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hahahaha, ah, oh my god... stupid alphas think that I need them

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taehyung watches the alpha go, a sneer on his face to match the glare in the alpha’s eyes as he walks away, muttering under his breath about how taehyung wasn’t that cute, anyway. 

taehyung snorts. as if he hadn’t been all over taehyung when he slipped onto the barstool next to his, complimenting taehyung’s scent and his outfit until his mouth was dry, releasing waves of strong pheromones right on taehyung’s face that almost made him gag, but taehyung soldiered on, simply because he was desperate for a good fuck and this alpha seemed like he could be the one that could give taehyung what he wanted.

he thought wrong. like most alphas, he was cute until he opened his mouth to talk. 

taehyung downs half of his drink in one go, trying to drown the anger and disappointment bubbling in his chest. alpha #22 had been interested, sure, until taehyung had remained straightened to his full height instead of slouching over in his seat to make himself appear smaller, until they started talking and the alpha did that thing where he says “oh, you’re so smart. I feel like I can’t keep up with you” and expects taehyung to deny it, to bring himself down just for the sake of him and his fragile ego.

he didn’t like it very much when taehyung merely took a sip of his drink, shrugged, and agreed with him. 

suddenly he wasn’t as interested. suddenly taehyung smelled like trash. suddenly taehyung was wearing rags. suddenly taehyung should just go home to change because no alpha wants a trashy omega that dresses like a slut. 

taehyung watches him go, and he’s relieved, because he smelled so strongly of freshly cut grass taehyung was having a hard time keeping his composure and the contents of his stomach inside his body where they should be, but he also feels incredibly frustrated. he wants to get fucked, he wants it rough and fast, he wants to get it so good he forgets his own name.

but, unfortunately, that’s a difficult task to achieve when you don’t look and act the way all alphas think omegas must be like. taehyung is tall, and broad, and is not afraid of calling alphas out on their bullshit. alphas don’t like that. taehyung refuses to cater to their whims and insecurities, he doesn’t make himself appear smaller in their presence when he’s as tall as they are, he doesn’t dumb down his opinions just because alphas think omegas shouldn’t have opinions at all or that they shouldn’t be smart enough to able to challenge their opinions. alphas most definitely don’t like that.

taehyung sighs. he stares at his now empty glass dejectedly, tapping his fingers on the shiny surface of the bar counter as he ponders over his options. he doesn’t think he’s going to find an alpha that’s worth his time in this club, so he should probably just go straight home to his thirteen inch knotted dildo and fuck himself with it until his legs are shaking and he’s forgotten how much of a disappointment alphas can be. 

but there’s a part of him that thinks that going home now would be a damn shame when the night is still so young and he looks so damn good. he put out all the stops tonight, wore a two-piece purple set that makes his ass look extra fat with his favorite white knee-high boots, the ones with the crystal-covered heels, and a leash choker. he even took the time to do his hair and made his makeup match his outfit, and yet. he’s sitting by the bar all alone because he’s not willing dumb himself down just to get some average alpha dick.

but the simmering heat of arousal is still there, thrumming under his skin, begging to be sated. an itch taehyung really wants to scratch, just not with anyone, and especially not with an alpha that still thinks omegas belong in the kitchen with their “pretty little mouths shut.”

taehyung may be desperate, but he’s not that desperate. he sincerely hopes he never has to sink to that level.

he then decides he’s going to stay, just for a bit longer. maybe order one more drink, maybe gather the courage to thread through the dance floor, packed with hormones and alphas with loose hands, on his own. taehyung loves dancing, but being swarmed by overeager alphas and having to bend back a few fingers that get too close to the edge of his skirt? not so much. 

but just when he’s about to raise his hand to flag the bartender down when he feels, rather than see, a body slide into the stool next to his, the same one alpha #22 and all the other alphas before him had previously occupied. taehyung tenses, mentally preparing himself to be slapped in the face by a wave of strong alpha pheromones, followed by the customary “hello, beautiful, what’s an omega like you doing in a place like this all alone?”  

but it never comes, and taehyung starts to relax, thinking that maybe it’s just someone doing their own thing that doesn’t involve him at all when he notices the scent wafting invitingly from the stranger and suddenly taehyung is sitting ramrod straight in his seat, inhaling deeply as discreetly as he possibly can to try and get more of that mouth-watering smell in his lungs: an absolutely addicting mixture of amber and vanilla with a hint of almond and musk that stands out even in a place so oversaturated with other people's own unique scents.

it’s soft in a way alpha scents typically aren't, but taehyung can't say that he minds, not when he finds himself having to forcibly resist the urge to whine high in his throat the more he breathes the delicious smell in, but there's no resisting -

he's wet. he can feel himself leaking, and he whimpers almost inaudibly, clenching his thighs together in a futile attempt to stop it from happening. he hears a sharp intake of breath right next to him and taehyung flushes, aware that the stranger has smelled him, that now they know their scent has gotten taehyung this wet.

taehyung is grateful for the low-lightning of the club, for hiding the embarrassed flush spreading from his cheeks down his neck and up to his ears. he can’t believe he’s leaking in public like he’s a newly presented fifteen-year-old who has just caught the scent of an alpha for the first time.

he turns to face them in what feels like slow motion, expecting - taehyung doesn’t know what he was expecting, but it probably wasn’t for this alpha to look as good, if not better, as they smell. they’re male, from what taehyung can tell, with orange streaked through his dark hair, styled to look like it’s wet. the only touch of color on his outfit is the short-sleeved leopard print shirt he’s wearing, left unbuttoned to show off the leather harness crossing over his chest. the rest of his clothes are all black: his shirt, his ripped jeans, the boots he’s wearing with the wicked steel heels that taehyung would love to feel crushing his -

it hits taehyung like a sucker-punch to the stomach, how attracted he is to him, how taehyung wants to throw his head back and bare his neck, get on his knees and present. when taehyung meets his eyes his plump lips stretch on a devilish smile, like he knows. 

he wonders what he thinks of him, if he thinks taehyung looks nice. he’s never cared much about what alphas think of him, but he finds himself itching for this one’s approval. he wants to say, “I’m so sweet, I’m all sticky just like honey, don’t you want a taste?” but that doesn’t sound like a very appropriate conversation starter. 

luckily for him, ridiculously handsome stranger speaks up before taehyung can make a horny fool of himself.

