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A Halloween Treat

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The Halloween party was in full swing at the black army headquarters. Alice descended the stairway in a black and red ballgown with a plunging neckline and full skirt. A mask with red beading around her eyes obscured the upper half of her face. She surveyed the crowd of costumes before she collided with Sirius.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she tapped his shoulder apologetically.

“Hello Alice,” said Sirius. “Seth was just looking for you.”

“Oh?” she said.

“He’s right over there if you want to talk to him,” Sirius gestured towards the punch table.

Seth Hyde was already looking at her, his brown eyes raking over her frame. Alice had already complimented his wizard outfit earlier in the day. His blue ponytail peeked out from a wizard hat, and a black cape rested on his shoulders. She had promised him a Halloween treat and was about to fish through her pockets, when she realized that her costume did not have any pockets, and she had left the candy in the dress she was wearing earlier. Her face flushed in sudden panic. She did not want to disappoint Seth again, especially since he was the one that she wanted to give a sweet treat to most of all.

Before she could even contemplate her next move, Seth was already standing in front of her.

“You look flushed, Alice,” he gently reached for her hand. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yes,” she said. “I’m fine. I just realized I forgot the treat that I was going to bring you.”

“That’s alright, Alice,” said Seth. “You in that beautiful dress is all I need for a Halloween treat.”

Alice’s knees suddenly were weak at the dark promise hidden behind his friendly eyes.

Sirius cleared his throat. “I’ll leave you two to it then.”

“What did he mean by that?” she asked as the other man hastily stepped away.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Seth. “Would you like to dance?”

Alice nodded, and Seth led her into the middle of the ballroom where several couples were waltzing. Orange and black garlands were strung along the ceiling, and skeletons were plastered along the walls. Alice had trouble concentrating on the steps, but Seth led her with ease.

“Are you sure you are alright?” he asked softly.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “It’s just . . .”

“What?” his eyes put her in a trance along with the soft swaying of the music.

“When I look at you,” she confessed. “My chest feels tight, and I feel like I will go mad if I can’t move closer to you.”

“Me too,” said Seth. “It feels like my heart is in a vice. I see you in my dreams every night, Alice.”

She looked away bashfully.

“So, you can tell me how you are feeling,” his voice was still gentle, but there was note of flirtation hidden within it. “Talk to me, Alice.”

“Well,” her eyes remained on his shoulder.

“Hmm?” he shifted their bodies closer together. “How do you feel right now?”

“Well, when you are so close to me,” said Alice. “I feel really hot.”

“Hot where?” he asked.

She glanced over her shoulder to check if someone else was in hearing range.

“Between my legs,” she said quietly.

“Ah, my sweet Alice,” said Seth. “Maybe it’s time I gave you your Halloween treat.”

“But you already gave me candy earlier,” she blinked obliviously.

Seth leaned close to her ear and whispered something that made her blush deepen.

“O-oh,” Alice said. “T-that.”

“Would you like that?” his voice took on a seductive note.

“Y-yes,” said Alice. “But won’t everyone notice if we are gone together for a long time?”

“I hope so,” said Seth. “It’s about time other men stop looking at my girl.”

“Oh,” her chest tightened in lust.

Seth pressed a soft kiss against her lips and squeezed her hand. “Do you want to become mine tonight, Alice?”

“Yes,” she said. “But the others-”

“If anyone gives you a hard time, then you can direct them to me,” said Seth with the calm confidence she admired in him.

“Then I want to give you your Halloween treat, as well,” said Alice with a flirtatious smile. “But you will have to lift up my skirts to taste it.”

Seth grinned. “Come with me into the back parlor.”

“The makeout room?” Alice blinked in surprise.

The back parlor had become notorious over past social functions for couples sneaking in there to hook up. When two people walked in there together, everyone would know what they were doing.

“Yes,” said Seth.

“Lead the way, then,” Alice smiled.

Seth took her hand and led her from the dancefloor to the door on the other side of the room. Ray and Sirius watched the pair enter the notorious room, and the king of spades raised an eyebrow.

“Are they?” Ray watched the door close with disbelief.

“Most certainly,” Sirius sighed. “I will be glad when they get it out of their system. It has gotten quite tiring watching them pine over each other.”

“So many people saw us walk in here,” said Alice as she removed her mask.

Seth tossed his wizard hat on the couch and untied the cape.

“Everyone knows what we are going to do,” she blushed.

“Good,” Seth captured her lips in a kiss that was much fierier than the brief kisses they had shared in the past.

She sighed against his lips, and their tongues caressed as the grandfather clock ticked loudly in the corner. The parlor had a large teal couch, a cozy rug, a fireplace, and a shelf of glassware that nobody ever used. The room was hardly ever used, which made it a good hideaway for frisky lovers even when there wasn’t a party going on.

