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Two Orange Moments

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1. An Orange Moment, cute.

"Show you something," Naruto said suddenly. Puzzled, Kakashi watched and waited patiently as the blond settled into a meditative position.

After a moment of concentration, he opened his eyes again. He pointed at the pigmentation that had settled around his eyes, and grinned.

"Hey look – orange!"

2. Another Orange Moment, silly.

"...Naruto, what are you doing with that book?"

"Hmm?" Blue eyes glinted mischievously at him over a copy of Icha Icha Paradise.

Naruto grinned. "What does it look like I'm doing?

"...You've always said you didn't like Icha Icha."

"It's orange. I make an exception for orange things."

Kakashi stared. And that makes sense... how?

"And, well, it's yours. I make an exception for that too."

Kakashi leaned over, pressing against Naruto's back, head resting on the blond's shoulder. He peered at the text, and smiled at the blatant shamelessness of that section.


There was a half-snort-laugh in response, and Naruto pushed him back a little onto the pillows.

"Why of course."