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Pirate in The Serpent's Sea

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Smock had gotten drunk.

Too drunk.

Drunk as in, he'd passed out at the wheel whilst trying to steer the galleon.


It had started with Axel figuring out who he was: an Archangel - specifically the Archangel Azrael - and then he decided 'wow, you know what would make coping with this ten times better? a good drink', and so he drank. He absolutely had to forget that this name had power over him, and that uttering a command alongside it meant he had no other choice but to obey. Nobody deserved that kind of power over him and no way would he willingly give it away. The only person who knew that was dead. At least, that's how it should have been.

So he'd tried to drown his past in liquor, avoiding the memory of who he used to be, and who deep down a part of him still was.

Then he'd collapsed, alcohol flooding his systems, and poor Ophelia had to come and take over, trying desperately to wrench away the assortment of gins and whiskeys from him before he 'damaged his liver or died.' Smock didn't fear death, actually, but he didn't have to worry about it in the first place. It was one thing that reminded him he wasn't exactly a man. Men were united by their humanity, and that meant their ability to die. But that was aside the point, and he couldn't exactly tell that to Ophelia; one person knowing was already bad enough. Wrestling with Ophelia was fine, it was just when he appeared that Smock wanted to launch himself into the ocean.


"Oh dear." That STUPID voice laced with STUPID CREEP slithered from the Changeling's mouth, and he crouched beside Smock, looking down at him with an expression that reeked of disappointment, though considering it was just his usual grin and slightly squinted eye, it was hard to tell. "Smock, dear, you're going to drink yourself to death."

"We both know," he drawled with another swig of whatever was left of the drink in his hand, "that I can't do that."

"But you shouldn't. You're going to damage your liver." Axel sighed, reaching for the bottle (though Smock quickly fought off that hand with a vicious swat.) Considering Ophelia had told him the same thing, over. And. Over. And. OVER, he didn't really like being told it by that weird fuck.

"Ehh fuck off." The pirate groaned, rolling onto his other side and definitely not noticing the way Ophelia and Axel shared a small smile with each other. I am going to dESTROY his bLOODLINE and HERS. But first, I want, clam. He glared up at Axel, and with the meanest tone he could muster despite his intoxication, he let out his crucial demand. "I want fucking... clams."

Smock wouldn't admit it but the face the others made filled him with fucking joy because their utter disgust was amusing. Nevertheless, it seemed Axel was kind of giving up at this point, seeing that nothing would get between this pirate and his wonderful, juicy, deliciously sexy clams. With a sigh of defeat, the Changeling lifted his hands. "Fine. I'll go get your fucking clams."

Suspiciously casting his gaze towards his new waiter, Smock took a sip of a new bottle of alcohol. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

With a roll of his eye, Axel's form began to shift as he approached the side of the ship, into the most detestable thing Smock had ever seen. It wasn't because he hated them, it was just that they all reminded him too much of her, and that was enough to warrant more and more drinking for sure. How else could he forget? With a Sea Elf standing in front of him and memories coursing through his mind, he felt that there was no other option.

But at least within the next few moments, he was gone, into the ocean hopefully to find some good fucking clams. Or to die, which was arguably much better.


In the meantime, Ophelia, yet another Sea Elf, was still being a horribly sweet reminder of his wife.

She hummed gently as she came away from the wheel, kneeling at Smock's side and cleaning up the empty bottles so they were at least gathered together. "Smock, I-I really think you should stop drinking now..."

"Ellamiaaa." He grumbled, covering his face with one arm and giving in to his wishful memories of his beloved. "I don't wanna."

"I'm... Ophelia, not Ellamia." With a sigh of what sounded like sorrow, the blue-haired woman tried to pry the bottle from his hands.

"Ellamia, let me drink." Smock whined in a drunken manner, rolling onto his other side again.

"I'm not Ellamia." Ophelia insisted, though at least now she had backed away from his drink. Ain't takin' my booze, bitch.

"Mmgh, whatever, Ellamia. Just... just let me... yeah. Mm... Clams." He splayed out his arms, looking up at the sky and fitting the clouds into clam shapes, because he was hungry and the clouds looked like wonderful food up there. What if I just... fly. Up into the clouds... and eat them. And for a second, he wanted to do it, but he remembered that his wings had no feathers and he'd burn up or something if he went too far, and that hurt. It was a strange hurt - empty, like his clamless belly, but weird. Now he wasn't sure if he even had the energy to lift his arm and drink.

On second thoughts, he always had enough energy to drink.

And with that, he decided 'bottoms up' and chugged the entire bottle before it right next to him, shattering it into tiny pieces of glass. A few of them must have cut his fingers and palm, but he didn't really care, and letting them bleed seemed to be his favourite option in that moment so he just laid his hand back down and continued staring.


Ophelia seemed to surprised and worried to say much so she just came over and tried to clean the wounds. He couldn't be bothered to fight back.

Some time passed with them both in silence, until finally a soaking wet Axel climbed up the side of the ship, smoothing out his hair as it fell over his shoulders and for once letting down his cocky grin.

"I swear to God you did that just to piss me the fuck off." He groaned, then he pulled a bag out with him.

"Hahaaa," Smock turned lazily to face the other man, though his laugh certainly wasn't genuine, "maybe I did - I just want my fuckin' clams."

"I figured." He sighed, then once again shifted form - back into that strangely tall, twinkish bastard he loved to hate. Or hated fullstop, really.

"You know what, Axel. You're just... a tall, twinkish bastard. That... can go suck his own dick." The pirate pointed his hand vaguely in Axel's direction, before dropping it and whining once more. "I want my CLAMS."

"Oh, only if you watch." The Changeling found the pure disgust that washed across Smock's face highly amusing, and he pulled the bag over. "Anywho, Ophelia, would you be a dear and cook these?"

After some absolutely horrifying display (to the others, at least. Smock thought it was rather normal, and kind of charming) of clam-slurping, he decided that it was about time he laid back and went to sleep. Ophelia and Axel were still there, but he didn't really give two fucks, because he was tired and nobody was getting in the way of his sleep.