“Did you lock the door?” Alice gazed at him breathlessly.

“Oh,” Seth twisted the key in the keyhole to secure the lock as if it were an afterthought.

Alice’s eyes paused on his slender fingers and imagined them making that motion somewhere else.

“Are we going to do it on the couch?” she asked.

“I’m not sure if the couch is sanitary given the number of encounters it has witnessed,” said Seth.

“You might be right,” said Alice.

“I would prefer to have you right here,” he placed his hands on either side of her and pressed her against the wall.

Before she could reply, Seth met her lips again and his fingers traced her neckline.

“Could I touch you here?” his finger traced her cleavage.

“Yes,” she nodded. “I didn’t offer you a treat without expecting you to unwrap it.”

He grinned darkly and tugged the front of her dress down. Her soft breasts spilled over the front. She gasped at the rush of air on her bare skin. Seth kissed the skin beneath her earlobe as he gently rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“Seth,” she squeezed her thighs together at the rising heat in her core.

“Does that feel good?” his warm breath caressed her cheek.

“Yes,” Alice relaxed her back against the ornate wallpaper.

“How about this?” Seth asked before leaning down and taking one of her breasts into his mouth.

Alice gasped, involuntarily gripping his hair.

“Such a sweet treat,” he sighed, switching to the other breast.

She watched his lips wrap around her nipple. Her legs trembled, and he placed a steadying hand on her hips.

“Can I taste more?” he sank to his knees and gazed at her seductively.

“Yes,” Alice bashfully lifted her voluminous skirt. “I hope you like it.”

Seth helped her lift the heavy fabric and swore under his breath when reached the bottom layer.

“My sweet Alice isn’t wearing any panties,” he gazed at her bare lower half with adoration.

His fingers stroked up her leg and fiddled with the silver spade charm hanging from the black garter she wore on her right thigh.

“So pretty,” he examined it. “Are you wearing this for me?”

“Yes,” she said. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” he smiled. “You are adorable.”

His hands continued their upward trajectory as Alice held up her dress.

“And I hope you also wore no panties for me as well?” he grinned darkly.

“Are you angry?” she asked worriedly.

“No,” said Seth. “But I was wondering what types of plans you had coming to a social function with no undergarments.”

“Easy access,” she smiled.

He laughed softly. “I am glad we are on the same page.”

Seth stroked her upper thighs, and Alice’s breath hitched in anticipation.

“Are you sure a sweet girl like you wants to do such naughty things with a man who had already planned on stealing her away tonight?” Seth eyed her darkly.

“What were you planning?” she asked eagerly.

“I was going to take a walk with you in the gardens and find a nice dark corner,” said Seth. “And if you seemed receptive, I would have made you my woman right there.”

Her insides fluttered at those honeyed words. Seth gently brushed against her outer lips.

“And if someone would have walked by?” Alice’s heart rattled imagining the scene.

“And saw us doing what?” Seth asked.

“If they saw us with your cock deep inside of me?” she trembled.

“Then, I would finish my business of course,” he grinned wickedly. “Whether they watched or not. Now you know what a naughty boy I really am.”

He spread her folds and gazed at her intimate parts. “I hope you don’t regret, going off with me now.”

“Oh Seth,” she sighed. “If you are a naughty boy, then I am your naughty girl. Please take me.”

“As you wish, my sweet,” the smile Seth gave her could have been classified as innocent if it wouldn’t have been the moment before his tongue lapped at her clit.

Alice cried out in pleasure, clenching her skirts between her fists. Seth emitted a pleased hum as his tongue darted over the sensitive bud.

“Mmm,” her head lolled back. “I love you, Seth.”

“You can drop your skirts, honey,” he said. “I want you to be comfortable.”

She released her grip on the fabric and it fell over Seth’s shoulders. Alice’s face contorted in bliss as he pleasured her underneath the dress. She stroked her exposed nipples, chasing the intense pleasure coiling in her belly.

The muffled music from the party and the ticking clock merged with Seth’s voracious slurps between her legs.

“Seth!” her eyes squeezed shut, and she pinched her nipples tightly.

Her eyes widened again as she climaxed against her lover’s mouth. Alice was certain she would have fallen to her knees if Seth’s hands hadn’t swiftly gripped her hips. The man re-emerged from the lush fabric with his eyes half-lidded in satisfaction.

“That was probably the sweetest treat I have ever tasted,” said Seth licking her flavor from his lips.

Alice blushed as she regained her breath. Seth’s hands remained on her bare hips, and his thumbs massaged circles on her flesh.

“You can have the next treat now, if you like,” she looked down shyly.

She leaned close against his ear and whispered a secret.

“I am honored,” Seth smiled gently. “Are you sure I am the one you want to give something so special to, sweetie?”

“Yes,” Alice smiled. “I have made up my mind.”

