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A Blazing Lion's Plains

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Another nameless soldier fell among the countless others that had come her way. Their body landing with a thud on the dirt underneath. But what separated this enemy from the rest, was that they had managed to sneak up behind her. A remarkable feat, even if she was distracted with the movements of the other enemies in the distance

Lyn let out a disgruntled groan as she sheathed her sword. Taking a look into the dense forest in front of her, she could see the glimpse of enemy soldiers making their way slowly, but surely through it. And then, turning back, she looked out into the plains she was just previously facing towards, the wall of enemies guarding the fort behind them. They had gotten closer.

She was being surrounded.

A simple scouting mission. That was what this was supposed to be. Learn the terrain of this world and report back to her group to take it later. But if they took her down, she would be revived back in Askr, memories lost with the inability to help her group in this mission any longer.

But Lyn was a proud woman, a warrior of the plains. She would not go down without a fight.

And so, she picked up her bow, having discarded it quickly when she realized the enemy's presence behind her before cutting them down. And so, picking it up, she completed her Legendary attire. Her blue dress looking like a much more exquisite version of her usual one, with a new set of patterns along its only one slit running up to her hip instead of two, showing off her toned, limber bare leg. Her feet encased in a pair brown-leather-boots. On the upper end of her body, her ample chest had a metal guard resting against one-half of her chest as its straps went around her side and over her shoulders, securing the fur cape that rested on her back. Her slim waist adoring a multitude of accessories, from a red sash to greenish-roped threats, to some charms. All important mementos of her tribe as they were secured by a firm belt that held up her sword and quiver on both her sides.

While she had to admit the pride she felt in wearing the outfit that represented her tribe. She couldn't help but prefer her regular, much more simple attire. Still, she couldn't deny the strength and skill she inexplicably possessed when she used this form. That, and it gave her much more freedom of movement compared to her other, forms and attires.

Quickly scaling up the tree she was originally perched on, she drew her bow, focusing on the incoming wave of attackers from the plains. The ones in the forest behind her would still take some time to reach her, and she was sure she'd be able to hear when they were close enough. For now, she wanted to warn the human wall in front of her just how deadly she could be, from up close, or afar.

Only to then lower her weapon when she noticed them suddenly stop, some sort of commotion appearing to be taken place by their rear as she noticed how they turned away from her.

"Don't let him through!"

"Where'd he come from!"

"It's just a kid!"


Lyn's eyes narrowed as she saw something break through the wall of soldiers. Revealing a familiar looking young man riding atop a steed. His cape blowing against the wind as he swung a large sword with remarkable strength and ease that betrayed his form.

Lyn almost mistook him for his Father for a moment.

"Roy!" She cried out from atop her perch. Hoping to get his attention. And even from this distance, she could see the relief that came over his face as he heard her. Reigning in his steed and having it gallop towards her. With a mass of enemy cavaliers on his tail.

Drawing her bow once again, the Lady of the Wind lived up to her title as arrows flew through the air. Striking the enemy soldiers that had gotten just a bit too close to Roy for her liking with precise accuracy as they fell from their steeds one after the other. The Brave Hero making his way as fast as he could to his trapped ally.

Lyn didn't even hesitate when Roy had his horse slow down as he reached her location, right below her branch, she let herself fall into his open arms. The two grunting slightly as she landed atop of his lap, her legs and head held out to either side as Roy had caught her bridal style. But she paid it no mind as she turned her head to the side and past his back, Looking at the new group of cavaliers, and wyvern riders that were now charging at them.

"Go!" She shouted, with Roy immediately nodding to her command as he gave a simple tap of the heel to his steed. Who gave a battle cry as it began charging away with remarkable speed. Keeping a distance between the Heroes and their pursuing enemies. But that didn't mean they didn't need to be taken care of.

"Focus on getting us out of here, I'll deal with the enemies!" Lyn informed Roy as she quickly repositioned herself on his lap. Sitting upright she let her legs continue to hang off the side, while she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting them extend past it as she drew her bow as she rested her chin on his shoulder. Making sure to keep their bodies tightly pressed together in an effort to reduce any potential ragdolling and sudden crashes with their bodies due to their mode of transportation and help her accuracy.

Roy, for his part, was silent as he focused on his task, not even sparing a glance at his companion as he saw her hand extend backward with her bowstring out of the corner of his eye. Still, deep down, that didn't change the slight embarrassment and tension he felt with her so close. But he could ignore it in favor of surviving, for now as they attempted to escape.

"Can you try and steady our pace a bit?" He heard her question, the cries of a Wyvern and the thud of something hitting the ground revealing what her last target was.

"Got it!" He replied, doing his best to keep his steed from moving along too radically along the plains as it followed his command. Never did he think would he have become this close with a steed. But he had to admit, the bond he felt with this one was strong. Probably thanks to the lessons Lyn had given him herself.

"Thanks," Lyn told him with gratitude after he heard her shoot her next shot.

"Not a problem!" Roy replied with some pride, not being able to hide the small smile on his face from her appreciation, "Did we lose them?" He questioned right afterward, a hint of worry in his voice.

But luckily, the relieved sigh he heard from Lyn buried that worry, "I think so," She told him, letting her body relax against his, letting the tight grip she held on her bow lessened while keeping their bodies embraced.

"Thanks for coming to rescue me," She whispered tiredly as his horse's pace now started to slow down from its blistering speed to a much more steady gallop, her tone low as she truly thought she was gonna die in battle back there without his sudden appearance as her deep, rhythmic breathing tried to calm her body down and steady her pumping heart. Even though she would be revived, it didn't make losing her life, or memories any less terrifying, "But how did you know to come?" She questioned afterward, confusion now present in her voice as she pulled her head off his shoulder to look at the younger boy.

