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November 3, 2018 – Saturday Edition – Yokohama Times
Dazai Osamu Attends Culture Day Event with Royal Sheep!

SPOTTED: Acclaimed hottie Ice King Dazai Osamu being cozy with the so-called Royal Sheep, Nakahara Chuuya. The two have arrived together in a glossy red Jaguar; they’ve been practically surgically attached by the hip, according to our sources! …Despite the fact that the two have never been spotted together before, given that they operate in very separate orbits. Dazai Osamu has never been with a date (or at least, not one that he hasn’t shot down quite coldly!) until tonight. It seems that the Culture Day Event at The Yokohama Bay Hotel has just gotten steamier!

Is Dazai Osamu interested in rehabilitating the black sheep of the royal family? Or are they actually… dating?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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meguminator25 mins ago
have u forgotten about Dazai-sama’s dates for the Christmas Special, Snow Queen Showing, COLORS Event??? Dazai-sama loves ladies & he’s loved by us all ok

my name is akutagawa prepare to die20 mins ago
interviews where dazai osamu says that he’s not dating any of them

cult-ure12 mins ago
a link too, bec it looks fun!
also, they look good together – they have matching outfits!

— — —

Nov 15, 2002

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [The only gift I’ll ever need. For now.]

1The photograph is of a bookmark, framed. There’s a pressed chrysanthemum on the top part. There’s a quote running in the middle: 汚れちまった悲しみは 倦怠のうちに死を夢む2
2sorrow already spoiled, in languor dreams of death

— — —

November 4, 2018
Yokohama Bay Hotel


Nakahara Chuuya – the one not-so-affectionately called the ‘black sheep’ or ‘royal sheep’ by the media – groans and kicks and complains about the rude awakening. While this is hardly new, given that it’s been two freaking years, it’s still super annoying.

“Come on~~~♪” The voice comes from somewhere uncomfortably close. Chuuya screws his eyes stubbornly shut, even though he can already feel the harsh glare that can only come from curtains unceremoniously swished open to invite the assault from sunlight. “I got you this lovely hotel room, the least you could do is appreciate it!”

“I’m too fucking hungover for this.” Despite his dry mouth and itchy throat, Chuuya’s complaint comes through with surprising coherence. “Let me sleep in, you bastard.”

“Nuh-uh, no can do! What’s the point of having this nice, panoramic view of the Yokohama Bay if you’re just gonna be lazy?”

“I definitely don’t want to hear about laziness from someone like you.” Chuuya feels the mattress dip, then a warm, almost ticklish breath over his forehead. “Also, who the fuck told you to reserve an expensive Bay Club Floor Suite?!”

“I did not – I just got us a 22/F Grand Corner Suite!”

“So I’m supposed to be grateful for your restraint, is that it.”

“Of course!” Dazai’s lips brush over Chuuya’s forehead, then at the scrunch between his eyebrows. “Chuuya is actually super-lucky, for he has someone like me, a true angel who’s doing all of this work, pro-bono!”

Without waiting for Chuuya’s response, he continues: “After all, I’m your live-in manager, muse, critic and housewife!”

Despite the strange sloshing inside Chuuya’s head, he flicks a finger over Dazai’s nose, something that he manages to do spot-on, even though he hasn’t cracked his eyes open. “You’re the shittiest manager, you’re definitely not my muse, you enjoy putting people down too much to be an objective critic and I’d rather jump from this building than have you as my housewife.”

“Well, what kind of service did you expect from someone working pro-bono?”

“I didn’t actually hire you.”

“Details, details~♪”

Dazai Osamu waves off his concerns with a flutter of his hands. The same hands then cup Chuuya’s cheeks, gently, softly, before they pinch. Hard.


“It’s Dazai-sama’s special good morning service!”

“You’re fired!”

“Would you fire someone as cute as me so early in the morning? How heartless!”

“You’re not—wait, early?!” Chuuya wrenches his eyes open to glare at Dazai. “Why the fuck are you waking me up if it’s early, you asshole!”

