, open your mouth.”


Jungkook lets his jaw go slack almost immediately, feels one of the tentacles slipping into his tight hole the same exact moment he feels Hoseoks thumb on his tongue, pressing down on it to hold it down as he spits directly into his mouth. Jungkook lets his eyes slip shut, can feel himself losing control, losing sanity, losing restraint. When he feels Hoseoks hand push his jaw shut, he swallows without sparing it a single thought, and when he opens his eyes again, he sees something akin to pride flashing across Hoseoks face, and he relishes in it.


From there on out, it’s chaos.


Turns out Jimin and Taehyung have witnessed the whole thing and had simply been rendered speechless, but their presence becomes very evident when Jungkook feels Jimins fingers threading through his hair, grabbing onto it and holding him there, as Taehyung peppers kisses across his nose, his cheeks, his closed eyelids, in an attempt to balance out the roughness that both Jimin and Hoseok exude. He doesn’t have to look, he knows it’s them, knows their touches like the back of his hand by now.


It marks the starting point of everyone else kicking into action like they’d been slapped across the face and woken up from their paralyzed state. Jungkook can feel Namjoon and Yoongi pushing his legs back, probably to give the tentacles better access and be able to watch it happen, and The Monster doesn’t hesitate, it thrusts into Jungkook deep and hard right from the start. He tries to throw his head back, is reminded by a stinging sensation that Jimin is holding him still, and whines instead, breathy and high pitched and desperate. He reaches out his hand, blindly searching for Seokjin, is aching for all his hyungs to experience this with him, in whatever way they feel comfortable. If Namjoon wants to stick in his dick alongside the tentacles, great, but if Taehyung wants to do nothing but provide moral support, that’s great too. He’s just so relieved that they all seem to be okay with this.


Seokjin takes a hold of his hand then, and another tentacle is pushing at his hole as the tiniest of them continue playing with the head of his cock, Hoseok sneaks a hand down to flick at his nipple meanly, and Jungkook just breaks. The sob that bubbles up in his throat hardly even sounds like him at all, but he can’t help himself at this point, can’t stop himself from coming undone dizzyingly fast.


“Oh, is the baby overwhelmed? Can’t handle having your hyungs watch you getting your holes stuffed like the little whore you are? No need to be embarrassed, angel, we all know how dirty you are.”


Jimin says it in that sickeningly sweet tone of his, the one that he uses when he’s feeling extra mean, when he wants to ruin someone. And Jungkook can’t blame him, he’s feeling like a wreck already, his cock giving another kick at Jimin’s harsh words.


“Dirty isn’t even the word. So desperate to be full that you’d let anyone fuck you, hm? Would spread your legs even for something inhumane. You really are a fucking slut, Kook-ah.” Hoseok spits the words out and it burns deliciously deep in Jungkooks tummy, another whine escaping his spit slick lips.


Namjoons fingers are holding his thigh so firmly he’s almost positive it’s going to bruise, and he’s ecstatic about that. Can feel Yoongi’s stare boring holes into his skin, scorching hot, burning along with the pain of having his hole stretched around yet another tentacle – he’s lost count long ago, but they’re fucking him deep and hard enough to ruck his body up the bed, right up into Jimin’s hold, and it’s so fucking good he can’t help the tears that are stinging in his eyes, can’t help blabbering desperate little sounds of “hyungs” and “please” and “fuck me”.


Everything hurts so good and he has to squeeze Seokjin’s hand to ground himself, and he cries a little harder when he feels Seokjin squeeze back.


It’s when he feels Yoongi’s finger joining the smaller tentacles in toying with his balls, rolling them around in his hand, that he realises he’s going to cum, and he’s going to cum soon. His cock is pulsing in the appendages’ hold, precum dripping onto his own stomach, his nipples aching from Hoseok’s constant teasing and Jimin’s hand in his hair only serving to make him feel even smaller, even more like a doll being played with. He feels Taehyung wiping his tears with his thumbs and feels his face scrunch up with emotion.


He shudders, a full-body thing, and gasps out: “Gonna cum, so close, gonna – ah, fuck – gonna cum!”


Namjoon tightens his hold on his thigh, his fingernails digging into his flesh, and Jungkook positively keens. Fresh tears are running down his flushed cheeks, right onto Taehyung’s long, pretty fingers, and Jungkook feels Seokjin kissing his hand, and it’s all so much and he fucking loves it, squirms under the attention, and the tentacles only get more enthusiastic as they sense just how into it he is. They fuck into him with renewed fervor, pushing against his prostate on every single thrust, and he’s not sure now if he’s actually screaming or if his ears are just ringing from the overwhelming stimulation.


What pushes him over the edge is the feeling of The Monster filling him with its seed, convulsing inside of him and pumping him full. It’s only the start of breeding season, so there’s not as much of it, but the it has him feeling euphoric regardless. He starts shaking as his back arches off the bed, pearly white ropes landing on his tummy and his chest, one of them hitting Hoseok’s fingers that are still abusing his nipple, and he makes sure to feed it back to Jungkook before he’s even stopped cumming.


After that, it’s silence.


For a brief moment, Jungkook worries that this is it now, he’s freaked them out and they’ll leave him and this is it, but then he feels the soft fabric of a warm, wet towel wiping at his soiled tummy, and he sighs in relief. Jimin is still right next to him, whispering sweet nothings into his ear and threading his fingers softly through his hair. Taehyung’s tender kisses provide distraction as the tentacles start retracting, leaving him feeling empty and gaping. He hisses as one of the others starts cleaning him carefully between his cheeks, but Hoseok is there to tell him that he’s doing so well for them, he’s being such a good boy, they’ve got him, they’re here, he’s okay.


And he believes them.