Who in turn, offered her a sad look, "The others and I got ambushed shortly after you left, I was the only one that was able to escape." He informed her with a sorrowful tone, Lyn offering a quick mental praying to their fallen comrades as he continued, "I thought about going back through the emergency portal to inform the others this world was much more dangerous than we originally thought, but then I remembered you were still out there. So, I decided to come and get you and warn you..."

Lyn gave a sympathetic, yet somewhat disappointed look, "You should've gotten yourself out, you know," She told him, "I would understand the need to inform the Order instead of coming to rescue me, that information is more important than a life that can be revived."

Roy couldn't help but look away in embarrassment, "I know, but, when I thought about you in danger, I couldn't stop myself from acting," He admitted before adding in a much lower tone, "Sorry if I disappointed you, Auntie Lyn,"

The green-hair woman shook her head with a sigh, "I'm not disappointed, just next time, don't be so reckless," She told him with an apologetic tone, attempting to calm him down and let him know she wasn't mad before her voice took on a more annoyed tone to match the look she was now giving him as she said, "And what have I told you about calling me, Auntie?"

Roy quickly tensed up and gave a gulp of fear at his mistake, "Sorry, just slip out," He apologized, mentally berating himself for who knows how many times he had to remind himself the woman next to him was not the one he knew back in his old world. She had yet, or possibly never, make the decision that would have become his aunt. She was still in her younger years, her prime. The one that his Father and Mother would mention in recounts of their adventures.

She shook her head again, "It's alright, in any case, let's focus on finding shelter for the night, the sun's starting to get low. We can focus on getting out of this world tomorrow." She stated, deciding to change the subject as the two now look on in front of them, trying to glimpse for something they could use for the night. Lyn not noticing the gaze he held at her relaxed face as looked on. The Young Lion thinking back to when he had first saw her at her prime, instead of the older version he had known early in his life and unfortunately, was no longer around.

She was more striking than he ever imagined her to be, the tales he had heard and the paintings he had view did not compare to what he actually saw. And right now, her body was pressed up against him, with Lyn making no effort to remove herself from his lap for the time being as they continued to ride on. The soft jiggles and bounces their bodies experience causing some friction between both their forms. Roy doing his best not to focusing on the way her the cloth that contained her breasts snuck under his neck and shoulder guards and pressed against his chest, or how the slit on her dress had opened up enough for her bare upper thigh to rest against his stomach, not to mention the way her bottom moved around his lap.

While he enjoyed how his Brave Outfit made him resembled his Father, he couldn't help but wish he was wearing his usual armor. The baggy and thick cloth was a nice change. But at least with his regular attire, he wouldn't feel her form so thoroughly, and better fight back against the rising erection he was now feeling.

"Over there!" Lyn suddenly shouted, snapping the Roy out of his thoughts as he saw her gaze set in a particular direction as her arm shot out to better point it out, while her other continued to keep itself wrap around Roy's neck. The boy turned lord making out the small, but undoubtedly cabin in the distance next to foliage of trees.

And so, with a light tug of the reign, he had his horse go off in that direction. Relief coming over his face with a smile at finally finding a place to rest. Not noticing the brief look of shock now present on Lyn's face as she kept her face forward. Her eyes wide and mouth slightly agape, as she felt something hard continually poke her bottom with every bump...

"At least it looks better than the outside," Roy stated with a somewhat chipper tone as the two made their way inside the cabin. Despite looking abandoned, the cabin seemed to be mostly in good shape. Just clearly not having been in use for a while as he could feel the dust it had accumulated. The inside consisting of a single room, a small kitchen by the corner, a wooden table, and two chairs present right next to it. With a simple bed and drawers present on the other side. A small fire-place in between if the lighting was needed during the night if the moonlight that shined through the few windows that were present weren't enough.

The two Heroes were silent as they placed their weapons on the table, waving their hands lightly at the slight cloud of dust that was kicked up by their presence. Roy making his way to inspect the kitchen for any potential supplies, while Lyn took a moment to unbuckled her weapons belt and chest piece. Carefully placing them over the chair, before letting her gaze wander towards Roy's back as he knelled down to open the drawers, focusing on finding anything that could help inside.

She couldn't help the uncertain gaze that came across her face. She was no fool, she knew what she felt before atop his lap. And she was a bit unsure of how to respond. She wanted to be angry, but a part of her didn't really mind. In fact, she felt flattered that he saw her like that, a small boost to her pride.

But, she could only imagine how awkward it must've been for a boy, and she felt disappointed in herself for not having seen it sooner. Thinking back to their time together, she now understood why he sometimes seemed tense around her or nervous around her, especially when it was just the two of them. At first, she just assumed it was due to the fact he knew an older version of her and wasn't used to how potential different she herself could be.

But now it seemed as though she had caught his fancy, whether he wanted to or not.

Lyn gave a sigh as she shook her head, opting to try and occupy herself with something other than these thoughts as made her way to the drawers nearby to search for potential supplies as well. But still, she couldn't help but let her mind wander at her relationship with Roy. The two were close, sharing a sort of kinship with being some of the very few heroes of their particular world, from both their time periods. And despite only being a few years older than him, she decided to look over him after learning how he was involved in her many potential futures. Despite what her relationship with Eliwood may turn into, she owed him enough to take care of his son. Plus she couldn't deny she liked having him around.

Lyn let a smile come over her face as she remembered how ecstatic he was when the two received their Brave forms together, before giving a silent giggle as she then proceeded to remember the many mistakes he made while she taught him how to properly bond and ride his newly acquired steed. And after that, she felt her heart begin to beat at the other memories she had made with him, realizing just how much she appreciated his company, how she felt calmer around him, or being happy just to see him smile.

She had to do something before this awkward tension began to negatively affect their relationship.


