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Embarrassment Demands Some Company

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And that was when Naruto decided to live up to his title of "Most Unpredictable Shinobi".

Grinning devilishly, he pounced on Kakashi and brushed his lips against the (suddenly frozen stock-still) man's masked cheek in a very light but unmistakable kiss.

Naruto bounded off, scarlet-faced but laughing in self-satisfied amusement. Kakashi disappeared in a puff of mortified smoke, which failed to hide what was visible of the (stupid! stupid! stupid!) uncontrollable blush that had spread over his face.

Hinata squeaked, Sakura and Ino gaped, Tenten snorted at Neji who edged away from Lee (before his teammate had any Youthful Ideas), Kiba spluttered while Shino coughed, Chouji dropped his chips and Sai just blinked owlishly... and then, amidst the state of general chaos, Shikamaru slammed his hand against his face.

"I should have seen that coming... I should have seen that coming... I should have seen that coming..."



Well, Naruto told himself indignantly, if he had to drown in embarrassment the least he could do was ensure he wasn't suffering alone.

That's when Kakashi caught him.