Dazai beams at him, all cheerful, shiny innocence. “So you can enjoy the nice view of our hotel room! Even if you had too much fun drinking all of the sake samples from last night’s event!”

Chuuya’s lips twitch at that, all unimpressed wryness. “…so this is revenge for last night, huh.”

“Hmm, it’s not like I’m pissed that Chuuya denied our close kinship to the reporters or anything!”

Chuuya rolls his eyes and promptly regrets that impulsiveness. But then, despite Dazai’s misgivings about last night, the bedside table has a flower vase filled with fresh white and red chrysanthemums, a fruit bowl filled with in-season persimmon (both types, because Chuuya enjoys the jelly-soft, but astringent shibugaki, but also appreciates the crisper, sweeter type), two bottles of mineral water and a bottle of aspirin. The most effective combo against headaches from hangovers.

“…right, you’re the best ever,” Chuuya mumbles, but his sarcasm is tapered by his sleepiness and the fact that Dazai beams at him, one hand ready to shove a slice of persimmon between his lips.

— — —

 — — —

— — —

November 5, 2018

“Eh, is that what you’re going with?”

Chuuya blinks and looks down at his outfit, a bit confused. “What’s wrong with this?”

“Are you trying to camouflage yourself on the brick warehouse’s paint?” Dazai sighs and shakes his head, as though he’s bearing such incredible burden in the form of Chuuya’s hopeless fashion sense. “It’s not as though you’re very noticeable to begin with… and I guess that’s better than dressing like a newborn turtle like last time…”

Before Chuuya can dropkick Dazai for his insane words, a voice cuts in, amused by their antics: “It’s a good thing, then, Dazai-san, that you’re not going to the event at the Red Brick Warehouse!”

Another voice joins the conversation, punctuated by coughs: “Dazai-san. Here’s the itinerary, the list of guests, the list of entrances and exits, as well as the other codes you requested.”

“Ah, Akutagawa-kun, you’re so reliable!” Dazai practically skips towards Akutagawa to get the aforementioned requests – though why Dazai is treating all these events like a battlefield, Chuuya can never understand. “Unlike Atsushi-kun who’s going through his rebellious phase… ah, kids these days, really…”

Atsushi scrunches his nose, taking a huge side-step so that he’s nearer to Chuuya and farther away from his boss. “I’m not too sure I want you to be my father, in that case…”

“Hear that, Akutagawa-kun? Ah, you’re the only one who cares for your father…”

“I thought you were the housewife?” Chuuya rejoins their conversation, taking pity on Akutagawa who’s turning dangerously pale. He’s either hyperventilating from all of his dreams coming true unexpectedly – or yes, that’s it.

Dazai’s eyes sparkle. There’s no other word for it.

“Chuuya!” Lightning-quick, Dazai runs to Chuuya, caging him by the ribs and squeezing the breath out of him. “I knew you’d finally come to your senses! Even if you have very bad fashion sense!”

“Let… me… go…”

“Dazai-san. Chuuya-san’s going to die.”

Atsushi pats Akutagawa on his shoulder, laughing when his fellow assistant just glares at him for daring to touch him so familiarly in public. “Chuuya-san’s stronger than that, but it’s going to wrinkle his clothes.”

“It’s not like he could make his public image worse, anyway!” Dazai, uncaring that Chuuya’s practically frothing at the mouth to escape from his very handsy embrace, simply hugs Chuuya tighter. “Ahh, I can just see what kind of rumors they’d spread this time! I wonder how they’d insult Chuuya this time!”

“…it’s not like you’d allow anyone to get away with insulting Chuuya-san…”

“Eh, did you say ‘Dazai-san is so wonderful!’, Atsushi-kun?”

“Sure, Dazai-san, let’s go with that.”

— — —

— — —

— — —

— — —

— — —

November 6, 2018

“Are you still moping?”

“I’m not moping,” Chuuya says mopingly, as he mopes quite dramatically on the couch. “Leave me alone, damn it.”

“Ha-ha-ha, the unfunniest joke I’ve ever heard from you, chibi.” Dazai kicks at Chuuya’s legs hanging over the couch. “Do you think I can ever leave you alone?”