Except himself, apparently, because after announcing that he was sleeping and curling up on the floor, he was wide awake. "...Fuck."

Axel let out a laugh that made the pirate want to punch him very hard in the face, and knelt down to his level. "Smock, you should really go to sleep."

"Fuckin' make me." He defiantly murmured, squeezing his eyes shut for he had no doubt that opening them would leave him face-to-face with this creepy fucker.

"Mm, I wonder..." that was a terrible, horrible sound, the sound of Axel thinking and figuring something out. The tone his voice took on was dripping with venom but iced with curiosity and nothing good could possibly come of it. And, when the next word came, Smock felt his life flash before his eyes because this was the start of something awful. "Oh Azrael, go to sleep."


And he blacked out.

And that was what lead to this.

'This' being laying in bed in the dress he'd forgotten he was wearing.

'This' being that he now had a Changeling in the room who could control his every move and was grinning because he knew it.

That was alarming. Axel was in the room with him. Just Axel. Being alone with him is a fucking BAD sign, I need to get away from here or some shit, this is recipe for disaster I am going to fucking DIE.


"Hello there. You're awake."

There was that DETESTABLE voice all over again, and he wanted to choke the life out of the lungs it came from. "Why am I here? How did I get here?"

"I carried you. After figuring out all I had to do to control you was speak your true name, that is." He chuckled, turning to face Smock properly. His eye, though completely white, seemed to glint with something that wasn't so far from malice but still not quite there. It was a deeply threatening look, though in a way he didn't exactly want to delve deeper into.

"You fucking what?" the pirate yelled, sitting up immediately despite his pounding headache and the nausea that arose from the sudden movement. He gripped the bedsheets, wanting to disappear and never come back.

"No need for shouting, dear. I think you'll find I have the power to change that anyway." Turning back to the desk he was seated at, Axel picked up a pen - Smock's pen, which made him angrier than it should - and started to write something down on the papers in front of him.

That was it. Smock needed a drink. He fished for one of the flasks in the overcoat he'd left on the bed, and popped off the lid.

Before he was able to take a swig, that stupid voice interrupted. "I think not - Azrael, don't drink any more of that."

Immediately he placed the flask down, putting the lid back on. Now he was seething. "Get out of my room, fucking Changeling."

"I don't think I will, angel~" Axel purred, resting his head on a hand and casting a devious look back at the fallen angel.

Smock clenched his fists harder, and took a deep breath. "Now listen here, you fuckin' spoiled little brat-"


"What did you just say?"

Now the Changeling had turned to fully face the pirate, even twisting the chair so he could sit comfortably as he glared.

"Was that a command? Want me to repeat myself?" Smock snarled, leaning forwards just a little in some attempt to intimidate the other. If he had a proper heart, he would have felt it quicken, adrenaline coursing through his veins. "I said. You fuckin'. Spoiled. Little. Brat."

He'd done it now. Axel's face changed swift as the weather out at sea, and his eye clouded over. He leaned back in his chair, looking far more relaxed than he was, and tilted his head slightly to the side. "Come here, Azrael."

With no option other than to oblige, he pulled himself up, still in the dress that was slightly too small for him (he cursed Dionysia for being so fucking small) and shakily made his way towards the other. Show no weakness. Don't let him think he's won. Put on a smile. "What do you fuckin' want, Changeling?"

"I want you to take that back." His smirk widened into a grin, his sharp teeth bared.

"Hah! Make me. Even if you did," he spat, "it wouldn't be sincere since you're controlling me."

"Oh I'll make you take it back another way." The taller male hummed, reaching forwards to gently touch the pirate's hips. He was faced immediately with resistance and Smock's hands swiftly grasped those trying to touch him, using his superior strength to hold them back.


"Don't you dare." Tempted to will forth his skeletal wings and summon the strength of his patron, he flexed his fingers tight around the wrists under them. "Leave, Axel."

An acerbic laugh broke out from the other's lips and he rest his elbows against the armrests, gyrating his wrists as he pulled them free. "Well, I suppose there's no other way to go about this yet. Why don't you come sit in my lap, Azrael?"

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck-

His thoughts were a mess of profanities and there was nothing else he could even muster to push back against that command. A small part inside of him wondered if he even wanted to, but he swiftly exterminated it, snuffing it out as though it had injured him. Smock's legs moved on their own, approaching the Changeling, though he didn't really need to move much more because he was pulled into position, sitting with his heels hooked around the other's back. Heat flushed his face and he couldn't help but let down his smile, going so red that he wasn't sure he could handle it. His cheeks were burning, not only due to the heat beneath them but also thanks to the feeling of an eye upon his skin, taking in every little detail from his head all the way down and back up again. He gulped and pushed his face into Axel's shoulder. It might not have been the best choice but all he knew was no way could he just keep his face out in the open like this.

"How sweet." Axel chuckled, raising a hand to gently touch the back of Smock's head. His long salt and pepper hair cascaded over his shoulders, flowing loosely around the clawed fingers that touched it. It felt kind of nice, but he didn't want it to, and certainly wouldn't say it out loud. "Mm, perhaps I'll just stay here like this."

"Look." Smock sighed finally, letting out a warm breath against Axel's shoulder, which was met with a gentle shudder as though the feeling was completely new and strange. He buried his head more into the black fabric of Axel's clothing, pushing his nose gently against his neck. "I'm not innocent enough to think that... this... isn't sexual. So... whatever you want to do, just get it over with."

It must have surprised the Changeling because he hesitated, hand stopping where it was. He seemed to be taken aback, and for a second Smock wondered whether Axel had intended for any of this to be sexual at all. Well, it would be weird if not, but that was a strange reaction.

"Or the alternative route," he continued, "is that you get the fuck outta my room, which is much desired."


The continued silence from Axel was kind of unnerving now. He was seething, that was for sure, but there was something else about the look on his face and the way he seemed to be thinking very hard about something. It was giving Smock too much time to get tense and to think about what was happening. For one, he didn't actually think Axel wanted anything like this. Sure, he was weird and kept flirting and saying suggestive things but he'd figured it must have been his way of fucking around and being a general menace. Smock pushed away the thoughts, piping up and pulling his face from the warmth of the shoulder.

