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If Seokjin had to describe himself and his appearance as a witch, the first thing he'd admit to would be that he stands out in a modern society that doesn't believe in magic. He has enough self-awareness to acknowledge that looking like he came right out of a children's book or a cartoon series (with his black hat, the black cape he wears over his blouses, and his black nails among other things) can make a disconcerting impression on other people.

But Seokjin isn't entirely as cliché as it sounds. 

Seeing as it's not something you'd immediately associate witches with, the most "unconventional" thing about him is the distressing amount of pink he likes to surround himself with. As for his appearance this means: His hair is pink, his eyes are pink, all of his blouses are pink. 

He's got at least fifteen different blouses—some with frills, some with flower prints, others with an abundance of buttons—and all of them are a similar shade of pink. Blouses are really the only consistent piece of clothing in his wardrobe. The more flowy, the better.

His room looks like a goth emptied their guts all over it (if you overlook the fact that here, too, pink decorations litter the place); all drawn curtains and dark interior. There are skulls sitting in corners, little ghoul figurines watching from shelves, burnt down candles, and books scattered everywhere. 

A row of empty vials are neatly arranged under a wooden shelf that sports various potted plants. Most of them are herbs that Seokjin uses regularly. Only one of the plants—his favorite lilies—are purely there to look cute and bloom all year around. 

He has a magic corner, a crafting corner, and an altar in his room.

Despite what everyone may think or say about Seokjin, he is not a fake. He's just… not as competent as he'd like to be.

He's fine with small-scale, easy spells, charms and enchantments. Can handle the most basic recipes for potions. Everything that is a little more complicated is a real challenge for him. 

If there is one thing he is undeniably good at, it is blowing up his potions. Nine out of ten concoctions go up in dust or flames under his care.

Seokjin's newest experiment is a love potion. According to his book: One of the easier potions. It's a general one, not meant for a specific person, which makes it a little more difficult, but lo and behold! 

The potion turns a redish pink in his cauldron after he's added every ingredient in the correct order and mixed them together for the exact amount of time, stirring it ten times to the left, two times to the right, and then another four times to the left as described.

Seokjin fills the liquid into a vial and holds it up against the color test stripe in his book to compare how accurate his potion is.

The shades are exactly the same.

"Yes!" Seokjin exclaims as he claps his hands together in excitement, grinning from ear to ear. 

It's the first time in two years that he succeeded with a potion on the first try.

Seokjin is so proud that he brings the little vial with him to school the next day, eager to show it off to his best friend Hoseok. 

The thing is—Seokjin doesn't have the best reputation in school. 

He's the weird kid that turns up in a black, wide brimmed, crooked hat; has pink irises; wears necklaces and bracelets with little moons on them, big Harry Potter Glasses, and if he's not donning one of his long, black capes, it's at least one of his shorter ones.

In other words: He looks like a weirdo.

The fact that he's "claiming" to be a witch also doesn't sit so well with 99% of his schoolmates. He's widely labeled a freak and a fraud; a lunatic that vies for everyone's attention. Seokjin would like to say that he doesn't care about all that, but, well, it does hurt a bit to know how people think about him and that they're purposefully avoiding him.

So when he comes to school and brings his freshly made potion, things go to shit quite quickly.

He's waiting in the school's cafeteria for Hoseok to join him at the table he's managed to save for himself. His one and only mistake is that he takes the potion out of his bag before Hoseok's even there and puts the vial on the table next to his food. One quick look to the right when Hoseok calls for him from the other side of the room—and the potion is gone. 

"Where—?" Seokjin looks around himself, on the floor, in his bag, but the little vial has seemingly vanished into thin air in the moment he took his eyes off of it. 

"What are you looking for?" Hoseok asks curiously as he's unpacking his lunch in front of him. 

Laughter from the neighboring table catches Seokjin's attention, and he immediately jumps to his feet when he sees someone hold the open vial against Kim Namjoon's mouth. He can't even shout out a "No!" quickly enough before the vial is tipped back and Namjoon swallows the potion with a grimace. 