“I hope this isn’t too daring of me,” he says, that same smile on his face as he rests his chin on the palm of his hands. the sound of his voice, high and airy, has taehyung shivering, has him straining to not miss a word he says. “but I’ve had my eyes on you all night, and I couldn’t help but notice the way alphas have been swarming around you, doing an admirable job at fucking up their chances with you.”

taehyung chuckles, torn between amusement because saying that is kind of a severe understatement,  and giddiness because oh, he’s been looking at me this whole time. or, at least, taehyung hopes he was looking at him, and not at the sad spectacle that has been the majority of the night for him.

“oh, really? you've been watching me all night?” taehyung asks, shameless in the face of something he wants, batting his eyelashes at him. "did you like what you see?"

"mhm, very," he says, his tongue coming out to lick at his lips. taehyung tracks the movement like he's a starved man and his tongue is fresh water he's been craving all this time. "you're... stunning. you caught my eye and I just couldn't look away."

the omega in taehyung preens. 

"but," he continues. his scent spikes with anger, and taehyung has to bite down hard on his tongue in order to suppress a moan. "if we're talking about the way those alphas treated you... I liked that a lot less."

"sadly, I'm used to it," taehyung sighs. "I have a hard time getting alphas to still want to sleep with me after they learn that I actually have wants and needs of my own that don't necessarily involve me spending my every waking moment pleasing my alpha or staying in their kitchens and scrubbing their floors."

taehyung swallows after he's done speaking, growing tense, because what if he has said too much? what if this is the part where the alpha in front of him loses his smile, frowns at him when he realizes that the real taehyung doesn’t live up to the expectations he has of him in his head of a stereotypically docile, submissive omega. 

but his smile doesn’t drop. there’s no “oh, you’re one of those ” in such a condescending tone that it makes taehyung physically flinch. in retrospect, taehyung should have already known why he doesn’t react like that, why he would never react like that, but his scent has taehyung so hazy he’s struggling to form any coherent thought not related to his current stream of thought about how good they would look together, of him holding taehyung down and pounding him into the mattress, making taehyung feel small despite him being bigger

a different kind of slick tickles taehyung’s nose, then. one that he knows fairly well, but that comes off almost foreign when coming from someone else and not from him.

it’s the musky scent of slick . and it’s coming off from the stranger in waves.

taehyung doesn’t understand how he hasn’t noticed it until now, the pungent smell of slick and omega arousal surrounding him, not just taehyung. he can’t help the way he gasps in surprise when it triggers a fresh wave of slick from taehyung; he feels ⎼ he feels like he should be grossed out by another omega hitting on him so blatantly like this, but. but it doesn’t. he doesn’t feel like this is gross or inappropriate at all. taehyung doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on in his life ever.

“alphas,” he tuts softly. his brown eyes have darkened so much they look almost black. taehyung could not look away from them even if he wanted to. “only they could be stupid enough to waste their only opportunity to worship such a gorgeous omega like you.”

now, taehyung knows he doesn’t miss the way taehyung’s knees knock together as he squirms in his seat, squeezing his thighs together tighter still in a futile attempt to keep himself from leaking through the fabric of his skirt. if he hasn’t done that already, that is. seems like he chose the worst day to wear a thong; he doesn’t even need to check to know the string of fabric currently nestled between his cheeks has to be positively soaked by now.

taehyung opens his mouth with the intention of saying something witty, something along the lines of “well, you’re not an alpha, so I’m sure you won’t make that mistake, now, will you?” . but instead what comes out is just: “you’re not ⎼ you’re not an alpha.”

taehyung winces internally. he doesn’t know why he phrases it like a statement, rather than the question it was meant to be. or why his dumb omega brain seems unable to focus on anything that’s not the unfairly attractive stranger in front of him or the way his heavenly scent mixed up with the intoxicating smell of slick is fogging up taehyung’s senses until all he can see and smell is him. 

he almost expects him to snort and say “no, really, what gave it away?”. taehyung probably deserves that. but instead, he gives taehyung a little smile, as if he’s used to it in a way that doesn’t really bother him anymore. 

“no,” he says, a raspy lilt to his voice that has arousal coiling tight in the pit of taehyung’s  stomach. “no, I’m not.”

"but you're - you're interested. in me."

“I am,” he says, and the open hunger in his eyes as he looks at him has goosebumps raising all over taehyung’s skin. he’s looking at taehyung like he wants to eat him alive. taehyung would gladly let him. “does it bother you? that I’m an omega and I want you?”

does it bother him? taehyung feels like it should , but when he tries to look within himself for even the slightest feeling of discomfort or disapproval, he doesn’t find a drop of either. same subsex relationships are not forbidden by any means, and taehyung wouldn’t say they’re taboo, either, but they’re considered pretty unusual and, most of the time, unnecessary. because, well, why would you want to be with someone who won't be able to satisfy you sexually? only alphas can satisfy omegas and vice-versa, or so alphas say.

which taehyung finds that highly amusing, because, well, he could count on his fingers the amount of hookups he’s had that haven’t ended up with him jerking himself off to orgasm after the alpha he’s sleeping with passed out right after they knotted him. not exactly the picture of sexual prowess, but he digresses. 

maybe it’s just because he’s desperate, maybe taehyung wouldn’t be feeling like this if he wasn’t aching for it so badly he was seriously considering giving freshly cut grass alpha a chance just so he could get something inside him that weren’t his own fingers or his dildo. 

the more he thinks about it, the more taehyung wants it. wants him. no alpha has ever gotten him like this, so wet and willing, just with their scent. taehyung has never been so wildly attracted to an alpha, either, like he’s attracted to the omega sitting right across from him, who’s looking at taehyung like he’s ready to show him a hell of a good time if taehyung just says the word.

so taehyung does.

