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"Did you hear? The Green Reaper attacked Best Jeanist yesterday!"

"What? No way!"

I grinned as I heard that small part of conversation as I walked past them. Word sure goes around fast, doesn't it? The Green Reaper, the most wanted criminal in the entire world right now. The head of a villainous organization with an unknown amount of members. He who never shows his face, who has never been caught in the act. He who killed All Might... Nobody knows who the Green Reaper is exactly, or if it's even just one person. No gender, no age, no nothing.

The only thing they know for sure is that whenever the Reaper strikes, a bright green flash engulfs the surroundings. Nobody has ever seen it up close or nobody has ever lived to tell the tale. It's how that stupid nickname came to be. The Green Reaper. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I guess it'll do for now... Because, as you might've already guessed, that Green Reaper? That's me.

I, Midoriya Izuku, a plain looking quirkless boy. Well, quirkless... Not so much anymore. A smile came to my face just thinking about how I gained this power. How much fun it was to extract One For All from All Might as he squirmed and screamed. The thrill when I finally succeeded to combine his power with a suitable quirk and enhance it. Just perfect.

"Ticket and ID please"

I was snapped out of thought by the guard in front of me. Ah yes, they upped their security this year, I almost forgot... All because of that pathetic display of so called power by that pop up wannabe evil club of my father. What do they call themselves again? Oh, right, the League of Villains. What a crappy name, surely when you realise that in short it almost spells out love. Not so threatening if you ask me.

"Oi, kid, ticket and ID. You're holding up the line" the guard barked, making me flinch back a little. Gotta uphold those appearances...
"R-right! S-sorry s-sir!" I quickly apologized, swiftly taking out what he needed to see. He grunted in acknowledgement before letting me pass. Pff, what a security update. It almost made me laugh out loud but I was able to contain myself.

In small, hurried steps, I made my way to my seat in the vip lounge. Nobody else was there since I bought the whole box. My family may appear poor, but there is money where it matters. Besides, you can't actually expect the Green Reaper to sit with the common folk, can you? Okay, that may be a little harsh... It's not that I hate people, I just love my personal space more. Plus, if you have the money, why not use it? I smiled, seeing students fill in the stadium.

Normally I don't come to this kind of hero events, but this year surely is an exception.

An ash blond first year is called up to stage, his expression a combination of bored, stubborn and angry.

You know why?

He takes the mic from Midnight, the everlasting scowl never leaving his face.

Because this year my childhood friend is competing.

"I just wanna say that I'll win this thing"

Bakugou Katsuki

The crowd looks shocked, taken aback by the bold statement. I simply chuckle, leaning back into my chair as I grab my glass of water. You really haven't changed a bit, have you Kacchan? And as expected, he does well in the first trial, which happens to be an obstacle race. In the end, he and that Todoroki boy fight for first place.

Hmm, Todoroki... Endeavor. I know for a fact he is his son, the resemblance is unmistakable. Yet there is something about him I can't place my finger on. A certain pain lingering in his eyes. Hatred. Emotions you wouldn't expect from a hero in training. Certainly not such a promising student as him, right? I wonder... What are you doing to him, my hot-headed number one?

I frown as Bakugou places second in the race, losing to Todoroki Shoto. Even if it was by a mere second, I know the blond well enough to know it hurt his pride. It shows as well, seeing as he angrily isolates himself from anyone who tries to come near him. That all changes when the second round is announced. Cavalry Battle. Interesting...

I take a sip of my water before standing up to ge a better view. My seat was shielded from the outside world by dark glass, making it easy for me to see them but impossible the other way around. Oh how I love this vip lounge. I watch as Kacchan barks and snarls at the people who want to team up with him. He has them for the taking, so of course he's picky.

On the other hand, Todoroki seems a little isolated due to the big bounty on his head. He'll be the center of attention soon... Not for me though. My eyes stay laced on the ruby eyed teen during the whole battle. Always so angry and easily triggered. I shook my head, walking back to my seat. Oh Kacchan, what am I supposed to do with you? Your violent nature can never be tamed, can it? I sighed, sitting back down. But I don't want it to either... Please Kacchan, never change...

With his combat skills and aggression, he easily wins the second round. Not surprising since his only big rival, being Endeavor's son, had a crappy team to begin with. Soon it's time for lunch break, where food is brought for me into the lounge. Although I argue with myself for a while. Should I go downstairs? I would risk him seeing me. He'll have questions, which I won't have the time to answer. That way he'll be distracted during the final round. I can't have that, not when I'm rooting for him!

