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Rutting For You

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Bakugou had never really felt much in the way of sexual desire. For an alpha especially he knew his sex drive was low, and that it was probably why he'd never experienced a rut before. Not that it bothered him in the slightest, he didn't need that shit.

There was only one person he'd ever been attracted to anyway, and he was pretty sure that was because he actually liked them as a person; Kirishima. But the redhead was straight. Or maybe he was like him- Katsuki had never seen Kiri express any interest in anyone romantically or physically either, though he did have ruts. More than most, actually.

Whenever the conversation turned drunkenly to sex and knots, as it always seemed to with his idiot friends, Katsuki never shied away though.

“I want one, yanno? They just seem pretty cool.” Mina whined, thumping a hand down on the squat table she sat beside as she leaned forward to grab for her drink and take another sip.

“They aren't all that great-” Tetsutetsu started, but Kaminari cut across him.

“To be fair, I reckon you'd just get it stuck in stuff all the time. Seems like a lot of hassle.”

“What- what makes you think that?” Tetsu asked the little omega pressed against his side with an almost confused smile.

“Yours gets stuck in me all the time.”

Both Tetsutetsu and Kirishima choked as Bakugou rolled his eyes and sat up on the end of the redhead's bed that he'd claimed earlier, “that's what they're designed for, you dipshit. Gimme fuckin’ strength. And my drink.” He grumbled, finding his hand filled with his glass a moment later.

They were gathered in Kirishima's room with bottles of alcohol and nothing better to do that weekend than be dumb and hungover. It was almost the end of their third year, and soon enough they'd be graduating and properly starting their careers as Pro heroes. But right then, they were just drunk and loud.

Sero, the lightweight, had already fallen asleep on the floor next to Kiri’s punching bag, and Mina and Kaminari had doodled all over the quietly snoring beta. He sported ink glasses, a moustache and goatee, and countless mostly illegible words that Bakugou didn't even want to try and decipher.

Another hour saw Kaminari swaying slightly, before his head thumped against Tetsu's hard chest, his eyes closing as his scent changed to content and loving. Katsuki rolled his eyes as he watched the silver haired alpha stroke his mate’s hair, his attention immediately taken from their conversation on quirk compatibility and the new moves they'd all been developing for their debuts.

But Mina was still going strong, and the conversation soon took a turn for the dirty again as the omega teased the three alphas relentlessly, goading them to drink more to keep up with her.

And obviously, none of them could resist the challenge, drinking and laughing and insulting each other as Mina egged them on and threw just as many good natured insults back at each of them as things got competitive.



“I'll show you what a real knot looks like!” Kirishima exclaimed as he smashed his fists together with a wicked grin directed straight at Katsuki from his cross legged position at the head of his bed.

And oh.

Katsuki felt his eyes widen for a moment as realisation hit him that yes, he'd really like to see that. He stared for a couple of seconds before catching himself and schooling his features into a smirk, “my dick would destroy you.” He growled lowly, and watched a similar look of ‘oh fuck’ flash across his best friend's face as his scent changed, clearly interested.

Well shit.

Mina laughed drunkenly from her place on the floor, oblivious to the quick flash of pheromones before they were smothered, “you should duke it out- a real cock fight!” She giggled again and yawned, “next time though. I think it's sleep time now.” She rose to unsteady feet and stumbled slightly as she grabbed a couple of blankets from the top of Kirishima's set of drawers, tossing one straight over Tetsutetsu’s head.

It draped down over both him and Kaminari where they slept, propped against the wall holding each other, making them look like an extra lumpy ghost, “oops.” She giggled, before waving a dismissive hand and throwing a blanket over Sero too; dropping heavily to the floor and shifting him with a huff so that she could use the beta’s side as a pillow, before tugging the third, most fluffy blanket around herself with a murmured goodnight - seemingly completely unaware of the change in atmosphere.

Katsuki swallowed thickly, meeting Kirishima's just as unsure gaze as he felt the other alpha’s pheromones thicken again. Bakugou slid his tongue along the seam of his lips and averted his gaze with a cough, “I'm- im gonna take a piss.” He rose from the bed and made for the bathroom, stumbling once, but catching himself easily.

He splashed his face with cold water and fought down the low growl that threatened to rumble through his throat, fingers tightening on the edge of the sink.

What the fuck?

Bakugou had had a crush, well more than a crush, on Kirishima since near the end of their first year, but he'd always believed that the redhead only thought of him as a friend, so Katsuki had tried not to think too hard on his feelings for him.

So why the hell had Eijirou smelled like…arousal?

Was it because he was drunk?

More importantly though, why the fuck did Katsuki want to pin him to the bed and sink his teeth into his neck? Fuck. Fuck. The urge had hit him out of nowhere, and he'd barely been able to stop himself from acting on it.

His cock was hard in his sweatpants, and he had no idea if Kirishima had noticed as he’d practically scrambled from the bed away from him. Shit.

It wasn't as though Bakugou never felt sexual desire, but it had never just completely blindsided him like that. Not even that time Eijirou had slipped into rut unexpectedly when they'd been sparring last year.

Not that Katsuki was about to lie to himself - the second a teacher had intervened and dragged the redhead to the medical bay to get him some suppressants, he'd ran straight to his room and fucked his fist twice; scrunching his own shirt beneath his nose because it had still smelled like Kiri’s pheromones.

Katsuki took a shaky breath to steady his thumping heart and willed himself to calm the hell down. He wasn't even sure if he'd kept his own scent under control out there - he'd been too busy being shocked at Kirishima's.

“Bakugou?” Came the redhead's unsure voice from the bedroom.


“Yeah, one fuckin’ second, I'm comin’” he snapped, slapping his hands to his cheeks before turning to have the piss he realised he actually needed with a roll of his eyes.

Absolute panic was surprisingly sobering, and Katsuki exited the bathroom a couple of minutes later with a clearer head and a blessedly flaccid dick. He stepped over Tetsutetsu’s big ass feet and flopped down on the end of Kirishima's bed with a huff, immediately rolling to face away from the redhead.

Katsuki lifted an arm to cover his face pointedly, “‘m going to sleep.” He informed gruffly.

He could have easily made the walk next door to his own bed, but he literally couldn't leave Kiri to sleep in a room with two omegas; his instincts clawed at the inside of his fucking skull, telling him that they'd steal him away. The first time Bakugou had tried, he'd been back in the redhead's room less than two minutes later, almost foaming at the mouth ready to fight someone.

Everyone had thought the blond was about to have his first rut, but he'd calmed down the second he'd sniffed the air and found no trace of desire. It had been fucking embarrassing, but Bakugou had simply pretended that he'd decided to carry on drinking with the idiots and they'd somehow bought it. Though Tetsutetsu had kept a watchful eye on him that night - which was understandable, considering his mate was in the same room.

The bed shifted, Eijirou rising to make his way to the en suite toilet a moment later without a word. But Katsuki could smell…disappointment and…sadness? ‘The fuck?


Had Eijirou wanted to-?

No, he couldn't have, Katsuki admonished himself as he fisted a hand in the redhead's bedding frustratedly.

As he heard the tap running, he listened intently and lifted his head to sniff at the air, but the only scent that filled his nose was from Kirishima's sheets. Katsuki cast a quick glance around the room; the others were definitely fast asleep, that much he knew.

An almost overwhelming urge to scent the redhead's bed gnawed at him and he bit his lip, fighting it. He couldn't rub himself all over the fucking bed, Kiri would be able to tell straight away. But god he wanted to, he wanted to so badly.

He wanted his scent all over where Eijirou slept.