"Answer me you cunt." He half-shouted out the words, reaching forwards and grasping Axel's collar in his hands. "I would get off, but you commanded me to be here. I don't have much of a choice."

"Hm." Was the only sound that came from the other, and Smock had never wanted to strangle someone more in his life. He pulled Axel closer, getting in his face.

"Oi, spoiled brat." Smock hissed, hoping that it would do the trick and that this uncomfortable silence would be over, but even that didn't seem to be phasing the Changeling. "Geez, you having some sort of flashback or some shit you epileptic fuck?"

A few moments of silence passed until suddenly the world spun around Smock and then he was on the floor. It hurt to be thrown so suddenly down, but he couldn't really complain. It wasn't the worst thing Axel could have done. He looked up after his head cleared, staring at the man towering above him. The two spent a minute just glaring before Axel made his way towards the mirror, commanding for Smock to stay on the floor. He examined himself, then unbuttoned his topcoat, throwing it to the side. He undid his ascot tie, discarding it too, and adjusted the pale red shirt that he was wearing underneath.

"So, I'm guessing you're leaving?" the pirate watched the ripples in the shirt as Axel moved, his voice hopeful. He was certain that this would be the outcome, because surely this man had better things to do and he was adjusting his clothes so maybe he intended to go out. It was a warm day and technically the captain's quarters could also qualify as Axel's hence the clothes being dumped. Something felt off, though, a small inkling that he shouldn't be so hopeful.

No, he shouldn't have been hopeful at all. A bitter chuckle arose from Axel's throat. "I have things I want to do to you, so no. Not yet."

Wait, what the fuck is that-


Oh no.


Smock could only watch helplessly as the Changeling approached, looking down scornfully at him though his smile still remained. Trying everything possible to at least find out what he was about to be subjected to, he let out a short burst of nervous laughter and he bit his lip gently before he spoke. "Uh, things? Like... more than one?"

"No shit." Axel jeered before crouching down, seemingly judging something before moving to straddle the pirate. The weight on Smock's hips was uncomfortable but strange, and the heat was... having an interesting effect. It only took a moment or two for his hands to be pinned above his head, where his hair was splayed out in all directions. Breathing much faster than he was before, he felt the grasp of a submissive mindset - or what he called the 'servitude attitude' - starting to take hold. He had been created to serve, so it was natural for him, and it felt kind of good to obey but he refused to give in to Axel. He didn't want this bastard to win, even if being pinned made Smock's eyes widen just a little and shimmer with both bewilderment and desire, and even if it made him feel a little weak in his legs and knees, making him almost want to kneel. He knew he wasn't made for sexual purposes, but this was as close as he could get to his life as an Archangel made to serve. It seemed to be a reaction that enticed Axel, because he leaned in just a little closer and closed his fingers a little tighter.

"You know what, I take back what I said about the 'just get it over with' thing." Smock gulped, curling his toes and shifting uncomfortably in the dress, remembering that he wasn't wearing anything underneath. Well this is going to be interesting. And terrible, probably. Mostly terrible.

"Oh? And what does that mean?" Axel cooed, getting far too close to the other's face. Their chests were almost touching now and the pirate swore he could feel the gentle scrape of teeth on his jaw.

"Fuck off." Smock grumbled, turning his head to the side in some feeble attempt to get away. Of course, it only brought the man closer to his ear, an arguably better place for biting since it protruded. And that was exactly what Axel did. The soft burn of teeth breaking the skin on his ear caused him to squirm just a little, trying to pull away to free himself of the pain. Don't enjoy it don't enjoy it don't enjoy it.

"What was that, angel?" Axel's tongue caressed the tiny wounds, picking up the little droplets of black blood that had gathered there.

"Oh, fuck off. And don't call me that." Smock wrestled one hand free, punching the other straight in the face. The look of both surprise and pain was oddly satisfying to Smock, and with this new advantage he pulled himself away. He couldn't really stand thanks to his command, so he crawled under the bed, taking cover beneath it and letting out a small huff of victory.


"You." Axel leered, licking his lips and digging his fingernails into the wooden floor. "Azrael, come back here right now and get on your knees."

You fucking asshole I swear to God the second I get the chance-

All the insults in the world couldn't stop him from crawling out from under the bed again and finding his way back in front of Axel, where he knelt, looking up with bitter eyes. A hand reached up to run along Smock's jugular, which immediately caused his heart to race because having his throat slit certainly wouldn't be pleasant, and then along his windpipe just the same.

"Now I must apologise," that tone was corrosive and it burned into Smock like the multiple brands on his body. It felt as though acid was crawling along his golden sand-coloured skin, "but this," his fingernails tore through the dress, "has to go."

The dress fell back, resting on the pirate's heels. It took him mere milliseconds to try and cover himself up, crossing his legs together and pushing his hands down to cover the space between his legs. "Oi you Changeling pervert."

Axel was silent for a few seconds, white eye examining the sight before him. Though he had no pupils, Smock felt the gaze wandering down his chest to his covered wrists to his hips to his legs, and then back up again. "Mm, turn around, Azrael."

With no choice but to obey, he turned, and the same feeling of an eye tracing the markings on his back tingled throughout his entire body. It was only moments before there were fingertips running along each Celestial letter down his spine, then along the skeletal wing brandings on his shoulders. "Yeah, fuckin' enjoying that, asshole?"

"Oh certainly." The response was immediate, dripping with a mix of lust and pure and unadulterated loathing. Hands encroached on skin they had formerly avoided, drifting downwards and coming to rest on Smock's ass. He tried to stay silent, not wanting the Changeling to hear anything come from his mouth, but he couldn't help but let out a small breath of surprise. He arched his back inwards and upwards, trying to get away though to no avail. This bastard is fuckin' relentless, he squeezed his fists tighter, turning his head to try get a better look at Axel and what he was doing.

