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Dancing with the devil

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“Will you shut up? You’re being annoying.”

Dana groaned, lifting her head up slightly to meet blue eyes and a frown that wouldn't look out of place on Vanilla's face. She got up from her seat, the hand on the back of her skull leaving as she did so. She took a closer look at whoever just slammed her head in her plate. Just some teenager with a scary face and a Stand she could barely control. “And who might you be?” She asked, sending her a venomous look as she ordered Lovers to calm down.

The girl simply ignored her, turning away and walking back to her table with… Daniella D’Arby? Dana walked up to their table, before slamming her arm down on it. “Hello, Steely Dana.” Was all the gambler offered as she took a pause from sipping her drink.

“Hey, Daniella.” She greeted back, before jamming a finger in the teenager’s direction, ignoring the angry expression she sent her way. “Who’s this loser? Another “lost soul” with eithdr too much confidence or not enough of it that Lord Dea collected?”

The older woman took a deep breath, massaging her temples as if she felt an headache coming in. “That’s Jojo. You know, the person Lord Dea freaked out about at the beginning of the week?’

Oh. “And she’s already here because?”

“Stop talking about me as if I’m not here, jackass.” ‘Jojo’, suddenly piped up, startling the two women. Fuck, that kid was quiet as hell. “And I heard Dea could help me get rid of the Stand I’m stuck with, so I’m here now.”

Dana burst into laughter at that, not noticing the expression on the teenager’s face becoming more enraged. “You wanna get rid of your Stand?! Are you crazy or something?”

“I know what I’m doing.” The teenager… growled out? Was she trying to be intimidating? 

Dana snickered at her general direction. “Like hell you do. Your Stand’s supposed to be a part of yourse-”

“I already knew that.” The teenager hissed, getting up from her seat and grabbing Dana by the collar. How dare she?

“Hey, hey, careful there. I’m sure you don’t want anyone to get hurt.” The mercenary said, before sending out Lovers to possess someone. The teenager simply raised an eyebrow, lifting her fist.

“No, Jojo, listen to her.” Daniella suddenly said, putting her drink down and walking closer to the two women. 'Jojo' actually seemed to listen to her, as her attention shifted to her and her fist unclenched, even if it was still up. “If you hurt Dana, someone else in this room is going to suffer the exact same wounds.” And ah shit . She decided to let Osiris out. “Dana, I am ready to bet that you sent your Stand out to possess someone in this room. Correct?”

“Yes, I did.” She groaned out, before turning toward the older woman. “And what are you betting anyway?”

“Irrelevant. Did you send it in me or Jojo?”

“I know better than to piss of Dea, so no.” Really. Their boss had made it extremely clear that ‘Jojo’ was to be brought here unharmed, and Daniella was one of Dea’s favorite underlings, so she couldn’t send Lovers inside either of their brains. Everyone else in the room, however, was fair game. She turned back toward the teenager, whose face was hidden by the bill of her hat. “Since you’re fairly new to this: my Stand makes it that, if you hurt me, someone else in this room will get hurt.” She said, putting a hand on ‘Jojo’’s wrist. “So I suggest you let me go before you accidentally hurt someone.”

And that’s when she heard it. A low, breathy sound, and seeing as ‘Jojo’’s shoulders started shaking, Dana thought she had won this fight before it even began, the teenager so overwhelmed by stress that she started sobbing. But then, the fist at her collar tightened, the fist that was up joined it, brought her closer to the teenager, and she raised her head. 

It wasn’t the face of someone who was sobbing.

It was the face of someone laughing as she was on the brink of losing it.

“You really think I care about any of these people?” ‘Jojo’ asked, as she carried her over to the balcony. And then, she threw Dana over it, catching one of her legs at the last second and taking a hold of the other, before dangling her over the edge.

 She did. She cared a lot about whether or not innocents would get hurt. Fuck, it was the reason why she wanted to be rid of the Stand so much! But, she was also on the verge of actually losing her shit due to: 

1) all the stress she was under (just because she had a better grip on the Stand didn’t mean that she didn’t want to get rid of it or that her dad was not sick anymore), 

2) that fucking bitch told her what she had been told by everyone yet, but unlike Midler who seemed well-intentioned, N’Dione keeping quiet on the subject, Mariano at least offering some advice and Daniella actually helping her, she was being all arrogant about it, as if she was mocking a toddler, 

and 3) That fucking sensation of being watched, the same one she had felt on the plane, had manifested again.

Jotoka grit her teeth, and hoped that all of her pent-up frustration would allow her to hide the very real concern that she would hurt someone innocent if her lie of not caring was spotted. “Because I don’t. Now, I suggest that you stop acting all high and mighty, and make it that hurting you won’t hurt anyone else before we both find out just how little I care about hurting bystanders.”

Thankfully, it worked. “Alright! Alright!” The (formelly) smug bitch said. “Okay, it’s out. Now put me down!” The teenager turned toward Daniella, who nodded in confirmation that the other woman's Stand had left it's victim. She slowly lifted the other woman back up, taking a hold of her collar as she did so. “Aren’t you going to let me go now?”

“No.” She then threw at the other end of the room, and god was the sound of her crashing into a table cathartic. The smile on her face dropped, however, when she got back up, a knife in hand.

“What was that for, you brat?!”

“Being an arrogant bitch. And also, I need some stress relief, so square up.” Jotoka answered, slowly circling the table she and Daniella had been sitting to earlier as she let herself fall into the mindset she always had when fighting: punch it until it stops moving. She felt the Stand tug on it’s restraints again, eager to help in the on-coming fight seeing as the bitch got a knife out. 

Alright, you can come out, but we’re doing this my way. Immediately, her arms were surrounded by something that could essentially be described as stardust, before they were essentially replaced with smaller, more proportionate to her body versions of the two arms the Stand usually manifested as. She raised them up, flexing her fingers to get a good feel. It felt like wearing a second skin. She rolled her shoulders, hearing them pop, and made a 'come here' gesture to the other woman.

She jumped toward her, Jotoka dodged the first three slices, the fourth one made a small cut on her cheek, she took a hold of her opponent's arm, twisted it, made her let go of the knife, and simultaneously headbutted and punched her in the stomach with her other arm, making her take a few step back. The teenager straightened her back, putting the sole of her boot on the dropped knife and making it slide behind her and out of the reach of her opponent.

The bitch’s face was curled into a snarl. "What is it? Scared I'm going to kill you?" She asked, flipping another blade out. Where did they keep coming?

"Scared you can't hurt me without one of your fancy little blades?" Jotoka retorted, wiping the blood that was slowly trickling down her face from the wound. Thank god, it was just a flesh wound, it hadn't actually pierced her cheek.

The older woman proceeded to start charging at her, but before anything could happen: "Steely Dana, as your superior, I order you to stop!" Daniella suddenly said, getting up from the table.

"Or what?" Dana asked, gesturing to the older woman with her knife, Jotoka putting herself between the two. "You can't take my soul unless we're gambling, and anyone who knows you also knows not to do that. Plus," she added as turned back toward Jotoka "someone needs to teach this brat a lesson-"

"You heard Daniella." A fourth, deeper voice suddenly said, startling all three woman toward the entrance. Another woman, with an impassive face, impressive musculature and ah fuck she was dressed like a stripper too , had entered the room. "Stand down."

The bitch, who was apparently named Steely Dana, dropped her knife with an expression of pure fear. Jotoka put the Stand back away, and turned toward the other woman with a raised eyebrow. Said woman turned toward her. "Are you Jojo?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Follow me. Lord Dea wants to see you."