“I told you to never browse the internet without me,” Dazai murmurs as he kneels on the carpeted floor, so that he can comfortably nuzzle at Chuuya’s ear. He’d usually prefer to rub their noses or foreheads together, but since Chuuya’s face-down on the couch, it can’t be helped. “You get riled-up by those so-called critics so easily.”

“You’ve basically told me to never do anything without you.” Chuuya’s complaint is muffled by the sofa cushions.

“And when have I ever been wrong, Chuuya?”


“So, which one is it, this time?” Dazai asks, like he’s asking for Chuuya to pass the salt, or something equally mundane. “I’ll crush them.”

Chuuya sighs, but knows that Dazai’s not kidding. Unlike the people who surrounded him as he grew up, Dazai doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It’s annoying, in a way, because he still has his pride, even as the illegitimate son in the great veins of the Imperial Family. It’s freeing, most of the time. “It’s true though. I know Hirotsu-san went around and bought copies of my books.”

“Hirotsu-san’s too old to buy all of the copies, you know.”

“But they’re just buying it because I’m connected to the Imperial Family.”


“So—?! You—!!”

“They bought it, still.” Dazai hums, then dumps something all over the back of Chuuya’s head. It smells sweet, but not sweet enough to feel suffocating. “And they read your words.”

“…and then they accuse me of sprinkling drugs on my books.”

Dazai’s laughter is warm against Chuuya’s ear, dislodging some of the chrysanthemum petals that are now entangled with Chuuya’s hair. “Don’t forget the accusations that you’re a witch using some kind of black magic.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“And again, so? So what if it’s magic?” Dazai moves closer, congratulating himself for the good choice in picking out the flowers that compliments the smell of Chuuya’s shampoo. “As long as you’re writing what you want, doing what you want, isn’t it fine?”

“What a slack worldview,” Chuuya mumbles, tensing a little bit when Dazai tickles the back of his ear. “Just because you’re—”

“Amazing? Wonderful? The best HSK?”

Chuuya snorts, lifting his head and shifting so he can laugh directly at Dazai’s face. “You’re definitely not a good boyfriend-material.”

“I’m making you a flower-crown right now!”

“And that helps how?” Chuuya scrunches his nose a little bit. “Also, you just dumped a bouquet’s worth of flowers on my head, you bastard.”

“It’s two bouquets, chibikko.”

Dazai’s smiling though, in a way that’s so different from the stiff-faced expressions on his previous bodyguards and managers, in a way that’s so different from the Dazai in the TV Interviews whenever he’s asked to talk about his own work and life. Dazai, the one who lets him see all these sights that he’s never seen before.

“…So?” Dazai asks, staring at him with such laser-like focus that Chuuya’s surprised that he’s hasn’t been burned off. “What else are you moping about?”

“I’m not—” Chuuya gets cut off when Dazai unceremoniously places a flower petal over his mouth. “…that stupid tarot reading, okay, I know it’s stupid, but—”

“Self-awareness is a wonderful thing,” Dazai says with a boyish grin that’s one of the main reasons why he maintains such a strong fanbase, despite the fact that he’s an asshole and isn’t afraid to let it show. It takes Chuuya’s breath away. “So what if you get a bad reading? Maybe Death is just a sign that you need to include character deaths in your work. Or add skeletons. Or have some ride a horse.”

“…I’m not killing off everyone in my novel. I’m not like you.”

“I doubt anyone’s like me, really.”

“Thankfully.” Chuuya closes his eyes because Dazai’s sparkling at him again. It’s weird to find someone with Dazai’s attitude to be brighter than the sun, but he is, especially when he’s with Chuuya. It makes Chuuya feel—almost, just a tiny, little bit happy. Especially if he compares it to how Dazai treats others. “The world’s doomed if there’s more like you.”

“Uh-huh, and it means more competition too.”

“ what happened to being confident in your body of work?”

“Eh, I can crush my competition there, easily.” Dazai cups his cheek, before the hand slides lower, until it’s cradling the curve of his neck instead. There’s a pinch of pressure, so Chuuya lifts his head a little bit. “By the way, I found this. It’s a shame to throw it away, so I’m giving it to you. I’m being generous, so make sure you wear it all the time. And take care of it. But don’t like it more than you like me, okay?”