Katsuki sat up, reaching to the head of the bed before he could even register what he was doing, when the bathroom door opened and extra light spilled into the lamp lit room, before flicking off. He froze, hand still extended for a moment before he dropped it and forced himself to move back to the bottom of the bed and lay down.

He hadn't picked up a blanket earlier, but he was determined to stay above the covers too, even if it meant freezing his ass off.

Kirishima’s scent washed over him as the redhead moved to slide into bed and Katsuki found his mouth watering. For fuck sake, why was his body being such an asshole all of a sudden? He swallowed.

“Uh, Bakugou?” Eijirou's voice was quiet, almost rough, “You're putting out a pretty strong scent.” There was a tone to his best friend's voice that he'd never heard before, and it sent a shiver through Katsuki as he fisted the duvet in his hand tighter and ground his teeth.

His gums ached.

“Its nothing, shut up.” He focused on getting his pheromones under control quickly. Fuck, he really wanted to bite something. Something that smelled like Eijirou. He swallowed another mouthful of saliva.

“Do you-” Kiri swallowed as well, “d’you wanna just sleep up here?”

Katsuki was sitting up and whipping his head to stare at Kirishima in less than a second. Their eyes met and locked, and Katsuki could swear he felt something spark to life between them. He breathed in, slow and deep, nostrils flaring as he filled his lungs with the scent of his best friend without breaking eye contact, trying to gauge exactly what the other alpha was suggesting.

He'd offered before, but it had never come out like that. Like he actually wanted Katsuki next to him in bed as much as the blond secretly wanted to be there.

But all he could smell was uncertainty, a layer of nervousness underlying Kirishima's usual earthy scent.

It didn't matter, Katsuki was already moving. He crawled up to the top of the bed and pulled back the duvet. Neither of them looked away from the other, and Katsuki honestly wasn't sure if the other alpha wanted him, or if he was assessing a threat, with the way he watched him climb beneath the covers.

Bakugou broke eye contact and turned his back, dragging the duvet up past his chin to cover his nose as he stared at the wall. And shit, maybe it hadn't been the best idea to come up here after all. He was completely surrounded by Eijirou's scent, could feel the warmth of him radiating behind his back as the light flicked off.

Darkness settled heavily around them, and his ears immediately tuned in to his best friend's breathing and the sound of him swallowing repeatedly next to him as though he was trying to pluck up the courage to say something.

But the scent was the worst part. Katsuki couldn't smell anything else. And the compulsion to get his own scent all over his best friend's bed only grew, stretching and pulling like elastic in his head, threatening to snap.

And then it was replaced with a new urge - to scent Kirishima himself.

Katsuki opened his mouth and sank his teeth into the edge of Eijirou's duvet, practically stuffing his mouth with it to smother the low groan of desperation that bubbled up and out of his throat.

He heard Kirishima curse in the darkness, felt him shift behind him, and he couldn't tell whether he was moving away or closer, but something in the back of his skull panicked, telling him that the redhead was running away.

Before he could stop himself he had already turned over, shifting to his knees to straddle Eijirou's waist and pin his shoulders to the bed, the covers falling to their hips. Eyes wide and finally adjusting to the dark, Katsuki could make out his own shock reflected on Kirishima’s face.

“Shit.” Bakugou cursed, but he couldn't make himself move. What the fuck was he doing?? He couldn't blame the alcohol, this felt different. Deeper. More base. “I-” he began, but cut himself off.

Kirishima was bigger than him, he could have easily rolled them over, fought back, hit him, fucking anything. But he hadn't. He seemed to be waiting for Bakugou to do something, and the blond slowly became aware of the scent underlying the whiff of uncertainty coming from the redhead. Arousal, that he was trying to hide.

Katsuki smothered his next low groan against Eijirou's shoulder as he dropped down to cover him with his own body, his mind distantly commanding him to hide that cloying perfume from the others in the room.

It was only for him.

Kirishima tensed beneath him, cutting off a groan of his own to whisper close to his ear, “you've gotta control your scent Bakugou, or they're gonna wake up.” He sounded breathless, almost pained, and Katsuki felt something thick and hard against his hip as Eijirou shifted slightly to wrap an arm around his back.

Kirishima was hard. He was hard. He wanted him. He-

Katsuki cursed vehemently into the material of the redhead's shirt, swallowing another mouthful of saliva as the ache in his gums grew.

He didn't want anyone else smelling Eijirou's arousal. He had to cover him with his own scent, mark the redhead as his.

Stake a claim, any kind of claim.

His body veritably vibrated with the need, and he couldn't resist any longer.

Katsuki lifted his head as the air rushed from his lungs to wash over Kiri’s neck, and he felt his best friend shiver, “I've gotta- I need. I need to fucking scent you.” He groaned, already burying his face in the crook of Kirishima’s neck to speak against his skin.

Bakugou had never in his life felt the urge to scent anyone before, but he was already moving his fingers to one of his own scent glands as he heard Kirishima’s breath hitch. He rubbed his fingers against it, then his hand, then his wrist, and fuck it felt so good. He moved to rub his fingers over the redhead's jaw, tilting his head to the side as he leaned in even closer.

“Fuck, I'm sorry.” Katsuki whispered, running his nose along the other side of a firm jawline, fighting not to go further as he rubbed as much of his own scent as he could over his best friend, while still covering him.

“Don't- don't be sorry- fuck, just-” a growl rumbled through Eijirou's chest for a second before he cut it off, reaching to grab Katsuki by the hips and shift them on the bed until the blond had a thigh pressed between his legs.

They both struggled to contain a growl as Eijirou's very hard dick rubbed against his thigh. And fuck, Katsuki almost saw stars as the redhead moved, rolling his hips subtly to press his own thigh against Bakugou’s aching cock.

“Just- don't make me come, or I'll lose it completely.” Eijirou panted quietly, even as he rocked his hips again.

Katsuki could tell the redhead was desperately trying to keep his pheromones in check, and it undid something inside him he hadn't even known had been knotted. His tongue flicked out, straight across Eijirou’s scent gland and Katsuki moaned, he couldn't help himself.

“Oh shit.” Eijirou quickly snatched a hand from the blond's waist to clamp it tightly over his mouth as his hips bucked up, “g-gotta be quiet Bakugou.” He murmured beneath his palm.

But Katsuki simply licked another hot stripe over where the redhead's pheromones were produced, tonguing at the sensitive flesh before rubbing his lips and cheek and chin across it, already half lost to the perfume of Eijirou's desire.

Kirishima dropped his hand from his mouth and felt around them almost desperately, snatching the duvet up and over their heads. And in the perceived safety of their cocoon, he let slip a quiet, breathless moan, burying his fingers in Katsuki’s hair to force his mouth harder against his neck.

Eager to give his alpha what he wanted, Katsuki ran the tip of his tongue right down the centre of the tiny slit, revelling as the air punched from Kirishima’s lungs in a hot rush across his cheek. He assaulted Eijirou's neck, lapping and sucking and kissing at it; steadfastly fighting the urge to sink his teeth into him, even though he desperately wanted to.

Katsuki pulled back when he felt rough fingers on his own scent gland, quickly biting into the material of his best friend's shirt to smother a moan, “need you.” He panted breathlessly against a hard shoulder, reaching to cup Eijirou's face in the darkness, immediately moving to rub his palm and wrist over his cheek, before burying his fingers in loose red locks, “only you.” They both groaned quietly as Bakugou rolled his hips again.

He’d had to say it. He couldn't keep it to himself any longer.

