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"106..." Kakashi muttered suddenly, remembering something.

"106?" Naruto rounded on him and peered intently into his grey eye.

Shikamaru looked half-hopeful. "You've thought of something?"

Kakashi blinked at the blond, mildly surprised. "Hm?"

"Wait a minute. You don't mean that 106, do you...?"

"Well," The Copy Nin drawled, amusement glimmering in his eye. "This is Jiraiya-sama we're talking about."

A corner of Naruto's mouth twitched. "Typical Ero-Sennin." He snorted, smothering an almost-laugh. "Heh. Sorry Shikamaru, but I don't think that 106 has anything to do with deciphering the code." He paused, then continued slowly with a lopsided smile, "But then again... Ne, Kakashi-sensei, the message he left behind won't be one last attempt at driving Baa-chan nuts, right?"

"No, Naruto," he sighed, half-exasperated and half-amused. "I don't think so."