Ignoring Dazai rattling off all these nonsensical instructions, Chuuya blinks and tugs at the necklace that somehow found itself around his neck. It has a fairly long chain, makes it easier to wear inside his outfits without alerting anyone else to its presence. There’s a small pendant in the middle, made of three colored stones that seem to shine at him. Orange, pink and blue. It’s an odd color combination, but since it’s a gift from Dazai, that level of weirdness is nothing unexpected.

“Topaz that are naturally pink or blue are very rare, so take care of it, ne?” Dazai’s still mumbling all these things, as he guides Chuuya’s hands in exploring the pendant’s surface. Given that it’s a fairly small pendant though, they mostly just end up holding hands. “Topaz is supposed to cure lunacy, relieve thirst, prevent premature death, remove greed, cure insomnia, balance emotions, cure depression…”

“…you’re calling me insane?!”                                

Dazai sighs, lifting one hand to flick Chuuya’s forehead. “I’m calling you dense.”

Chuuya rolls his eyes as he shifts to a more comfortable position, more of the petals falling from his hair. “How much do I owe you for this?”

“It’s not like I bought it, so… hmm…” Dazai adopts an exaggerated thinking pose, rubbing his chin with his free hand. “Let’s see… How about just a kiss?”

Chuuya stares for a moment, before he returns the forehead-flick. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been keeping up on the strength training that was required of him when he was young (since he’s just an illegitimate son, there’s no point in wasting bodyguards on him, so he had to learn for his own sake) – Chuuya’s still much stronger than Dazai, so there’s a pinkish bruise on Dazai’s forehead after.

“In your dreams, bastard.”

“Yes, yes, in my dreams, certainly… ah since it’s fall, why won’t you fall for me already…”

— — —

Nov 06, 2018

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [chuuya looks like an idiot, being so happy with the matcha, he’s even blushing from delight, i should have called for the police so they can arrest him for being so cute, but who am i kidding, they’d probably get done in too]

— — —

Nov 06, 2018

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [chuuya looks like a Mess, all those flowers in his hair, what is he, a fairy?! a wood nymph?! he’s more suited to a dwarf (Grumpy?) but maybe like this, he could be thumbelina instead? also, i wonder if he’s noticed that the chain is long enough to wrap around both of our necks? probably not, because he’s an idiot.]

— — —

Nov 06, 2018

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [before & after of the Tarot Card Reading booth. oh, there’s no after? hmm i wonder why]

— — —

Oct 31, 2017

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [chuuya falling asleep while packing for our kyoto trip, how is his drooling face still so lovely, i’m blessed to have this sight all to myself]


— — —

— — —


Nov 01, 2017

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [licking off the sticky mochi from chuuya's hands--- he’s still blushing from having to hold on to me so we don’t get separated during the parade ♥]

— — —

Nov 02, 2017

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [i've never seen chuuya this happy – maybe i should buy everything from this book market…]

— — —

[at-sushi] :: Dazai-san, you actually whisked Chuuya-san off to a two-week honeymoon, you’re so sneaky!!!
[at-sushi] :: I still can’t believe Chuuya-san actually believed this is for writing research…
[at-sushi] :: Wait, you have an interview today!!!!!!! DAZAI-SANNNNNN
[at-sushi] :: Oh, thank you for the pictures of drooling Akutagawa, I’ll handle everything else – please enjoy your honeymoon with your oblivious wife!

— — —

Nov 10, 2017

🔒 Dazai Osamu posted a photo.
🔒 Dazai Osamu added a caption: [chuuya in a geisha’s costume--------------------------- this festival is amazing]

— — —

— — —

November 15, 2018

Chuuya’s sipping at his coffee as he waters the red-and-white chrysanthemums that Dazai seems to be collecting rather enthusiastically. He’s happy to add this to his morning routine, the chore a good way to relax before he starts writing. He usually avoids within ten steps of Dazai’s study – a dark place filled with cursed tomes, if his assistants are to be believed – but there’s a vase of chrysanthemums on the end table beside the doorway. He quite likes the flowers, if only because of such aggressive exposure therapy due to Dazai showering him with messily-made flower crowns every so often, and he doesn’t want to see them wilt due to his personal misgivings.