Katsuki was so lost. Lost in the storm of his own pheromones and urges and Eijirou was the only thing grounding him, even as he drove him to near insanity. All of his hastily smothered feelings from the past almost three years welled up in his gut, his chest; they vibrated in the back of his skull and something, something primal told him that Eijirou was it for him.

There would never be another.

“It's only ever been you.” Katsuki choked out against heated skin in the darkness of their little cocoon, overwhelmed. He buried his face back in the crook of Kirishima’s neck and bared his teeth against the wave of emotions crashing through him; realigning his whole sense of being to revolve around one thing.

His mate.

Eijirou’s breath hitched, before rushing from him, “I know.” He whispered quietly, stroking up and down Katsuki’s back, suddenly pressing kisses to his ear and cheek and neck as his scent changed. It mellowed; settling to convey relief, longing and a sense of happiness so deep it was almost sad, “I never thought you'd want me back. I was just glad to be next to you, I thought I could live with it.”

He’d known.

How long had he known?

The admission was murmured quietly against his throat as Katsuki shifted, but he felt it so keenly that it might as well have been a shout right in his ear. Eijirou's words perfectly encapsulated his own fears and doubts, and they twisted the blond's stomach to hear.

Because they sounded so ridiculous coming from the redhead. How could he think that Katsuki would never want him? He had only ever wanted him. It was almost funny how stupidly ironic their matching fears were, and he found himself giving a single snort of self deprecating laughter before pulling back.

Katsuki sought out and touched the pad of his thumb against his best friend's bottom lip to find it in the dark, before pressing his own lips forward. Eijirou immediately drew in a sharp breath, his arms moving to tighten around Bakugou as he responded.

Katsuki concentrated so hard on not fucking up their first kiss that he found himself finally calming down. He could feel that they were both still hard, but their desperation settled slowly in the knowledge that the other felt the same; that they had felt the same all along.

And god, Bakugou had never thought he'd actually be in Eijirou's bed, kissing him, rather than simply claiming the end of it possessively because he couldn't bear the thought of the redhead sleeping with others so close.

Kirishima pulled away gently, “that's it, mate, calm.” He whispered, before burying his face in Katsuki’s shoulder to breathe deeply, “calm.”

Katsuki’s body did as it was told, the tension slowly easing from his muscles as he pressed as close to the redhead as he could, still covering him with his body. He kissed where he could reach without moving, fisting a hand in his mate’s ugly mustard yellow shirt as he breathed in that beautiful rain on earth scent and let his eyes slip closed.

“Gonna claim you tomorrow.” He murmured, “make you mine forever. You can't take this back.”

Hope and happiness swirled into the calming pheromones Kirishima was still pouring out, like wisps of sweet smoke that curled into Bakugou’s nostrils and filled his lungs with the redhead's.

“I'll make you mine too Katsuki.” His best friend whispered.

The promise was punctuated with a kiss to the top of soft blond hair as Katsuki felt alcohol and sleepiness finally win out over him.




Consciousness came to Bakugou slowly, as though he was rising from a deep warm pool of water, and his nostrils flared at the reason for it.

A scent that didn't belong to his mate.

It was mild, weak. It must be far away.

Not a threat.

So Katsuki didn't open his eyes, simply nuzzling his face into the hard pec beneath his cheek, subtly spreading his scent. He sniffed again, taking in the fragrance of Kirishima’s sleep warmed body. He smelled so good. So fucking good that Bakugou felt heat pool and spread through him as he became slightly more aware of his own body.

He was hot. Real fucking hot. Even though he couldn't feel the duvet over himself anymore. His skin prickled and tingled, and as he awoke a little more he felt uncomfortable pain in his gums and the tips of his fingers. Was it his nails? His scent glands were sore too, the skin beneath his jaw and on his wrists raw and aggravated.

Something in the back of his mind buzzed, an agitated restlessness that urged him to move, to prowl and stalk and fight, but Katsuki fought against it, determined to bask in the scent surrounding him. He curled his fingers to fist the material beside his face and bought it to his lips, opening his mouth to stuff the soft cotton into it to chew on.

More, his mind whispered. Katsuki felt saliva pool in his mouth as he bit down harder.

He heard shifting and groaning and two new scents appeared. Omegas. His nose scrunched in distaste.

“Jesus, what the hell is that smell??” Kaminari’s voice sounded muffled, as though he was covering his mouth.

“It's not just me then? You can smell it too?” Sero sounded sleepy as Katsuki heard material rustling.

“Ugh, stinks like… oh shit, is someone rutting?! Wake Tetsu!” Mina’s voice changed from contemplatory to panicked as her scent did the same.

Katsuki heard shuffling and growled quietly as the last vestiges of sleep left him. He didn't want those fucking omegas around his unclaimed mate.

Eijirou was his.

Worry, panic and confusion curled in the air as Katsuki finally cracked open an eye. He watched as Sero caught the blankets Mina and Kaminari threw to him and shoved them unfolded on top of Kirishima’s dresser. The marker glasses and facial hair he still sported did nothing to mar the worry on his face as Kaminari tried to shake his mate awake.

Katsuki moved slightly, lifting his head to open his other eye, soft cotton still in his mouth as he curled his lips back to bare his teeth, agitated. What the fuck were they doing here? He watched predatorily as he kept his mate’s sleeping body beneath his own. His fingers curled into the yellow material of Eijirou's shirt and he heard it tear slightly beneath his fingers.

The sound might as well have been a gunshot. Two sets of yellow eyes locked on his face, blown wide with surprise. He released the spit wet material from between his teeth and moved to cage an arm over Kirishima as he felt the redhead stir beneath him.

“Holy shit.” Sero whispered, grabbing Mina by the arm to pull her back slightly. Katsuki didn't pay the beta any mind, eyes darting between the two omegas instead as a low, rumbling growl started in his chest.

And suddenly a new scent appeared.


A fucking alpha. Near his mate.

Katsuki’s growl became an outright snarl as he heard a groan from beneath him and felt Kirishima shift a little.

“Jesus Christ. Denki get behind me now.” Tetsutetsu demanded as he shot to his feet, all signs of sleep vanishing as soon as his eyes flicked open, “Mina, Sero, you too. Get out of the fucking room right now.” The alpha demanded, grabbing his little blond mate and shoving him towards the door, before standing right in Katsuki's line of sight of the omega.

His gaze flicked to the other one briefly, and she took a carefully measured step back, arms lifting to present outwardly facing palms, a gesture of surrender. The beta copied her, slowly side stepping to try and get in front of her.

Katsuki's attention immediately shifted back to the alpha, red eyes meeting black as he shifted to sit up further, turning slightly. He bared his teeth, gums aching as he felt a shift and two sharp points of pain above his canines, as new sharper fangs descended over them.

Better to attack with came a distant thought.

“Mina, hurry the hell up. You're an unmated omega.” Tetsutetsu barked, his usually good natured smile nowhere to be found as his dark gaze flicked between Katsuki's own and Mina, as she took another slow step to the side.

“I know dummy. But I am not about to run anywhere. He’ll lose his shit. Besides, something tells me he's not interested in me like that.” She whisper-hissed as she moved again.

“I know. Kirishima is his mate. But he will rip you to shreds, I'm not joking. Now move.”


The steel bastard knew.

Had Kirishima told him?

Katsuki hadn't thought he could be more agitated and angry than he already was, but he felt his blood boil at the revelation that someone other than he and Eijirou was aware before he'd even claimed the redhead. He felt saliva pool in his open mouth to drip from his fangs and the corners of his lips as he removed himself from his mate to sit up and properly face the alpha.