He wished he hadn't, because the look on Axel's face distracted him enough to miss hands shooting forwards to the cloth on his wrists. Smock couldn't pull away in time and the cloth was undone easily, revealing the Raven Queen's symbol imprinted on both wrists. Once more, Axel hesitated, looking inquisitively at his new discovery as though Smock were some sort of exotic creature, though that comparison wasn't that far from the truth.

"Well whoop de do, you've figured me out. Congrats, good job. Want a fuckin' medal for revealing that or would you prefer a boot up your ass?" he snarled, though at this point there was likely little reason to be acting like this. It wouldn't make a difference what he did or didn't say (with the exception of 'spoiled brat', it seemed) in the end.

"As entertaining as it would be to see you try, I'm not too keen on the latter." Axel continued his little tracing game, following each little line with his fingertips until he'd covered the whole symbol. "It's such a shame that the only markings you have are from them, and such a shame you likely won't be rid of them anytime soon."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" alarmed, Smock pulled his arms back to cover himself up, trying to stop his mind from racing at the possible meanings of that remark.

"It means," Axel dragged his nails down Smock's spine, eliciting a sharp gasp, "I think my brand would look far better than theirs."

"I- what?" the pirate stammered, trying to completely erase that entire sentence from his brain. I am NOT into branding and I am NOT liking the idea of having someone own me again DEFINITELY NOT. FUCK. "Don't- don't be ridiculous."

"It's really not that ridiculous, dear." He chuckled, tracing lines along Smock's shoulders, no doubt planning out what exactly would go there. "In fact, I think it's a wonderful idea~ And I dedicated a little research to that whole bonding process that your kind go through."


Oh shit. "You did WHAT?" Smock snapped, wrenching around as much as he could without turning completely, and he stared resentfully at the other. This is bullshit, the little fucking bastard.

"Hm, that's right. It's really not as difficult as I thought." Axel once again raked his nails across the other's bare skin, drawing blood without any effort.

"You can't possibly be thinking this, it's-" he fumbled for a word, anything to express how absurd and absolutely unnerving the idea of being bonded to and 'owned' by Axel was. "It's permanent, you know. It's not just a one-time fuckin' gig, this is for life. You don't understand the meaning and impact of this shit. You're just a spoiled brat looking for a new toy."

Seeing the way Axel reacted every single time was kind of entertaining but also kind of scary, because every time his smile just got wider. His eye was burning with rage, though, and Smock could almost feel the way the other's blood boiled beneath his skin. It was a sensation so strong that he was certain Axel wouldn't be able to stay still for long, and that assumption was correct. He really was just a spoiled brat; a kid who wanted everything and who got very, very mad when he didn't get his own way. Still, the way that his head was suddenly pushed into the floor was unpleasant, and he silently thanked himself for not speaking his thoughts aloud lest it lead to an even worse punishment of sorts. He tried to get as comfortable as he could with his head being pinned, ignoring - or at least trying to ignore - the ever-tightening grip of Axel's fingers in his hair.

"I know exactly what I am getting into." The Changeling snarled, grabbing hard at the other's shoulder with his free hand.

Smock, unable to stop himself from saying something this time, let out a soft murmur of, "It sure doesn't seem like it."

"I'm not just looking for a toy, I'm looking for someone who will serve me unconditionally, and this, my dear, is the perfect opportunity. It's permanent and I am fine with this, and you better fucking believe I know what I'm doing, even if I'm doing it in my own fun little way. So shut the fuck up and do what you're made for." Axel tightened his grip on Smock's shoulder, then ran down the hand once more to his ass, grabbing very hard.

"Well good luck with step one." Smock retorted, though a tiny part of him figured that it was inevitable. Axel really wasn't one to give up (as annoying as that is) and in some cases that might be seen as something good, but not this time. Now, it was more terrifying than anything. The notion of being owned by Axel was disastrous and a path he wasn't keen on going down.

One hand wrapped around Smock's throat and the other continued to squeeze and scratch and punish, drawing small sounds from Smock every now and then as the initial shock of the sensations hit him.

"Azrael, won't you be a dear and stand up?" Axel pulled away for a moment, getting to his feet and watching as the pirate did the same. It was a short-lasted moment, however, as Smock immediately made a run for the door only to be slammed against it instead.

Breathless, he struggled. "Ugh."

"You should really stop trying to get away from me." Now that free hand was wandering somewhere completely different and Smock had absolutely no idea how to react to it. Was it wrong of him to not say no after all of this fighting? Was it wrong of him to kind of like the way it felt to have fingers travelling along his hips and inner thighs? Was it wrong that he wasn't going to try to stop it?

He had no idea, but at least when all else was lost he had his witty remarks, and an ingenious idea that surely couldn't backfire. He tilted his head back just a little and, averting his gaze (because how was he meant to say this whilst making eye contact?) he let out the absolute best "Oh, daddy~" he could muster.

And it failed.


Because Axel's next response was, "Well, if that's what you want to call me, angel~"

And that was not good.

And oh dear.

And now things were worse.

Fine, time to resort to his next phase.

"Actually, I don't want you to be my father. Y'know, since all your kids are away from you." He shrugged nonchalantly, now returning his gaze to the other's.

And it fucking failed again.

Cos his response was, "Mm wrong choice, the only thing that turns me on the most is the idea of murdering those who took them from me."

And what the everliving fuck this man was fucking gone.

"Well can you leave me the fuck alone? I find that really sexy." Smock bit back, pushing his strength against Axel in an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to escape.

"Come on dear, I think we both know that you want this." Axel smirked dangerously. "Come on, don't you just want to obey? Come do what you do best, captain, what you know you're made for."

There was a moment of silence and Smock's brain decided to completely malfunction, leaving him speechless. Maybe he did want to, but he wasn't going to because fuck Axel and fuck everything about him and fuck his stupid way of talking and trying to convince him that this was great and maybe it was but NO WAY would he admit it.

Really, this whole defiant thing was tiring, but still not tiring enough.