Seth kissed her fervently. Alice wrapped her arms around his neck and surrendered to his passionate caresses. His tongue was in her mouth when she heard the metal clang of his belt opening and his trousers unzipping.

“I hope you enjoy your treat as well, Alice,” he gave her lips another peck.

Alice glanced down and her eyes widened.

“You’ve brought me such a big treat,” she said.

His flushed erection rested against her skirt. Alice reached down and retracted the head of his member from its sheath. Her thumb brushed its base, and Seth gasped softly.

“It’s a good thing that I have more than one pair of lips to devour it,” she teased.

“Oh, my sweet Alice,” Seth laughed.

Alice shrieked in delighted surprise when Seth hoisted against the wall.

“Seth,” she wrapped her arms around his neck and blushed. “You’re so strong.”

His length brushed between her folds as he searched for his intended trajectory.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts,” Seth whispered gently.

Their bodies were so close that Alice could hear his heart rattling against her chest. They would be even closer yet. Seth shifted his grip on her body and guided her legs around his waist.

“Relax your lower body for me, sweetheart,” he instructed.

She closed her eyes. The tip of his member slipped in.

“Good girl,” Seth’s lips reunited with hers.

Alice whined against his mouth as his cock slowly stretched her. She trembled against him when he entered her completely.

“Still okay?” he asked.

“Y-yeah,” said Alice. “It feels a little strange, but I like it.”

“Your insides are giving me such a sweet embrace, Alice,” he nuzzled his nose against hers affectionately.

“Y-you can start moving,” her heart fluttered in anticipation.

Seth granted her request and rutted into her heat at a steady pace. The tight lust began to coil in her belly once more, but the building tension was intensified by his intrusions. Alice’s lips parted, and she glanced at her lover’s face of concentration. Another wave of heat flooded her chest when she realized that Seth was moving his hips to the pace of the waltz that was playing on the other side of the door.

“You’re still dancing with me, Seth,” her fingers gripped his shoulders.

“I l-love dancing with my sweet girl,” he panted.

“And I love you,” said Alice.

Seth’s brown eyes widened, but Alice pressed her tongue between his lips before he could respond. The blue-haired man closed his eyes and relaxed into the kiss.

A faster dance began to play, and Alice felt her lover smile against her lips. Alice’s eagerness made it easy for Seth to increase the pace of his passionate ministrations, and she blushed when their dance began to make its own music. The wet slaps soon overpowered the sound of the ticking clock, and it wasn’t long before Alice could only hear their joining.

“Oh, Alice,” Seth panted in her ear.

“SETH!” Her toes curled inside her heels.

She arched her spine into his thrusts.

Seth swore under his breath and flipped Alice’s position so that her hands were resting on the wall and her feet were on the floor. When he reentered her, Alice wailed from the pleasant stimulation of the deeper angle.

“S-seth,” Alice bit her lip. “I am going to be really loud if you do it to me like this.”

“Good,” he grinned.

His fingers tightly gripped her soft hips, and heated gasps escaped his parted lips as he intently rutted. Alice called out his name so loud, she was sure the entire gathering could hear it. She was sure anyone near the door could hear the unmistakable lewd smacks of Seth chasing her tight heat. Alice’s breasts wobbled with his relentless thrusts, and her eyes watered from the intensity of the new sensations and her feelings for Seth.

“SETH!” She wailed. “I’M-!”

“Come for me, Alice,” Seth panted.

“SETH!” her head flew back.

Her climax brought Seth closer to his own release, and the glassware shelf rattled precariously as he pounded into her.

“Alice!” Her name poured from his lips as Seth released deep inside of her.

Fighting the urge to collapse over her back, Seth sunk to the floor, guiding Alice to rest in his lap. He paused to regain his breath, and Alice buried her head against his chest. He wrapped his arm around her before he heard her sniffle.

“Are you crying?” Seth asked in dismay. “Was I too rough?”

Alice shook her head. “You were perfect.”

Seth adjusted the top of her dress to cover her breasts and stroked her back soothingly.

“Then why are you crying?” He brushed a tear from her cheek.

“Because I’m happy, and you’re wonderful,” Alice smiled. “All of those feelings were overwhelming.”

Seth eyed her tenderly. “I love you, Alice.”

She blushed. “I love you too, Seth.”

“What would you like to do now, my sweet?” Seth brushed a loose hair from her face.

“Maybe we could go for a walk in the gardens,” she said. “And do some more dancing later.”

“What kind of dancing do you mean?” The hungry glint returned to his eyes.

“The kind you’re thinking of,” she grinned.

Alice gripped his face and kissed him hard. The ticking of the clock sounded loud again.

Amused looks followed the gleeful lovers when they reemerged from the parlor only to disappear again into the gardens. The moon was bright, and Alice and Seth had all night to dance.