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Us against Vampire Hunter

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Luo Fusheng is a vampire but a good vampire. He just wants to find a mate.


He wasn't supposed to fight against one vampire hunter called Huang Di, he is lucky to have his gun with him for fight, then also some weapon he had for a while.
But every time he left, he just want to leave so he could live freely.

Then he crosses path to one policemen called Han Chen when they are some case arriving who was weird and include Vampire.
So he was like a consultant for the case and also someone undercover because he knew it's was from the Vampire Hunter.

And Luo Fusheng have right now a big crush on Han Chen, he is gorgeous and thinks he would do a wonderful mate.
So he began to flirt a little with him by giving him coffee, then food (for the moment it's was normal food but if he arrives to woo him, he will make him some food so his blood will be much better if he had to suck him blood)

"Don't worry I'm a good vampire" he said one Day to Han Chen who was surprised to see Luo Fusheng following him

Han Chen begun to ask more and more question about vampire where he tells him that most of the culture stuff is wrong.
Since he can be at the sun.


Then one day while Han Chen and Luo Fusheng were looking for more proof for one case.
Huang Di the vampire Hunter was here.

 "Luo Fusheng, you will be back where you should be and like other vampires your place is not here"

 "My place is here, I'm a good vampire. I don't want to leave this place. This is my home"

 And Luo Fusheng and Huang Di fight, unfortunately Luo Fusheng is injured, he was not dead, he doesn't want to be dead.

So he fights until he couldn't and Huang Di have left because he thought maybe he have killed him.

Luo Fusheng was breathing hard after this because he was simulating, Han Chen had take Luo Fusheng with him and tell him "How can I help you?"

"You want to help me?"

"Yes, I trust you, you are a good vampire"

Luo Fusheng smiles à little but he was so tired he needed human blood...

"Take my blood, suck my blood I can deal with it, please take it," say, Han Chen

"Han Chen..."

"Take it" so Luo Fusheng do it and Han Chen is kinda blurry a little after, Luo Fusheng have drink what he could drink just a little so he could heal, he doesn't want to injury Han Chen more.

Then they go at Luo Fusheng where Han Chen is resting at the bed of Luo Fusheng.

Luo Fusheng orders food for both of them, and let Han Chen resting.
Luo Fusheng was looking outdoor while he was in the balcony and think that his crush for Han Chen become more and more harder because of this.
He hoped that the fact he have sucked him will not put him hypnotic at Luo Fusheng because he wouldn't not like it.
He was doomed because he really liked Han Chen.

When Han Chen wake up, it's was almost the night and Luo Fusheng was in the living room listening to rain.

"Food is ready, you should eat so you could be in a good shape," says Luo Fusheng with a smile.

Han Chen was smiling at him and they enjoyed food.

When Han Chen was back at his home, he couldn't stop thinking at Luo Fusheng, he had at first some ideas about Vampire but Luo Fusheng have prove him wrong.
He was incredible, a good fighter, good looking and also he had a smile and some lips that he wanted to kiss.
He remembers how his fang have suck his neck and damn he was turned on by this.
It's was one of his fantasies since he met Luo Fusheng.


Han Chen began to be more friendly with Luo Fusheng where he returns all his gifts and everything.
They were like wooing to each other.

Han Chen began to wonder why the food was not different while they eat together.
And Luo Fusheng was kinda red and tell "You have lose some blood because of me, and I want you to be better so you miss no blood and also your blood is really good"

Han Chen is laughing, they had one wonderful night.
Then he décide to kiss Luo Fusheng, Luo Fusheng return the kiss.

"I want to be with you Luo Fusheng, let met protect you I want to be one couple with you"

"Yes I wanted to be with you as the moment I have see you," says Luo Fusheng

Luo Fusheng have promised him to not bite him while they were making love.
That he will ask before to bite him.
They become lovers and then after becoming a team for stop Vampire Hunter.

Han Chen began to think to ask Luo Fusheng to bite him.

"If I bit you again it's would tell that you are my mate, but mate it's full of consequences because I would have to turn you, and do you want to be like me" he put his hand on the cheek of Han Chen and kiss him.

"Yes, of course, I want it, I want you, I want to live with you all the time, to be a team with you and partners, I want to give you my blood. I want that my blood becomes yours.

One day while they were out for one date and they were coming back to their home because they were living together

Huang Di was back and was pointing a gun in front of Luo Fusheng.

"Say goodbye to your Lover" Say Huang Di

"Never" say, Han Chen

Han Chen is protecting Luo Fusheng, but he have take some injury from the gun and was bleeding.

"No Han Chen" says Luo Fusheng.

He was in full rage and begun to shoot Huang Di and his sbires they were all dead.

He doesn't want to kill but they have hurt his Han Chen

"Han Chen please wake up" says Luo Fusheng who was crying

"My love...I love you"

"I love you, please don't leave me, I want to mate with you and live with you" says Luo Fusheng

Then he decides to take one decision important and turn Han Chen like him as a vampire.

Han Chen would be better, they would be mating.

When Han Chen is better is saw that something was changing in him and saw that Luo Fusheng was different with him.

He goes hug him in the balcony and kiss his neck

"My love... What's happen?"

"I thought I had lost you, I had no choice for save you, I wanted you to live with me. You are my mate"

Han Chen kiss Luo Fusheng and wipe his tears "You have done the good choice"


"You have done the good choice I wanted you, I want it, I wanted to be your mate, your lover forever"

Han Chen kiss him

Luo Fusheng say "I love you"

"I know and it's the same for me"

"You are the only one I want" day Han Chen at night when they are having Vampire Sex

"Only yours and forever, you are the only one I take"

After this, the two of them were traveling around the world for solve crimes about vampires be killing and they fight against vampire hunter.
They were the mates to each other, and they only drink the blood of the other one.