Claws extended further from his nail beds as he clenched and unclenched his fists, readying himself to attack. A door handle rattled, drawing his attention for a moment.

“Uhhh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we locked the door so Iida couldn't burst in and tell us to keep it down.” Kaminari’s voice shook a little and Tetsutetsu cursed vehemently.

“Katsuki?” Eijirou's sleepy voice sounded as his scent grew stronger at Bakugou’s side, “wait a sec- holy shit you're-”

A strong hand wrapped around Katsuki’s bicep suddenly as alarm and concern speared sharply through Kirishima’s earthy scent.

“Kirishima, the key to the door. We need it quick.” Tetsu spoke quietly, without looking at the redhead. He kept his gaze locked with Bakugou's and slowly lifted his hands as Mina had done before. He slouched ever so slightly as he addressed Katsuki calmly, “none of us want your mate, okay? We're not a threat.”

“The hand on Bakugou's arm held firm as he felt Eijirou moving beside him, “key, key. Got it, catch!”

Tetsutetsu caught it in one hand, but he'd moved too quick for Katsuki's liking. He growled, low and threatening as he felt the fine hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

And then the silver haired alpha did something stupid.

He smiled at Katsuki's mate, “thanks man, we’ll-”

Bakugou yanked his arm free and launched himself at the other alpha, fangs bared and claws out.

He heard a feminine shout of surprise from the other corner of the room, just as he felt a heavy weight tackle him to the ground before he could reach Tetsutetsu.

Katsuki snarled and thrashed, but a hand quickly shoved his face against the carpet, as Kirishima flooded the room with calming pheromones. But Bakugou could sense the underlying frustration beneath them as he heard his mate speak.

“Out.” The redhead's voice held alpha command so thick even Katsuki shuddered.

He'd been half hard from the moment he had awoken with the scent of Eijirou filling his nose, but his cock swelled instantly to full mast at the fact that his mate was strong enough to pin him. He struggled and wrenched his head up in time to see Kaminari unlocking and flinging the door open, hesitating at the threshold with his eyes glued to his own mate’s back.

Katsuki watched two bare pink feet land in front of him as Mina leaped over them both and made her way behind Tetsutetsu.

But that silver bastard still had his eyes on Eijirou, watching him.

Katsuki felt a vicious snarl rip from him as he yanked an arm from beneath himself and rolled him and his mate, until he had Kirishima pinned instead. A few drops of saliva dripped from his chin as his gaze bore into Tetsu’s.

He forcibly slid his wrist over Eijirou's cheek, spreading his scent on him possessively, “mine.” He snapped. He didn't care that the other alpha was mated. Something primitive buzzed in the back of his skull; that alpha needed to know not to fuck with him.

Kirishima was his.

But Tetsutetsu didn't move, he simply flicked his gaze behind Bakugou for a moment and made a silent ‘come hither’ gesture with the fingers of one hand, before looking straight back at the blond, keeping his attention.


Gotta show him.

Stake a claim, any kind of claim.

Have to scent. Scent him more.


Katsuki shifted, straddling Eijirou's hips as he yanked both of his mate's hands up to pin them with one of his own. The redhead didn't struggle or fight back but his scent changed, becoming heavier, headier, and Katsuki felt a throbbing hardness between his legs that rivalled his own. His mate was hard, ready, but he continued to pump out calming pheromones to suppress the blond's rut.

He was so perfect, Katsuki thought, even as he growled at the fact the others might smell his desire beneath his purposely calming scent.

“Sero, hurry up.” Tetsutetsu’s voice snapped Bakugou's attention back to him as he heard quiet footsteps behind him.

Katsuki kept his gaze locked on obsidian as he curled his top lip back to bare his teeth again, “mine.” He repeated, voice low and dangerous, even to his own ears. He shoved the hand not pinning Kirishima’s into his sweatpants, sliding his fingers down his cock once and back up to slick them with pre come from the leaking tip, before removing his hand.

Tetsutetsu’s eyes blew wide in shock, flicking briefly down to Bakugou's hand and then back up to watch his face. Sero skirted behind the huge silver haired alpha and made for the door.

“Mine.” Katsuki growled, raising his slicked fingers to smear over Eijirou’s face, trailing his fingers down his neck and back up to slide them into the redhead's mouth.

The scent of arousal exploded around them, all hint of calming pheromones snuffed out as a wild growl tore from Eijirou, and Katsuki found himself tossed to the side. His back hit the floor, knocking the air from his lungs as he distantly heard heavy footsteps and a door slam and lock.

Eijirou was on him in an instant, pupils blown so large there was barely a ring of red left. He reached down with hardened fingers and tore Katsuki's vest clean in two, and then off, before ripping his own shirt to sheds. Scraps of mustard yellow fluttered to the floor as Kirishima leaned down and slammed their lips together with a snarl.

Katsuki responded hungrily, burying his hands in red silk as he tasted himself on his mate's tongue. He licked into Eijirou’s mouth posessively and rolled them over, already yanking at the redhead's shorts to remove the offending material.

Kirishima's cock sprang free as Katsuki shifted just enough to snatch his boxers down and off, tossing them aside without a second thought as he immediately moved to fall upon his mate's length, licking and tasting and rubbing his cheek against it, desperate.

“Fuck, oh fuck. Katsuki. Need-” Kirishima’s voice broke as he squirmed and panted at the feel of someone else touching his dick for the first time, “lube. Get lube.” He bit out, even as he grabbed the back of the blond's head and buried half of his cock in his mouth.

Bakugou immediately flicked his tongue against heated hardness, sucking and sinking further down on the redhead's cock with a growl. Kirishima cursed, yanking his head back, only to shove it back down. He did it again and again, panting as he thrust up into Katsuki's eager mouth, until he pulled the blond back a final time with a desperate groan.

“Lube. Please.” He gasped out, chest heaving as he tried to catch his bearings.

“Where?” Bakugou's voice was an octave lower than it usually was and he was distantly surprised he could speak somewhat coherently. All he wanted was to sink his teeth and his cock deep inside Kirishima and make him his.

“Draw. Top draw.” Eijirou panted, already moving to reach for his bedside table.

Katsuki instantly shoved him back to the floor with a growl, “Me. I'll get.” He crawled two steps and reached to grab the draw, snatching it straight from the bedside table to upend it on the floor. It's contents spilled out with clatters and light thuds and he tossed the draw aside, hearing wood splinter and crack against a far wall.

Eijirou made a low sound of approval behind him at the display and Katsuki found himself grinning. He'd pleased his mate.

Casting his attention to the pile of knickknacks and junk, he quickly found and snatched up a tube of clear lube. His gaze lingered for a moment on a small black prostate massager, before he disregarded it completely and moved back to his waiting mate. His cock would be better.

He'd make sure he was better.

He crawled over Kirishima and bought their mouths together once more for a deep possessive kiss that had them both growling and moaning into one another's mouths as Katsuki settled between spread legs.

Bakugou rolled his hips and Eijirou broke the kiss, “sweats off. Fuck me.” He demanded, his voice lower than before.

But apparently Katsuki didn't move fast enough for his liking, and he found himself pinned on his back again as Kirishima bared his teeth at him. The redhead's scent shifted, deepening from rain on soil to something akin to unburnt coal; dark and rough and dirty. Katsuki groaned, the last vestiges of his control slipping as he took a desperate, deep breath in to fill his lungs with the scent he'd known before.


Eijirou's rut.

His trousers tore from his legs less than a moment later, tossed away as shreds of black material as he felt the tips of Kirishima's hardened fingers scrape along his bare thighs in his haste.

