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Halloween Special

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Halloween wasn’t a thing Aizawa enjoyed very much. Although trick or treating wasn’t a common practice in Japan, many of his students still liked to annoy the staff with loud parties and the occasional knock at the door. If he or anybody else chose to answer they’d be met with laughter and ironic screams of “trick or treat” in English heavily accented from exhaustion and/or alcohol. If he expected the latter, he slammed the door and started devising a terrible lesson plan for the following day.

Legend says the last class to get drunk had to run 100 laps the next day without the use of their quirks. They were all late to their next class, except for those who were too hung over to show up in the first place.

They got buckets of ice water dumped on them in bed, and then laps the next morning.

Needless to say he wasn’t fond of the holiday.

But Eri was.

Where she had heard about it from first, he didn’t know. Maybe she had asked Midoriya about the pumpkin stickers littering the windows of the girl’s dorms, or maybe she saw it in one of her books. Either way, she knew, and she was all for it.

Aizawa tried to talk her out of it, protesting that she can’t stay up past her bed time, or that there would be things too scary for her to see. But to his dismay she didn’t care.

So, on a Wednesday night when he should have been grading papers, he instead found himself sitting at his desk simultaneously threading a needle and watching a “how to” video on sewing costumes. The whole time Eri sat on the ground by his chair, bouncing between a toy to him, watching what he was doing with staggering interest.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making your Halloween costume.”

She stood on her tip toes and rested her chin on the rim of the desk.

“What is it?”

“Well,” he paused the video and swiped at the screen. “You said you wanted to be a butterfly right?” The little girl nodded. “So I’m trying to put this together...” spinning slightly as to not knock her over with his legs Aizawa turned around and held the front of the tablet towards her.

On the screen there was a child not much older than Eri in pink leggings under a tutu and a black long sleeve top with rainbow wings coming off the arms and attaching back down to the sides. On her head was a head band with Pom Pom antennas. It looked simple enough to do, but was still adorable and unique.

“Wow! That’s gonna be me?” She asked, bouncing on her toes and looking up with excitement.

“Hopefully. If I can figure this out.”

“And we’ll get candy?”

He sighed.

“Yes. We’ll get candy.”

“Deku said on Halloween they eat candy apples! Like at the festival! Can we get some?” Cursing as he stitched from the wrong side, Aizawa set the wings down and gave the questioning girl a small smile.

“Would that make you happy?”

“Yes yes yes!”

“Then I’ll make sure we get some.”




The costume ended up better than expected. It was a little crooked on the stitching, and one wing was longer than the other, but still better than expected.

To make things even better, he found a kids carnival online that would be perfect for Eri. Small, calm, but fun and filled with games and other kids. So, after helping her get dressed and taking some pictures, they were ready to go. But, as Aizawa draped his unzipped sleeping bag over his head and pocketed his phone, he heard heavy wind blow rain against the apartment windows.

“Shit.” Running to the glass panels he looked out at the grey sky that was orange just ten minutes ago. “Shit shit shit.” He glared at the rain. His phone buzzed.

It was an email from the park putting on the carnival. Due to heavy showers incoming the celebrations had been canceled.

As he was about to curse again, he felt a small tug on his pant leg.

“Dad? Are we going?” Her eager face had turned scared, as though she knew something was off but didn’t understand the full weight of the situation.

“Eri,” he crouched down to her level and placed a hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry but-“ he was cut off by a knock at the door. Both heads turned towards the entry way before the tired man went to open it.

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” cheered several teenagers.

“Problem child?”

“Deku!” Eri chirped while squeezing her head between her father’s hip the the door frame.

“Hi Er-chan. Or is that really you? Last time I checked Eri was a little girl, not a butterfly.” She laughed and pushed through so he could embrace her. Next to him Ida and Uraraka cooed over the tiny girl and happily commented on her costume; only stopping when their teacher cleared his throat.

“Not that I don’t love the company,” he started in a voice too monotone to pick up the sarcasm that was probably meant by it, “but what are you all doing here?”