Turning her head, Lyn had a mild look of surprise as she saw the piece of bread presented to her, looking up from her knelled form she saw Roy staring down at her, having already discarded his neck and shoulder plates along with his cape. A small smile on his face as held another piece of bread with his other hand. A chunk of it already missing, which she assumed was currently in his stomach.

Giving him a small yet grateful smile, she took it, "Thanks,"

"No problem," He responded honestly as she bit into her piece, only to wince as she realized how hard it was. Roy giving a chuckle at her misfortune, considering he also made the same mistake.

Only to stop his chuckling as Lyn looked at him annoyed as she wiped some of them. The Young Lion proceeding to continue his own piece of bread as he looked away as he watched Lyn return to looking through the drawers once again, opening them with one hand while eating her bread with the other.

"Ahha!" She exclaimed with a tired yet happy tone at her find, "Looks like we won't have to use dusty old covers for the bed." She stated as she pulled out a comfy looking and surprising clean blanket from the drawers. It may not have been much, but it was something.

Roy couldn't help but chuckle at her enthusiasm, "In that case, you can rest first, I'll go out and take watch." He stated quickly, surprising the Green-hair archer when he suddenly started to walk away towards to pull one of the chairs a nearby window.

"Wait Roy, there's no need to do that!" Lyn told him, surprising both him, and herself with how quickly she rose to her feet at reached out to grab his him. Her still gloved hand gripping his bare one, the two blinking at each other in uncertainty as her fingers and his own intertwined as if on instinct.

Roy though, pulled his hand away, giving her a small smile as he explained his reasoning, "Its ok, even if we lost them they still had a lot of soldiers left, some of them could make their way in this direction," He stated, mindlessly gripping the hand that held her own with his other, tracing over his fingers as he tried to keep his heartbeat and body temperature under control. Not knowing if the heat he was feeling was due to his thick clothes, or from the touch he just shared.

Ignoring the thought with the shake of a head, he looked up at her once again as he continued, "Besides, you were out scouting all day, you need it more than me."

But Lyn didn't buy his reasoning, as a stern look came over her face while placing a hand on her hip, causing Roy for a second to think of her older form, as she too had given him a similar look on occasion when he was a child. "By that logic, I could say the same thing to you, Young Man," Her finger reaching forward to press against his chest with a firm poke, her voice taking on a chastising tone she used whenever the need to scold or discipline him arrived. "You told me yourself you were ambushed, and if I know you, you probably rushed yourself in coming to rescue me. No doubt taking on countless enemies in an effort to get to me as fast as you could."

Roy could only wince at the accusation, Lyn was right, he did take on a multitude of enemies he probably could've gone around when coming to her rescue. But, the thought of potentially not getting to her in time gave him enough courage, or if Lyn were to put it, recklessness to charge straight through.

Seeing she had him on the ropes, the Lady of the Plains decided to end this argument. giving a slight huff as she placed both her hands on her hips, "If the enemy finds us, I'm sure Liz will warn us before they get to close," She appeased, referring to Roy's trusting steed by its name before giving him a tired, pleading smile, "So come on, lets just go to sleep."

Seeing that look had Roy give up any chance of persuading her, losing his will to protest with a sigh, "Sure," He conceded with a low tone.

"Good," Lyn simply replied with a triumphant yet grateful tone as her face relaxed at his, "Think you can change the covers?" She asked.

Roy gave a simple nod, taking the covers she held and making his way to the bed. Lyn meanwhile, made her way over to the table, facing away from him as she began removing her other accessories that weren't needed for the rest of the night. Pulling off her gloves to reveal her thin yet strong hands, while also removing the sash and other accessories around her waist. Raising her arms above and behind her head, the swordswoman and archer was about to untie the knot that kept together her long ponytail, only to stop when she saw Roy began to make his way into the bed out of the corner of her eyes.

"Roy, don't tell me you're planning on sleeping with all that still on," She asked him with a disbelieving and disappointed tone, looking at the still mostly clothed Lord. Who had only remove his metallic boots in preparation for the bed, "Your liable to get sweat up a river,"

The Young Lion turned to look at her with a bit of confusion, though underneath he cursed that he was caught, "Its fine, I don't really mind," He stated with a shaky tone, sitting down on the bed as he looked at her, "Besides, you know how temperature never really bother me, especially the heat," He lightly argued, besides, it wasn't like he was lying. He was pretty good at handling at both the heat and cold, a part of it thanks to his Mother's draconic nature. Sure it might be a bit uncomfortable, but he could handle it. In fact, he rather handle that, than lay under the covers in just his small clothes with her.

He had barely been able to keep himself under control near her after they had dismounted the horse. But the prospect of sharing a bed with her, was having his mind racing, to the point he was feeling he may lose control of the feelings he had been holding back. Each time he felt them, they became stronger, and stronger, harder to ignore as they felt more and more instinctual with each return. He had hoped to solve the problem by taking watch, only for her to shoot that idea down. And then, he thought if he went to bed in his thick clothing, it would dull any potential contact the two could potentially have under the covers and hopefully hide any potential erections he was struggling to keep down.

But the stern and annoyed look she was giving him, made him realize, he would just have to endure it for tonight.

"Cloak and pants off, now," She practically ordered him as she crossed her arms below her bust, yet his attention wasn't on her as he turned his head in defeat. Grumbling something Lyn couldn't make out as he removed the thick, baggy pieces of clothing. The Sacean woman walked up to the boy, now only covered in a white top and black smallclothes that reached down to his knees. Holding her arms out, she motioned to him to give her his clothes, which he did.

Lyn folding the pair of clothing as she walked back to the table, with Roy quickly making his way under the covers and to the far side of the bed. A move that apparently, only dew more ire from Lyn as she returned.

"Roy," She sighed under her breath, as she sat atop the bed, legs laid together to the side while she kept her upper body up to stare down at the unresponsive boy, who kept still, his back turned to her as she looked at him with a forlorn look.