Yeah, no, better to stay out of sight for the time being... No matter how much I'd like to see him up close in person again, right now is not the time. Besides, I bet a lot of money on his win, so don't let me down Katsuki... But of course I have nothing to worry about. He crushes his opponents one by one. First Uraraka Ochako, next Kirishima Eijirou, third Tokoyami Fumikage.

I did my research on all people in this year's hero course and I must say there are some interesting quirks out there... But how he beat down that Uraraka girl was brutal. Even if he was acknowledging her strength, he should've finished it up sooner. It's not a hero's job to play around with their prey, that's mine.

He struggled a little against Kirishima at first, but quickly exploited his weakness. Smart, like always. I didn't expect anything else from the beast that is known as Bakugou Katsuki. Tokoyami on the other hand... Well, that was, just like with the girl, a bad match up. Kacchan crushed him. So it all came down to this last fight. The final. Against an opponent who didn't surprise me.

He's a Todoroki, son of the current number one hero. Of course he wasn't going down without a fight. But something about him was bothering me though... Like all the others, I've done my research on him. His quirk let's him produce ice with his right side and fire with his left. He basically wipes out his own weaknesses that way, although I'm not certain whether he could use them at the same time or how precise his attacks were. So why has he only used his ice?

I've noticed him shivering in an earlier match, trembling even. There is only so much cold a human body can endure, even if it's part of your quirk. Because at the end of the day, quirks are just physical abilities too. They all have limits, risks, weaknesses. I frowned, seeing the tense atmosphere between him and Kacchan.
"Something tells me this will be an interesting match" I grinned, sitting at the edge of my seat.

"Come on Kacchan... Win for me~"

The battle was...not boring. I've seen better fights but then again this is supposed to be a Sportsfestival. All fun and games, right? Not the real deal where people actually fight to the death. Humans can be quite scary when cornered, let me tell you that. I guess you could say this fight was...entertaining. I enjoyed it, actually. Especially the part where Bakugou blew Todoroki out of bounds. I think that's my favorite part.

I smiled, grabbing my yellow hip bag and throwing it over my shoulder.
"Time to meet the hero course up close!" I happily exclaimed, making sure my vip pass was visible as I strolled through the hallways on my way to the area where 1-A should be gathered right now. They'll be there until the award ceremony, which is in a few hours since the second years are going at it right now. Katsuki wouldn't be there, yet, but I know he'll come once his wounds are healed.

I timidly peaked my head inside, seeing all of them lounging around, chatting lightly about the festival or other trivial things. I squealed as I made eye contact with Uraraka and quickly hid behind the door.
"Uhm, is somebody there?" she called out, making all eyes turn towards the door as I slowly opened it.
"H-hi! I-I'm really sorry t-to intrude! I-I just wanted to say that you were all awesome at the Sportsfestival this year!" I exclaimed, making sure to 'accidentally' flash my vip pass around so they knew I was allowed to be here.

"Thank you, that's very kind" Yaoyorozu smiled, shaking my hand after she walked up to me.
"Hello! My name is Iida Tenya! I am the class rep!" Iida yelled, shaking my hand like there was no tomorrow.
"Y-yeah, I know. I'm a b-big fan of the Sportsfestival so I-I remember all of the names ahead of time. T-Then I know when a new hero will debut!"
"You're quite the fanboy, aren't you?" Kaminari chuckled, making my face flush red.
"Uhm, well, yeah... Kinda..." I mumbled, looking down.

"He's not saying that's a bad thing!" Uraraka smiled, now way to close in my face for my comfort.
"Hi! I'm Uraraka Ochako! So nice to meet you-uh?"
"Oh! M-Midoriya! Midoriya Izuku" I said quickly, shaking her hand as well.
"So you come to watch the festival each year?" someone asked.
"Oh, uhm, no. Mostly my mom and I watch it together on tv b-but this year someone I-I know is competing a-and I wanted to surprise him!" I smiled.

"Oh really? Who is it?" Ashido asked curiously, just as the door opened again. It was Todoroki, who seemed badly bruised but okay otherwise. Recovery Girl sure is a miracle worker.
"Ah! You're Todoroki Shoto, right? Son of the current number one hero Endeavor?!" I squealed. It was hard keeping up my excited fanboy act when someone gave me a dead neutral glare. He didn't even flinch! Damnit! My charms are supposed to be invincible!

