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Rotten Luck

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“… Rotten to the Core!” the song ended and the group of teenagers on stage cheered back at the mass of people screaming and crying in adoration. A girl with purple hair and vibrant green eyes leaned into her microphone.
“You’ve been a rotten crowd! Thank you, ISLE CITY!!!” the other three teens behind her began howling into the microphones. The four teenagers exited stage right and went backstage to collapse onto some rickety old furniture. The girl with sapphire blue hair went to a mirror to touch up her make up, while the two boys, one with long brown hair and tanned skin and one with fair skin and black and white hair, sat on a beat-up old couch, just messing with one another. The girl with the purple hair lounged back into a raggedy old high back chair sighing.
“You two need to stop messing around on stage so much. You nearly pushed Carlos into me twice Jay.” The purple-haired girl shot the boys a serious glare. Jay, the one with brown hair and tanned skin, just pulled Carlos, the other boy, into a headlock giving him a noogie.
“Lighten up Mal, it’s not that big a deal. We play here almost every weekend, take a chill pill.” Jay laughed as Carlos struggled to get away. Mal turned to the blue-haired girl pleadingly.
“Evie, help me here. If we don’t catch a break soon mother won’t be very happy and you know what she gets like.” Before Evie could answer a very severe-looking woman dressed in an expensive black dress and coat walked backstage. Her hair was pulled back tightly into a bun and her eyes were an intimidating shade of green much like Mal’s. The boys had stopped roughhousing and all four teens were now fully paying attention to this intimidating woman.
“You need not worry about catching a break daughter, it seems you already have.” Maleficent, handed her daughter an envelope emblazoned with the royal seal of Auradon. Mal’s eyes visibly widened at that, looking at her mother who nodded. The purple-haired girl opened the envelope and read the letter contained inside. The more she read, the more her face lit up.
“This isn’t some kind of sick prank right mother?” She looked up at Maleficent who scowled.
“I do not play pranks Mal, and you would remember not to ask such foolish questions. Of course, this letter is real. Why else would I bother to come down to this shabby hole in the wall you play at?” Her voice was condescending and harsh. Mal cringed, knowing that she just made a big mistake.
“What does it say M?” Evie questioned from behind her, now standing behind the high back chair Mal was practically cowering from her mother in.
“The Crown Prince of Auradon Benjamin Beast invites us to play at his birthday and coming of age party. Guys this party is like the biggest party of the century. Anyone who is anyone will be there. This is massive. It says we were invited because The VKs are the Crown Prince’s favorite band.”
“That’s incredible!” Evie Squealed in excitement gaining rolled eyes from Maleficent.
“It’s important that you four be in top form for this performance. The last thing I need is you four bumbling about on stage and embarrassing me and your parents. So you will practice every day after school, no if, ands, or buts. You four mess this up and you can kiss the VKs goodbye.” Maleficent commanded before turning on her heel and leaving. Carlos took a shaky breath once she was gone.
“Your mother really scares the crap out of me Mal.” He whined as Jay pulled him back into another headlock, just roughhousing like brothers would.
“Guys seriously, you should be scared. Mother just basically threatened us. We already performed tonight but starting tomorrow we will practice till our feet and mouths fall off, we cannot let her down.” Mal stared down at the letter still in her hands. Why would someone like the Crown Prince of Auradon be interested in their kind of music? From everything Mal knew, Prince Ben was the poster boy for goodness and perfection. All their music was about being bad and misbehaving. It made no sense to her, but she wasn’t stupid enough to question a good thing like this. She wouldn’t be the reason they failed or the reason for any screw-ups.
“It’ll be okay M. We can do this. If the prince already likes us then this shouldn’t be too difficult. Just remember to breath and I’ll do your makeup for the event.” Evie sounded chipper as usual and it did comfort her a little bit. She knew that Evie was right, but this could be their one chance to hit it big and get out of Isle City permanently. Carlos shoved Jay off.
“I honestly can’t believe we get to meet the prince. Have you guys seen him? He’s like the ideal guy. Every girl in Auradon wants him damn near…” Carlos said shifting away from Jay to look at his phone. It was no secret that Carlos was gay within the group of four but in Isle City, it’s a secret that you have to keep for safety.
“And you? Come on C, we aren’t stupid. I know your phone wallpaper is still that photoshoot he did.” Jay teased poking Carlos’ now red cheeks. Carlos stood up and grumbled but didn’t deny it, knowing that there was no point.
“Don’t be stupid, he’s a prince in line to be King. I’m just an isle boy. That’s a fairytale no one is going to hear of because it won’t happen. We already know the Prince has had that girlfriends, Audrey. They might have broken up but that doesn’t mean he likes guys.” Carlos defended looking a little deflated at his very handsome phone home screen.
“You never know C, Auradon is the perfect place for fairytales,” Evie added coming over to give him a comforting hug. Carlos shook his head, she was right, but he didn’t believe in fairytales anymore. He grew out of that kind of dreaming a long time ago.