“not at all,” taehyung says, and doesn’t mind the way the other omega’s shoulders sag with apparent relief. taehyung wonders if he was expecting a no, if he thought taehyung was gonna flip out on him and throw his drink at his face for daring to come on to another omega, if it’s something that has happened to him before. it probably has. “I’m sure you can tell, but I’m, uh ⎼ the interest is mutual.”

“oh, I can tell alright,” he says, not even attempting to hide the way takes a whiff of taehyung's scent, closing his eyes like he's trying to really savor it. when he opens them he looks half-drunk off it, his pupils blown wide and a pleased smile on his face, like he just got - "and don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly flattered that I could get you to smell like this without even laying a finger on you, but. it never hurts to hear it."

he winks at him, and taehyung almost chokes on his own spit, barely trapping the whine crawling up his throat firmly behind his teeth before it can leave his mouth. it seems like the other omega is not holding back anymore now that taehyung has explicitly admitted to being into him. it has taehyung asking himself what else he has in store, what else is he going to discover when he goes home with him tonight. 

"I'm jimin, by the way," he says, ducking his head in embarrassment like it just has dawned on him that telling taehyung his name is a thing that he hasn't done yet. "excuse my manners, I'm not usually this... absent-minded, but you're so gorgeous and you smell so good... it's hard to focus on anything else."

taehyung thinks, "oh no, he's sweet, too." and then, "it's nice to finally know the name I'm gonna be screaming tonight". he blushes, and thankfully, he voices neither of them. he truly doesn't know what it  is about jimin that has taehyung and the omega in him feeling all over the place, restless, wanting to submit to jimin and wanting to make him submit at the same time. it's quite scary, just how much taehyung wants him, in any way he can have him.

“I’m taehyung,” he’s quite proud of himself for not stuttering. although, he is less proud of what comes out of his mouth next. taehyung is usually able to remain calm and collected in front of a potential suitor but when it comes to jimin it seems like just can't keep his cool. "I've never - I've never had sex with an omega before."


taehyung shakes his head. “never.”

“have you ever been curious? about what it would feel like to be with another omega?”

“n-not really,” taehyung admits. “not until… now. not until you. it had never crossed my mind but with you ⎼ I want it so much I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“yeah?” jimin says, his eyes gleaming with promise. “want me to show you how good being with an omega can feel?”

"yes, please, I’d love that," taehyung doesn’t even attempt to swallow down his whining this time. he’s noticed jimin’s scent spikes whenever he does. “what does it feel like? to be… intimate, with an omega?”

“oh, you’re so cute. I'm gonna have so much fun with you,” jimin coos, licks his lips like he can already taste taehyung on them. “you wanna know what it feels like to fuck an omega, baby?"

taehyung nods, breathless. 

"everything is just so ⎼ so much more sensual, and languid, and so much wetter." jimin says, leaning forward in his seat to place a tentative hand on taehyung's bare, warm thigh, his fingertips brushing against the edge of taehyung's skirt, squeezing when taehyung lets out the tiniest of whimpers in response. "there is no ⎼ no rush to chase a knot like when you're with an alpha, so you can take your time exploring your partner's body and what makes them tick."

jimin leans further in, until his lips are right by taehyung's ear, his thumb rubbing little circles on taehyung's thigh; he parts his legs almost subconsciously, his breath catching in his lungs as jimin's hand slides a bit further up his thigh, his warm fingers brushing against the sensitive skin of the inside of taehyung's thigh. 

"it all just feels so much better," time seems to slow down, then. the music, the noise of conversation around them in the club fades away; all taehyung can see and hear and feel is jimin's touch on him, his alluring voice in his ear. "alphas will lie and say that omegas can't satisfy each other and that we need them to feel good, but that's a lie. I've never felt as good with an alpha as I have with an omega."

"let me prove it to you," jimin growls in his ear. "let me show you that we don't need alphas to feel  good."

taehyung's composure breaks, then. or maybe it had already been broken for a long while now, but it's in that moment when his brain is able to register the force of taehyung's want, of the desire running through his veins like electricity. his shaking hands find purchase on jimin's shoulders and he exhales shakily as his fingers curl, trying to pull jimin even closer, relishing in just how warm and solid he feels under taehyung's hands, how he's burning with the need to feel him, skin on skin, no clothes between them. just them tangled on his bedsheets burning heated desire until there's nothing left. 

taehyung swallows. with jimin's heady scent heavy on his tongue, he says. "kiss me. please, just kiss me -"

jimin doesn't hesitate to pull him in for a bruising kiss that has taehyung clutching desperately at his shoulders, kissing him back like it will be his very last chance to have jimin's lips on his. jimin's free hand travels up to taehyung's neck, squeezing it tight when taehyung starts licking into his mouth, a little sloppy and a little desperate but jimin doesn't seem to mind; he smiles a little, mid-kiss, and sucks on the sugary sweet taste on taehyung's tongue all filthy and good until taehyung is moaning and straining against his underwear, the very picture of gagging for it -

and he doesn’t know how it happens exactly - if it is jimin’s doing or his own or a combined effort between the two of them - but all of a sudden taehyung's arms are around jimin's neck and jimin's hands are on taehyung's waist and he's hauling him up and onto his lap, where taehyung settles with an embarrassingly loud whine. such blatant display of strength has taehyung squirming uncontrollably on his new perch on jimin's thighs, pulling at the hairs on the back of Taehyung's neck to pull his head back so he can pepper kisses down Taehyung's jaw and neck, stopping to bury his face in the juncture where jimin's neck meets his shoulder to breathe in the smell of vanilla and almond until he's choking on it.