"Piss off you wanky-looking bastard, I ain't gonna be owned by some fucker with a scar so deep you can fuck it." He argued. "I'd rather be with someone like Ellamia than you, or at least a God. You're just a pissy spoiled brat who daddy didn't love."

"Oh, now you're just being an asshole." Axel growled, pushing right against Smock, pinning him harder with his full body weight. The cold steel of a blade was pressed up to the back of his neck, pushing until it stung but not enough to draw blood. "You've really pissed me off now. I'm not even going to hide it anymore. I hate you."

"Feeling's mutual. Exactly why you don't want me." Smock would've winked but it wasn't quite the right moment for that, and it wasn't like the other would see it anyway. He was desperate, now.

"Oh no, that's one of the reasons I do. It's rather refreshing." He laughed softly, dragging the blade along Smock's skin, pressing harder and harder until finally he drew blood. The pirate let out a pained groan, trying to grab at the wall. "And I love that you provide a challenge. Odogaron is far too easy to dominate, far too simple to fuck. You, my dear, are quite a change."


"Are you-" the pirate blinked, flinching as he felt the dagger pushing harder, "you want to fuck me?"

"No, I just want to touch you up. Are you fucking kidding me? What do you think I'm building up to? I'm not going to just go without satisfying myself. And you, of course." Axel answered with a sneer, leaning in to bite the other's shoulder. What was it that ran through Smock's body? Was it arousal? Fear? Anger? Or a combination of all three? Was he really going to just let this happen? Not without a fight, of course, but that was his style and he didn't know what he wanted at this point.

Well, he knew he had one more option.

It only took a second for the wings to emerge, manifesting and erasing the wing marks on his back. He flexed them outwards, pushing Axel away hard and keeping a distance between them.

"Don't do that, dear. I think we both know who's in control here, isn't that right Azrael?" the Changeling, brushing himself off, fiddled with his cuffs and stared at the wings with something akin to curiosity.

"Yeah, you keep fuckin' thinking that, you soulless prick. Get a fucking hint already." Smock had turned around at this point, facing the other with aggression radiating from his entire body. He was in a battle stance, prepared to get into a fight if need be, and he covered his crotch with the wings when he saw Axel's eye drifting.

"God, you are a fucking prude." Axel laughed, hopping onto the bed and resting his head upon his hand. He examined Smock for a few more moments before patting the bed in front of him. "Come here, Azrael."

"You fuckin'..." Smock grumbled, very bothered by the fact his name was being used so freely, and he decided that he was just going to stand there, next to the bed. Sure, sitting would have been more comfortable, but Axel was sitting and he didn't like it so instead he was going to stand here.

"Azrael, lay on your back on the bed." He commanded, his smirk completely gone at this point. He was just angry, and that was certainly showing.

Smock wished he could stop himself from moving and crawling into place, rolling onto his wounded back and wincing in discomfort and pain as he laid there, on his wings. He wanted to get up and hit Axel again and force him to the ground to see how he liked it, but it didn't seem that he'd be doing that anytime soon. "You sure like that fuckin' name a lot."

Axel couldn't help but let out a dry laugh before moving to once again straddle smock, the dagger still in his hand, tracing lines across the lower membrane of one wing very, very gently. "Oh, I really do. It's rather pretty." The other hand moved to pin both of Smock's, holding him down securely. The Changeling seemed fascinated by the jittery movements of the wing under his blade, watching the twitches carefully as though he were calculating something. Smock didn't like it one bit.

"Yeah, pretty fuckin' annoying coming from your mouth." Smock retorted, not giving in even with a blade to his wing and his hands pinned above his head.


"Won't you just shut the fuck up?" Axel's tone had smoothed now, too much to be a natural calmness, and he was tightening his grip on the other's wrists.

"I think we both know you don't want me to, considering that wasn't a command, bitch." Smock snapped back, struggling enough that he made a slight mistake and felt the tip of the blade press into his wing. He clenched his fists and let out a loud whine of pain, trying desperately to get the wing away. Seeing this reaction, however, Axel was not so keen to let that happen. He instead pressed the blade further up into the wing, tilting it so it'd cut just a little deeper. Another whine, louder this time, was released and clearly Axel was quite proud of himself. Smock was holding them as still as possible, keeping them pressed against the bed, not wanting any more pain to come to them. And none did. Instead, Axel had put down the dagger and reached to run his fingertips along the membrane, tracing each little curve and detail that composed them.

Okay, that was it. He was turning very, intensely red, and that felt very good.

Don't make a fuckin' noise, not a single one. It was easier said than done for sure, and one small gasp found its way out of his lips when a certain sensitive spot was caught in just the right way. His eyes were wide open and he froze up, feeling his heart jump when Axel victoriously smiled down at him.

"Well well well. What's this, angel?" the Changeling hummed softly, drumming his fingers on the bony wings and running them up and down each individual bone. Smock was completely silent, unable to even make a witty remark. It just felt good. He hadn't felt this kind of pleasure in a while, and of all people why did it have to be Axel who reminded him of it? This is fine. Everything is fine.

Axel freed Smock's other hand at that point, deciding to fully dedicate his movements to caressing the wings. With his limbs regained, the pirate covered his face, pressing his palms against his lips and trying very hard to stay as quiet as possible, as hard as that was. Every touch seemed to be feeling nicer and nicer, and Axel didn't appear to be stopping at all.

The pirate released a soft sigh, taking a deep breath and summoning up his courage. "Hey um, fuckwit. You're kinda making this uncomfortable and crushing my wings, so how about you uh, let me turn over or something." He tried to sound as demanding as possible but it was hard to when someone was touching his wings. Very quietly, he couldn't help but add, disguised as a cough, a small, "I- uh, please?"

The change in behaviour must have surprised Axel, because he froze. He looked at Smock, perplexed, before lifting himself off and staring at him. "Of course, dear, since you asked so nicely."