The entire cafeteria goes silent at once like an orchestra dying down after its maestro's sign. Every single person turns to look at Seokjin—lunatic Kim Seokjin—who is looking at Kim Namjoon in absolute horror.

Kim Namjoon looks back at him equally aghast. 

"What was in that?" the boy who made Namjoon drink the potion asks, voice small and meek now even though he'd laughed in glee seconds before.

Seokjin kind of wants to be mean, wants to say something like, A potion that turns you into a cockroach for 24 hours, just to see the boy wither in guilt for pulling such a careless prank on one of his classmates, but Seokjin is entirely too freaked out to joke around right now.

"It… Uh…" he stutters, pulling nervously at one of the drawstrings hanging from his cape. "It was a love potion." 

A sigh of relief echoes through the room at that. Everyone's eyes seem to simultaneously turn to Namjoon now; wondering, expectant, and suddenly Seokjin feels like he's the only person that is still—justifiably—terrified beyond belief by the whole situation. 

A girl from somewhere behind Seokjin speaks up. "Do you feel anything?"

Namjoon, looking a bit frazzled, blinks a few times.

Silence. Nothing.

"I knew he was just faking it," someone in the crowd whispers. "He's a freak, bringing fake potions to school just for attention." 

"What did we even expect?" someone else says.

"We're wasting our time on this lunatic."

More and more people give their disappointment a voice until it manifests in a steady murmur that fills the entire cafeteria. Seokjin is so flustered that he can't look anyone in the face. 

He's relieved the potion didn't work, honestly, but now he seems to finally have lost all credit with everyone at school. He childishly wants to defend himself, wants to argue that he must have messed up while making the potion.

Blushing, he opens his mouth—but he can't speak. He feels like crying. 

And then Namjoon stands up and everyone goes quiet again. He's staring at Seokjin, eyes heavy with determination, before he begins making his way over.

Seokjin unconsciously holds his breath until Namjoon is right in front of him. His hands are sweating and his blush intensifies. 

"No way," a girl whispers, voicing what Seokjin is thinking.

No way this is happening. Namjoon's eyes roam his face. No way. Namjoon's hand finds the small of Seokjin's back. No way. And then he's suddenly dipping Seokjin back, making his hat slip off his head, and kisses him right on the mouth. 

Even more blood rushes to Seokjin's face, and before he gets the chance to form a single clear thought, Namjoon is already detaching their faces and swooping him back into an upright position. 

"Holy shit," some guy right next to them exclaims. "It worked?"

The statement shakes Seokjin out of his bewilderment. He looks up, meeting Namjoon's brown eyes. Hesitation Seokjin reads in them. Also: Guilt. 

Without thinking, Seokjin reaches for Namjoon's wrist and pulls him out of the cafeteria. Namjoon follows obediently, lets himself get dragged through a few hallways until Seokjin stops in front of the bathrooms. Seokjin looks around. They're alone. 

"What were you thinking?!" Seokjin snaps the moment Namjoon opens his mouth. 

Namjoon looks startled. "I'm so sorry for kissing you — I shouldn't have — I'm not really —" He stops himself, takes a deep breath. "The potion's not really working, so —"

"I figured that!" Seokjin interrupts him. 

The guilt in Namjoon's face changes back to confusion. "What? You knew?"

"Yes! Your eyes—if the potion had worked, your irises would be red now!"


"Yeah, oh! Why did you do that? You should have just walked away!" 

"I couldn't!" Namjoon says, his voice deep and urgent. "Everyone started being mean all of a sudden and I—I wanted them to believe you, so I—reacted. Without thinking." 

Now it's Seokjin's turn to be baffled. He averts his eyes. "Oh."

"Maybe I shouldn't have done that. Sorry." 

"We don't even know each other," Seokjin whispers, unconsciously wrapping a drawstring from his cape around his finger.

Namjoon groans. "Like I said, I'm sor— Oh. Excuse me."

Seokjin looks up just in time to see Namjoon, with a hand clasped in front of his mouth, run toward the bathroom. He frowns. 