'That's it,' She thought, her patience was now broken. It was clear now that whatever Roy felt for her, be a simple crush or more, was now causing him to try and avoid her. And while she didn't know how far her feelings for him, she couldn't ignore this any longer.

"Roy," Speaking his name once more, but still nothing, and so, she let her voice become just a bit more pleading as she spoke his name one more time.

"Roy, please, look at me."

The Young Lion couldn't deny her of the request as he reluctantly turned his body to face her, his eyes widening as he looked up at her form, enhanced by the light of the moon that seeped through the nearby windows. She was only wearing her blue dress, which despite not being as tightly wrapped around her form without her belt, still showed off its many curves, especially now that it was obscured by her numerous accessories. While her long legs ran down and poked out from under its end, revealing her bare feet, the rest of her legs hidden under the dress as the side that held the slit was pressed against the covers. While her long lovely green hair flowed freely behind her back, no longer encased in a ponytail.

Even so, he was entranced by her as he sat up, not saying anything, or hearing anything as well as the beating of his heart drowned out anything that tried to enter his ears. Until he was finally able to snap out of his trance by something she said, though he wasn't able to make it out.

"I'm sorry, what?"

Lyn gave a sigh, annoyed at having to repeat herself, "Roy, do you fancy me?" She asked with a straight-forward tone, not a single trace of hesitation in her voice as she looked at Roy with a simple stare.

Roy, in turn, could not believe what he had heard, thinking he had misheard her, "I'm sorry, what?" Repeating himself.

"Do you fancy me?" She asked again, her voice firm and unweaving, leaving no mistake in his mind at what her words where.

"What are you talking about, Auntie Lyn?" Roy asked in mock confusion and a hint of fear, hoping to try and steer the subject away from her question, even using the nickname she playfully disliked.

But her gaze was unwavering, "Roy, don't try and play dumb with me or give a lie." She warned.

But Roy didn't head it, instead becoming a bit more fearful at having his true feelings potentially revealed, panicking as he said, "Lyn, I don't know what-"

She cut him off, with the simple extension of her finger. Roy following its direction, found himself looking right into his lap, a large tent showing under both his small-clothes and the covers.

Roy didn't even try to hide it, no, he couldn't hide it as his mind went blank. His arms going limb as he simply went silent. It was over, he was found out, and his feelings were now going to cause a rift between the two of them.

But the hand that fell on his shoulder brought him back to reality, his head turning to his owner, where Lyn looked at him not angry or disappointed like he expected, but sympathetic, "Please, just tell me." Her voice soothing yet pleading, her grip tightening slightly as Roy saw her arm shake just a little out of the corner of his eye, "I need to know."

Roy was still, his face with a blank expression as he said nothing. But Lyn wasn't worried he wouldn't respond, she could tell he just need some time to gather his words as she redrew her arm.

"I think your amazing," Roy finally spoke, receiving Lyn's full attention as he kept his head down, focusing on his hands as they were kept upon his lap, not bothering to hide his erection, or more frankly, didn't see the point in it as he continued, "Ever since I met you, I was enamored by you. You were so much more than the tales, the paintings, or even the recollections the older version I knew described you as." He told her, Lyn feeling honored by his praise, especially with his next words, "And, I got to call you a friend."


"And not just that, you looked after me when I arrived here, took me under your wing and helped to train me, and fought by my side in a way that made me rely on you as I've never done with anyone before." He went on, making Lyn realize just how much she meant to him with the honest and lack of hesitation his voice held, only to have her heart sink by what he said next.

"Which is why I hate having to try to hide my feelings for you, cause I know it can't be."Roy stated with low, sorrowful tone, "And while we technically may not be from different words, we might as well be. The role you have in mine, meaning it can't be, especially with the options you still have open for you."

He couldn't help but give a laugh at what he said next, "I mean, if you're anything to go by, then I can't even begin to imagine what Lord Hector and my father were like in their prime. I don't think I could hope to match them."

Silence came over the two as he finished, neither daring to speak as they kept their gazes still. Roy's still locked down on his hands, but still, despite the situation, despite knowing that his feelings were meaningless and his hopes would never happen. It felt good to let it out. A relief, brief as it may be.

However, a small whimper caused him to turn his head towards Lyn, finally looking at her after expressing his true feelings, and he felt his heart sink at her tear ridden face as she looked at him with a sorrowful look.

"Lyn?" he worriedly spoke, unsure of what was happening.

Only to give a slight gasp as Lyn proceeded to throw herself at him. The Young Lord barely kept them both up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face against his shoulder, staining the white fabric of his shirt as Roy felt her body shaking against his own.

"I'm so sorry, Roy!" She cried out, and despite her words being muffled, they were still clear to the stunned boy.

Who could only let out a confused "What?"

"I should've realized it sooner," Lyn replied, tightening her grip as she hugged him tighter, causing him to instinctively let out a deep gasp as his arms wrapped around her own back. Not knowing why he was moving them up and down in an effort to calm her down when he was so confused.

But that didn't stop the words coming out of his mouth, "I'm the one at fault, for having these feelings in the first place."

But that didn't calm her down, instead, it seemed to do the opposite as Lyn pulled her face away from his shoulder, looking at her with a somewhat horrified expression at what she just said, "Roy, don't ever feel you're at fault with your feelings."


"Roy," She cut him off, looking at him with shaky, tear-stained red eyes as her arms gripped his shoulder, "It doesn't matter what your past or my future holds, in the end, our choices are our own. And your feelings, are true. Don't betray them."

Roy was silent, not knowing what to say as he stared at her in disbelief. Letting a hand fall from his back to his side, only for her to pick it up, and grip it with her own.

"Lyn," He breathed, staring at their both their hands as she entwined their fingers, a small smile on her face as she did so.

