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Take it slow

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Tomo was sitting in one of the comfy, possibly strandmon ? chairs, playing on his bass. Not plugged in the instrument sounded horrible and dull but it was good practice. “That’s not one of ours”, Yomi commented, standing a few meters off, fiddling with the strings of his take no break hoodie.
“You got a good ear for this. It’s a song for g.a.m.e I’m working on.”
“Not to brag, but I have TWO premium good ears.” He pointed unnecessarily at them and the bassist’s eyes followed his movement as if he was really interested and thus far unaware of where his vocalist had those premium ears attached.
“The others’ve gone home?” Tomo asked, his fingers resting on the neck of his instrument now.
“Yes!” If Yomi sounded accusing it was mostly because of that chair. They did have a couch in here. Shouldn’t that have been the obvious choice for Tomoyuki to sit in if he had known there’d be a chance they would end up alone?
A chair said ‘I’m sitting here comfortably on my own, no visitors allowed.’ A couch said ‘I’m up for cuddling.’
A few days of hand holding and very clothed spooning and the man was already retreating? Had enough? Why didn’t he just go to buy cigarettes?

“So are you coming over here or not?” Tomoyuki had watched Yomi swelling with indignation about god knew what and had put his bass guitar aside, in favour of extending his arms toward the smaller man.

“You want me to sit on your lap?!” The illustrious vocalist inquired, causing a smile to appear on his kinda-possible-love-interest’s face. There’d been a time when he’d have performed a bodyslam onto a man’s lap in a situation like this, possibly dropping his pants in the process and shoving his tongue down the man’s throat, basically. But PTSD had a tight grip on him and maybe a bit of maturing had happened as well.
“Yes? I mean, only if you want to.”
“If you insist”, Yomi muttered, very much wanting to sit on that semi-bony lap and edged closer.

Tomoyuki was guessing that the smaller one was wondering which way around to sit down and he found it, if Jun was indeed wondering about it, to be a very good question to wonder about. He felt like he hadn’t thought the invitation through and should have suggested sitting on the couch instead, closely beside each other like civilised people.
He could practically feel Shinya facepalming already. The drummer was severely unimpressed with his proceeding in the whole Yomi affair.
Not that it was an affair. They had expressed their mutual not-uninterested-ness in one another and their mutual wondering-if-maybe-perhaps-possibly and ever since, they had spent a bit more time together with friendly physical contact which in the present quantity seemed a lot for a regular friendship but not quite enough for anything more romantic than that either.
They weren’t even officially dating as far as Tomoyuki could tell, however he was very willing to have his facts updated on that matter.
Albeit uncertain about his ultimate intentions with his vocalist, dating Jun sounded like something he’d enjoy a fair lot. Once he found out how to properly do it, that was.
For now, he felt like taking one of those hands he’d been holding a few times in the past days and guiding the other to sit down to form a spoonish situation was the best thing he could do.
Marvellously, Yomi seemed to approve and adjusted his well trained behind comfortably on Tomo’s lap.
“You’re not even comfy”, he teased and cackled softly.
More than one of his exes would have stabbed him with an instant boner by now, grabbed what there was to grab...the whole game. But there was nothing stabbing him now and Yomi decided to partake in a brief moment of anxiously wondering if the allegedly bisexual man maybe simply didn’t find him attractive at all. Those worries aside though, it felt pretty nice, the way Tomo’s arms had snuck around him and held him.
“Are you feeling alright? You’re a bit tense.”
“I’m good. Just traumatised”, Yomi replied with an uneasy smile.
“That’s okay. I got you.” He tightened his hug around the always underestimated sporty spice body and rubbed his face comfortably against the soft black hair of the other.
As far as Tomoyuki was concerned, he found this to be a very good way to spend time. Jun was exceptionally well built for cuddling, if one wanted to call it that. His height, built and choice of clothing and the fact that he was this precious, hilarious creature who barely ever shut up or stopped teasing but was deep down caring and soft of heart... he deeply admired nightmare’s vocalist and although they had Shinya to thank for the speedy progression of their friendship, he wouldn’t have needed the nudges of the famed drummer to realise that maybe perhaps possibly he was interested in just would have taken even longer. Like a lot longer.
While Tomo was silently thanking the fairy troll mother for her interference and enjoyed having his vocal purged on top of himself like this, said vocal was already ahead of his time again:

Sure, this was all very enjoyable and cozy and painstakingly efficient at making him feel like that en’ya guy actually cared about him, BUTT....
they hadn’t even kissed. At all. Tomo hadn’t even tried. Not that Yomi wanted a kiss. Oh by all means he had no craving for kisses except a little but that wasn’t the point.
The point was, Tomo hadn’t tried, hadn’t expressed a desire to take the next step... and that was a relief and a frustration to Yomi. Maybe he simply wanted to feel desired and maybe he even wanted to turn Tomo down just to see how that went. He wanted all the attention and he wanted to be the one who decided things for once.
That it totally went perfectly satisfactory and pleasing without him getting the chance to dramatically say NO I AM NOT READY FOR THIS was just a bit disappointing.

“Your Hands are very cute.” Yomi had failed to acknowledge that one of his hands was being softly caressed now. He tried to find a funny retort, but found that it was much harder to make fun of a compliment like this than, let’s say, a comment about his chubby underbelly. Especially since Tomo didn’t stop there: “I really like them.”
“Well then hold them!” Yomi demanded and low and behold, his wish was granted, command followed, as the tall bassist slid his fingers between Yomi’s, each of his hands holding one of the vocalist’s.
“I hope you didn’t have any plans for tonight”, Tomoyuki sighed pleasantly, “I can feel myself wanting to stay like this for a good long while.”
“And I can feel myself cancelling my gym plans to stay like this”, Yomi admitted, slowly snuggled his head back against Tomo’s shoulder, closing his eyes and sighing deeply himself.
Shinya might find that they were unnecessarily dancing around each other, wasting time, but what did he know. He couldn’t possibly know how wholesome and pleasant it was to be hugged and to hold hands, both hands.
True love’s kiss? Hah. True love’s handholding! Not that this was true love or anything, though.
Not yet, not too soon, at least.