Katsuki hissed in a sharp breath as he felt his control slip a little more, revelling in his mate's strength as he felt a wild grin slice his face. He bolted to sit up, grabbing the redhead's shoulders and pitching them both to the side.

And suddenly they were fighting for dominance. Tearing and biting and scratching at each other as they rolled across plush carpet. Katsuki sank his teeth into his mate's neck with a possessive snarl the moment he was on top, the shout of shock and pleasure from the redhead punching him right in the gut.

Katsuki felt sharp teeth sink into the juncture of his own neck and shoulder and shuddered against Eijirou as his palms began to smoke. Blood coated his tongue as he pulled back to lave it wetly against the wound.

He'd mark his mate so good before he finally claimed him forever.

No one would ever doubt who they each belonged to.

Kirishima threw his head back with a desperate shout as he felt Bakugou bite into his shoulder this time, “again. Mark me again.” He commanded, pulling Katsuki back and shoving his face roughly against the other side of his neck.

Katsuki obliged, biting down hard enough to break the skin once more as his mate jolted and moaned beneath him at the pain. Fuck. He needed to be inside the redhead so badly he could taste it through the blood on his tongue.

Bakugou growled, pulling back as he felt the telltale ache in his gums flare once more. He reached to pat the floor around them blindly until his hand encountered the lube he’d dropped as they wrestled. He popped the cap, squeezing far too much onto his fingers, and it dripped to spatter against Kirishima's abs.

Katsuki took a calming breath and concentrated on retracting his claws. He didn't want to hurt Eijirou.

But Ei growled and rolled his hips, impatient, “now.”

“Wait.” Katsuki bit back against his alpha’s command, “won't hurt you.” He added in explanation as a spike of hurt lanced Kirishima's scent.

As he realised what he meant, Katsuki felt Eijirou relax, and he finally moved to press a claw free finger against the redhead's hole, spreading the slick liquid before easing the digit inside.

He was gentle, slow. He'd never done this before, and even in his rut addled state Katsuki knew he had to be careful not to go too fast.

Eijirou did not feel the same way.

He leaned up and snapped his teeth in Katsuki's face, before tackling him backwards. The blond's finger slipped free and he grabbed his mate as they rolled and hit against something metal. Kirishima's punching bag fell to the floor beside them with a heavy thud and they rolled again until Katsuki was pinned once more. He snapped his own teeth up at the redhead.

But his frustrated growl died in his throat as Eijirou straddled his hips and grabbed his hand. His eyes widened as his mate yanked his arm and leaned forward, shoving two of Katsuki's fingers straight into himself with a broken gasp.

“Waited too long.” Eijirou moaned, rolling his hips as he dropped to mouth and lick at the scent glands beneath Katsuki's jaw, “need your knot. Need your mark.”


Katsuki immediately shoved his fingers deep into his mate with a broken groan, pumping them in and out before adding a third as he tilted his head to capture Eijirou's lips with his own. Barely moments passed before the blond felt Kirishima slide one of his own thick fingers in beside his, huffing a rough panting breath into their joined mouths as he forced in a second almost immediately. God, the redhead was incredible.

He was gonna take Katsuki's cock so well.

A deep rumble reverberated through Katsuki's chest as he withdrew his fingers, revelling in the slick sound as they slid free. Kirishima moaned into his mouth and shifted, pulling his fingers from himself to reach between them and line himself up on the blond's leaking cock.

But that buzzing, prowling feeling in the back of his skull had Katsuki grabbing his mate's hips, palms heating and smoking suddenly as he prevented him from sliding down on his length.

The sound that tore from Kirishima was pure animalistic anger - his free hand suddenly wrapping around Bakugou's throat to shove the back of his head against the floor as he forced the tip of the blond's thick cock inside himself.

But Katsuki's own blood was heated beyond boiling with the need to take, not be taken. So he yanked his mate's arm from him and flipped them, before rising to his feet and reaching to grab the redhead by the back of the neck and pull him to his knees. He practically dragged Eijirou the few short feet to his bed and forcibly bent him over it.

As soon as Kirishima was bent forward over the edge of the mattress, chest pressed into soft bedding with his spread knees still planted in thick carpet, Katsuki felt a rumbling purr sound from his own throat.

“Spread.” He commanded, already kneeling behind his beautiful mate as Eijirou instantly slapped a hand to each of his ass cheeks and pulled them apart with a desperate whine.

“Hurry.” He commanded right back, and Katsuki let his alpha’s voice wash over him and move his body faster.

“Mine.” He purred, feeding himself into his mate's eager hole as he leaned over the redhead's back to kiss and lick between his shoulder blades, “all mine.”

Kirishima panted beneath him, rolling his hips to take more of the thick alpha cock splitting him open, “make me yours.” He groaned, fingers hardening to dig indents into muscled cheeks as he drew in a shallow breath and forced himself back another inch.

Katsuki paused to lean up when he couldn't push in any further, frowning when he realised the base of his cock had already begun swelling. No. He growled in displeasure. He had to knot his mate.

He collected saliva in his mouth and spat it to run down Kirishima’s ass to slick his hole more, pressing a thumb inside along with his cock to stretch the redhead further as he pushed forward again.

Eijirou gasped and growled, biting into the duvet beneath him as Katsuki felt a hardened hand grip his hip. And suddenly Kirishima was stuffing himself with the blond's already half formed knot, a desperate moan tearing from his throat.

Katsuki pulled his thumb from his mate to grip his hips hard at the feel of Kirishima's hole stretching and finally contracting as his knot popped inside.


“Fuck.” He echoed, stunned, proud of the readhead and so fucking turned on it bordered on painful.

Katsuki grabbed Kirishima's hand and dropped down to cover him, caging him beneath his body, pinning his arms either side of his head as he rolled his hips. They both groaned and Katsuki tasted his own blood as he bit the inside of his cheek at the wet, tight heat finally completely engulfing his cock.

The urge to fuck and mark and claim grew exponentially, spiralling out of Bakugou's control as the last of his sanity left him with the first twitch of Eijirou's walls around him.

He pulled back as far as his already caught knot would allow and ground his hips forward, a growling, savage, “mine” bursting from his throat as he sank his teeth into Kirishima's shoulder again, only to pull back and bite another mark into his mate as he fucked into him roughly.

Eijirou’s fingers shredded the covers as he snarled and pushed back just as hard, until their pace was brutal, bruising. He snapped his teeth and tore a hand from beneath Katsuki's to reach back and claw at him desperately, half formed alpha commands falling from his lips as he fucked back against the blond mindlessly.

Katsuki felt heat pool and coil low in his stomach as the skin at the base of his cock burned and stretched, swelling and filling more than it ever had before. Eijirou's body practically vibrated with the force of his next growl as he felt his insides stretch to accommodate his mate's huge knot.

“Claim. Claim. Claim.” Kirishima commanded over and over as Katsuki dropped to mouth wetly at the back of his neck, already at the edge.

“MINE!” Katsuki snarled, feeling fangs snap from his gums as he sank his teeth deep into his mate's neck. Eijirou spasmed beneath him and Katsuki shoved a hand beneath them to fist his mate's knot as he fell straight into oblivion.

Come pumped from him so forcefully that Bakugou felt his whole cock jerk inside his mate as the redhead's hole clamped tight around him. Kirishima's cock pulsed in Katsuki's hand, hot white bursting from him to paint the side of the bed and drip thickly to the floor as he veritably screamed into the bed sheets.