"love the way you smell," taehyung growls, nipping at the scent gland there until jimin is all but shaking beneath him. he feels jimin's hands sliding down from his hips to his ass, sighing when he gives his asscheeks a good squeeze, the tips of his fingers dangerously close to the wet spot in his skirt from where he's leaked through his underwear. he giggles, whispers against the skin of jimin's neck like he's telling him one of his deepest secrets. "mhm, fuck, got me so wet. I've never been like this for anyone else before."

"oh, I know, baby," jimin groans, right in taehyung's ear as he squeezes his ass a little tighter. "I can smell it on you - you want everyone to see how good I make you feel? how much wetter I get you?”

taehyung mewls, high and sweet, and swivels his hips, seeking relief for his aching dick. he can feel jimin hard and wet under him, and taehyung aches with the need to get him alone so he can finally give in to the hunger clawing at his insides, begging to be sated.

"looks like we've attracted quite a crowd," jimin says, but doesn't make a move to let go of taehyung, doesn't try to get him to stop humping him like he's in heat. he snorts. "I can see your alpha from here. I bet he regrets being an asshole right now."

taehyung's eyes snap open. there's a huddle of alphas and a few stray betas surrounding them, doing a piss poor job at pretending like they're not leering at them, reeking of a weird mixture of desire and envy like they can't decide which one of them they want to be more, like they want to squeeze themselves right in between them. he sits up, and glances over his shoulder to see that, sure enough, freshly cut grass alpha is standing right there, but he doesn't look very regretful. he looks almost.. pissed. like he can't believe taehyung chose an omega over him.

their eyes meet: taehyung stares him down, and pulls his lips back on a nasty hiss that makes freshly cut grass alpha flinch and look away.

a part of taehyung would love staying there a little longer, to rub it in their faces that yes, it's jimin, it's another omega who's gonna take him home, who's gonna give him what he needs, what he's been desperately craving all this time, but taehyung frankly doesn't think he can hold out any longer. to hell with what these bitter alphas think, taehyung just wants jimin to take him home, so he says as much.

"fuck them, and most importantly, fuck him ," taehyung grunts, looking back at jimin. "I just want - I just want you to take me home. please?"

jimin's grin is all teeth and promise. "well, of course, tae. it'll be my pleasure."

they make their way through the crowd with their hands intertwined, giggling, drunk on each other's scents. no one bothers them too much, luckily, and they're able to easily dodge the few alphas that approach them as they make their way to the door, trying to give them their numbers or beg them for a threesome. taehyung merely laughs on their faces, greatly enjoying the affronted look on their faces as they flat out ignored them in favor of hauling a taxi, managing to keep their hands off each other long enough for jimin to rattle off his address to the taxi driver and roll up the partition, although, well. taehyung doesn't think that's gonna help much, considering the way the reek of want and slick, the little breathy moans and cut-off puffs of breath that escape from their mouth without permission as they kiss.

taehyung is half on jimin's lap, his skirt bunched up obscenely around his waist as he licks at the sweat gathering up on jimin's collarbones, arching his back like a pet cat when jimin runs a warm hand down taehyung's sweaty back. he gives taehyung's asscheek a firm squeeze and a light slap, doing it again when taehyung moans and bites down harder on his skin, determined to cover up jimin's pretty skin in gorgeous shades of red and blue and purple.

"you're so wet, darling," jimin says, dipping his middle finger in taehyung's sopping asscrack, struggling for a moment to pull the drenched string of taehyung's thong aside so he can get to his hole. he rubs it at with the pad of his finger to get it to leak even more slick before burying it inside of him down to the first knuckle in one smooth push, making taehyung cry out loudly. if the driver had any lingering doubt of what they were doing in there, taehyung bets they all dissipated just now. "is this all for me, hm?"

taehyung buries his face in jimin's neck and nods fervently, too overwhelmed to speak. he feels jimin smile against his hair, fucking his finger in and out of him faster as taehyung pushes back against it, leaks around it, wishes jimin wasn't avoiding his prostate so blatantly. taehyung reaches down, a bit clumsily, with his hand until he's able to cup the prominent bulge in jimin's jeans, working at it with the heel of his hand. jimin exhales against his hair, canting his hips up as much as he can with taehyung's weight pressing him against the seat. 

they arrange and rearrange themselves until taehyung has one leg bent on the seat and the other one on the car floor with three of jimin's fingers deep in his ass and jimin's cock in his mouth, his pants and underwear halfway down his legs so taehyung can finger him as he sucks him off. jimin is big, so taehyung has got his free hand stroking what he can't fit in his mouth as he focuses on keeping his mouth all nice and tight around the head of jimin's dick as he bobs his head in quick. short movements. jimin feels heavenly around his fingers, all tight and impossibly wet, and it makes taehyung groan, it makes taehyung want to flip them over and push jimin down against the car seat so he can get his cock in his wet little hole and fuck him he's coming deep inside him and jimin is coming all over himself  - 

"mhm, baby, god, your mouth is so good," jimin grits out, little breathy moans escaping from behind his clenched teeth as he keeps his eyes on taehyung, on the way he chokes on his cock and his eyes go half-lidded with pleasure when jimin's cock twitches in his mouth, coating his tongue in precome that he swallows eagerly, humming, like it's the best thing he's ever tasted. "I bet all those alphas would have made a lot more effort to not be dicks if they knew what a good little cocksucker you are."

jimin uses the tight grip he has on the hair curling on the nape of taehyung's neck to pull him off his dick completely, giving taehyung a few seconds to catch his breath before he's shoving him back down again, fucking taehyung's mouth at a steady pace that's making him lose his mind, precome and spit spilling from his lips and running down his chin as he drools over jimin's thick cock like a mindless slut.

his neglected dick twitches uselessly where it's trapped under his stomach; taehyung squirms, unable to find the relief he's desperately looking for. he lets go of jimin's dick and tries to get a hand around himself, but all he can manage with the position he's currently in is to barely wrap a hand around himself, weakly thrusting in it and whimpering when it's not enough.

