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Underneath the Underneath

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“Smythe, if you’re going to be ditching practice then maybe you shouldn’t be a Warbler!” His captain sneered, close enough to his face that he could practically smell what he had had for lunch. Gross.

Hunter was always on his case about everything and right now questions were the last thing he needed. His adoptive father was in the goddamn hospital because he’d been fucking shot and himself and Iris had both gotten jobs to help pay for the hospital bills. Not that he’d actually tell Iris all of the ways he was making money. So why couldn’t everyone just leave him alone and stop asking stupid fucking questions? How hard was it for them to just mind their own business?

“Unfortunately I’ve got something more important on weekends, I wish to fucking god that it wasn’t but life can’t always go my way.” He spat. Even though they might not believe it, it was the truth, he wished so fucking hard that Joe was alright and he didn’t have to pick up extra shifts on his job and miss practice but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

“What could be more important than practice?” Ah here it is, the privilege is showing.

“It’s not like you’d understand.” He decided to just go back to his dorm room. That way maybe they, or more specifically, Hunter, would stop asking questions.

“Smythe, get back here!” Hunter yelled at him as he stalked out of the choir room.

“Fuck off!” Sebastian flipped him the bird on his way out. Okay so maybe that was slightly unnecessary but it definitely made him feel better.


“Hey look, Blaine, Kurt, I know you don’t want to see us but we’ve come to apologise-“ Nick started but was cut off by Blaine.

“It’s fine, you three couldn’t have known what Sebastian would do, honestly, the only person we don’t want see is him. Thank you for apologising, though.”

“Well, uh, Nick, Trent and I were wondering if you guys would like to come to Scandals with us, we’ll pay for drinks.” Jeff offered the couple.

“Why not? Free drinks.”


They entered Scandals, the bright lights and loud chatter were almost overwhelming. It had been a while since they’d been to any bar, let alone Scandals, come to think of it, the last time they entered the building they were with Sebastian.

“So, drinks on you?” Kurt was asking a distracted Jeff, “Jeff? What’s-“ his breath caught as he spotted that son of a bitch, Sebastian Smythe. He was about to turn to Blaine and tell him that they were leaving when he saw a middle aged man hand Sebastian money. It was only after this odd exchange that he realised Smythe looked nowhere near as put together as usual. No way. He wouldn’t. He was a spoilt rich kid he wouldn’t- would he? This was Sebastian Smythe after all, Kurt still didn’t know him that well. He glanced over at the others, all of them seeming to come to the same conclusion.

“He can’t be-“ Just as Trent began his sentence, Sebastian spotted them. Before they could make their way over to the other boy and interrogate him, he practically sprinted out of the club, looking panicked.

“He is.” Blaine looked sad, even though they were talking about the boy that had nearly blinded him.

“I don’t care how much of a dick he is, we need to find out what the fuck he thinks he’s doing and why.” Everyone agreed with Nick’s statement. If Sebastian was doing what they thought he was doing then they definitely had to stop him, or at least tell someone who could get him to stop. Hopefully that meant his parents would find out, they were probably rich snobs who didn’t want their son to tarnish their reputation. But maybe if Smythe’s parents found out then they’d tell him off enough for him to stop being such a fucking douche. Or not but what he had resorted to doing definitely wasn’t healthy and someone close to him finding out could be a good reality check.

“We could follow him out?” Kurt suggested, looking nervous.

“Hardly. Knowing Bas he’s probably long gone by now. We’ll confront him about it. But where?” Trent thought about where Sebastian was mostly likely to go.

“He practically lives in the Lima Bean,” Kurt snorted, “We’ll find him there.”