Bakugou felt a bond take hold as he held his mate down and filled him to the brim. It was as though a piece of his soul tore itself away and attached itself to the redhead; a fated connection that couldn't be stopped. Stars winked behind Katsuki’s eyelids as he screwed them shut and withdrew his teeth.

A distant compulsion flashed through his mind, and he gave himself over to it immediately, sinking his teeth back into Eijirou to create another claiming mark that would scar permanently. He pulled back when Kirishima practically roared and rocked back against him, spent but still demanding.


Katsuki followed his mate's command and bit a third brand into the trapezius of his shoulder, and then a fourth into the muscle of the other, before collapsing against the redhead's back to lave his tongue over the wounds gently as he caught his breath and his fangs receded.

The back of his skull buzzed with need, a prowling, primal part of him impatient for his knot to go down so that Kirishima could sink his sharp teeth into the flesh of his neck and complete their bond - tying them together forever.

They both lay panting over the edge of the bed for long minutes, Katsuki tending Eijirou's new wounds with his tongue as he ran his hand over every part of his mate that he could reach, speech still beyond him for the moment.

Kirishima spoke first, low and rough and breathless, “I love you.”

Katsuki felt his heart flip and then thud hard against the inside of his ribs, “I love you too.” He panted the words he never thought he'd admit out loud, pressing kisses to Eijirou's muscular back as he slid his hands down the redhead's arms to interlock their fingers.

They stayed there for another long minute, simply holding hands and catching their breath, until heat began to coil and twist and spread between them once again.

Kirishima moaned and rolled his hips, “I need to claim you. It hurts.” He slid his hand from beneath Katsuki's and reached back between them to slide a finger inside himself beside the blond's deflating knot experimentally.

Come leaked to drip down the front of Bakugou's thigh and he bit back a groan, rolling his hips to push himself further inside before pulling back slightly. His knot caught on Kirishima's rim and pulled, but it was smaller than when the blond had first stuffed him with it.

Katsuki eased out as gently as he could, eyes widening as he watched his knot pop free with a slick sound and come began to leak from his mate's hole around his still half hard cock as it slid from him. As Bakugou pulled free completely, thick white flowed from the redhead's well fucked ass to splatter against the carpet between spread legs and the moan that broke from Eijirou bordered on filthy.

Katsuki was shifting back to lean down and lick over his mate's balls and up to his twitching hole before he even knew what he was doing. He growled possessively as he tasted himself on his mate's skin and licked again.

But Kirishima fisted a hand in his hair to jerk him away, finally shifting from the bed to turn and face him, and Katsuki found his head yanked forward as his mate captured his lips. Eijirou growled into his mouth as he pushed him to the floor, groping and palming at him roughly before digging his fingers into his thighs and spreading them.

Katsuki responded eagerly, the clarity after coming fading away as Eijirou's deep coal scent permeated his skin, hiking his desire back up to simmer and then boil as they ground and rocked against one another until they were both fully hard again.

Soon they were rolling across the floor once more, snapping and snarling and fighting. Through the hazy fog of their mingled pheromones Katsuki thought about just how perfect Eijirou was for him, even as they slammed into the dresser and cracked it.

He was sweating, panting, his palms smoking as he thrashed beneath his mate when he was pinned once more, and all he could do was grin wildly up into feral red; silently challenging his mate to take what was already his.

Kirishima’s nostrils flared as he breathed in deeply, drowning himself in the blond's smoke rich scent, and the next thing Katsuki knew he was being lifted from the ground with a grunt. He growled, palms heating dangerously on the redhead's shoulders as he dug his fingers into well earned muscle.

Eijirou set him on his feet a moment later, turning him away to grab him by the back of the neck, kicking the back of his knee to send him to the floor. He thudded down over the redhead's fallen punching bag and purred his approval as he found the side of his face ground against thick leather.

“Stay.” The command was thick, heavy, and Bakugou felt a shiver race down his spine as his mate's lips and teeth teased at the back of his neck, heated breath ticking the hair at his nape.

Kirishima's mouth moved down his back, licking and kissing and nipping at him until Katsuki felt his mate grab and knead at his ass, before biting into a toned cheek. Katsuki growled against the leather bag he straddled, barking a demand to hurry; finally understanding why Eijirou had been so desperate to sink down on his cock before.

His one sided bond felt like an almost agonising ache that permeated deep into his bones. The primitive part of his mind was prowling, buzzing; the need to be claimed, to belong, rising like a frenzied crescendo until Katsuki found himself salivating and gnashing his teeth on air. Claws grew from his nail beds, puncturing the punching bag beneath him as he gripped it tightly, sand flowing out around his fingers as he bit out a frustrated chant of, “nownownow.”

Eijirou needed no further encouragement.

Bakugou choked on a sound of surprise as his mate pulled his cheeks apart and immediately shoved his tongue against his puckered hole until it breached him. It was hot and wet and entirely new to him, and Katsuki screwed his eyes shut against the intrusion, even as he began to subtly rock his hips back against Eijirou's face.

Bakugou had never touched himself there before, and if he hadn't been so ferociously aroused, he might have been embarrassed at the sounds his mate pulled from him with his wriggling, thrusting tongue and the searching finger he slid in along side it long moments later.

Katsuki's cock pressed and rubbed against smooth leather as Kirishima became more bold, sliding his finger from him to grip pale hips and simply yank the blond back against his tensed tongue over and over until Katsuki wasn't sure he'd ever want anything else inside him.

But he did. He wanted Kirishima’s knot and his bond - he wanted, no, he needed that piece of the redhead's soul tied to his forever.

He growled, frustrated and hungry in a way he'd never felt before. Heady, rut thick pheromones poured from him until even he was dizzy with the scent of campfires and burning caramel.

Kirishima tensed behind him, stilling as his grip on Bakugou's hips became bruising, before tearing his hands away. He heard movement, the wet sounds of his mate fingering himself roughly for a moment, before two fingers slicked with warmth stuffed him suddenly.

The glide was surprisingly easy, the way paved by the redhead's eager tongue, and Katsuki groaned, dropping his smoking hands to slap against plush carpet as he forced his hips back, taking those thick fingers right to the base with a hissed in breath.

“Knot. Now.” He demanded breathlessly, not quite managing to inject alpha command into his voice as his forehead thudded against leather.

Kirishima pulled his fingers out slowly, before shoving them back inside with a rumbling purr, and Katsuki wished he could see the look on the redhead's face. He wanted to see how pleased his mate was with him.

Eijirou seemed to know immediately, “so good.” He growled behind Katsuki as the blond felt the digits inside him twist and scissor, before his hole burned and stretched around another and he lost his breath. “Perfect mate.” The redhead praised, voice low and rich and thick with want.

“Want- need you inside.” Katsuki swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Now.” He layered his voice with command and felt his mate's fingers twitch inside him as the redhead tensed and groaned.

Bakugou felt Kirishima hastily spit where his fingers were buried inside him and they pulled back momentarily, before his ass burned anew as four fingers split him. His palms exploded, burning marks into the carpet as the angle changed and the redhead pressed against something inside him that made him see stars.


Katsuki shifted on his knees immediately, the pain of the stretch forgotten in his haste to chase that again. He needed more of that sensation, and right then he'd consider killing to get it. His eyes blew wide as another jolt of pleasure shot threw him and he felt rather than heard the howl that ripped from him. Blood pounded in his ears as he felt himself slipping away in a torrent of arousal and need so potent it threatened to destroy him.

If he didn't get his mate's cock and teeth inside him soon, he'd go insane.

Katsuki didn't even realise he was snarling and drooling until Kirishima's chest pressed against his back and soft lips touched his cheek.

