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kitty poop changed my life

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gaybelle: kitty are you actually a cat? 

gaybelle: if you are that would be weird.


treegremlin: why would it be weird?

treegremlin: and yes I am a cat. 


gaybelle: yikes.


treegremlin: rude.


isthataweed: i’m sorry if this is weird but do you ever have furballs?


treegremlin: uh yeah. that's a thing cats do.

treegremlin: faybelle are you not gonna answer my question?


gaybelle: no.


iwantadivorce: do you poop like a cat?


Irodocyclitis: Cupid! You can’t just ask something like that!


iwantadivorce: we were all thinking it.


truthhurts: no we weren’t.


notafurry: i was.


swordlesbian: what's wrong with you people?


gaybelle: a lot. do you need a list?


raisinbran: now i wanna know the answer.


treegremlin: that’s gross.


gaybelle: now we’re all curious. answer the question or i’ll hex you.


treegremlin: what do you even mean by “poop like a cat.”


imwantadivorce: do you squat down? do you have a litter box? is your poop tiny like a cat or is it like a human turd? i need to know EVERYTHING.


treegremlin: who cares if i poop like a cat? it doesn’t matter.


notafurry: yes it does.

notafurry: do you purr? 


capncrunch: oh she purrs.


gottem: how do you know that?


gaybelle: ;)


treegremlin: what was that wink for?


gaybelle: don’t worry about it.


raisinbran: inchresting


yallugly: stop blowing up my phone. I’m trying to take selfies and your notifications keep popping up.


partytime: tunr ur notficatns off then




partytime: shut up


Irodocyclitis: You’re all driving me insane.

Irodocyclitis: Everyone should be in class by now. Stop texting and focus.


capncrunch: blondie all i can say is, kitty poop changed my life.


tEaTiMe has changed the chat name to kitty poop changed my life.




gottem: uh…. okay then.




Irodocyclitis: Do all of you want to get bad grades? FOCUS!


swordlesbian: sorry mom




swordlesbian: I DON’T HAVE A MOMMY KINK!


emo: sure jan.


swordlesbian has left the chat.


whatarethose: HAHHAHA


theyaremycrocs: she totally has a mommy kink.


iwantadivorce: guys! don’t kink shame!


gaybelle: kinkshaming is my kink.


dancingqueen: stop. please. i can’t take this anymore.


dancingqueen(improved): suck it up buttercup, you’re stuck with all of us.


Irodocyclitis: Faybelle stop being mean to my girlfriend and focus on your classes.


Irodocyclitis has added swordlesbian to the chat.


gaybelle: what's that I hear?


decapitation: Oh my! I think it’s whipping noises!


swordlesbian: Y’ALL BETTER STOP!


shoes: what are you gonna do? call your girlfriend?


nick: uh, i don’t mean to interrupt but bunny and i got lost.


judy: well at least you finally admitted it.


seeyalaterhaters: i can help!


Irodocyclitis: Shut the fuck up and pay attetion to your teachers.


emo: anna oop-


capncrunch: i thought that was a vsco girl thing


treegremlin: raven, be honest, are you a vsco girl?