Of course—thinking that this would be the end of it was naive on Seokjin's part. Getting away with a failed love potion without complications? That would have been way too easy.

Namjoon comes out of the bathroom five minutes later, wiping at his mouth. Before he's even made it out of the door, he's knocked his forehead into the door frame. He winces and ducks his head.

Seokjin gapes at him. 

"I don't feel so good," Namjoon says as he's walking toward Seokjin, rubbing his forehead. He suddenly stops. Looks down at Seokjin. His eyes narrow. "Hey, no offense, but did you shrink?" 

Seokjin's jaw is still somewhere on the floor. He shakes his head. Gathers himself. "No. But I think you grew."

Namjoon's eyes widen. 

After making sure that Namjoon did in fact grow about five inches out of nowhere after drinking Seokjin's potion, it's not too far-fetched to assume that the supposed "love potion" must have been an entirely different potion altogether. 

"I make mistakes, ok?" Seokjin says in place of an apology as they rush back to the cafeteria.

Namjoon's strides are so grand that Seokjin has quite a hard time keeping up with him. Damn those long legs! Although it's a little funny too, because Namjoon's clothes didn't grow with him. His pants stop maybe an inch or two above his ankles. His shirt was long enough in the first place so that it doesn't look like he decided to go for a crop-top this morning.

Once in the cafeteria, they pick up their things and ignore the millions of questions and innuendos thrown their way. All of those innuendos have to do with them sneaking off to "pursue their newfound passion" and none with the fact that Namjoon just grew out of the ground like a tree. 

Maybe it's just not that obvious. He's been pretty tall in the first place.

When Hoseok intercepts them as they turn to leave, Seokjin tells him, "We'll go to my house and try to—uh, we'll try to reverse the potion's effect."

Hoseok wishes them good luck on their way out while one of Namjoon's classmates coos in deep regret over the school's most scandalous love story finding such a quick ending. 

A quick ending. Seokjin hopes that this predicament stays true.

The plan is: Going home, figuring out what kind of potion he cooked up accidentally, finding the according reverse potion, brewing the reverse potion, and being able to laugh about it all the morning after. He'll laugh about it, forget about it, and never talk to Namjoon again out of embarrassment.

Namjoon is visibly astonished the moment he steps foot into Seokjin's decorated room for the first time. He leans out of the door frame to look back into the modern, perfectly normal hallway. "It's, like, stepping into a different realm. So weird." 

He immediately proceeds to knock into every single one of Seokjin's handmade dream catchers, mobiles and wind chimes, making them clink and jingle like a melody while he apologizes every few seconds. "Oops, sorry. Ah, I didn't see that. Sorry, sorry!" 

When he sits down on Seokjin's black sofa, he positively dwarfs the tiny thing.

Meanwhile, Seokjin goes for his potions book—an old, weighty tome—slamming it open so hard that it spits dust from pages he's never opened before. 

"Woah," Namjoon says, and then they both fall silent for the next two hours.

Seokjin sends all of Namjoon's 6'4 home that evening, promising that he'll keep looking for the cure by himself. He falls asleep with his face buried in between the pages at two in the morning.

Seokjin still hasn't found the proper reverse potion four days later.

Namjoon and he had agreed to keep on pretending at school that he's still under the effects of a love potion because it would be a whole new level of humiliation for Seokjin to explain the truth to everyone.

"They finally believe you," Namjoon had argued. "Let them think you succeeded with the love potion. You've gone through enough shit already."

The downside of pretending to be all over each other (mostly on Namjoon's part) is, well, that they have to pretend to be all over each other. 

Namjoon says that's fine with him. No problem.

It almost seems like he's enjoying himself, which might have something to do with the fact that Seokjin's been making him breakfast for the past few days and brought it to school for him. To make up for the inconvenience and all. 

Seokjin can live with the occasional kiss here and there. That's cool. But when they're hiding in a corner discussing Seokjin's progress on the reverse potion and someone's passing them by; when Namjoon suddenly, in a flash of panic, starts an impromptu make-out session by grabbing Seokjin by the hips, probably a little lower than intended because his palms move up a second later and accidentally push Seokjin's flowy blouse up so that his fingers slide over warm skin—that's. Well, that's a lot.