"what's the matter? baby can't reach his useless dick to make himself come? here, allow me," jimin taunts, nails taehyung's prostate with three successive quick strokes and then pulling his fingers out altogether, laughing meanly when taehyung squeaks in alarm, clenching his quivering thighs together as the orgasm wave recedes as quickly as it came, leaving him aching and empty. 

but not for long, because jimin gives him his fingers again and this time he doesn't hold back;  the squelching sound jimin's fingers make as he fucks them in and out of taehyung's loose hole resonates obscenely in the small space around them but it only serves to turn them on even more. taehyung tries his best to give it as good as he's getting, hollowing his cheeks around jimin's dick and angling his fingers so that they hit jimin's spot as he pushes them in, but is getting harder and harder to concentrate the closer he gets to -

"there we go, baby," jimin grunts."be a good omega and let go for me."

when taehyung starts to come his breath falters, his chest heaves with quick breaths, and when it hits, his breath stilts for just a second and then he's mewling sweetly as his eyes roll back and he spills all over his hand. taehyung rests his head down on jimin's thigh as he shudders through his orgasm, panting as he tries to catch his breath. he feels - used, in the best kind of way, and he wants more; more of jimin, of his touch, of his sharp tongue making taehyung feel deliciously small, making him feel good like no alpha has ever been capable of.

"hhng," taehyung croaks. his ears are still ringing. "shit, that was - "


" so good. " taehyung groans. "shit, I've never had it that good before."

jimin grins, cocky, but hell, he has every reason to be cocky when he can make someone come like that with just his fingers. god, taehyung can't wait to be on his cock.

taehyung wants to return the favor, but jimin shakes his head and says, "let's get dressed, we're almost there and besides, I wanna be buried in your tight little ass when I come."

taehyung groans, but concedes. as much as taehyung misses the weight of jimin's cock making his jaw ache, he's not keen on having the driver catch him choking on cock. they re-dress and fix themselves up as best as they can, but there's no fixing their messy sex hair or swollen lips when the taxi rolls down to a stop and jimin slides the partition open so he can pay. the driver smells, blessedly, has a muted scent typical of betas, so at least it's unlikely that they're able to fully smell them, but then again, they weren't exactly making an... effort, to be quiet. 

jimin tips them generously before he's throwing the car door open and dragging taehyung out by the hand, towards the apartment building where he lives. the cool, fresh air of the night helps dissipate the fog in taehyung’s mind long enough for him to take notice of how jimin seems to live in a pretty well-off neighborhood, but.

any and all thoughts regarding wealthy buildings and plush gardens are forcefully pushed to the backburner in his mind the moment jimin shoves him up against the elevator’s wall as the automatic doors close behind them, kissing him fervently. taehyung tangles a hand in jimin’s hair as he licks behind his teeth, his other hand scratching down jimin’s back until he reaches his ass; taehyung uses a finger to rub at the growing wet spot in the back of jimin’s jeans where he’s leaked through his pants and underwear, smiling into the kiss when jimin moans into his mouth and pushes his ass back into his touch.

“you’re so - responsive,” taehyung exhales, tilting his head to the side to allow jimin better access as he moves down to press wet, open-mouthed kisses down his nick. “with alphas, it’s like - it’s like, ah, they think you’re going to think less of them if they give you anything above a grunt.”

“mhm,” jimin hums, with his face buried in taehyung’s neck. “got me so wet, taetae. if you’re good for me, I may let you put your fat cock in my ass. how does that sound, hm?”

“please,” taehyung groans. “please, hng, want to fuck you so bad.”

“I want you to fuck me too, baby,” jimin nips harshly at the skin of taehyung’s neck, sucking on his scent gland until taehyung is weak at the knees. “your cock’s so big - bet you feel like heaven. but you have to earn it first, yeah? gotta be good for me if you want to have my ass.”

taehyung repeats “I’ll be good, I’ll be good” like a mantra as the elevator doors open and they spill into the hallway. taehyung doesn’t hesitate to plaster himself against his back as jimin fumbles for the keys to open his door, shamelessly rutting against jimin’s ass, unable to hide his smile as he presses kisses to jimin’s nape as he fumbles with the keys and drops them for the third time in a row, groaning deep in his chest when taehyung grabs him by the hips and ruts harder against him when he bends over to pick up the keys. 

“ah, shit, tae - “ jimin says, hands shaking as he finally manages to put the key into the lock and open the door. “I thought - I thought you were gonna be good?”

“‘m sorry, jiminie,” taehyung whines, even though he’s not very sorry at all. “it’s just - your ass was right there and I just couldn’t resist it -”

it’s a good thing that jimin pulls him inside so quickly after that, because otherwise they might have just ended up fucking right there where they were, neighbors be damned. 

it doesn’t come as a surprise for taehyung that they don’t even make it to the bed. they pause at the entrance to take off their shoes (making it a bit harder than it should really be because they refuse to stop kissing while they do it); they lose some of their clothes as they make their way inside the apartment: taehyung’s top, jimin’s leopard print shirt, his jeans, taehyung’s skirt, jimin’s boxers… when jimin bends him over the back of the couch taehyung is just in his soaked thong, his hole clenching around nothing as slick runs down his thighs. 

“look at you, baby,” jimin groans, pushing the string of taehyung’s thong to the side so he can have access to his hole, pushing three fingers inside right in and scissoring them quickly, more to be a tease than because taehyung needs any stretching. “you’re so wet and loose for me, gonna fuck you good just like you deserve, like those alphas from the club wish they could.”