Well, doesn't mean I have to be submissive about this. It's an angel thing. This is fine. I'm fuckin' peachy. He turned over, thanking whatever deity that was up there for Axel's mercy, and got much more comfortable than he was before. Axel returned to sitting on top of him, but now with full sight over his wings, which he immediately began to stroke once more. His touch was strangely delicate and deliberate, running up and down and across every single nook. Smock brought his wings in to rest against his back, kind of comfortable now. He wasn't going to complain about this; it was the nicest Axel had been since the start of this whole mess, and honestly? Smock was genuinely enjoying the sensation, though his adrenaline was still pumping and his wings twitched from time to time, still calming from the aggressive situation they'd been summoned from. The Changeling touched each joint individually, rolling the tips of his fingers around them and watching Smock's reactions with fascination. He'd progressed from whining to letting out occasional moans now, still covering his face but clearly becoming more and more submissive.

Axel decided to try his luck with moving one hand now, and hopefully things would go at least semi-decently.

He snaked a hand along the crook of Smock's back, following it downwards and then out, following an imaginary line to the back of his thigh and then the inside. He wasn't sure if Smock could even feel it behind the greater pleasure of his wing being touched, but he still continued, pressing his hand forth until he rolled his palm over the base of Smock's dick. The pirate must have felt that, because he let out a surprised sound and shivered, curling in on himself just a bit. It was a satisfying reaction, one that Axel certainly could enjoy, and so he continued, gently moving his hand up and rolling his thumb over the tip. There were a few moments of gentle touches before the man on top started to jerk the other off, dragging out small moans and gasps of pleasure. Feeling deeply accomplished, Axel hummed in satisfaction. "It wasn't so hard to just do this from the start, now was it?"

Smock grumbled, pressing his red face into a pillow and grasping at the sheets beneath him when the other picked up the pace. "Mmgh."

"What, no witty remark, angel?" Axel sneered, bringing his face closer to the small of Smock's back and pressing his nose to it. "I must say, you sound much better moaning than you do chatting shit."

"Nnmh." Smock whined, pushing himself back gently to try get more friction going on. He didn't want to want this, but there was nothing he could do about the way heat flooded his lower body and face. "Mmg, fuck you."

"I'm sure you'll be doing that soon." Axel hummed, quickening the movement of his hand.

"Wait, then-" Smock forced back a moan, his breath hitching in his throat for a moment, "who's gonna be on top?"

With a venomous laugh, Axel dug one of his nails into the soft skin of the other's shaft, causing him to gasp in pain. "I think that's pretty obvious, unless you need a reminder of who's in control."

He would've whimpered at that but he held it back, instead settling for a more subtle gulp. He did, however, let out a very soft laugh. "I still hate you."

Though it wasn't certain, Smock had a feeling the Changeling rolled his eye at the remark. "Yeah, whatever, angel." He pushed himself close against the pirate's back, listening to his small sounds and moans. The two stayed like that for a few moments before Axel let out a tiny grumble and sat up. The feeling of an eye on his back brought him a great deal of suspicion, so Smock watched the man skeptically, confused about his intentions at this point.

Axel ran his hands over his face for a moment before reaching for his dagger and splitting the skin on Smock's lower back very suddenly. He jolted in pain, knocking the dagger free of its grasp once more, but couldn't help but let out a small gasp of pleasure, which he immediately regretted. Oh shit oh fuck you've given it away you fucking idiot-

"Oh? You're enjoying it?" the noxious chuckle that followed those words made Smock curl in on himself even more. He glared (quite pathetically, mind you) at the other, figuring his gaze would do the speaking for him, but Axel wasn't satisfied. He shot forwards, grabbing Smock's face with the hand that had been caressing the wing and digging in his nails. "Answer me."

The pirate wanted very badly to defy, his usual nature still lingering in traces, but the overwhelming desire to obey was starting to completely take over. He hesitated, torn between the two choices; of course, not doing it would result in punishment, but no way could he say yes to that. He continued to stare, now wide-eyed, at the man, silent.

"God, all that bark but you have no bite. Not yet." Axel snickered, running his teeth along the back of Smock's neck before biting down hard. Blood was easily drawn, trickling down onto the sheets. It drew out yet another sound of pained pleasure, which seemed to deeply satisfy the man.

"That was terrible." Smock let out a soft laugh, accompanied by a small smile. He couldn't help it; even after everything he still found this man childish, and deeply amusing.

"Mm, I'm sure it was." He chuckled in response, moving his hand from Smock's face to his hair, grabbing it. "But you should really answer my question, dear."

He's really not gonna give this shit up is he? For fuck's sake I fuckin- his thoughts cut off as he felt a rough yank on his hair, pulling his head up and pulling a gasp from his lips. Axel's other hand started to pick up speed again, drawing out more and more pleasure with every gyration of his wrist and squeeze of his fingers. Smock knew he couldn't win, and when he was struck with a particularly strong pang of gratification he let out a cry. "Yes! I am, happy?"

Another dry laugh, and Axel forced the pirate's head back down into the pillow. He pushed his hips against Smock's ass, warmth spreading slowly and satisfyingly across the skin. "Very. Now, won't you let me cut you some more?"


It was less of a question and more of a demand, because he picked up the dagger all over again and started pushing the blade into Smock's back. He couldn't make out what was happening exactly through all the pain, but it felt like some sort of word was being etched into his skin, followed by a longer marking. He tried to stay still but naturally he squirmed just a little, involuntarily reacting to the pain. Axel made a sound of satisfaction when he was done, then he plunged the dagger straight into Smock's shoulder.

He let out a yell in pure agony, the pulsating pain overwhelming him. He pushed Axel away, sitting up and fighting back his immediate fight-or-flight response. The pain was almost unbearable. How long had it been since he'd been full on fucking stabbed? He sat for a moment, breathing heavily, before turning around quick as death and pinning Axel with his full weight. He knew full well that all it would take for him to get off was a command, but he wasn't sure he even cared.

"What the FUCK was that?!" he shouted straight into the man's face, doing everything he could to try nullify the pain. His wings were stretched out fully, making himself look much bigger and threatening, anger radiating from his entire body. "Did you just fucking stab me?"