That’s the only reason he approaches, but as he’s watering the plants, he hears sounds of conversation from beyond the slightly-ajar door. It’s a mixture of two familiar voices – something that shouldn’t be surprising given that he lives with Dazai and is therefore attuned to his voice. But the surprising thing is that the second voice doesn’t come from either of his assistants.

“—spoiled him, Dazai-kun.”

“But I enjoy spoiling him sweet.”

Despite the sweet words, Dazai’s tone is icy. Chuuya breathes in, unable to move from his spot.

“This is hardly freeing him.”

“This is better than the cage he was in.” Dazai argues with an equally cutting tone. “Even if you insist in making sure that his books are all sold out so that he doesn’t, what do you call it, bring shame to the family name by indulging in some childish hobby.”

“Chuuya-kun may be an illegitimate son and have no succession claims, but he’s still royalty.”

Chuuya peeks in and sees Hirotsu-san, a golden pin of the Chrysanthemum Crest on his chest, as a sign of being the reliable steward of the Imperial Family. He feels a mixture of dread and anger – they’re not about to ask him to leave, are they? Chuuya’s hardly told Dazai that he’s enjoying this life with him, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t actually like this, like spending time with Dazai. He bites his lip as he debates whether to butt in, since they’re talking about him.

“Have you even read Chuuya’s writing?”


Chuuya blinks at the sudden question and he sees Hirotsu-san do the same. More than the confusion at the non-sequitor, Chuuya’s caught off-guard by the expression on Dazai’s face. Affection is the word that comes closest, but even Chuuya, who makes a living out of sharing words to his readers, is at a loss for the best word that can give justice to the way he’s smiling right now.

He doesn’t hear Hirotsu-san’s answer, but his breath catches when he witnesses Dazai’s next words.

“It’s naïve and idealistic, something that feels like a fairytale.” Dazai’s smile is a fond curve of a spoon that digs into Chuuya’s heart. “And it’s magical, passionate and full of life, just like a fairytale. It makes me feel happy that I’ve helped him out of the cage – and makes me want to be caged by him instead, forever.”

Chuuya presses his mug of now-lukewarm coffee against his chest, eyes wide.

— — —

[tiger balm] :: what did he give you this time
[tiger balm] :: OMG IS THAT A RING

[tiger balm] :: ah… just a pendant, he says
[tiger balm] :: looks pretty expensive
[tiger balm] :: that’s citrine right
[tiger balm] :: OMG “Merchant’s Stone”, associated with wealth, energy, happiness----oMG

[floofy yatsugare] :: Chuuya-san, please do let me know if you and Dazai-san finally end up being officially together, I have a bet to win.

[floofy yatsugare] :: What do you mean, you don’t understand? Did you think that Dazai-san had been flirting with you (and buying you all those gifts, holding your hands, sleeping in the same bed, amongst others Things) for the past two years to be Friendly? 

[tiger balm] :: whoa, i didn’t think you were this dense??? i actually pity dazai-san’s blue balls wow this is way too early for such feelings

[floofy yatsugare] :: Please pause your conversation with Atsushi, he’s going to get a concussion at this rate from so much face-palming.
[floofy yatsugare] :: I am aware of his flirting with me, please don’t lump me in the same level of denseness as you, Chuuya-san.

— — —

— — —

November 25, 2018

“Waaa~~~ I can’t believe Chuuya actually finished writing his book~~~”

“Urgh. You’ve been saying that for the past few weeks.”

“I can’t help it! I’m moved! Amazed! In awe!”

Chuuya rolls his eyes as he bumps their hips together, their elbows and hands linked so that they don’t get separated in the crowd of shoppers and tourists. Given that it’s the opening day to the Christmas Market at a popular attraction, it’s no wonder that the crowds are really filling up the place. It’s also no wonder that it means that Dazai has to wear his favorite disguise, so they can walk around without being buried in a pile of people.