"Roy, meeting you here has been one of my fondest memories, along with the others we've shared together." She spoke, her tone a bit shaky, but she held firm, she told him not to betray his feelings, she had to do the same.

"Whenever I'm with you, I feel a sense of joy, you're very presence makes me happy," She told him, turning to look at his stunned face as he stared at her with wide eyes, not believing what he heard as she went on.

"I admire you, Roy, from your enthusiasm, your kindness, your perseverance to move on and gain strength even when doubting yourself for the sake of others. I see both your Mother and Father in you, and if I could tell them what their son had become, I'm sure they would be proud, just as I am to have known you."

Roy didn't know how, despite his heart feeling it was about to beat out of his chest, he felt, calm and proud from her words. But, he couldn't help but notice her look begin to falter, a brief tinge of nervousness on her face as he felt her arms begin to shake lightly once again.

But she kept speaking, "Roy, I'm not sure how far my feelings for you runs deep, or if they can ever match your own for me," She truthfully told him, Roy letting his head fall to the side as she admitted what he knew. She didn't have the same feelings for him.

"But-" She continued, causing Roy to look back with some spec of hope, her grip on his shoulders tightening a physical display of her resolve as she said, "But tonight, I'm willing to try and find out, with you."

Roy's eyes widen at her declaration, "Lyn-"

He was cut off, the only sound escaping his lips being muffled gasps, as Lyn pressed against it with her very own. His still wide eyes looking at her own as they were closed in relaxation while she cupped his cheeks with her thin, smooth hands before pulling away from the brief contact.

Roy's mouth fell a bit open from shock at the previous act, his hand reaching up to lightly press against his own lips in disbelief at what had just occupied against it. Looking at Lyn with a wide gaze as she returned a soft one, a thin smile on her face while her cheeks sported a light blush.

"Roy," She spoke, catching his full attention as she pulled them a bit closer, their faces inches apart as they felt each other's breaths tickle their faces, "For tonight, forget about your worries, your concerns, and just focus on me, the woman you love."

Roy could only blink at her words, registering in his mind while his mouth quivered, trying to form a smile but just stopping short. His emotions being chaotic to process as Lyn looked at him with soft and expecting gaze, waiting for him to make the next move.

Which he eventually did, his hands shooting out as they wrapped around her back, bringing her closer to him as she gave a muffled "Mmmppphh!" Her own eyes widening in surprise as he now pressed his lips against her own. Much more passionately than she had while pressing their upper bodies against each other.

Lyn took a couple of moments to take in the change in Roy's attitude, his eyes scrunched shut as his hands moved up and down her back with a shaky grip. He looked like he was doing everything in his power to appear confident, and though he was somewhat failing, Lyn didn't mind. Wrapping her own arms around his neck and melting into the exchanging, pulling him in even closer as she relaxed her body against his, giving a light moan as she felt her covered chest begin to grind against his clothed chest. Despite his abnormal strength, Roy appeared around the same size as her, though he was a bit smaller. Having yet to hit the late growth sprout that was still in store for him.

The two let out a series of moans as their tongues danced against each other. With Lyn's experience giving her an edge, but Roy was still able to match her with his enthusiasm. Their breaths exchanging with each other as ponytail-sacean couldn't help but give shiver at how cool he felt, before feeling her body start to heat up with his cold yet loving touch. Their hands began to roam, with Roy having one roam between her slim waist and round hips, while her own slipped under his top, the Young Lion giving a whimper at her touch as she groped and caressed his firm and muscular chest with her thin hand. But funnily though, they each also had a hand playing with each other's hair. Lyn's long green and silky hair passing through his fingers while she played with his fiery locks.

Eventually, though, the two pulled away, their faces flushed with dark red blushes as their mouths were open with they took deep and long breathes. But they held small smiles nonetheless as they looked into each other's eyes. It didn't matter if they were in another world, or that tomorrow they would have to fight their way out against a large enemy force. Right here and now, it was just the two the both of them.

The spark was felt between the had them widening their faces as a silent agreement was understood. The two quickly stripping out of their reaming clothes. Roy pulling his shirt over his head in haste, shaking his head to get the tufts of hair that fell over his eyes as they fell towards Lyn, who had moved off the bed and stood beside it as she pulled off her dress. Letting it fall to the side before pulling off the black shirt she wore underneath, now appearing mostly bare to him minus the bindings that covered her chest.

Roy felt his breath hitch as he looked up at her in amazement. Her every curve, flawless skin, things he had own glimpse thanks to her dress were now revealed in their full glory, for him. The Swordswoman sporting an embarrassed smile as she tilted her blushing face away from his gaze, letting him take in her form as she silently began undoing the knot of her bindings behind her back, her blush intensifying as she noticed his gaze start to wander down out of the corner of her eyes. Roy's eyes traveling up and down her long legs, feeling entranced by them despite it being the one thing the woman was never shy of showing off through her many attire, before finally stopping his wandering and focusing on her paintieless crotch. A small trimmed patch of green hair resting right above her folds as they leaked out her fluids a bit in anticipation, trailing down her beautifully muscular and ample thighs as they rubbed together, glistening in the moonlight.

Roy felt his loins stir and strain against his small clothes, starting to feel unbelievably tight despite their baggy and loose design. But those perverted thoughts were the furthest thing from his mind as he looked at her. Pride and happiness feeling his heart at the honor of being able to gaze upon her like this.

However, he felt his something else, more primal than just lust start to take over when her bindings finally fell, Lyn finally turning her face to fully face him as the white bandages hit the ground, letting the ample bust that always strained against her chest be viewed by him. Her nipples proudly sticking out erected towards him. Further presenting her bosom to him as she pushed them up with her arm as she used its hand to grip her the side of her other arm. Giving her hips small sways as well to show herself off.

Lyn was proud of her body, and right now, she wanted to show it off to him. To let Roy know that for tonight, it was his.

