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Passenger One

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                Going against the flow, Tatsu made his way through Shibuya station towards his train, threading his way through the mass of people that were beginning their day, just as he was ending his. His job working third shift at an internet café, afforded him a different view of the daily life in a large city like Tokyo. As he was going home, worn and tired, he shared his train with others that were starting their day, some of them bright and alert, others just beat down by the daily grind. Thankfully for him, it's Friday. He can go home and lock himself away from society.

                Standing at his usual platform waiting for his train, Tatsu looked around at the people that were waiting with him. The same six or seven people that had been traveling the same route for years, yet not interacting with other passengers. As the train pulled into the station, Tatsu stepped to the side to let the incoming people get off the train. Business men, giggling students and shop workers, all pushed past Tatsu, in a rush to get to their destination.

                Taking his usual seat in a corner, Tatsu watched the other passengers board the train. They were all there; the two construction workers who always told lewd jokes to each other. The tall handsome business man with the long hair. The flamboyant shop worker and the only other night workers, two beautiful young men that worked at a host bar.

                Granted, these were the jobs that Tatsu had assigned his fellow passengers, jobs he thought they were fit for. In reality, he wasn’t sure about any of them, well except for the flamboyant shop worker, his persona screamed ‘trendy Harajuku shop’.

                Leaning back in his seat to get more comfortable for the forty-minute ride, he felt something poking him in the back, turning in his seat, he finds a small dark brown leather-bound book. There was no title or writing on the front, just a stamp of the letter K. Tatsu opened the book to find hand written pages, “A journal?” he whispered softly. He quickly snapped it shut, he shouldn’t be reading a stranger’s personal thoughts. Looking around at the other passengers, no one seemed to notice him or what he was holding in his hand.

                His curiousity getting the better of him, Tatsu opened to the first page, hoping to find the name or address of the owner. That’s not what he found. Reading the first sentence, he started to shake. Snapping the journal closed, he looked around again, the other people in the train car were oblivious to what he was doing. “Breathe, just breathe,” he thought. Deciding to take the journal with him, he slipped it into his bag, believing if he read some of the entries, he could discover who the owner was, and he would be able to return the lost book.

                That wasn’t what happened.