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Dense Knife

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Ever since Shokudaikiri and Tsurumaru found out Ookurikara's obvious crush on the Saniwa they've been trying to play matchmaker for the longest.


The problem Is...She was dense.


Ookurikara even accidentally told you that he liked you and you still didn't get the message.


He was actually getting frustrated with you, were you just stupid? Or did you not have the same feelings?


You were busy reading some kind of weird book, you told Ookurikara that It was 'manga', but he didn't really express any curiosity over It.




You pull your eyes away from your strange book and look to Ookurikara, "Yes?"


"I like you."


You smile softly, "I'm glad! For the longest I thought you hated me because you would keep-"


"...That's not what I meant."


You raise a brow, "What do you mean then, Kara-chan?"


He didn't say nothing, a sigh escaped his lips. He placed both of his hands on the all, trapping you between him and the wall.




Before you could register what happened, he slammed his lips Into yours, your eyes widened for a moment, but you eventually closed them and relaxed before he pulled away, you were pretty sure you saw a light blush creep on his face.


"I like you."


You froze up, looking at him. A frown was present on his face.


"I don't like repeating myself, do you understand now?"


You nodded, your face becoming flushed when you saw the smirk on his face when he tried to lean In again.


"Kara-chan...? What are you-"


"Getting another kiss, I think I deserve another one after the crap you put me through to get your attention."