It gets Seokjin's heart all fluttery and. Yeah.

He's not sure how to deal with that. 

"I don't get it." Hoseok makes a dramatic pause by taking a long sip of his juice. He looks across the schoolyard with a frown. "Why are you playing along?"

He and Seokjin are having their lunch outside today. It's a little breezy but the sun's out, and Seokjin loves the soft, crisp noise of dead autumn leaves fluttering across the ground.

"I mean, Namjoon's the one who drank the potion, right?" Hoseok keeps going. "The effects are on him, so why are you all up in his space acting like his boyfriend when there's no reason to? You're not the one with the fake feelings. It doesn't make sense."

Seokjin can feel himself wither with every word that Hoseok says. He still hasn't told Hoseok the truth yet, and he hasn't really thought about what to tell him if he ever asked either, so he simply opts to sit Hoseok's curiosity out by acting distant and making a few stones crunch with his shoes in silence.

"You're not gonna answer?"

So much for trying to sit this out in silence. "Uh, well, it's just." Seokjin pauses. Bites his lip. "I feel bad leaving him hanging, you know? Since he's under the impression that he has a crush on me, I guess he'd feel sad if I didn't reciprocate his feelings. I mean, I'm the one at fault after all."

Seokjin turns to look at Hoseok, just to find him staring back at him. Hard. "I'm your best friend, Seokjin. I can tell when you're lying."

Seokjin blushes and averts his eyes. Well, what point is there in denying it?

"Don't tell me you've actually got the hots for him and planned this from the start."

"What? No!" Seokjin counters quickly. Maybe a little too quickly, because Hoseok doesn't look any less doubtful about the whole situation. Seokjin sighs. "Ok, I'll tell you. But don't tell anyone else." Hoseok nods. "The potion… wasn't really a love potion. Apparently I screwed it up big time."

Hoseok gives him one long, unimpressed stare. "You're seriously telling me this after I watched you and that beanstalk canoodle passionately —"

"That's not—We didn't canoodle passionately —"

"I saw what I saw and I said what I said," Hoseok says, taking another sip. "Just so you know, this makes it make even less sense."

"I swear it not what you think! We're just pretending that Namjoon is still under the effects of a love potion because, well, we didn't want to go through the trouble of explaining to everyone that it wasn't really a love potion after all."

"Then what was it?"

Seokjin pushes his glasses up. "Some kind of growth potion." At seeing the question in Hoseok's face, he adds, "He grew about, I don't know, maybe five inches? I still can't believe nobody noticed that."

"Oh, he did?" Hoseok purses his lips and finally turns his judging gaze away from Seokjin. "Hmm."

"It's the truth!"

"I believe you," Hoseok is quick to reply. "Geez, I'm your best friend, why wouldn't I believe you?" He keeps looking off into the distance for a while, occasionally taking a sip of his juice until it's nearly empty. Then he slowly breaks out into a grin, turns back to Seokjin, and nudges him with his elbow. "But you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Enjoying what?" Seokjin asks, wary of Hoseok's smug expression.

Wiggling his eyebrows, Hoseok says, "The canoodling."

A blush immediately colors Seokjin's cheeks pink. "God, I hate you!"

A few days later, Namjoon makes acquaintance with Seokjin's mother.

They've just gotten home from school and are taking their shoes off in the hallway when his mother comes through the front door.

"You're home already?" she asks Seokjin before her eyes land on Namjoon who is crouching on the floor, in the middle of opening his shoelaces. "Oh, and who's this?"

Namjoon quickly stands up, unfolding all of his nearly two meters. "Kim Namjoon, ma'am," he says and bows politely.

Seokjin's mother's eyes go wide. She's even shorter than Seokjin himself. It's actually ridiculous to see her and Namjoon standing next to each other. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen, ma'am."

"And you're that tall?!"

Namjoon side-eyes Seokjin. Seokjin elbows him. "I've had a big growth-spurt recently," he tells her.