“please,” taehyung says, pushing back against jimin’s fingers, already half delirious. “less talking, more getting your dick inside me.”

jimin laughs, but compiles. he takes his fingers out, and taehyung turns to rest his cheek on his crossed arms just in time to see jimin raise his slick-covered hand to his mouth and suck his fingers clean, moaning around them like taehyung’s slick is the finest delicacy he’s ever tasted.

“taste so good, baby,” jimin hums, pulling his fingers out with a pop that goes straight to taehyung’s twitching dick. “just like I knew you would.”

“that’s so hot,” taehyung whines. “you - wanna taste you too, minie, shit -”

jimin grabs him by the hips with his hands and pulls him backwards so that taehyung’s hole is pressed right up against his dick and grinds his hips forward, rubbing his dick all along taehyung’s crack to get it wet and reaching down to drag his hand up the inside of taehyung’s thighs to collect more of his slick, and taehyung feels like he’s gonna lose his mind before they even get started, all because of how incredibly turned on watching jimin wrap his slick-covered hand around his dick to lube himself up is making him. 


“yeah, yeah, give it to me, c’mon - ”

taehyung’s mouth drops open when jimin slides home in one smooth thrust, all wonderfully thick and long just like the best alpha dicks are. jimin sighs when buried to the hilt, grinding his hips in a tight circle two times before he’s pulling back and then pushing forward again, and again, and again with no warning, fuelled by just the consuming need fuck, and fuck and get fucked. taehyung can’t do much more but to hold on to the back of the couch for dear life as jimin picks up the pace, fucking him brutally hard and fast the way taehyung likes it, the way no alpha has ever fucked him before because they think he’s gonna break. 

“taking me so well, ah, darling,” jimin moans, heat thrown back in ecstasy as he loses himself in taehyung’s heat, in their scents mixing together to create an awfully intoxicating combination. in the way taehyung spreads his legs and pushes his ass up, begging for more. “making me so - “

keeping a hand tight around taehyung’s waist, jimin reaches behind himself and shoves three fingers into his own hole, whining high in his throat as he fucks forward into taehyung and back into his own fingers. 

taehyung reaches blindly behind himself until he’s able to hook his finger in one of the straps of the leather harness jimin is wearing and pulls until jimin’s chest is flush against his back. the new angle allows jimin to fuck him even deeper, to hit his prostate dead on every time he pushes in. 

jimin whispers roughly in his ear, “want a taste, baby?” and taehyung cries harder (when did he start crying?), nods because he could not use his words now for the life of him right now, and immediately after his cries are muffled by jimin’s slick-covered fingers in his mouth. taehyung sucks on them greedily, swirling his tongue around them and savoring the sweet, tangy taste of jimin in his mouth. 

jimin, taehyung is pleased to find out, tastes as sweet as he smells. taehyung can’t get enough.

then jimin pulls out, suddenly, and taehyung frowns. he tries to straighten himself up, wipe the drool off his chin, but he can’t feel his legs and he’s afraid if he tries to move on his own he’ll just fall over. he asks jimin,

“w-what are you doing? what - “

“need your cock,” jimin whines, a lilt of desperation coloring his voice as he grabs taehyung’s by the shoulders. “w-wanna come on your cock -”

taehyung goes easily when jimin pushes him down to the floor and promptly straddles his lap, taehyung’s hand on his waist, and he wastes no time in reaching behind himself to hold up taehyung’s dick and sit on it; they both moan when jimin bottoms out, pushing right back up immediately, holding on to taehyung’s shoulders as he starts to bounce up and down his dick, no finesse to it, desperately chasing his orgasm. 

and taehyung gets it, now. now he understands why some alphas do the impossible to get an omega to let them fuck them, why they live obsessed with chasing omega ass. jimin feels so impossibly warm around him, sosososo so tight and wet, squeezing taehyung’s dick just right and it feels so good taehyung can’t help the way he sobs as jimin bounces on his cock like a ragdoll, his expression pinched like he’s in pain when he’s actually just overcome with pleasure, so so close -

“I’m gonna come,” jimin grits out, squeezing his eyes shut. “oh god, I’m so close -”

taehyung is too, he’s tethering right on the edge of another mind-numbing orgasm, but he’s determined to make jimin come first. he wraps a hand around jimin’s cock and strokes him quickly, muttering, “come on jimine, come for me, wanna see you come for me - “

jimin comes with a wail, tears rolling down his cheeks as he unloads all over taehyung’s own hand and chest, clamping down on taehyung’s cock so tightly he pushes taehyung right over the edge. his orgasm hits him like a freight train, leaving him breathless as he shakes and comes apart underneath jimin, filling him up to the brim with his cum. jimin sighs in content when taehyung is done, tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth and eyes glazed like this is it for him, this is where he belongs: impaled on a cock, full of omega cum. 

“holy shit.”

jimin giggles, like he gets it. “yeah?”

“best fuck of my life,” taehyung says. his voice is so raspy it’ll be a miracle if he can speak tomorrow at all. “no alpha has made me feel this good like, ever.”

“told you,” jimin purrs, running his hands along taehyung’s shoulders and down his arms. “I’m still not done with you just yet, though. I wanna - I wanna sit on your face, have you lick me clean while I choke on your cock. if you’re - mhm, if you’re up for it.”

if taehyung’s up for it? taehyung doesn’t think he’s ever been more up for something in his life.

“oh, yes,” taehyung groans, the sweet taste of jimin still strong in his mouth. “want to eat you out so much, please.”

jimin grins at him, big and pleased. he gets to his feet slowly, sighing when taehyung’s cock slip from his hole and laughing when his knees buckle and he has to hold on to taehyung’s shoulder for support, not that taehyung is any better; he can barely hold himself up after that second orgasm wreaked havoc on him. 

they stumble their way to jimin’s bedroom, stopping every now and then to regain their balance, giggling and kissing each other silly. jimin gives him a slight push when they reach his bed, making taehyung fall on it with an ‘oof’, and climbs immediately over him with a predatory grin on his face that has taehyung shivering despite how his entire body feels boiling hot. jimin leans down to press a long, deep kiss to his lips, asks him “ready, honey?” and throws his head back with a laugh when taehyung makes grabby hands at him and says “bring that peachy butt of yours over here already, c’mon - “

taehyung has his hands around jimin’s tiny waist as soon as he turns around, staring hungrily at the trail of slick and cum dripping down jimin’s thighs and past his balls. that’s his cum. he did that, he made jimin all wet and messy like that, and it will be taehyung’s utter pleasure to clean it all up. 

