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The tall man walked down the street, his coat swishing behind him. His face braving the cold winds and his gloved hands stuffed in his pocket. He gave out a sigh of annoyance once or twice at least per minute but continued to walk nonetheless.
When he looked at others, he saw the futility of everyone’s life, even his own at times. He had wandered out for some intellectual stimulation but found himself surrounded by normalcy which accounted for idiocy in his mind. Such was the life of great Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective, the machine, the man who seemingly knew everything about anyone from a single glance. Sherlock walked ahead, now retreating his face into his coat to bring some colour back to his cheeks.
You walked out of the café, frustrated with your day so far. You had been looking for a flat to share for a while now. But luck didn’t seem to be on your side. You decided to take a little walk, hoping to stumble upon some flat or a potential flatmate. As you walked ahead, your phone gave out a ping and just as you were about to check it, you bumped into something hard yet warm. You realised that it was a man and were about to apologise when you met those striking eyes that you could drown in. They seemed cold, calculating and analysing but then further down the ocean you saw some satisfaction and a hint of hope if you dared to make such a deduction. You had always been good at those, deductions, not exceptionally brilliant but sufficient enough to guide you through life.
Sherlock had been lonely for a while now, what with John being on his ‘honeymoon’ and there being a dearth of good cases in London recently. He was looking for a new flatmate to share his rent with. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it but having John had now accustomed him to a certain lifestyle. He now actually wanted someone in his life the way John had Mary. He hadn’t admitted that to himself. Yet. But he was willing to have a new friend.
When he saw you, deductions flooded his mind at lightning pace- female recently relocated to London, still looking for a home, judging by the crumpled ads in your pocket and messed up hair, indicating that you had ran your hands through your hair many times which implied that you hadn’t yet found anything to your liking. He gave a small shake of his head and a faint smile and said, “No problem. Though you really should consider talking to your sister now.” He pointed to your phone. “Oh yeah.”, you muttered. It wasn’t really all sweet honey between you and her but aren’t all siblings like that? Constant cribbing and fighting yet loving them all the same. “Wait- how? How did-“ When you saw that smug look on his face, you said, “Nevermind. It’s all crystal clear.” His eyebrows shot up in surprise yet he said nothing. You typed back a reply to your sister and saw the tall man with ocean eyes still standing there. He stuck out his hand, “Sherlock Holmes, you may or may not have heard the name.” You shook his proffered hand, “Y/N L/N. And yes I have heard it a few times. I’m actually pleased to meet you.” You gave a small smile.
“Would you mind some fish and chips?” He asked moving forward. You had to jog a little to get ahead to him and asked, “Chips?” “Yes chips, you’re having a bad day, you are allowed to have chips and I know a rather good place here.” “Sure.”, you smiled a bit. You saw a helicopter following you and noticed Sherlock looking at it too with a small smirk on his face. But he continued to walk and you decided to ignore it since he did too. You walked in silence for a while. Then out of curiosity you asked, “Don’t you have a case at the moment?” He saw the glint in your eyes. It wasn’t the glint of a mischievous criminal, rather of a person who studied criminals. “No, the city has had a lack of clever criminals. I don’t miss a thing like that when one comes my way.”, he replied. “So am I an interesting case Mr Holmes?” you asked with a bemused expression. “An interesting person, indeed but it’s too soon to say further.” You shook your head and giggled a bit. Your giggle felt like music to his ears. It was a sweet sound, something he wouldn’t mind to hear between his cases.
You came to the place and he bought the chips. He denied you the opportunity to pay and you had to go along with it. “You sure won’t drug it , would you Mr Holmes?”, you asked with a certain playfulness. “No, not yet and call me Sherlock please. And also you would notice, you are quick Ms L/N.” “Wow thank you for the acknowledgement Sherlock and just Y/N please.” You took a seat and it started drizzling a bit. You sighed happily, feeling the soft pitter-patter of raindrops against your head. “So you were a criminal psychology student.”, he said as a matter of fact. “Yes, just graduated two years ago. Though how you did that is beyond my a abilities I’m afraid.” “A shot in the dark, but worked just fine.”, he said, pride filling him. It had been a long time since his instincts had over taken his mind.
You talked for a while about the cases he had solved and criminals you had studied so far. It wasn’t much since you were new in London. But you had applied for a job in Scotland Yard and were expecting a positive response there at least.
After you had finished, both of you walked along the road with him guiding the way. You walked in circles and strange turns until you realized what he had been doing. “Okay so seriously tell me. Did we just walk around to tell your elder brother to fuck off?! Through security cameras, by tracing our path?!” You asked incredulously.
“Yes, wait how did you know it was my elder brother?” He looked at you with interest shining in his eyes.
“Oh umm I uh okay let’s do this. So I noticed that something was following us and you did too. But you didn’t do anything about it because it would be either a common occurrence for you or just some part of your plan. But as you said you don’t have a case at the moment, you are just not bothered enough. This implies that you know who is behind this and then the small smile on your face because you knew what you were doing. You had this kind of sibling rivalry victory expression on your face. So it could either be a sister or a brother who works for a powerful organization, probably the government since it’s happening so openly. And if it was an elder sister you would simply have called and not insulted her like you did just now. So that leaves with an elder brother.”
“You have some flaws there but yes most of it is I believe the correct way to deduce things.”
“Well that’s as far as my mind goes and if it’s correct then it’s fine by me. Life is that way, complicated, you just need to go with the flow at times.”, you said. Strangely enough, he laughed and you would be lying if that didn’t warm your heart, it was contagious. “Do tell what’s so funny Holmes?” “Oh just the fact that I had been wondering about the tiring simplicity and monotonous nature of everyone’s life today and then you come and tell me that it’s complicated.”, he said amused by your view of life. “Well how would you know, my problems may be as big as yours, someone else’s life may just be as fast-paced or exhausting as yours. It all depends on how we perceive it.”
Just as you finished the sentence, a gunshot rang out from behind you and you noticed that it just grazed the tree beside Sherlock. He pulled you inside an alley. “Okay, I admit. It’s not always that complicated.” You said as he left your wrist.
He laughed silently at your remark. “No it isn’t. But it’s what I do.” He looked at you with a certain expectation, like he wanted you to know what you are getting involved in, what you are signing up for.
“I don’t mind.” You smiled up at him and he knew that he had found what he was looking for.
“Well it seems you have found a place to call home now Ms Y/N L/N.” He said as you got out at the other end of the alley.
“TAXI! 221B Baker Street.” He rambled off the address to the driver as you sat with him. No you won’t mind, you certainly won’t mind the adventures that lay ahead of you with the detective sitting beside you and sure enough you saw him smiling too, his eyes crinkling at the corners.