Granted, authors aren’t really the type to be smothered in overzealous fans, but Dazai is different.

Chuuya spots a billboard that has Dazai’s picture in it, looking suave and cold as he’s wont to do whenever he’s photographed without Chuuya. Most authors (and even some actors) don’t have the amount of charisma and fans that Dazai has. Dazai Osamu: the genius who stands at the eternal #1 at the top of national and international booksellers, the multi-talented guy who roasts anyone and everyone, the arrogant guy who’s known to have refused working with anyone and everyone.

That Dazai.

That very same Dazai is clutching at their gloved hands, waving his free hand and pointing at this and that like an excited five year-old at a toy store.

“—so, this is a reward for me!”

Chuuya rolls his eyes. “Why is the reward for you?! I’m the one who wrote it!”

“But I’m your muse! Your editor! Your one and only!”

Chuuya rolls his eyes again and jabs his elbow against Dazai’s stomach, ignoring the resulting (exaggerated) moans of pain.

It is true though.

Dazai’s the inspiration for the main character of his latest novel. A misanthropic, lazyass genius who somehow saves an orphan and who somehow ends up saving multiple lives and quite possibly the world.

Half an hour later, they’re stepping away from a food stall after they’ve bought some chestnuts. Dazai’s hand-feeding the two of them, and Chuuya’s chewing when Dazai says, musingly, “I’m surprised that you ended the novel without any romantic pairings.”

“It’s not necessary in novels.”

Dazai chuckles at that. “It kind of is, in the genre you’re writing in.”

“Weren’t you the one who kept on saying I should go against the mold?”

“Like a true rebel,” Dazai agrees, pressing another chestnut to his lips. “But then again, Tsushima-kun doesn’t seem to be the type who’ll settle down. So he’ll probably end up old and alone, huh.”

Chuuya’s about to ask that they stop by a stall that sells drinks because his throat is a bit parched, but Dazai’s already handing him a bottle of flavored water. After taking a sip and handing the bottle back, Chuuya feels his heartbeat calm as they discuss his protagonist. “It’s not like he’s alone. He’s been with that friend of his, after all.”

“Baki-chan, ne?”


“Arahabaki is a mouthful,” Dazai complains. “Plus, really close friends give each other nicknames, right?”


“Don’t worry Chuuya, I call you ‘my darling Chuu-Chuu’ in my mind!”

“…Please don’t.”

“Hmm, so Tsushima-kun ends up spending the rest of his life with friends.”

“With ‘Baki-chan’.”

Dazai’s step falters for a moment. “…Just with Baki-chan?”

—Tsushima, who’s spent his teenage years with the god who’s been summoned to a human body. Tsushima, who’s spent a long chunk of his life teaching ‘Baki-chan’ what it means to live outside of a cage, outside of the pedestal he’s been placed in, what it means to live. Tsushima, who’s spent the last portion of the book risking his life to infiltrate the enemy camp, because he knows that even if he’s at the brink of death, he’ll be saved by ‘Baki-chan’, no matter what. Tsushima, who’s spent two chapters in near-death stasis until he’s found and dragged back to the world of the living by ‘Baki-chan’.—

Chuuya steers them towards the exit of the Red Brick Warehouse, so that they can have some measure of privacy. Dazai silently follows him, a minor miracle, really, because Dazai enjoys the sound of his voice, especially when he’s chattering about anything and everything.

When they reach a relatively empty area, they keep their hands linked together, standing in front of each other, even though Chuuya’s eyes are fixed on the coat buttons hiding Dazai’s collarbones from view.

“…Arahabaki… he’s learned a lot from Tsushima. About the world, about friends, about feelings. About courage. About… love.”

Chuuya lifts his face so that he can meet Dazai’s gaze. Those brown eyes look coffee-warm, like they’re sparkling.

“—Chuuya, you…”

Chuuya squeezes Dazai’s hands, because he needs to say this.