Looking into his eyes, she felt feel her folds begin to drip out even more, her breathing threatening to turn into pants as she had to bite her lip to stay calm by what she saw in them. Love, appreciation, anticipation, bewilderment, excitement, lust, and so much more raged on inside of him. She knew he wanted to take and ravage her to satisfy his lust. But he also wanted to treat her like a temple and focus on showing her how much he was willing to go in pleasing her with his love.

Both were enticing options to her, and they would have the whole night to try them out. But right now, he seemed conflicted in trying to figure out what he should do first. The heavy breathing he developed as his chest rose and sank in a way that had Lyn seeing just how well-formed he was beneath what he usually wore. Not to mention the size of the tent that was seemingly threatening to rip through his small clothes if it were not freed soon.

She would have to take the lead.

The thud and creaking her feet created with each step atop of the wooden planks filled the otherwise silent room as she walked forward. Roy's gaze planted slowly on her as his eyes tried to take in every detail her body possessed, her pupils moving around with the soft jiggles her breasts gave. Crawling atop the bed before finally stopping in front of him.

Leaning forward, she had a hand rest on his shoulder for a moment, before tracing it down his chest and across his abs, eliciting a gasp from his mouth before finally reaching the bands of his small-clothes. And with silent words she exchanged using her eyes to his own, she asked for permission, which he gave with a frantic nod.

Lyn's eyes widened with a shocked "Gods" as she pulled down his garment at what she saw.

And here she thought Durandal was too large for him.

Roy could only wince at her reaction, a bit of fear at the uncertainty of whether or not it was a good thing or not. Lyn brought a hand up to cover her dropped jaw, while her other hand shakily tried to make its way to his massive, pulsing shaft as she gazed in awe. Before finally reaching it.

She grasped it with her long fingers, yet her hand had trouble wrapping around it. Hearing Roy give a deep gasp at her touch, his knuckles digging into the sheets as he looked at her with wide with nervous yet eager anticipation. Lyn meanwhile, was having trouble accepting the fact that the sword currently in her hand belonged to Roy, despite the light tuffles of unmistakable red-hair that was present at its base. Feeling it pulse around her grip and emitted a scorching temperature that contrasted with the cool skin coating it, her body heat rising in response.

However, a groan had her snap out of her admiration of his cock. Looking towards Roy with a soft expression as he looked embarrassingly back at her. But even so, she could see the turmoil present in his eyes. Of wanting to ask for more, but not wanting to rush her as well.

'He's waited long enough,' Lyn thought as she released her grip on his shaft. A disappointed face immediately falling on Roy's face by the loss of her touch. Only to change into shock as she made her way forward and over him. Having him lean a bit back to accommodate both of them as she looked at him with narrow, sultry eyes.

Bringing a hand to his shoulder, Lyn repositioned herself, raising herself up as she planted both feet to either side of his lap. Squatting directly over his shaft as the two took in a deep breath at how close their sexes were, just mere inches apart as they could practically feel the heat they were emitting

Looking at him, Lyn gave the nervous redhead a reassuring smile as he looked at her in with wide, unsure eyes.

"Just lay back, and enjoy," She simply told him, Roy giving a nod as he followed her advice. Letting his backrest fully on the bed as he looked up at her. Lyn in turn never breaking from his gaze as she let her hand run down back to his shaft. Grasping it firmly as she guided it to her waiting folds.

The two shared a moan as his tip pressed against her entrance, before being pushed in as the two winced from the sensation. Roy's knuckles starting to turn white by how hard he was gripping the sheets as he let his head hang back, eyes scrunch closes as he tried not to be overwhelmed in pleasure. Lyn meanwhile, had to bite down on her finger as she slid further and further down his shaft, her folds stretching wide to accommodate his size.

"Ahh!" She gasped out lightly as she found herself finally reaching his base. Her entire upper body shaking in place by the sensation of being completely filled up. Bother her hands settling down on Roy's chest to help steady herself as it rose up and down deeply with quick breaths. Lyn noticing the beads of sweat forming on his forehead despite his body temperature being much lower than one would expect in this situation. No doubt due to his Mother's heritage.

Lyn kept herself as still as she could for a minute to let the two of them get adjusted to the intense feeling. With Lyn's flushed face looking down at Roy's. His eyes scrunched up, but became more relaxed with each passing moment. Until eventually, Lyn believed he was ready to begin.

So gripping his chest, she finally raised herself up till just the tip was inside her, before dropping herself down. The two gasping out a loud moan from the pleasure that suddenly shot through and rocked each other's bodies. With Lyn's thighs squeezed and pressed against her calves, feet shaking under her weight but still firmly supporting her squatting form as she repeated the movement, again, and again. Each time adding a bit more force to her drop, and speed in her movements.

Her fingers dug lightly into his chest as she rocked atop of him, her hips rolling sensually with expertise that left him withering and groaning under her. A smile on her flushed face by the sight as she let her eyes close to focus on her movements. Tilting her head back to relax it as her free-flowing hair started to become a bit disheveled by her movements as it bounced around her arching back. Her ass coming down against his laps with a loud slap that had it jiggle alongside her breasts. The Sacean had to bite down on her lip to keep herself from moaning too loud in pleasure.

She may not have been afraid to show her emotions, but she was still held pride and dignity.

Despite the intensity of the pleasure he was feeling. Roy was still able to keep some sort of composure as he started to steady his deep pants. Cracking an eye open to view the beautiful woman who was riding him. Taking in the way the moonlight lit up her bare form. Sweat glistening atop of her skin. The smile atop of her blissful yet focused face with her mouth giving off the occasional light moan or whimper. Her many curves sensually move in order to give the two them pleasure. The way her stomach core caved in and out to help lift herself up as her thighs and calves gave her the muscles to act. Pushing and pressing against one another whenever she came down to then expanding as she lifted herself back up. The view in between though was something else.

