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Mr. Sandman

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Loki sits in a shadowed corner of the bustling London bar. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. Not yet. 

His poison green eyes twitch back and forth, a metronome flicking between the comers and goers that pass through the entrance. None of them receive a glance that could be construed as anything more than cursory. With his gaze firmly occupied, tracking every new face at the entrance of the overpriced establishment, his mind turns to reciting his new mantra: 

Tonight I am Luke Sutcliffe. I am a young British man, fresh out of business school and just finding my stride. I am suave, even tempered, soft spoken, and witty (but not too witty). It is my dream to work for the most successful advertising company in the world: Asgard. 

The poison eyes flick, flick, flick over dozens of faces. 

I am not here looking for company. I am far too respectable and sophisticated to allow a perfect stranger to take me to their bed. No, I am here for the only scotch in London that isn’t watered down.  

Flick, flick, flick. 

I am confident and ambitious, but inexperienced and naive. I am a man of few words. I am submissive. I require guidance from someone strong, and capable, and--

There. The beat of the metronome breaks, the mantra forgotten. He’s found him.




Thor steps into his favorite bar, exhausted and in need of a familiar routine after returning from his business trip to Edinburgh. He takes a vacant seat at the oak bar, nodding at the girl behind the counter. She smiles back and pours his usual. Scotch, neat. 

“I swear it’s the only scotch in all of London that isn’t watered down,” says a deep, silken voice to his right. 

Thor turns to find one of the most beautiful people he’s ever seen occupying the seat next to him. He definitely wasn’t there when Thor sat down. He would have noticed. The man's words catch up to him and he grins. “That’s what I always tell people, but no one ever believes me,” Thor replies. “Nice to finally meet someone with taste.” He sticks his hand out. “I’m Thor.”

“Luke.” The beautiful man takes his hand. His fingers are thin, almost delicate, but even longer than Thor’s. Thor smirks to himself - you know what they say about the size of a man’s hands. Or was it feet? He discards the thought.

The beautiful man has a firm grip and pumps Thor’s hand twice. Before Luke can pull away, Thor flips their hands so the other’s is on top and kisses the back of it. “Luke, it’s an absolute pleasure.”

Luke retrieves his hand with a considering look, eyes like variegated emeralds flitting over Thor in a quick once-over. Thor grins under the attention. Luke turns his gaze back to the neat drink in front of him, identical to Thor’s. He takes a tidy sip, not even grimacing at the burn. Oh, Thor likes this one. 

Luke makes no move to continue their conversation. He seems to have deemed their interaction complete. Thor frowns. That’s not how this usually goes. Still, he takes the opportunity to really look at the man. The rest of him is as long, slender, and pale as his hands. Even sitting, Thor can tell he is tall, possibly almost as tall as himself. He looks younger than Thor by a few years, maybe 25. He’s wearing slacks and a button-up that look cheap but well tailored. His black hair is impeccably neat and curls just below a sharp jaw. He has cheekbones that Thor wants to slice his fingers on and the greenest eyes he’s ever seen, bespattered with flecks of gold and turquoise. 

After throwing back the last of his scotch, Luke glances at him again. Thor doesn’t bother to disguise his staring. “Can I buy you another drink, Luke?”

The appraising look is back on the lovely man’s face as he seems to take Thor’s measure. Finally, his head dips in a slight nod, lips curling up in a tiny smile. Thor beams, full force, and motions for two more scotches from the bartender. 




The giant blonde Oaf is probably the easiest mark Loki’s ever had. Since he first laid eyes on Loki he hasn’t looked away once. It’s the most blatant and uninspired flirting he’s ever witnessed. Is this man really next in line to take over Asgard? This is quickly shaping up to be one of Loki's more boring jobs. It’s not any fun without a challenge. But he doesn’t get to choose the marks. At least he gets to enjoy the nice view that is Thor for the duration of this job.

His plan for this one is simple. He’s had it worked out since the first time he read through Thor Odinson’s file. Loki will play Luke, who is soft spoken and wide-eyed, fitting right into Thor’s taste for submissive partners. But unlike Thor’s multitude of one night stands, he has to stand out. So he’s also sophisticated and somewhat intelligent, sharing in Thor’s tastes and opinions. But he has to draw out Thor’s interest. So he plays hard to get. Luke must appear to be fighting his attraction to Thor in order to maintain his own dignity. But then he needs to stoke Thor’s interest enough for it to become infatuation. So he’ll become forbidden fruit, off limits. That won’t deter Thor, it will only make Luke more desirable. So Luke will reject him outright, but Thor will continue trying to seduce him anyway, like the spoiled brat he is. 

Once Thor’s infatuation is at its peak, Luke will confess his feelings for Thor, crying and telling him that he could not bear to be just another one of Thor’s conquests. After salivating over Luke for so long, it should be no trouble to get him to make declarations and promises that Luke is different and will be his one and only. Then, and only then, will Luke will fall into Thor’s arms and allow himself to be taken, moaning and writhing like a submissive twink. This will cement Thor’s interest by fulfilling his need to be in control. If all goes to plan, Thor should marry him shortly before he succeeds Odin as owner and CEO of Asgard. The ‘coronation’, of sorts, is scheduled for six months from now. He needs to win Thor’s heart by then.




Thor has been talking with Luke for hours. Normally he would have asked him back to his flat by now, but Luke is far more interesting to talk to than his usual fare. He keeps his words concise, but what he says is always smart and poignant. They agree on nearly every topic that has come up, from scotch to politics, philosophy to movies. 

That being said, it’s getting late and he has to be at work early the next morning. Not to mention that Luke’s neck is so very long and just begging to be licked. He interrupts whatever Luke is saying, having quite lost the thread of the conversation once his eyes found Luke’s clavicle peeking out of the recently loosened collar. “Would you like to come back to my place?”

Luke’s eye twitches almost imperceptibly. Oh, Thor can tell he’s annoyed at being interrupted, but won’t let himself show it. It’s adorable. He lets his hand fall to Luke’s thigh, massaging into the surprisingly developed, long, corded muscles. “We get along marvelously on just about everything so far. But I can think of one more way I’m pretty sure we’ll get along even better.”

Luke leans into him, earning a soft moan from Thor. Luke’s thin lips brush against his ear, sending a shiver through the larger man. “Oh, I can think of more than one, Thor.” 

At that, Thor growls and turns his face to capture the sinful mouth. But Luke’s finger intercepts, landing on Thor’s lips in a mockery of a ‘shushing’ gesture. 

“Alas, I have an early morning tomorrow. So I will have to decline.” With that, Luke stands, slips his blazer on, winks, and strides out of the bar before Thor can even comprehend what has happened. 

Was he just rejected?