“I… wrote an extra epilogue. And it’s—”

He thinks of the two years they’ve had side-by-side, of the time they’ve co-existed as practically one organism under one roof, the two of them hopelessly intertwined. Of the hangover cures, of the shared vacations, of the photo albums filled with his pictures, of the lavish gifts, of the constant stream of flowers. A two-headed parasite that feeds on each other, a looping ouroboros of emotions, true soulmates as proposed by Aristophanes.

“—Tsushima and Baki-chan end up together.”

Dazai’s eyes are shining, with a thin sheen of tears. “Will I be the first one to read it?”

Chuuya nods. His hands feel too clammy inside his gloves, as they step further into each other’s personal space, as he stands on his tiptoes just as Dazai leans down, their cold foreheads touching at first, then their noses bumping against each other, until their smiles press against each other.

One kiss turns into two, into five, all too sweet, especially given that they’re still in public. They part but not by much, Chuuya’s nose pressing into Dazai’s collarbone after he finally undoes that button, Dazai’s hands wrapped tightly around Chuuya’s back, making them a strange bundle of blushing idiots wrapped in too-thick coats and even-thicker bubble of happiness.

“…I don’t want us to be caged by each other,” Chuuya murmurs, burrowing even closer into Dazai’s heated skin. “Let’s just… be together, Dazai.”

“Your wish is my command,” Dazai replies with a voice dripping with so much fondness, it’s a miracle they haven’t drowned yet, “…my prince.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“I knew Tsushima-kun felt too much like a Snow White waiting for his Prince so he’ll wake up!”

“You’re the shittiest Snow White.”

“So you finally admit that Tsushima-kun was based on yours truly?”

Chuuya flushes, but curls his fingers so he can hold onto Dazai’s back better. “Anyone with a shred of comprehension skill can figure that out, bastard.”

“…my prince is so romantic, I’m going to die!”

“Then perish.”

Dazai laughs and twirls them together. With an exaggerated wink, he says, “Only if you promise to wake me up with a kiss~♥”

“I’ll kiss you even if it’s not a life-or-death situation,” Chuuya starts to say, but he stumbles because Dazai freezes and— “Are you for real?! Did you really faint from that?! Stupid Dazai!”

— — —

An excerpt from Dead Apple, by Nakahara Chuuya:

—Tsushima, who’s spent his teenage years with the god who’s been summoned to a human body. Tsushima, who’s spent a long chunk of his life teaching ‘Baki-chan’ what it means to live outside of a cage, outside of the pedestal he’s been placed in, what it means to live. Tsushima, who’s spent the last portion of the book risking his life to infiltrate the enemy camp, because he knows that even if he’s at the brink of death, he’ll be saved by ‘Baki-chan’, no matter what. Tsushima, who’s spent two chapters in near-death stasis until he’s found and dragged back to the world of the living by ‘Baki-chan’.—

“I awaken to such a lovely sight.” How Tsushima’s able to muster such a dreamy, smooth tone despite being suspended in the brink of death for almost an entire day, he’d never understand. “Good morning, Baki-chan.”

“It’s not a good morning, idiot.” He bops the other’s head, careful to not put so much pressure that it knocks the other back into death’s waiting arms. “Also, keep calling me ‘Baki-chan’, already!”

“It’s such a cute nickname, though!” Tsushima blinks up at him, huge, doe-like eyes that are such an impossibility to reconcile with the man’s ruthless personality. “A cute nickname for my cute savior.”

“Stop flirting like a loose cannon and start to stand up already, damn it!”

Tsushima blinks again, fluttering his eyelashes in a way that he’s certain must be practiced. “But Baki-chan’s lap is so comfortable!”

“It is not!”

“How do you know?” Tsushima’s blink this time doesn’t look so cloyingly innocent. In fact, it looks downright murderous. “Has anyone else been resting on your lap?”

He snorts, flicking Tsushima’s nose so that he’ll stop glaring up at him for some nonsensical perceived slight.

“You’re the only one with such bad taste in hobbies.”

“You’re a hobby I’d like to do every day.”


Tsushima doesn’t end up leaving his lap until the fight is over, Tsushima’s plan orchestrated to perfection by the entire city.