The way her pussy engulfed and took in his cock, stretching its walls to accommodate his rather large size as her nectar continued to coat his length to provide more lubricate. Dripping out of her folds and onto his lap. Roy tightening his hold on the bed sheets as he felt his cock receiving an experience that had him wondering what he had done to deserve it.

But he knew one thing though, despite how much he wanted to just lay back and enjoy the sensation. To watch Lyn's breath-taking form as she seemed happy to be the one doing most of the work. He wasn't content to not try and put some in herself.

So, readjusting his arms. He had he dug his elbows back into the bed below him to help prop his upper body up and give himself some leverage. His gaze focused on Lyn's hips as he waited for the right moment, before rolling his hips up in a way that had him groaning, and had her gasping.

"Ahh!" Lyn cried out in surprise as her eyes widened. Her body shaking from the sudden interruption of her descent. With Roy having thrust up into her midway down her bounce that had his dick reaching deeper inside than she had expected. Producing a muffled slap of skin as her walls spasm uncontrollable that had her tensing up her thighs in a way that squeezed his prick with much more force than before that had him groaning aloud.

Their flushed narrow eyes meet each other. And a single nod was exchanged as they repeated the motion. Over, and over.

The bed was now beginning to rock from their intensity. Their loud moans filling the room that was starting to smell of sex. With Lyn's hips now starting to become a blur as she bounced widely atop of Roy's cock as it filled her up like never before. Her breasts jiggling uncontrollably along with her ass from Roy's powerful yet loving thrusts as he meant her descents. Her hands now gripping his shoulder as he leaned his upper body more towards her. One arm keeping him up while the other rested on her hips to help guide her. His own hips thrusting in tandem with her own as he did his best to match her. Doing an admirable job despite his previous inexperience.

"Roy," Lyn gasped, her nails scraping at his skin as she rode him. A blissful yet stress expression on her face as her pants deepened, trying to maximize the pleasure she and him received by her movements, but even so, his large cock, coupled with his thrusting was making it hard for her to concentrate, "You're amazing." She praised with a smile on her face.

This had the young redhead widening his eyes at her words. Hearing her speak to him like that, watching her bounce atop of him. Just joining with each other like this. Had him feel that cold primal fire in him start to rage in a blaze once again.

He couldn't hold it back any longer.

And so, tightening his grip on her hips and making sure his planted elbow was secure, he made his move. Quickly leaning his head forward with mouth wide open, catching one of her dangling tits in it as he quickly secured her hold over it. His tongue quickly dancing and sliding all over her skin and sensitive nub as his teeth lightly bite down to hold it in place

His actions were too much for Lyn. Her eyes widening her mouth stretched open into a large 'O'.

"Roooyyyyy!" The Sacean Beauty cried out as her body slammed down on his lap one last time as she wrapped her arms around his head and buried it into her bosom, resting her own head atop his. Burying his cock as deep as it could to her womb as her pussy spasmed widely around his shaft as her floodgates were released. Her body widely shaking and tensing up against him as Roy quickly wrapped both his arms around her back as he held her spasming body close. While also giving a series of groans as he experienced his own orgasm. Shooting rope after rope of his seed deep in her folds and filling her up along with her own fluids as they mixed together.

Had it not been for the mysterious unwritten rules of Askr, she surely would've been impregnated. But instead, their mixed fluids simply sloshed around inside of her as it drenched her egg. Hundreds of potential heirs, trickling their way through tight, narrow passages present between her walls and his shaft and making their way out of her folds.

A shiver running down both their spines as they felt it drip off her and onto his lap. The two still holding each other close as they tried to regain a steady breathing rhythm from the deep quick pants they were now having.

However, a sudden pulse from Roy's cock had Lyn let out a sudden gasp of surprise. Her walls quickly spasming around him in response and having the two of them let out a sudden moan.

'He's still so hard,' Lyn thought as she lightly rolled her hips around him. Causing the two of them to wince slightly as she felt just how stiff his cock still was. Learning it didn't seem to shrink or soften in the slightest despite his clear euphoric orgasm.

It was a shock to her, despite his age at how fast he was able to recover. But as she pulled her and his head away from each other. Another shiver was felt down her spine as her now saliva covered tit was exposed to the cool air. And she realized just what was happening to Roy as she stare into his eyes.

A raging, primal fire was present. Something greater than instinct. Begging to be released as it showed its true color to her.

She couldn't help but shiver in anticipation for what he held in store.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

*Slap *Slap *Slap


Lyn's face was flushed in red as she panted in ecstasy, her tongue threatening to roll out of her agape mouth as she was barely able to keep her face from slamming into the wooden surface her body was now pressed again. Her breasts being squished against the table they had moved their activities to, her nipples grinding harshly against the creaking furniture as her hands held onto the edges for dear life. With Roy pounding her from behind like an animal.

No, it was something higher than that, something that demanded respect.

Like a dragon

"Fuck! Roy!" Lyn cried out as her face scrunched up from his unrelenting assault on her folds. With her lower body turned to accommodate the position he held her in. One foot planted down on the ground while the other was raised up to hang over his shoulder. His arms wrapped around her upper leg's thigh for support in his thrust as he had forced her to perform a split right on his shaft. Thankfully, she was just as flexible as she was willing to do so.

"Ahh!" She gasped as she felt his shaft briefly rub against her clit with a particularly deep thrust, causing her walls to spasm uncontrollably as an orgasm rocked her body. Causing her to lose her focus in keeping her body up as it went limp against the table. Her cheek roughly rubbing against the surface as Roy continued to pound away, her one leg still keeping her lower body raised up for him as she could only allow him to use her in a blissful mind-numbing state.