“Shh mate.” Eijirou cooed, rubbing his chin and jaw against Katsuki's shoulder as a weak whiff of calm curled into the blond's nose beneath the heavy scent of desire.

Bakugou snapped his teeth, snarling once again as he felt his mate's fingers ease from him, but he couldn't think clearly enough to form a biting retort or a command, so instead he tried to rise from the punching bag.

He'd take what he wanted instead.

But Eijirou growled and shoved him back down immediately, leaving a firm hand on his back to hold him in place; shifting and fumbling for something that Katsuki couldn't see, as he twisted his head to look. He heard a cap pop and felt a huge amount of cold liquid drip and splatter against his ass, running down to slick his balls and pool beneath him.

And then Kirishima was mounting him, a distant thud sounding as the lube bottle hit a wall. Katsuki felt the swollen head of the redhead's cock touch against his hole, pressing and pressing until it gave way, burning despite the prep and lube.

His mate was fucking huge.

Katsuki panted, eyes blown wide as he was slowly impaled. His hands scrambled for purchase on sweat dampened leather and in burnt carpet, as rough hands smoothed down his sides to grab his hips; fingers digging into bone as Eijirou vibrated with restraint behind him, clearly fighting not to slam home and destroy him.

Bakugou's palms smoked and his knees shook as his mate's huge cock dragged along his prostate, agonisingly slow. He finally felt the bulge of Kirishima's still mostly deflated knot kiss his rim and bit the inside of his cheek hard to stop himself from coming at the thought of being stretched further.

Eijirou didn't slide a finger inside him to stretch him more, he simply pulled the blond back on his knot, slowly, determinedly. A low growl starting low in his gut, making its way up through his chest to vibrate in his throat.

Katsuki cried out desperately as he felt his hole finally clench around the base of his mate's cock, breath fogging the leather beneath his parted lips as he reeled. He took a shallow breath.

“Move.” Bakugou commanded immediately, body taught and heat already pooled low in his gut. He'd never thought he could feel this full, never thought his ass could even stretch as much as this; it burned, it was uncomfortable, but fuck it felt so good. And he needed to come.

He needed to come on his mate's cock.

Eijirou immediately ground his hips against the blond's lube soaked ass, groaning lowly. Then Katsuki felt him shift from his knees to his feet, his cock angling down and his already fully formed knot pressing against that place that made Bakugou's toes curl. He felt his hips lift from the punching bag slightly and growled his approval at his mate's show of strength, before all thought flew from his mind as Kirishima slammed deep.

The redhead didn't start slow, he simply pounded immediately into Katsuki with so much force that he could barely catch his breath. He pushed back, swinging a clawed, smoking hand behind himself to grab at his mate's hip and a tensed thigh, biting out a broken command of “harder.”

Kirishima released Katsuki's hips, leaning over him to support himself on an arm beside the punching bag as his thrusts became jerky, erratic. A snarl tore from him and a moment later Katsuki felt sharp teeth sink into the back of his neck.

White hot spread out from his mate's bite, burning him from the inside out as the heat already coiled in his gut exploded. Come pumped from his untouched cock, slicking his abs and the leather beneath him as he choked on an aborted cry. He felt Eijirou bite him again, and again, stilling inside him as he sank his teeth deep one last time, to match his own claiming marks.

Katsuki felt his mate's cock pulse inside him and warmth spread to fill him as his own cock gave one last weak twitch at the sensation. Eijirou held him there, both teeth and cock buried deep as he continued to fuck into him with shallow thrusts, come still pumping from him as he groaned into the back of Katsuki's neck, until his breath hitched and his strength left him.

Bakugou felt an arm wrap around his waist, and a moment later they were falling to the side to land with a heavy thud, Kirishima taking the brunt of it, with Katsuki’s back pressed tight against his chest.

They lay there, breathless, bruised and exhausted for a few minutes, simply coming down. Katsuki felt his mate gently licking his new marks and grinned, content. His cock had yet to fully soften, even after a second orgasm, and he had no idea how long they were going to be in this state, because he'd never experienced a rut.

Katsuki might not have had much interest in sex before, but he found himself thinking distantly through the fog of pheromones already working him back up, that he'd be happy to fuck the man he loved, whenever either of them wanted, for the rest of his life.



The first thing that Katsuki became aware of when he awoke was the pain in his… fucking everything. He groaned and rolled over, only to hit the floor with a dull thud.

“Fuck!” He shouted, unimpressed as his eyes snapped open. He felt himself soften a moment later as he realised he'd accidentally rolled off the top of his best friend.

His mate.

Kirishima stirred and gave a groan of his own, lifting an arm covered in scratches and burning red finger marks to rub a hand over his groggy face, “ugh. I feel like I've been hit by a truck.” He bemoaned.

“Lucky you. I feel like I've been fucked by one.” Katsuki retorted as he sat up with a wince, “did you bite my ass??”

Kirishima snorted, “well at least the truck that fucked you wasn't full of explosives.” He sat up too, rolling his shoulders and hissing in a breath, before finally looking at Bakugou, “and I might have.” The corner of his mouth curled up in a sheepish smile, “more than once I think, sorry.”

“Don't be sorry, idiot. I asked ‘cause it feels like I'm still sitting on your fucking teeth, that's all. Katsuki leaned forward and rose from the floor, wobbling slightly on his feet as he turned to look around the room.

It was trashed, like completely and utterly fucking trashed. The entire end of the bed had been ripped off and lay splintered across the opposite side of the room; the mattress bent at an angle where it had slipped down the wooden ramp that was now the rest of the bed, stuffing and springs visible through huge gashes and blackened holes.

There were several sections of the wall that sported gouges, burns and claw marks, and both the bedside table and the lamp that had sat upon it lay in pieces beside the sorry excuse for a bed. The rest of the room was strewn with broken furniture bits, scraps of their clothes and random knickknacks, and the punching bag resembled more a few largish pieces of leather covering a pile of sand than it did workout equipment.

Katsuki felt Kirishima's hands touch gently against his bruised hips as the redhead rose to hold him from behind, dropping his chin to rub against a patch of unbitten skin with a contented hum. Katsuki leaned his head back against his mate's shoulder for a long moment to simply breathe in his soft, rain on earth scent again, until his stomach growled.

“I'm so fuckin’ hungry.” He grumbled as he stepped away, “let's clean up and I'll make us breakfast. Or whatever meal it is, what's the time? Actually, what fucking day is it?”

They both rooted around for a few minutes until Bakugou found Kiri’s phone under the bed. The screen was cracked and it had run out of battery, so they plugged it in and headed to the en suite bathroom to run a sink of warm water and gently wipe each other free of dried come, spit and blood while they waited.

A little while later found Katsuki tugging on a pair of the redhead's sweatpants and pulling the strings at the front almost half a foot in so they wouldn't fall off him, as Kiri waited for his phone to turn on. Neither of them had opted to wear a shirt, knowing that anything touching the raw scratches, bites and burns that painted them both like canvases would be too painful.

“Well, we missed class today. it's Monday.” Eijirou laughed as his phone lit up and he unlocked it.

“Fuck.” But at least they could catch up on a days work easily enough - It was a good thing they'd decided to drink on the Friday night, “we can get the work we missed from one of the idiots. C’mon, lets go, before you start looking like a pork cutlet and I take a chunk out of you.”

Kirishima burst out laughing, “have you seen the state of me? You already did.”

“Like you can talk, ass biting shark bitch.”

“Shark bitch? That's the best you got?”