She makes an incredulous but fond face as she pats Namjoon's arm and goes to take off her jacket.

Seokjin leans over to whisper at Namjoon. "You should be glad that she can't reach your face so easily."


"She's a notorious cheek-pincher."

"Oh," Namjoon says, unconsciously touching his face. "I see."

"You're calling yourself a witch. Why's that?" Namjoon has positioned approximately two-thirds of his long body on Seokjin's couch and he's petting a sleeping Moony—Seokjin's familiar; a black cat who has made herself comfortable on Namjoon's chest—when he throws the question into the room one evening. "I mean… Instead of a wizard. Aren't male magicians called wizards usually?"

"First of all, we don't call ourselves magicians. That's what people call themselves who buy those ridiculous magic tricks box sets for kids," Seokjin replies without taking his eyes off his book. "And I'm a witch because my mom's a witch." 


"Uh-huh," Namjoon says, as if any of that actually answered his question.

"My grandma was a witch. My great grandma was a witch. My great-great-grandma was a witch. The list goes down like that." Seokjin flips a page. "All of the sorcerers in my family have been female—without exception. Well, until I was born, I suppose. My older sister should have been the next in line, but for some reason she was born a total witchcraft illiterate. So, I'm the next witch." 

Namjoon hums, and this time it sounds like he understands. "Actually…" he says after a pause, takes the cat off his chest and stands up. "Why does it take you so long to figure the cure out?" He ignores Seokjin's It's not a cure, it's a reverse potion and comes around Seokjin's table to look over his shoulder. "Wow. Can you read all that?" 

Seokjin's potions book is written in runes. "I can. But it takes me half an hour to decipher a whole page. I'm really bad at reading runes."

Namjoon moans. "I get a headache just looking at these." He walks back into the middle of the room, carefully moving a dreamcatcher out of the way. "Did your mom teach you?" 


Namjoon chuckles. "Is she such a bad teacher?"

"No, she's a great teacher," Seokjin says immediately. "There's just so much you can teach someone who is inherently incompetent." He's not trying to play himself down—he's merely stating how it is.

"Oh, come on. You made me grow almost five inches." 

Seokjin finally lifts his eyes from his book to give Namjoon a sour look. "I was supposed to make you fall in love with me."

Namjoon blushes and goes quiet.

A second later, Seokjin's cheeks heat up, too. He quickly looks back down. "I mean—You know how I meant that."


More days pass without any progress.

Seokjin finds a spell in his spell book by chance that he thinks might be helpful, so he tries it on Namjoon. It turns Namjoon's tongue blue and makes him break down thinking he has to live with a blue tongue forever ("How am I going to explain this to my parents?! Who's gonna marry me like this?!") before they find out that the effect only lasts for six hours. 

"Hey, Jin, what flavor is this?"

"What flavor is what?" Seokjin asks brusquely. He's in the middle of measuring an exact amount of sea salt that he needs for a cleansing charm, which is why he can't really pay attention to Namjoon at the moment. 

"These Pepero sticks," Namjoon answers, and it sounds like he's taking a sniff of something. "Smells weird. I've never seen these before."

"Pepero sticks?" Seokjin wonders out loud, stopping dead in his pouring of salt onto a little ceramic plate. "But I don't have any…" He glances across his crafting table just in time to see that Namjoon is two seconds away from biting down on an incense stick. "Namjoon, don't!"

Letting everything drop, Seokjin rounds the table, dashes toward the couch, trips over Namjoon's badly placed school bag, and falls right into the latter's lap.

"Oof." His glasses and hat askew, Seokjin looks down at the incense stick between his fingers. Somehow he must have snatched it out of Namjoon's hand during his mad plunge.

"Damn," Namjoon says, bewildered. "No need to get all dramatic over one Pepero stick. You've got, like, twenty left."

Seokjin lifts himself off of Namjoon's lap and shoves the stick right into Namjoon's dumbfounded face. "This is not a Pepero stick! It's incense!"

Namjoon swallows and blinks. "Inwhat?"


"A-All of those?" he says, pointing at the stack of neatly arranged sticks on the low table in front of the couch. Seokjin nods. "And you don't eat them?"

