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A Love So Right

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I can't keep this from Reade..every time I do that: I wrong?, Zapata argues.

It's just a KISS-nothing else HAPPENED, Jane points out. Sometimes there are things our Men just
shouldn't KNOW.

Fucking KEATON!, Patterson snarls. NOT victim-blaming, but-is there anything he might
have mis-interpreted? Before you start 'throwing shit', this is BIG, and we should look at all angles before
you talk to Reade.

You mean just being a WOMAN?, Tasha spits, stung by her Friend's earlier remark.

Men ARE pretty dense...most of them have never been called out on their behavior, and don't even realize what
they're doing...AGAIN, not victim-blaming, so can we drop it?

Tasha, it's really up to you. You didn't solicit the kiss, it sounds to me that he kinda stole it...make sure
Reade hears THAT part.

Tasha, firmly: I'm telling him.

Jane and I support you, OK? Your Man is reasonable and understanding-you're 'getting out in front of it';
it's not as if you're explaining after the fact. Definitely tell.