“Tch. Shut up.” Katsuki bit back, but he was smiling as he leaned in to connect their lips carefully.

Eijirou flinched at the small cut on his bottom lip, but deepened the kiss for a moment before pulling away with a smile. They made their way to the door to find an envelope, a clear plastic pencil case with two suppressant injection pens in and the room key. They must have been slid under the bottom of the door at some point. Not that they needed suppression medication now though.

Katsuki bent to snatch up and tear open the envelope, sliding the paper inside it free.

Use the suppressants before you even THINK about leaving this room. I don't care if you think you're fine now.

Well the note was clearly from Mr Aizawa.

Katsuki huffed a sigh and he rolled his eyes as he handed the note to Eijirou to read, unzipping the pencil case to take out a suppressant. He loosened the strings at the front of his borrowed trousers and let them drop to the floor, taking the cap from the small pen before pressing the circular end to his thigh, depressing the top. A click sounded and he barely felt the little scratch.

Bakugou replaced the cap and pulled his sweats back up, retrying the strings before he even noticed his mate staring at him, “what?” He asked as he watched Kirishima's cheeks tint pink.

“You just straight up pulled your pants down, like outta nowhere - it just took me off guard man.” Kiri gave a light laugh, “why didn't you borrow underwear?”

“Blushing ‘cause I got my cock out? Really? We fucked like animals for days and we were both walking around naked ten minutes ago, idiot.” Katsuki rolled his eyes again, “and I didn't borrow any ‘cause your underwear is ugly and baggy. Who wears loose fit boxers with a dick like yours? It's like you want it swinging around hitting off shit - it's a fucking hazard.”

Eijirou choked on a surprised laugh, “I love you.” He said softly when he got himself under control again.

Katsuki was immediately thankful he'd just used a suppressant, because he would have definitely flooded the room with the scent of adoration right then otherwise, “I love you too. Now hurry up and stab yourself with that stupid thing so we can leave. I'm not getting in trouble ‘cause you haven't done it as well.” He tried for a grumbling tone and failed, watching as his best friend lifted the leg of his bright red shorts and quickly used the medicine.

He slipped them both back into the plastic case and sealed it again, before tossing it near the upended and half crushed bin across the room. They could sort out the bomb site that was Kirishima's room after they'd eaten.

Finally reaching to snatch up the key, Katsuki opened the door. Or tried to anyway. He gave another yank at the stuck wood, the sounds of cracking and light suction accompanying it opening.

“Hah?” Bakugou immediately snatched the door wide, confused for a moment when a piece of expanding foam broke away from the doorframe to bounce and roll lightly across the floor of the corridor.

“Looks like they had to block our scents.” Kirishima said beside him as they stepped through, closing and locking the door behind themselves. A chair sat across from the room, empty save for a pair of noise cancelling headphones and a book, “oh man, someone was outside when we were-”

The growl that rumbled through Katsuki's chest cut across Eijirou’s words, and a moment later his mate's hand was slipping into his. He calmed down almost immediately, despite barely being able to smell the pheromones Kiri was obviously trying to put out to relax him.

“We were pretty dangerous dude, you saw what we did to the place, and each other…” Ei trailed away as his eyes roved over Katsuki and he took in his handiwork in the light, “shit, you look like you've been mauled.” He didn't look sorry, he looked proud of himself, “I claimed you real good huh?” His mate’s grin was lopsided as they locked eyes.

“Tch, I claimed you fucking better.” Bakugou stepped into Kirishima's space and lifted his free hand to tap a finger lightly to a perfect bite mark on the redhead's jaw with a smirk, before leaning in to take his lips with his own.


They jolted apart quickly, heads whipping in the direction of the teeth rattling noise to see Present Mic walking towards them, the grin on his face starkly contrasted by the scowl on their homeroom teacher’s beside him.

“Did you have to shout right in my ear? You're going to send me deaf.” Mr Aizawa griped, sticking his finger in his ear and wiggling it as he pinned them with a bloodshot glare, “you two, come with me. And you better have used those suppressants, or I'm not going to be impressed.”

“We did Sir!” Kirishima assured with a sheepish smile, as Katsuki gave growl of “obviously we did.” At the same time.

“Hizashi, see if we need to call Cementos, and make a note of the furniture that needs replacing, then call me. I'll drop these pair off at the medical bay.”

“You got it Shota!” Mr Yamada shot them all a thumbs up and both Bakugou and Aizawa rolled their eyes as Kirishima gave a red faced apology for the state of his dorm room.

Katsuki watched his teacher try to hide the small smile that played at the corner of his lips as the loud omega flicked through an almost giant set of keys for the 3A dorm’s master key as he made for Kirishima's door, before Aizawa was turning on his heel and marching ahead, “hurry up. You both obviously need healing, and I've got paperwork to fill out for this mess.”

Katsuki squeezed Eijirou's hand briefly and they followed after Aizawa. As they entered the common room, several voices sounded at once;

“You're still alive!”

“Kacchan! Kirishima! Are you both okay??!”

“You guys are insane! I had to sleep round T’s! Not that that's a bad thing or anything, yanno?”

“Indeed, I had trouble sleeping too - luckily I have plenty of ear plugs. But I'm glad you're both okay!”

“Dude, I seriously thought you were gonna kill one of us, that was nuts.”

“You two look pretty beat up ribbit.”

“There was a betting pool on whether you'd break through the floor, we were-”

“There better not have been a betting pool! That kind of behaviour is unbecoming of future heroes and I will not-”

Aizawa cast their classmates a pointed glare and they all shut up instantly, “they'll be back later, you can annoy them then. Go do your homework.” He said, somehow managing to sound both bored and frustrated at the same time.


They made their way across the grounds and into the main building, finally arriving at the medical room a little while later; where Recovery Girl tsked and fussed over them, before healing them both easily and giving them each a lollipop that they tried to refuse.

Katsuki felt infinitely better afterwards, though some of their bites had scarred. Not that he minded of course, they would be reminders to one another and to everyone else who they each belonged to.

Their mating marks were treated with antiseptic ointment and covered with gauze pads, as even Recovery Girl’s quirk couldn't heal them - they had to heal and scar on their own.

“Don't you think four claiming bites is a little much?” She tsked again as she tended Katsuki’s last one, “I've never seen more than two, and that was an accident.” She shuffled to her desk and reached for a pez dispenser, dropping a sweet in each of their palms as she shooed them from the room, “now go and eat something!” She huffed, before closing the door after them.

The next few hours dragged by for Katsuki. As they ate and tried to relax in the common room, they were constantly bombarded with questions and exclamations like;

“Why four though?”

“Didn't they hurt??”

“I don't think I've ever met a bonded alpha pair, crazy!”

And, “My uncle dated an alpha once, but she threw him off a bridge and they broke up.”

It went on until he felt a vein in his temple ticking so hard he thought it might pop.

If Bakugou hadn't been chock full of suppressants he'd have easily cleared the room with the scent of how annoyed he was. But he didn't want to leave Eijirou's side, and his idiot liked to chat and laugh and be stupid, so he waited patiently until he saw the redhead yawn, before grabbing him by the hand and dragging him away to his room, where he pulled his mate into bed with him and finally sighed in relief.

They talked and laughed and insulted each other as they usually did, but they did it pressed against one another; hands stroking gentle, reverend caresses over cheeks and chests alike as they kissed between quips and rolled eyes and stupid smiles until they finally felt sleep tug at them.

Katsuki's last thought before he fell asleep was of how lucky he was to have such a perfect, strong and beautiful mate that already knew him so well.

And he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life proving he was Eijirou’s perfect mate too.