"No. I've never tried, but I bet they taste disgusting as hell."

Namjoon still looks wholly confused. "Then what do you do with them?"

Adjusting his glasses, Seokjin huffs out a little breath through his nose. He holds the incense stick up demonstratively with one hand and pinches the top of it between thumb and index finger. "We burn them," he says, smirking, and removes his fingers.

The top of the stick is magically set alight, burning with a small flame.

Namjoon's mouth falls open in awe, two yellow dots dancing in his eyes. "Woah."

Pride warmly fills Seokjin's chest. He blows out the flame and lets the aroma of jasmine fill the air.

One day they're so frustrated from staying inside for so long without getting anywhere that Seokjin takes Namjoon for a walk in the park nearby, where Seokjin picks up branches and leaves that he's going to use for some crafting later.

"Look at this branch. Isn't it perfect?" 

Namjoon looks at the branch that Seokjin is holding under his nose as if it offended him personally. "For?"

Seokjin shrugs and places the branch on top of the stack that Namjoon is carrying for him. "I don't know yet."

Namjoon opens his mouth. Shuts it. Rolls his eyes.

Seokjin smiles at him. 

"Jin! I've got something for you!"

Seokjin perks up so quickly that his glasses slip out of position. He fixes them while he watches Namjoon close the door and throw his bag into a corner of the room. "What is it?" Seokjin asks and clears his throat right after, blushing at how excited he sounded.

Namjoon walks up to Seokjin's desk with one hand hidden behind his back and a vibrant smile on face. "I caught it in front of your front door just now," he says and slowly brings his arm forward, placing one of those transparent plastic pencil sharpeners on Seokjin's desk.

Curiously, Seokjin leans over to get a closer look—just to jump back in shock when he sees a fat, black body and eight long legs trying to crawl up the insides of the plastic container.

"What is this!" he yells as he bumps against his bookshelf, making one of his enchantment books fall out of it. He reflexively catches it with his hands and holds it up in front of his face like shield.

Sheepishly, Namjoon says, "It's a… a spider… You don't like it?"

Seokjin peeks over the edge of the book, and in exactly this moment the spider leaps against the plastic walls. "No!!! I hate spiders!"

"I'm sorry, I thought —" Namjoon stops himself, struggling for words.

Still clutching the book between his fingers, Seokjin shuts his eyes and begins mumbling a chant. A few seconds later, the spider's body transforms into a blossom, and one after another its legs turn into petals.

Eventually, all that's left in the plastic container is a small, white flower.

Seokjin lowers the book to shoot Namjoon a sullen look. "I have arachnophobia."

Namjoon carefully spins the pencil sharpener around to examine the flower, his eyes glancing from it to Seokjin. "Duly noted," he says. Pauses. And then, "Can you do that with a person?"

As if, Seokjin thinks, knowing full well that even if it were allowed, he'd never be able to make use of such a large amount of energy correctly.

But instead of saying this, Seokjin puts his enchantment book aside, puffs up, and says, "You wanna find out?" in his best impression of a witch that has absolute confidence in and control of their magic.

Namjoon calls his bluff immediately. "Are you trying to get back at me right now?" he asks, sounding extremely unimpressed. "I'm telling you, I didn't know you hate spiders."

Pouting, Seokjin turns away. "Whatever. Just don't bring me any more spiders please."

Seokjin knows it's about time he finally finds the reverse potion. He's been at it for fourteen whole days now.

With every page of his potion book that he turns in vain, Namjoon's mood seems to droop a little more. He even started to tone down the PDA, and Seokjin, weirdly, is feeling a little conflicted about that.

If he pretended that one of his stuffed toys was Namjoon, and if he called it a Stupidly Big Idiot after they ended the third day in a row without a kiss or a hug, well then luckily no one is ever going to bring it up.

"You know, I think I never actually apologized for dragging you into this." Seokjin slides the knife into his pumpkin and carefully cuts along the outline that indicates where the eye of his pumpkin's face is going to be. "You've been stuck with me for two weeks now." 