Roy's thrusts were frantic, hard, and deep. Not holding the same loving care as the ones he gave during their first out hard grunts by how her walls continued to squeeze around him, begging him for his seed. Looking down at her disheveled form as it ragdolled atop of the table. Her usual straight green hair disheveled by their rough antics, sweat glistening over her flawless skin, and her beautiful face now a panting mess.

He wanted to do more.

The two new lovers had realized that while's Roy love for her may have been quelled, his lust would not be so easily satisfied, especially with his draconic nature.

Lyn didn't hesitate in giving him permission to let go and ravage her.

And so, she gave another cry as he released inside of her once again. His thick seed shooting inside of her already filled up walls. Causing her to experience another mind-numbing orgasm while still recovering from the one she just had before as their mixed juices slipped out her cunt and down her trembling thigh. Her leg shaking as it was barely able to keep itself up.

However, as she looked back, she knew that Roy's grip on her other would still keep her body up at him. And the look he held in his eyes made it clear to her he had no intention of letting her rest anytime soon.

Loud yet exhausted panting along with the creaking of a bed was all that could be heard in the cabin. The smell of sex and sweat reeking through inside with a thick stench. Yet the two Heroes response could care less as they continued their antics. Or more precisely, were in the process of reaching its finally.

Roy's breathing was labored with a series of moans and groans as his back stretched and dragged against the bedsheets, his stained and sore fingers clawing away at them as well by his sides. His body covered in smears, stains, and nail marks by his and his lover's antics. Tilting his head up to look at what she was currently doing with his engorged, pulsing, but oh so sore loins.

And it was a sight.

His thick, coated, and reddish shaft nestled between her thick and smooth thighs. Its skin smeared and glistening with sweat and mixed fluids from their activities. Her upper-body raised up and leaning backwards towards his legs as she kept herself up with her bent knees by his sides and her arms resting behind her with a grip on his calves. Showing off ravaged form to her younger lover with even more evidence of their activities.

With some areas of her skin looking a bit redder than others by how rough they got. Her usual flawless silky hair much more frizzled in appearance as strands clunk to her skin. Her labored breathing drawing attention to her chest as it rose low and high with deep breaths. Her nipples still proudly erect as they stuck out against the stains of sweat and cum that stained the skin around it. With a similar pattern appearing down her smooth and flat stomach as its core was stretched in and out as she used its strength to pump Roy's length with her thighs. Wincing as she felt it rub against her own drenched folds as well.

Thankfully, it seemed as though the two were able to quell and rest Roy's primal draconic lust for now. The two now being able to return to appreciate each other a bit more than just losing themselves in mind-breaking pleasure and need.

But their bodies were tired, used, and sore. However, they still weren't ready to end it just yet, and were intent on just seeking out some more pleasure with each other. Despite how much their bodies ached at them to rest.

"Ahh!" Lyn squealed out as she felt Roy's shaft rub against her clit, causing her body to shiver as she drew closer to another orgasm. Wincing as both her body and throat ached from the sudden spasm and high pitch noise she had just emitted, going back to low moans and gasps. Her inner muscle already having suffered enough abuse from her constant screams, not to mention the number of times it was forced to accommodate Roy's size when she serviced him with it. Both gently, and harshly.

Roy's voice, while not as sore as her's, still wasn't in the best shape as he felt himself struggling just to say her name in appreciation of her efforts. Finding himself mesmerized by how she quickly moved her lap up and down with his cocked still nestled between her thighs. Groaning out as she skimmed its sensitive yet worn out skin against her smooth and warm texture. Not to mention that one side of his engorged and pulsing shaft was dragging against lovely yet stained folds as it emitted a heat that was overpowering his own and causing him to shiver and sweat a bit, a somewhat remarkable feat. Its unique texture pressing against one of the veins that kept his dick up, hard and pulsing.

And despite his sore hips, chest, and well, his entire body warning him not to, he couldn't help but thrust up to try and meet her movements. Giving out a groan of both pain, and pleasure from his actions as he continued to try and match her rhythm. Something that was a bit challenging as she started to squirm her thighs by the jolts of pleasure she was getting whenever his dick rubbed against the nub of her clit. Lyn letting out a series of appreciative gasps as she started to get a bit frantic with her movements. With Roy doing the same.

Their actions finally culminating with Roy letting out a loud and sore groan as his head fell back against the stained bed sheets. His shaft pulsing violently between her thighs as it spurted out his thick seed into the air like a fountain with wave after wave. Lyn also letting out an almost silent low-pitch scream of relief as his thrust also had him brushing up against her clit once more. The pulsing of his member sending vibrations into the sensitive numb that had her arching her back even more while her body tensed up from the opening of her floodgates. Once again cumming hard all over his cock and the inside of her thighs as his own release started to fall down onto her skin from its explosive exit. Trickling onto her stomach and legs and staining more of her skin.

Had it been one of his earlier releases. Lyn reckoned it could've reached and painted parts of her face and hair white, not that they already weren't stained in his seed. But still, even after so many releases, it was still an impressive display. The nomad turned royal giving a sudden shiver as she felt parts his seed seep between her thighs and his shaft. Dripping down between her folds as it tried to make its way in. Not that it would do it any good. As her pussy was already stuffed to the brim with his heirs.

Finally though, she came down from her post-orgasmic bliss, readjusting her back-tilted head sideways to eye her younger lover with a narrow gaze. Giving a small smile as she saw he was still left recovering. His head completely laid back with his eyes closed and his mouth agape, giving loud, deep breaths with the rise and fall of his chest. He looked spent.

But as her eyes traveled downwards, over his lap and between her stained thighs, she knew that wasn't the case.

She couldn't help but smile. She may wake up tomorrow with a body more sore than after one of Commander Anna and Frederick's joint training sessions.

But to her, it was a small price to pay. Cause right now, nothing felt more worth it.