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Kindredshipping Headcanons

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  1. There are only a few holidays the boys celebrate mostly because Yusei grew up not really celebrating them (despite Martha’s best efforts) and Judai has a lot of bad memories related to most of them. Johan’s never really been the celebration type.
  2. The few holidays they do celebrate are extra special.

  3. Christmas especially.

  4. Judai works a whole host of odd jobs to save up enough to get his boyfriends something nice.

  5. Yusei pulls a couple of extra hours at the lab and takes on some odd repair jobs for his friends for a little extra cash.

  6. Johan takes on after school tutoring at the school he works at to help too.

  7. Basically, they do too much, but they all appreciate the gifts the others get.

  8. With all these extra hours, it’s rare that the three of them are home at the same time.

  9. They miss having all three of them together but the one-on-one time is nice too. Judai gets to cuddle one of them, Yusei gets a little more quiet time, and Johan, who is probably a serial kisser, gets to have more make-out sessions.

  10. The actual day of Christmas is a day of nothing but cuddling and making up for the time that the three of them were not each other.

  11. New Year’s is interesting. Not only does everybody, and I’m talking every one of their friends, at the school (with permission from the principal and the agreement that there will be no alcohol even though Crow sneaks a bunch) but there’s been an issue of the New Year’s kiss.

  12. It’s hard to kiss-kiss when there are three lips involved. Cheek kisses just aren’t the same even though they’ve been pretty much doing that all night.

  13. The first year they were together, they decided to pull slots a few minutes before Midnight. Much to Judai’s dismay, Johan and Yusei won so they shared the first kiss before promptly showering him in kisses too.

  14. The following year, they pulled lots again but they made sure that Judai was one of the winners. Johan won that year too. Yusei was perfectly happy with the kisses he received afterwards.

  15. The third year was Yusei and Judai simply because they hadn’t shared a New Year’s kiss together yet.

  16. They decided to keep the cycle so everyone jokes that the kiss of the New Year tells them what kind of year everyone is going to have. The levels are: “Yusei-Judai” year (calm with some random), “Yusei-Johan” year (pretty laid back), or “Johan-Judai” year (OMG what in the world is this random).

  17. Valentine’s Day is the last major holiday they celebrate (although Yusei always does something small on White Day).

  18. Judai is ridiculous. Usually Johan and Yusei have to work so he gets to be extra ™.

  19. This usually includes rose petals, a rose between his lips, champagne, and no clothing.

  20. Both Yusei and Johan are mortified to find the scene.

  21. But they make sure to show him how grateful they are.

  22. Duel Spirits day is another big day with the trio.

  23. Yusei was pretty shocked the first year when Johan and Judai dragged him through a random portal (where did that even come from?) and into the Duel Spirits World.

  24. He’d been in another dimension before but that had been terrifying. This was beautiful.

  25. Yusei got the chance to meet his duel cards who thanked him a lot for not throwing them away and he had to actually fight back tears.

  26. Boy, do the Kuribohs know how to party. That was on the list of shocking things of the day.

  27. Johan and Judai celebrate one other day: the day they returned from the spirit world. They don’t celebrate the day that Judai returned (he doesn’t see it as that spectacular) but they do celebrate the day that the school was shot back to their dimension.

  28. Both have a lot to be thankful for and they’re happy to have survived at all.

  29. Judai spends most of the day alone, talking to his spirits.

  30. Johan explained it all to Yusei early on so he respectfully gives them their distance unless they have a panic attack or something worse happens.

  31. Yusei also gets a day to regroup with his friends to re-hash the past, usually on the same day they stopped Z-ONE.