“mhm, just like that,” jimin hums, as taehyung licks and bites his way up his thighs, moaning at the taste of them together. “such a good boy, cleaning up the mess he made, ah - ah - “ 

jimin’s hips jump whenever taehyung bites down particularly hard on his ass, taking his time to mark up jimin’s pretty ass in hickeys and a few bite marks here and there until jimin is desperately squirming and urging taehyung to just get on with it.  

taehyung smiles, and reaches up to suck one of jimin’s into his mouth, suckling on it until it’s clean, gives the other the same treatment as jimin sobs, shifts forward until he can wrap both hands around the base of taehyung’s dick and stroke him to full hardness, and taehyung doesn’t know if it’s hooking up with an omega thing or simply a jimin thing, but his refractory period has been pretty much non-existent so far. with alphas it's always like he cums once and he's usually sated after that, but with jimin it's like the more he cums, the more he wants it. 

taehyung thinks he understands now what jimin meant when he said hooking up with omegas is just more... intense. the relief cumming brings you is pretty short-lived, so you just keep going and going, overcome with the need to fuck and fuck and fuck until you're finally satisfied.

"oh - oh my god, jimin, " taehyung cries out when jimin takes him down as far as he's able to in one go without a warning. "shit, warn a guy - "

taehyung can't see his face from the position they're in, but he can feel jimin's smug smile, or as much as someone can smile when they're enthusiastically bobbing their head on a dick. jimin sucks dick like a cum-starved bitch in heat and it's - it's making it very difficult for taehyung to be able to focus on anything that's not the tight, wet heat of jimin's mouth seal-tight around him and the shocks of pleasure that runs up his spine whenever takes him deep into this throat and swallows.

but before taehyung can lose himself too deeply in the pleasure jimin swivels his hips with a pointed whine, reminding him of what's he's actually supposed to be doing instead of staring at the ceiling with a lost gaze and drooling. taehyung decides to take pity on him and finally, finally let them have what they both want as he licks his way up from jimin's perineum up to his leaking hole, wrapping a hand around jimin's waist to pull him down flush against his chest, so he can have better access to his hole as he wraps his lips around it and sucks, eagerly swallowing what he can of the constant stream of slick pouring from it. 

"oh, taehyung, your mouth is just so - " jimin groans, pulling off his cock to breathe. his utterly wrecked voice sends tingles down taehyung's spine as he hums, not letting off fucking jimin with his tongue as slick leaks from the sides of his mouth and drips down his chin. "gonna have you do this to me all the time now, hng - "

"mhm, I'd love that," taehyung says, lickings his lips, not wanting to waste a single drop of jimin's mouthwatering slick. "I could eat you out for hours, jiminie, love the way you taste, 'm - I'm so close, please - "

"want me to make you come, baby?" jimin licks the head of taehyung's dick, where it resting against his cheek, smiling when taehyung shudders. "want to come down my throat?"


"get back to work, then," jimin says, shaking his ass a little. "if you stop, then I'll stop, okay?"

they find a pretty good rhythm after, a perfect push and pull with taehyung fingering jimin as he vigorously fucks him with his tongue and jimin taking more and more of taehyung's dick until his nose meets taehyung's trimmed pubic hair, doing it over and over again, keeping him down his throat for as long as he could before he had to come back up for air. 

they grow a little desperate the closer they get to coming, a little sloppy but still so good, so so good that taehyung doesn't even get the chance to warn jimin before he's coming with a startled cry of jimin's name, his orgasm taking him entirely by surprise, leaving him floaty and boneless. jimin, to his credit, takes it in stride, sucking hard around the tip of his dick and stroking him through it. taehyung whines, tries to shove him off when it starts to get to feel a little too much, but jimin doesn't let up until he's milked every single drop of cum his spent dick has to give.

"you're still hard," taehyung whines, when jimin moves to get off his face and sit next to him on the bed. "please, just - just get in me, I want you to come, in - in me, please."

taehyung spreads his legs in a silent invitation, and jimin doesn't seem to need to be told twice. he notices he's been keeping his mouth suspiciously closed since he let his cock slip from his mouth with a wet little pop, and taehyung has a feeling he knows what jimin is planning to do with the cum he's currently holding in his mouth. taehyung whines, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out, almost shaking with anticipation as jimin positions himself between his legs and leans forward, pursing his lips -

taehyung moans when the first drop of cum lands on his tongue, his dick twitching in a valiant effort to get hard again despite the fact that he just came when jimin spits on his tongue a few times after he's done. jimin holds taehyung's jaw between his hands, cradling his head almost lovingly as he stares at the mess of cum and spit on taehyung's tongue, his own slick still smeared around his mouth and chin.

"such a good boy, waiting for my permission before swallowing," jimin hums, scratching at taehyung's scalp with his nails. "you look lovely like this, darling, all fucked out and mine. no dumbfuck alpha deserves to see you like this."

jimin meets no resistance when he pushes inside, taehyung's hole all loose and wet for him, squeezing down on his cock just right. he puts taehyung's legs on his shoulders when he bottoms out, and leans forward to kiss taehyung as he starts to move, these little short, sharp thrusts of his hips like he can't help it, like taehyung feels too good for him to simply stay still. 

taehyung scrambles to hold on to something, anything, as their lips keep meeting over and over on a desperate kiss as they swap cum and spit; one of taehyung's hands tangles in jimin's messy hair while the other slides down jimin's body to grip at his ass and urge him to pick up the speed, to fuck him deeper, harder. jimin keeps making these whimpering noises deep in his throat like he's close, fucking into taehyung he's moving his body up the bed, mixing beautifully with taehyung little pained noises as he's pushed further into overstimulation. 

