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One-Sentence Drabble Collection - KakaNaru

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Prompts: Allow and Fierce

"You are not allowed to die," Naruto growled, deep and fierce and furious. "You are absolutely not allowed to die, you hear me?"

Prompt: Fierce

Anyone who dared to object to their relationship was subjected to Naruto's very very fierce death glares. (It worked surprisingly well.)
(Or perhaps it was the Rasenshuriken behind his back that won the argument.)

Prompt: Stone

He fell asleep leaning against the smooth coldness of the Memorial Stone, and woke up with the imprint of a name on his face.
(It was the name he would never have a chance to call again.)


Prompt: Day

Naruto bewailed his unproductive day long and loud and mournful, until Kakashi finally arrived back home from his mission and jumped on him off the windowsill.

Prompt: Bed

Naruto landed on Kakashi's bed (which squeaked indignantly) with a happy bounce, pulling him along, and afterwards sleepily abducted his shuriken-patterned blanket for the rest of the night.

Prompt: Fact

It was a well-known and widely recognized fact that Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto did not like to be interrupted.

Prompt: Interrupted

He blinked, frantic worry turning into surprise when the bandaged hand of a semi-conscious Kakashi tiredly tugged him towards the hospital bed – it was the first time he found himself successfully interrupted mid-rant.

Prompt: Room

One of those awesome things about being in a relationship with one's music teacher, Naruto decided, was Kakashi's music studio which was completely soundproof.