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Bye, Adrian

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Annalise's stomach has been in knots most of the day. Rosie has finally admitted
to his feelings, and she's in love with him as well-has been since New York. At least
that's when she first became aware of of her love, and finally gave herself permission to
love another (after Eddie). Tonight, she and her current boyfriend, East Miami PD pathologist
Adrian Webb, are having dinner, and she'll need to make him aware that she won't be joining him in
their already-in-progress move to Los Angeles.

Taking out her phone, she enters a stall in the ladies room at EMPD.

(Annalise Villa) AVBFL: Hey-are U busy?

(Beaumont Rosewood Jr) BMRJR: Nah. Not really. Whacha need, Linda

AVBFL: Last nite was magical

BMRJR: Ya know?

AVBFL: Serious shit-got me walkin side2side!

BMRJR: Miss you too!

AVBFL: I'm telling AW tonite


AVBFL: It's DINNER-that's all...after, can I come to your place?

BMRJR: Providing AW doesn't make a pitch for one last farewell ride

AVBFL: Don't do that Amor-OK?

BMRJR: OK...4getit-I'm jealous tripping-won't happen again

AVBFL: I love YOU, and only YOU. You have nothing to worry about.

BMRJR: I know that. Sorry.

AVBFL: I'll see you after. Love U


Adrian doesn't have the keen insight or instinct of a Detective, and he doesn't need them
to determine that something is on Annalise's mind. He assures her that if the MOVE is what's
bothering her, he's planned every last detail, to the most minute. His FAMILY will adore her, as he
does-the position as LEAD DETECTIVE on LAPD is done and done...but she needs to TALK to him, let her
know what else he can do to re-assure her that this is the right move for them.

The direct approach is the best approach, she decides: "I'm not going, Aid. Rosie's asked me to stay, and I need
to do that. I love him, Aid. I'm sorry. It's only been a few days since he told me."

After long minutes with no words exchanged, Adrian Webb says, "I sort of knew that this might happen. I didn't
want to face it..but I sort of knew. At least you didn't wait until we're settled in LA...thanks for that, I guess."


"This is final? It had better be, because I can't...I WON' second choice."

"I appreciate that. And I wouldn't ask it of you. I'm gonna're OK"

"I will be." They stand, embrace. Their final bit of intimacy is a light peck on the lips, which Annalise
is considerate enough to wipe away with her thumb. "Goodbye, Aid. I know you'll do great in L.A."

"Be well-don't be a stranger."

In her car, at a stoplight, she texts Rosie. "I'm on the way."