"mhm, come on, jimin," taehyung grunts in jimin's ear, slipping two fingers in his hole and fucking them in and out jerkily. "want your cum, want you to come in me, ah - ah, come on, jiminie, give it to me."

jimin groans as his rhythm falters, as he starts to fuck back into taehyung's fingers before fucking forward into his hole, feeling all nice and full. it doesn't take him much to come, buried as deep as he can go in taehyung, grinding into him as he hums happily, pumping taehyung full of warm cum like he's been desperately craving all this time. jimin cums a lot, so much that when he pulls out of him and slumps next to taehyung on the bed his stomach is slightly distended.

taehyung takes one look at it and groans, squeezing his thighs together as it starts to slowly spill out of him.

"oh god, that's - that's really fucking hot. I think I'm hard again, but at the same time I don't think I'm physically capable of coming again without pulling something."

jimin snorts. he wraps a hand around his waist and pulls him closer, nuzzling into taehyung's scent gland contentedly until taehyung has all but melted against him.

"how about we take a break," jimin murmurs into his neck. "and then I eat you out?"

taehyung shudders. his traitorous dick twitches hopefully. "sounds like a plan."

taehyung doesn't know for how long they lie there, just enjoying being close to each other as they catch their breath. it should feel a lot more uncomfortable than it is, considering that they're mostly covered in sweat, slick and other bodily fluids, but taehyung feels nothing but contentment as he lies there with jimin in his arms, tracing patterns nonsensical patterns over his shoulders and back. he's not usually this affectionate with his hookups, and maybe he should be a little weirded out by how clingy they're being, but cuddling with jimin like this just feel s right.

he doesn't realize he's started purring until jimin is sitting up in alarm, resting his weight on his elbow as he looks down at taehyung with wide eyes. 

"taehyung, are you - ?"

taehyung hands fly up to his throat. his vocal cords are vibrating up a storm, strong enough that he can feel the vibrations under his hands. he blushes.

"oh my god," taehyung says. talking over the vibrations is kind of difficult. "I'm - oh god, I'm so sorry, I swear I'm not - "

jimin looks delighted. "please, you have nothing to apologize for. are you kidding? I'm - wow, I'm honored that you feel safe enough with me to purr."

taehyung covers his face with his hands, embarrassed. he can't believe he started purring in front of someone he barely knows. he can't believe jimin now knows he's comfortable with him despite the fact that they've only known each other for a few hours. 

"none of that," jimin tuts, grabbing taehyung's wrists to pull his hands off his face and diving face-first into his neck before taehyung has the chance to try and cover himself again, rubbing his cheek against taehyung's neck like he's a very affectionate kitten. "mhmmm, this feels great."

they stay like that for a few more minutes, with taehyung purring and jimin enjoying it greatly. he starts pressing little kisses on taehyung's neck that progressively get less and less innocent until he's full-on sucking on taehyung's neck, marking up the skin on his neck that still remains unmarred. taehyung moans, tightens his grip on jimin's neck, and off they go again.

taehyung goes easily when jimin urges him to turn over, and grabs the sheets hard enough to pull them right off the corner when jimin positions himself behind him to give him the most enthusiastic rimjob taehyung has ever gotten. jimin eats him out like he's starving, keeping his cheeks spread so he has better access to his hole. he reaches around taehyung's body so he can jerk him off as he fucks him with his tongue, moaning softly at the taste of his cum mixing up with taehyung's slick. 

jimin takes his time with him, riles him up to the point of near tears and then past it before he lets taehyung come in his hand with a drawn-out exhale of jimin's name, and as soon as he's recovered he's rolling onto his back and urging jimin up his body so he can suck him off and have him come in his mouth. 

somewhere in between round nine and round ten, jimin walks over to his wardrobe, rummages through it while taehyung whines for him to hurry up and come back to bed, and when he finally does he's carrying a long, thick double-ended dildo with two bulbous knots at right at the base in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other. 

taehyung groans, his abused hole clenching tight around nothing in anticipation. 

"you should consider yourself lucky, you know," jimin says, as he sits back on the bed and pops up the cap of the bottle of lube, pouring a generous amount along the length of the dildo so he can slick it up properly, just in case. "this baby is my favorite. I don't share it with just anyone."

well, taehyung can definitely say he feels extremely lucky when he sinks down on it, his mouth dropping open and he rocks back and forth on it, the thick, unyielding material of the dildo stretching him out deliriously good. they're on their hands and knees on the bed, feeding the dildo to each other as their moans and whines ring out in the silence of the room. the knot feels mind-numbingly good, like a real alpha knot, and taehyung almost comes on the spot when jimin pushes it into him abruptly with one particular sharp thrust. 

it takes them a bit of focusing, too lost in their own pleasure to really try, but they're able to get a pretty good rhythm going, hard and fast and good, their cheeks smacking together from the force of it. and well, shit, no wonder jimin just doesn't bother with alphas anymore, not when he can get better sex from omegas and a nice knot from a dildo like this one. 

taehyung will definitely be taking notes.

when they come, they do it pretty much at the same time, too overwhelmed and sensitive to really be able to draw it out any longer. later into the night, taehyung finds himself laying between jimin's legs fucking the dildo into him using his mouth, and at some point before dawn breaks, jimin gets on top of him and feeds the dildo to into him by aggressively riding it.

taehyung is not sure what time it is when they finally pass out, unable to squeeze any more orgasms out of the other, but the does know that they're so exhausted that they sheets are in a pretty disgusting state before snuggling together and falling asleep, sated and happy.