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Nov 03, 2016

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November 15, 2002
Shichigosan Festival, Kyoto Imperial Palace

“…what does it mean?”

Nakahara Chuuya smiles as he holds the other kid’s hand, traces the kanji together.

“Sorrow already spoiled,” he breathes, their cheeks pressed against each other because they’re trying to hide from Chuuya’s handlers and more importantly, the scary Hirotsu-san. “In languor dreams of death.”

“And you wrote more of this?”

Chuuya nods enthusiastically, before remembering the manners practically drilled to his head. He starts to change his movements to something more refined and proper, but it’s hard, given that the other kid is staring at him with wonder.

“I want to see more of your poems!”

Chuuya tugs his newfound friend to his room in the Imperial Palace, but before they can reach his bedroom where he keeps his writings hidden (because his tutors want him to learn self-defense and maths and sciences and history instead and they’re so boring!), they’re stopped by Hirotsu-san looking down disapprovingly at them.

“Chuuya-sama, this place is off-limits for commonfolk.”

Chuuya pouts and tugs his newfound friend closer. “But he’s a friend!”

“And I’m not common!”

Hirotsu-san makes a gesture for the other bodyguards to pull Dazai away, ignoring Chuuya’s protests.

“W-Wait! At least! Let me give him something!”

Chuuya kicks at Hirotsu-san’s legs and bounds over to where Dazai is being forcibly escorted out, pressing a bookmark to his kimono. “W-We’ll meet again, okay?! You still have to read my other poems, right?!”

Dazai nods as well, sparkling eyes the last thing Chuuya sees until they’re separated.

(It will be ten years until they meet again, but—)

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Feb 13, 2019

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“My dearest, darling Chuuya~♥”

Chuuya groans as he’s quite rudely awakened by his husband. The exaggerated, obscene moaning by his ear is punctuated by random kisses and licks all over his face.

“Come on~~~♪ I got you this lovely breakfast in bed, the least you could do is appreciate it!”

Chuuya shakes his head, presses his cheeks against Dazai’s wandering lips. He keeps his eyes closed, even as his mouth curves to a smile at the other’s antics. The breakfast is probably burnt to a crisp and they’d probably have to actually walk around Yokohama sniffing for a good breakfast place, like some lopsided zombie-octopus hybrid, hungry and sleepy and so in-love, because Atsushi and Akutagawa have finally managed to escape from Dazai’s clutches so they could have a vacation together.

“Feed me,” is what he says instead, and his smile widens as he feels Dazai kiss him, breathe life and affection directly to his lips. He licks them once they part, their noses rubbing against each other as Dazai pins him down to the bed. “Mm, good morning.”

“Good morning, my dearest, darling Chuuya~♥”

It’s another good day.

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once I believed
love poems were foolish
now I read love poems
just for the sake of it

once I believed
love poems were foolish
yet now I do nothing
but dream about love

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• References!

November Symbolism

  • November’s birth flower is chrysanthemum. In hanakotoba, red chrysanthemum means ‘I love you’, while the white means ‘truth’. In Japan, the yellow chrysanthemum is a symbol of the imperial family/Emperor (e.g. the throne is also called the Chrysanthemum Throne & their symbol is called the Chrysanthemum Crest).
  • Persimmon / Kaki is in-season around November.
  • Tarot Cards Notes. Tarot Cards for November are Death (XIII) & Temperance (XIV).
  • Gemstones for November are Topaz and Citrine. Topaz Notes + the citrine pendant necklace.



  • HSK = high-spec kareshi (or: high-spec boyfriend, the boyfriend who’s the best at being a boyfriend LOL)
  • Soulmate concept by Aristophanes
  • “rather fall than go back to being alone” + “key in (Dazai’s) hands” are from Darkness My Sorrow
  • “because I trust you” + “dear prince” are from Dead Apple
  • the Tsushima (IRL Dazai’s initial name) + Baki storyline is wielded from Dead Apple & the soukoku LN
  • “once I believed love poems were foolish…” is from Exhaustion © Nakahara Chuuya