Namjoon mumbles something unintelligible in response.

"No, seriously. I'm very sorry you are part of this mess. We're not even making any progress. Mom is going to send me right through all nine circles of hell if she's going to find out I ruined your life with magic." 

"Damn right, you ruined my life. I look like a poor kid now because none of my pants cover my ankles anymore." The rebuke comes out of Namjoon's mouth with fire but it still sounds lighthearted, a little like he's telling a joke. He even makes a dramatic pause as if he's expecting Seokjin to burst out laughing. 

"No, listen, I'm serious —" Seokjin drops his knife and turns to Namjoon—who is in the middle of stabbing his knife into his pumpkin in what looks like an attempt to murder it. Unnaturally many pumpkin pieces are covering his part of the table. There's even some pumpkin stuck on his face. "What are you doing, Namjoonie?" 

Namjoon proudly swivels his pumpkin around. "Doesn't it look cool? This is the best face I've ever carved."

Seokjin pales. It's an abomination. It's what the fifth circle of hell looks like in Seokjin's imagination. "It's… perfect. I love it."

Namjoon smiles so hard his dimples show, and for a few seconds Seokjin forgets everything else.

I found the reverse potion!!! Brewing it rn 🦇

For real? Should I come over?

It's gonna take a while. Are you free tomorrow?

Yup. I'll be there around noon

Around noon on Sunday it knocks on Seokjin's door, followed by his mother poking her head into his room. "Hey. Namjoon-ah is here."

"Come in!" Seokjin yells from where he's sitting at his desk.

He hears his mother ask, "Are you staying for lunch?"

Namjoon hesitates. "Ah. Not today." 

"Alright. Have fun!"

Namjoon steps into his room and closes the door behind him. By now he's able to deftly evade all of Seokjin's handmade mobiles and windchimes that are in the near vicinity of his head. He drops his bag and comes to lean against Seokjin's desk. "What are you doing?" 

"Translating a recipe. I'll be finished in a minute."

Namjoon hums. He awkwardly pokes Seokjin's little pink pen holder skull.

There's some kind of tension between them and really, Seokjin should have expected this. There was no way they'd come out of this mess without developing weird feelings. 

Also, as it happens, they've just entered a waxing moon phase a few days ago. Right now is really not the best time to cut people out of your life. His gut feeling tells Seokjin that this is going to end completely differently to what he's planning.

He writes the last word, sets a dot, and puts his quill aside. Then he picks up the vial which holds the green potion that is going to revert Namjoon back to his original height.

The potion that is going to put an end to this—settlement—or whatever thing they have. 

After this, Namjoon will go home, and he will wear his pants, and they will fit him again. They won't have to pretend anymore. They won't have to kiss or share meals anymore. Maybe they'll never talk after this. Maybe they'll at least greet each other in the hallways, or in the cafeteria whenever they see each other. Maybe they should talk about this right now? 

Seokjin steps in front of Namjoon with the vial clutched in his hand and Namjoon abruptly straightens himself as if were in the military. He's so tall it's hilarious. There are twenty centimeters between them. Seokjin looks up at him over his glasses.

Namjoon suddenly narrows his eyes. "Wait a minute." 

Seokjin lifts his head to properly look Namjoon in the face, but that seems to confuse Namjoon only more. He comes a step closer. Impromptu-hallway-makeout close. Seokjin automatically tenses on the spot. His heart is beating way too fast and he is feeling way too warm suddenly. 

"Wait a damn minute," Namjoon says, lifting his hands. He touches the side pieces of Seokjin's glasses and slowly takes them off in a gesture that feels a lot more intimate than it really should. He makes a face like he's seeing Seokjin for the first time. "Your eyes aren't really pink?" 

For the longest of moments Seokjin is so stunned he can only blink. "N-No? It's—there's a spell on my glasses that makes my eyes look pink…"

Namjoon puts the glasses back on Seokjin's face as if to test this. "Damn, that's. That's cool."

This is so awkward.

"Thank you." 