"Hm, seems I did." Axel was far too calm, his eye still in that half-lidded state and his smile still the exact same.

"What were you fucking thinking?" Smock demanded, squeezing his fingers tight as he could around the other's wrists. He could feel blood seeping from the wound and dripping down his back and side, falling onto Axel's shirt.

Unimpressed, the Changeling shrugged. "I was punishing you."

"I was playing nice!" Smock insisted, his eyes widening a little. Sure, he'd been trying to fight back earlier, but wasn't winning his submission enough? There was no reason to go ahead and stab him to get the idea through. A simple 'don't do that again, Azrael' would have sufficed but this man was clearly fucking off his rocker.

"You weren't playing nice earlier." He responded, tone caustic but oddly nonchalant.

"Well don't you think stabbing me was a bit fucking much, child?" Smock furrowed his brows, finally getting used to the horrible burn in his shoulder. The white of his eye was starting to drain, becoming a thick, inky black.

"There's no need for name-calling, now is there? If you're good and you take your punishment, maybe there'll be something nice awaiting you." Axel's voice was growing colder, though it seemed to be getting just a bit quieter when he noticed the echo Smock's voice took on.

Instead of responding, he began to laugh. It wasn't the soft laugh like earlier, or a bitter laugh or anything like that, it was purely manic. He could barely control it, and all he could do was lift one hand to hold his own head. "You have no idea of what punishment is."

"Mm, I'm sure that's an argument neither of us would be winning, dear." Axel was clearly trying to hide something behind the ice in his voice, and Smock wanted to drag whatever it was out and show what was really inside of this pretentious spoiled asshole with some sort of superiority complex that he thought put him above everyone else. He imagined all those rotten pieces of his soul, and how satisfying it would be to have it exposed and show how ugly it was. He wanted to take it and put it back inside of Axel so he could feel all the pain of having such a broken soul, and have it eat away at him and rot him to the core until he couldn't take it anymore. It wouldn't be hard at all to do it; all he had to do was get the pieces from the Gods, who he was sure would oblige with a good enough bargain or reason, and bind them right back to their owner. That would be beautiful.

Pure resentment dripped from Smock's entire body, and he glared at Axel for a moment before laying down on his back. "Well go on and fucking punish me, if you think you know how it really feels to be punished."

He immediately crawled on top of the pirate, plunging the blade into the other shoulder and watching with rage as it poured with black blood. Smock was silent, not reacting at all to it this time, his smile still upon his face. His expression was completely cold and unwavering, watching the man. Axel saw this and let out a small growl, wrapping a hand around Smock's throat and tightening it until he could feel the pipes beneath his skin, searching for a pulse that he never found. He hesitated when he figured this out, but didn't stop to enquire just yet, moving his other hand in preparation to stab him again.

Smock was laying on his wings, and seeing as he didn't need them out anymore, he began to summon them back in, but the moment Axel saw this he grabbed the wings and tugged them into place, pinning them against the bed. "Keep these out, got it?"

The pirate laughed, staring at him with a cold, amused gaze. "Or what, Axel?"

The Changeling didn't hesitate at all, pushing the blade against the lower membrane of one of the wings and pressing down enough to cause Smock pain. He got no reaction, however, which made him very, very angry. The hand holding the other wing down was starting to burn and he saw it turning a little black, but he didn't seem to give a damn what was happening to it.

Axel took a deep breath, then he decided it was time for some magic.

He uttered something quietly in a language Smock didn't know and then lifted his free hand. Nothing seemed to be happening with it, but all of a sudden his own hand started to hurt with the same necrotic burn Axel had been inflicted with.

Hold the fuck up.

Why am I feeling his pain?

What the fuck is-


The curse.

Oh no.

He looked Axel in the eye and decided that this man was officially the greatest fucking dumbass known to Aldelis, but before he could continue this thought a sudden pain shot across his entire body and he felt his veins tingling, then they began to pulse with pure agony. It felt as though they were being twisted and wrenched in all sorts of directions, and then he saw small splotches of red flaring up on his skin before the pores there began to leak blood.

It wasn't the worst thing he'd been subjected to, but it hurt and it was kind of fucking alarming.

He looked to the Changeling and saw that he too had started to bleed. His eye, his nose, his mouth, even his palms - there were few parts of his body that Smock could see that weren't bleeding.

"What did you fucking do?" he demanded, his voice mingling with a laugh, trying to move only to be met with a searing pain that made him freeze.

"I split our veins." Axel chuckled, then he laughed, then it became hysterical, and then he started coughing and hacking up splatters of blood - Smock figured it was thanks to his jugular - which he too began to feel rising in his throat. "Doesn't it feel wonderful?"

"You couldn't win so you decided to do this to both of us?" the pirate retorted, trying to wipe his eyes free of the liquid that was dripping from them.

"Precisely!" Axel managed to cough out the word before his hands began to shake, and he looked Smock in the eyes. It hurt like Hell. Even with the power of his patron, he was starting to think that this pain might be too much and he feared for how it would feel if he were to return to his normal state. His skin was crawling and his arteries were screaming and, come to think of it, his head was starting to feel a little cloudy.

He closed his eyes, and running himself through everything he knew and had used to calm himself in bad situations, he started to focus on just breathing.

He was starting to feel a little cold but it didn't matter. It could be worse. He'd be fine. If anybody was in danger right then, it would be Axel, surely. He was only a Changeling, but Smock was something else completely. He wasn't quite mortal - he couldn't die. But surely Axel could? If he sat and waited long enough, wouldn't Axel just bleed out and die like this?

It didn't seem like the other was stopping just yet, though, because he tightened his free hand around Smock's throat, making the whole 'breathing' thing a little harder. He thought about it, and then he tilted back his head, trying to make way for more air by stretching it, letting out an angry hiss. He sounded very disappointed as he spoke. "Fine. You win. Happy now?"

As soon as he said it, the pain vanished (all but the aftershocks) and the blood seeped back into his skin. It felt as though his veins had sewn themselves back together, the pierced arteries repairing themselves and starting to feel far better. Thank fuckin' God for that.

