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The crowd filled the room with the paparazzi's cameras flashing and reporters getting ready to critique and inform of the event at hand. The Japan Hero Billboard Chart was very lenient about what heroes they put in the top ten. It was very much a reach if you were aiming for it at the start of your career as a hero. But somehow, in some way, the candidates for the top ten took that reach. Izuku Midoriya stood tall as he looked in the mirror. His curly, emerald green hair was slicked back and he looked rather formal despite being in his hero costume. He knew his mother and All Might would be proud of him for making it to the top ten. Trial and error developed him into the man he was today, the future Number One Hero.

"Seven seconds, Deku! You have seven seconds!" Izuku whipped around and opened the door. He was prepared for the ceremony that his mentor once went through. As he walked down the hall, he was greeted by a familiar face. It was a man with a flaming beard and blue eyes. Izuku identified him as Endeavor, the Number One Hero after All Might, his predecessor. He had had an encounter with him during the U.A. Sports Festival of his high school years, but this time, Endeavor had a congratulatory air about him. The older man stuck out his hand, waiting for the green haired male to shake it.

"I want to congratulate you on your success on coming to the billboard. I understand that you went through trial and error to get here, and as former Number One Hero, I wish you luck with your role." Izuku felt compelled and awestruck by the Flame Hero's words. He sounded like he was genuine about what he said- He even had a smile on his face! He shook his hand and smiled back. Endeavor patted Izuku's back.

"I won't let you down." said Izuku.

"I know you won't." replied Endeavor. Izuku knew he definitely had an ally in Endeavor. He continued making his way to the stage with nothing holding him back. This is it, he breathed. The moment of truth. The moment where all your hard work paid off. He entered into the light and the flashing cameras of the press. Izuku prayed that he wouldn't go blind because of the bright lights shining down on him and the flashing cameras of reporters. A woman in a shimmering red dress came out with a microphone in hand. Izuku looked to see his mother, All Might, Sir Nighteye, and those who helped him get to where he is in the crowd. He smiled contently and awaited the speech the woman would give.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We are here to announce the new top ten pro heroes on the Japan Hero Billboard Chart!" The crowd erupted into cheers. Proud parents of those who would be crowned the top ten awaited for the news as the reporters went silent. The woman cleared her throat. "Taking the tenth spot is Brainwashing Hero Mastermind." A man with messy purple hair waved as the crowd erupted into cheers and claps once more. Izuku was proud of his friend Hitoshi Shinso for making it. He looked so happy to finally prove himself as a hero while he accepted his award and smiled happily.

"The ninth spot goes to..... Material Hero Materio." Trey Cortez, or Materio, waved as his mother cried in the audience. His other mother was trying to comfort her, but eventually started crying herself. Trey's younger brother Andre handed them some tissues and clapped for his brother. Izuku clapped for him as well, he was in no rush for his title. He wanted to enjoy the accomplishments of his friends before his own.

"The eight spot goes to Queen Bee Hero Mitsubachi!" Mitsubachi Otome threw up a peace sign at the audience. She was the first hero from Shiketsu to make it to the top ten, but she surely wouldn't be the last. Izuku made sure to congratulate her at the after party, as he would do with the others as well.

After announcing the seventh and sixth spot heroes (Outer Space Hero Uravity, or Ochako Uraraka, got sixth place), it was finally time for the top five.

"Fifth spot goes to... Blazing Sun Hero Sol!" Jayden Akiyama smiled triumphantly as the audience roared with cheers and applause. His twin sister Jayda Akiyama, who was Number Seven Hero, looked at him with annoyed eyes. She grumbled something under her breath about him.

"Fourth goes to Half Hot Half Cold Hero Shoto!" Izuku found himself clapping rather loudly for the bicolored male. Shoto looked at him with smile which caused the green haired male to blush. He knew that he loved Shoto, and he wasn't afraid to show it, but it was embarrassing when Shoto made him blush during important moments such as this. It made him feel like a child.

"The third place goes to..... Lemillion!" Sir Nighteye stood up and gave a thunderous applause, followed by Bubble Girl and Centipeder. Izuku could tell he was extremely proud of Mirio for getting third place. He even saw Lemillion's classmates Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado applaud for him. Once the clapping died down, the announcer got ready to announce the last two places. "Second place goes to Explosive Hero Ground Zero." Katsuki Bakugo laughed victoriously at the news.

"Eat a dick, extras!" Izuku chuckled. He knew his childhood friend was going to say this when he became a top hero. Bakugo was a hothead, and competitive. Izuku saw Bakugo's parents and friends clapping for him. He, too, clapped for him. It was the nice thing to do. Once it was over, his moment finally come. He inhaled and exhaled steadily as he felt the announcement of the top spot coming on.

"Last, but not least. The Number One Hero is..... Bright Future Hero Deku!" The crowd and other heroes roared into applause. The announcer came to Izuku put the medal on him. Izuku felt the entire world at his feet. He stood at the height of his hero career, and he went through hell and back to get here. He smiled and waved at the crowd. Friends, family, allies, they all helped him get to the Number One spot. A feeling of gratefulness filled his heart as tears filled his eyes.

"Don't cry, you nerd. You're Number One Hero." said Bakugo, folding his arms. Trey materialized some tissues for the crying male as he patted his back. Shoto came over and comforted him as well.

"I-I'm sorry guys. T-This is such a big moment for me." apologized Izuku. Uraraka shot him a look.

"What are you talking about 'big moment'?! We saw this coming from years away!" she protested. Izuku wiped his tears and regained his composure. He had to save himself for the after party. Besides, he would have plenty of tears to cry with his mother and All Might. He looked at the clock and noticed it was getting close to the time of the after party. Hopefully he could return his hair to normal- having it slicked back was annoying him.

The after party celebrating the new top ten heroes was lively and elegant. Jayden and Jayda were being congratulated by their parents and younger sister. They were content with their success. Izuku was congratulated by his former classmates, family, and everyone he knew and loved. He was relaxing as he stood on the balcony in the pale moonlight. The light reflected off of hair, causing it to appear glossy. Footsteps approached him as his emerald green eyes looked out into the city.

"What a wonderful night." praised Shoto, standing next to the new Number One Hero.


There was a silence between the two. The sound of cars and the smells of street vendors filled their ears and noses. A gentle wind blew by, causing Shoto's long hair to flow with it. "Do you remember our fight during the Sports Festival?" asked Shoto, breaking the silence. Izuku nodded as the memories of the bicolored male using the left side of himself for the first time. The embers blazing brightly and the somewhat maniac smile on his face. It made Izuku remember how he broke his arms trying to get Shoto to his full potential. "Ever since that day, you made me feel.... New. You made me feel confident in myself." Izuku smiled. He was glad to have brought the latter out of the darkness of his past. "We've taken on many challenges." said Izuku.

"But you have yet to take on the biggest challenge." Izuku looked at Shoto as the latter got down on one knee. He pulled out a small box with an All Might ring inside. "Midoriya Izuku, will you marry me?"

Izuku burst into tears and covered his mouth. He knew him and Shoto have had a healthy relationship for five years, but he never expected a marriage proposal after such a time. "YES!" Shoto was embraced by Izuku as he stood up. He was so happy that he was going to be spending the rest of his life with his wonderful Omega. He was going to do everything in his power to protect Izuku, no matter if it would cost him his life. The Omega who helped him get over his hatred of his left and opened him up would be his forever.

Shoto passed by him and said, "Congratulations, Midoriya."