Namjoon clears his throat, stepping back to lean against the desk, hands in his lap.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Seokjin holds up the vial and shakes it. "Sooo… You ready to fall out of love with me?" he jokes.

"Ah." Namjoon glances up at him. "I've been thinking about that." 

The statement is so nondescript, and yet it makes an uneasy feeling settle in Seokjin's stomach. "Thought about what?"

Namjoon inhales, wringing his fingers. "About falling out of love with you. I don't think I can do that." 

Seokjin thinks Namjoon is playing along with his joke. He laughs, says, "Ahhh, that's a good one, Namjoonie. You can't fall out of love with me if you've never even fallen in love with me to begin with, right?" That sounds bad. He feels disappointed and sad even though he knows it's the truth. "Then how about I take off those extra five inches off of you instead?" Seokjin shakes the vial again. "It's on the house."

Namjoon's serious expression hasn't changed a bit. There's something resolute in his eyes. "That's not what I mean. I'm serious about what I said."

Seokjin lowers his hand. Namjoon said that he can't fall out of love with him, and he says that it's not a joke, which would imply that—that he is in love with him. "But… It wasn't a love potion. You shouldn't be, I mean—how?"

"How?" Namjoon repeats bitterly. "I don't know—how do people fall in love, Jin? We spent almost every day of the last two weeks together." 

The glass vial slips through Seokjin's fingers and lands noiselessly on the carpet. "You're saying that you… like me? For real?"

"I'm saying that I love you. For real."

Seokjin blushes. He pushes his glasses up his nose nervously. "Then… When we kissed… it wasn't just for show?" 

Guilt flashes across Namjoon's face. He scratches the back of his head. "In the beginning it was. I swear I didn't have any ulterior motives at first, and I tried to hold myself back once I realized that I… that I'd fallen for you." 

So that was the reason for Namjoon's lack of affection in the last few days? He hadn't grown annoyed with him after all?

Seokjin buries his face in his palms. He's feeling so hot and stupid.

"I'm sorry. I was using you and that wasn't right. You must have felt uncomfortab—" 

"That's not it," Seokjin interrupts him. He whines into his hands. "That's not it."

"What do you mean?" 

"I didn't hate it," Seokjin mumbles. "Don't think I wouldn't have pushed you away if it had made me feel uncomfortable."

Namjoon doesn't say anything for a few seconds. "What does that mean?"

Seokjin lifts his face out of his hands and shoots Namjoon an angry look. "I didn't mind." 

Namjoon shifts. "You didn't mind? That's all?"

"Well—Maybe I liked it. I don't know. I don't know!" Seokjin throws his hands in the air. He thinks about all the times his stomach had fluttered with butterflies when they shared kisses here and there, or how his heart skipped a beat sometimes when their eyes met. He whines again. "I definitely did like it."

"Then. Then what about me? Do you like me?"

For some reason, Seokjin suddenly remembers that one time Namjoon had leaned over the cafeteria table just to give him a goodbye kiss, and how—after Namjoon had ran off and stumbled over his own two feet—Seokjin's first thought had been, 'That's my tall idiot.' 

He forces himself to keep his eyes on Namjoon. God, they're both blushing so hard. "I do." 

When Namjoon smiles, it looks like he's trying hard to suppress it. He glances at the space between them, then back at Seokjin. "Do you mind?"

Seokjin shakes his head, and only then does Namjoon step back into his space, much like he'd done a few minutes before. Seokjin's heart flutters. 

Namjoon reaches for the hem of Seokjin's cape to tug lightly at it. "Would you like to try dating me for real? No love potion, no pretending involved?"

Seokjin presses his lips together, pretending to think hard about this particular question. "Only if—only if we forget about the reversal potion that I made for you yesterday." 

Namjoon is visibly taken-aback by that offer. "Why's that?"

"Hmm." Seokjin knocks his hat off, grabs a fistful of Namjoon's shirt to make him bend down, and stands up on his tiptoes to let their lips touch lightly. "Because I really, really like tall guys." 

Namjoon's eyes widen and he swallows. "But what about my pants —"

Smiling, Seokjin leans up and presses their lips together.