"V-very." For the first time in... well, ever since Smock met him, Axel stuttered. He was breathing heavily and looked as though he were ready to pass out and was fighting for the last strings of consciousness.

"I don't want you to pass out on me." He shrugged, taking a deep breath - a pause just long enough to make Axel believe that was the end of the sentence and that he cared that much - before continuing. "I will be literally unable to move because of the command."

The look of disappointment that washed over Axel was pitiful, and he hung his head, clearly not having the energy to lift it any longer.

Smock stared for a moment before lifting a hand and touching the Changeling's head, channelling his healing hands to bring back some life to the idiot. He saw the other's skin get a little less grey and his pulse seemed to quicken a bit, then he lifted himself back up and just sat on the end of the bed, looking at the other. Smock rolled his eyes. "Don't do that again."

Axel gave a soft smile. "Yeah, no I don't think that was a very good idea."

He stood up at the side of the bed, walking to examine himself in the mirror. Smock took the opportunity to pull his wings back in, not wanting to risk them at all, and he watched the Changeling adjust his clothing once more, then crouch down for his overcoat and tie.

Smock squinted, confused. Why was he grabbing those?

"So... ya leavin'?" he enquired, resting his hands on his chest. Axel put on the coat and did up the tie, making himself look a little less fucked up. "Does that mean I can move now?"

The most defeated, exhausted and genuinely deflated voice came from the formerly confident Changeling. It was kind of sad, actually, but that didn't mean that Smock was at all saddened by it. "Yeah, whatever."

Well that was awfully out-of-character. Smock stared harder at Axel. Maybe if he stared hard enough he might at least get a smarter or more charismatic version of that response, something at least a little less... dull. Smock grabbed his own coat, wrapping it around his body for at least some cover.

Axel hummed a small tune to himself, staring at the mirror until he forced his signature grin back onto his face. That half-lidded eye returned, though it didn't shine with anything in particular like before, and he blinked at his own reflection with something akin to disappointment. "Well, Azrael, you may do as you wish."

Smock grabbed the drink from the bedside table, the flask that he'd tried to drink from earlier, and took a swig. It felt fucking good to have alcohol back on his tongue. He let out a sigh, stood up, walked over to Axel, slung his arm over the other's shoulders and handed him the drink before making his way to the bathroom.

Axel just stood there for a minute, looking at the flask, before he went back to the bed and sat with his back on the headboard, downing the rest of the drink and shaking the flask as if expecting there to be something else there.

Smock returned, cleaned up of whatever blood remained on his body (alongside any sweat, of course), and threw himself down on the bed next to the Changeling - keeping his distance, obviously. "See. I'm one fuckin' tough nut to crack. And step one really wasn't much of a success."

"You don't say." Axel huffed, tossing the empty flask back to the pirate. "And it would have gone so much better if I hadn't have taken out my anger. Fucking Hell Smock, I was pissed."

"Yeah, stabbing me in the shoulder is definitely an indication of that." He chuckled, then he rolled his shoulders. "So, what did you carve into my back?"

"Why don't you look for yourself?" the Changeling eyed him bitterly, watching as Smock once again discarded his overcoat and tried to twist around to look at the marks before ultimately giving up and striding over to the mirror.

There was a serpent, bearing great resemblance to Anjanox, whose tail started beneath the word and whose nose ended at the top of Smock's ass. The word made him want to choke the Changeling. After every time he'd told him not to call him that, he went and fucking carved it into his back?

"Angel. Real fuckin' funny." The pirate snapped, turning back to look at the Changeling. He didn't get much of a reaction; Axel was too defeated to show any expression other than emptiness, it appeared.

"I think it looks rather pretty on you, dear." He answered, though there was no flirtatious tone behind it this time. It seemed more indifferent, actually.

"Well I don't." Smock would not take his eyes off the other, glaring at him and whispering under his breath, "At least you put some brand on me. Be happy with that, fuckin' brat."

Axel raised his brow, clearly noticing Smock had spoken but not confronting him on it.

"Well that was a bonding experience." The pirate smirked, enjoying the way Axel got just a bit pissed again.

"Would've been a bondage one too, if I hadn't have fucking stabbed you." The Changeling sighed, averting his gaze.

"Oh." Smock blinked, his face going red (even though he tried his best to STOP IT) and his mind wandering to what could have possibly happened if things went a little smoother.

The lack of much of a reaction surprised Axel, who turned and gave the other a very confused and intrigued look. "What, did you want that? I-I mean, there's always the future a-and all."

Stuttering really sounded strange on the otherwise confident and smooth Changeling, and it showed a lot about how he seemed to be feeling.

Smock gave Axel a very concerned look, and thought for a moment before getting up and walking past the bed. He headed for the closet, grabbing his coat on the way, swung open the door and loaded as much booze as he could into his arms. He held tight to it all as if it were a newborn baby (actually, that was inaccurate 'cos he'd probably drop it anyway - more like booze. Oh wait, it was) and headed back over. He dumped it all on the bed, crossing his arms and nodding at it. "Drink up."

"Wh- Smock, what are you doing?" Axel squinted, picking up a bottle and examining it very suspiciously.

"I think we both need a drink after that disaster." He shrugged, grabbing one of the drinks and completely downing it, not bothering to check what it was until after it had gone down his throat. He did the same to the next, watching as Axel searched for some sort of wine - his taste wasn't exactly a secret - before getting started.


Drinking with Axel wasn't even that bad. It was much better than whatever had gone down.

Both of them held their drink well, so for a while they just had sound conversation about the others, and about life, and then they started to get tipsy and then they got drunk and then the two of them were on the verge of passing out on the bed.

"Smock- A-Azrael, Haley, whaTEVER, bud... I think... I... yeah." Axel murmured before closing his eye and taking a deep breath. "I think..."

He didn't finish his sentence, either forgetting what he intended to say or falling asleep. Probably both.

"Yeah. Me too, buddy." Smock belched, then he too went to sleep.