“Well,” the girl dressed like a witch said, “we thought, since it’s Eri’s first Halloween at UA, we’d give her the best one yet!” It was just then Aizawa noticed she was using her quirk to float on a broom stick.

“Really?” Eri asked with excitement, bouncing in the young hero’s hold.

“Of course!”

“I appreciate what you kids are doing, but have you looked outside recently?” As if on cue thunder rolled over the dulcet hum of the rain.

Eri wiggled out of Midoriya’s arms and joined her father’s side again as Ida spoke up proudly as ever.

“We thought of that sensei! Just follow us!”

Skeptically, he complied. Holding his little butterfly’s hand they went to the student dorm hall where they were met with black lights, plastic pumpkins, and little stars strapped in bulbs lining the doors.

“Go knock on a door Eri, and when they answer shout, trick or treat!” Midoriya said cheerfully, coming down to the little girl’s level and placing a gentle hand on her back.

She looked up at her dad for reassurance, so he let go of her hand and nodded her on.

Hesitantly she went to the wildly decorated door on her left and knocked once.

There was a quick barrage of whispers before Kirishima and Kaminari happily threw open the door. Behind them Bakugou leaned against the wall with an indigent look on his face, however you’d have to really be paying attention to him to miss the two teens dressed up and holding out a bowl of candy. Kaminari had on a Pikachu onesie while Kirishima twined with Bakugo, boasting a red hiding hood costume to go with his wolf.

“Trick or treat!” She said unsure of her words

“Happy Halloween Eri!” They shouted together before Kiri added “You look awesome!”

Eri was shocked, but amused as she laughed at their behavior costumes.

“You guys look silly!”

Kaminari did a mock gasp,

“You wound me Eri!” Everyone laughed until suddenly the boys remembered what Eri was there for.

“Here, have some candy!” Kiri held out a giant fist full of colorful treats, and Eri eagerly cupped her hands to accept them. The boys then waved goodbye and closed the door amongst a flurry of high-fives.

“Here Eri,” her dad offered as he handed her the bag he almost forgot he had over his arm. “You can put your candy in here.”

“Thank you Daddy!”

“How could we have forgotten a bag for her!” Ida asked himself with more shame than the situation was worth. Aizawa shook his head.

“Alright Eri-Chan, lets go to the next one!” Ochaco cheered and all the kids ran off.

That night Eri collected a full bag of candy, and filled both of Aizawa’s pockets with her overflow.

When they went through all the halls the night ended with a little party in the common room where everyone played and ate until Eri fell asleep on the couch.

After helping with the clean up, Aizawa scooped Eri into his arms and called to his students.

“I don’t say it often enough, but thank you. Tonight you helped give Eri a happy holiday and we’re very generous in everything you did. So thank you.”

The students were shocked by this, and it took a moment for someone to speak up.

“No problem Sensei. We love Eri and are happy to help out.” Midoriya stuttered, searching for each word as it came.

“And~ because of how amazing we were, you should totally cancel tomorrow’s quiz!” Mineta cooed hopefully, only to get a stoic No as the man carried his daughter home.

She woke up when they got through the door, and looked tiredly at Aizawa with a smile on her face.

“Did you have a good Halloween sweetie?”

“Mhm. Can we do it again tomorrow?”

“Hmm. Enticing proposal, but how about we wait until next year?” He joked. She thought for a moment and nodded excitedly.

“And next year you can dress up again with me!”


“Yup. This year you were a caterpillar, and next year you can be a butterfly too!”

It took the man a moment to understand what she was talking about, but when he got it, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. In fact, he laughed all the way through the living room and even after he had tucked Eri in and said goodnight. It wasn’t often he felt so jovial, but his little butterfly always seemed to being out a different side of him. A happier side.

Munching on a homemade candy apple, he changed his phone’s wallpaper to the picture he took of Eri earlier, and got ready for bed; ready to sleep and dream of more days with firsts and fails to come. It was all a part of being a new dad.

And maybe he saved a few Pinterest ideas for next year’s costume...

Aizawa didn’t particularly care for Halloween, but Eri did. And now, he had a reason to look forward to it.