"Who are you?" he simply asked, not confused or threatened by the unknown person in front of him.
"M-Midoriya Izuku" I stammered, shakily holding out my hand to him. He ignored it, walking straight past me to the fridge to get some water. Okay, I'll pretend that didn't hurt, ice queen.

"Oi Todoroki, where is Bakubro? Still with Recovery Girl? I thought his injuries weren't that bad?" Kirishima asked confused as the halfa grabbed a bottle of water.
"Aizawa sensei is having a talk with him" he answered.
"I would stay away from him once he arrives here"
"But he won, right? How can he still be so angry?" Jirou asked confused as Kaminari did his best Bakugou impression.

"DIE! DIE! DIE!" he shouted, scowling as he chased Kirishima across the room, the both of them bursting out into laughter as they came to a stop.
"Don't forget his trademark" I chuckled before pulling my thoughts straight, an angry scowl now covering my face.
"Oh my God! That was so perfect!" Sero exclaimed.

"But wait, hold up, how do you know-?" Yaoyorozu was in the middle of her question as the door swooshed open with a violent swing.
"Move it extra's!" a pissed off Katsuki hissed before slamming the door shut with a loud bang. 'Time to crush his whole image' I thought as I turned around, giving him a bright smile.



"...Kacchan?" someone whispered confused while others tried to hold their laughter. The beast of 1-A, the combat tank who got first in the entrance exams and crushed everyone at the Sportsfestival. The one who is always angry, ready to explode whatever annoys him, was just called Kacchan by a sweet, innocent green headed boy.

"You were so good out there Kacchan! I knew you'd win!" I smiled, hugging him, confusing his classmates even more.
"You never ever lose, do you?"
"Tch" he scowled, slowly but surely draping his arms around my back, hugging me too. Some people gasped at the sight, others quickly took photo's of this unique event.
"Oi! No pictures!" Bakugou hissed, pushing me aside and chasing a few guys throughout the room before blowing up their phones.

"That wasn't really nice Kacch-" I started but he quickly interrupted me.
"You can't lecture me on that, you shitty nerd" he hissed, glaring at me.
"You fucking left me without a damn warning! I had to hear it from the old hag!"
"I-I'm sorry... I-I know I should've said something b-but I just didn't know how-" I mumbled, looking down while my hands fidgeted with my shirt.

"Bullshit! What a load of crap!" Bakugou hissed in my face, making me flinch.
"The facts remain what they are, Deku. You fucking left!"
"It wasn't my choice to leave okay?!" I yelled, tears in my eyes.
"You think I wanted to move to the other side of the country?! I-I missed you Kacchan! I-I w-was hoping t-this w-would be a-a happy reunion b-bu-but-"

I was crying, ugly tears covering most of my face as I tried to wipe them away at the same time. It was true. Back then, I never wanted to move away from Kacchan. But I had to. Father was badly injured in his fight against All Might, who I had just murdered at the time. A wanted criminal at the age of 10, a permanent yet still invisible target on my back.

I only told my father about what I did, hoping he'd be proud of me. But instead he got angry, raging mad even. He never wanted me to enter the world of villainy. He'd hoped for a brighter future for his son. Since I have a photographic memory, I'm pretty smart. My capacity to remember things leaves a lot of ways open for me and yet I decided to walk to path of darkness.

He made me swear to never tell anyone of what I did, certainly not mom. He made me promise to stay out of that world, but that plan failed terribly, to say the least. At least I managed to keep my identity under wraps, which is a good thing. Not even my lackeys know who I am behind the mask!

"Ugh... Fine!" Kacchan hissed, grabbing my arm and pulling me onto him.
"I fucking missed you too okay? Is that what you wanted to hear, ya damn crybaby?"
I sobbed into his sportuniform while he held me close to him.
"And if any of you damn extra's make a comment or take a fucking picture, I'll personally kick you to hell!"

Ah yes, still as wild as always... I felt his palms heat up in utter frustration and decided it would be better to continue this another time. In private. So I turned down the waterworks a bit, pulling back from the hug with a sad smile.
"So what the hell are you doing here anyways?" he grunted as everyone settled down a bit. I could still feel their gazes on me, but Kacchan didn't seem to mind the attention. Of course not, he'd been in the spotlight his whole life.

"I-I uhm, I-I wanted to tell you personally, before you hear it from someone else" I whispered, tapping my index fingers together before looking up at him with a watery smile.
"I'm m-moving back t-to my old apartment"
He simply stared at me after that. Not a word came out. Did I break him? Was it really that big of a shock?