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Cluster Chord

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As the last note finally faded into the cool air inside Kakashi's studio, there was a tiny moment of tranquillity, of utter stillness before Naruto's face broke out into a slow and familiar smile, eyes glowing and bright. The young man seemed a little shaky with the lingering adrenaline high and pure delight in their music as he moved to put down his violin, and Kakashi was surprised to realize that he felt the same.

Smiling faintly, he carefully placed his instrument back inside its case, and moved to tidy up the sheets of music he had placed at the piano earlier. He had intended to offer to play one of Naruto's favourite pieces for him, but the blond requested duets instead. He then agreed, easily, in a moment of nostalgia.

Kakashi half-turned away from the piano to face his most brilliant student, a casual question halfway to his mouth –

And was caught off guard by the feel of lips against his own, with a pair of intense blue eyes staring into his with such fascination. Naruto's eyes held a swirl of emotions, too many for him to even dare to identify.

He was too distracted to even wince at the dissonance of the cluster chord, when his hand smushed against several piano keys at once as he leaned back in surprise, barely able to keep his balance. He thought he heard a mumble of something, which sounded like...

"...Missed you."