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Decency and the Sexual Frustration it causes

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      Lan Qiren wasn't quite sure how he had ended up in such an indignant position. One moment he was in his jingshi having a relaxing cup of tea and the next his face was being pushed down against the cool hardwood floor.


A small grunt escaped from his lips as he tried to turn his head. He wanted to see the foe that had managed to sneak into his quarters.


He strained his eyes to look up at the towering figure holding his head in place. His pupils dilated when those blood soaked eyes met his own. Their depth holding enough animosity to burn his retinas.


He could only scowl and rolled his eyes at the sight of the larger man that was clearly relishing in his discomfort. This may have been uncomfortable but he knew his life hadn't been put in any substantial danger.


Wen Ruohan may have been ruthless but lacking in control and composure were certainly not a flaw of his. His moves were calculated despite his ruthlessness and killing a master in the Gusu Lan sect for little reason, especially when Gusu had been relatively complacent, didn't quite seem like his style. 


His tyranny was structured and well thought out but above all predictable. This wasn't the time to that kind of move.


No, this was about something else. Animosity wasn't the only emotion that lit up his red irises like an inferno, they were also radiating with something much more primitive. Lust.


It sent shivers down his spine.


Wen Ruohan shifted his weight causing Lan Qirens head to practically meld to the floorboards.


He Grit his teeth. Partially in anger but mostly because he had only just realized how drastic a situation he was in.


Wen Ruohan had already slid his hand in between Qiren’s thighs. Not quite touching the bothersome erection that had begun to form. 


"Pressure in Gusu must really be building up. You seem ... Tense." His lips curve upwards parted slightly to reveal his canines. Like a smug lion taunting his prey before he violently rips out his innards. This was no different.


Lan Qiren would smack him if he wasn't so turned on by this. He hated to admit it but he hadn't been with anyone in over Ten years, and the idea of being taken by his old fling was was equally appealing as it was appalling.


 Wen Ruohan had always been a bit of a sadist. It was always apparent from how he was towards Lan Qiren in his youth to the way he treated his clan now. 


Attacking the younger of the two gusu leaders where he knew he was most vulnerable. It hadn't helped that back then Lan Qiren had it bad for him. 


Wen Ruohan let his hands slide further up his inner thigh, lightly grazing the hardness beneath his pristine robes. He grunted slightly at the sensation.


Evidently he still does.


As a youth Wen Ruohan had been similarly smug and domineering with the same graceful poise of nobility. Everyone was to fall in line with his will and controlling others was his specialty. 


Lan Qiren was no exception to this rule.


When The Wen Sect leader first came across Lan Qiren he expected him to bend to his will like everyone else. But Qiren was unwilling to trade his principles for the approval of Ruohan. 


This frustrated the young Wen leader as Lan Qiren opposed him at every turn. 


That didn't stop Wen Ruohan from disregarding him nor undermining Gusu's leadership.


He'd always mockingly ask why exactly the sect leader had not shown his face in over a year. Why Lan Qiren attended meetings in his place. He even dared questioned his authority to negotiate in his brothers place. 


There was always sort of an equilibrium of wills. Both of them were immovable object who refused to back down. Despite their Jabs at one another, neither really had the upper hand.


That was until the carpet was suddenly pulled out from beneath Qiren's feet.



Lan Qiren was discussing an issue with another clan leader after a meeting called by the Wen sect. The exchange wasn't supposed to last more than a few minutes, yet the leader of the small clan was very insistent he stay. 


And this man could talk.


It took over an hour before he was able to shake the man off his sleeve. He even had to lie, saying he was needed elsewhere. This wasn't good enough for the eager cultivator,though, as he demanded specifics.


"I'm due to meet sect leader Wen Ruohan, I have some sensitive issues I cannot disclose to go over with him."


The little twerp should have been thankful he was even dignified with a response. Instead he became more shameless and had the audacity to walk with him, trying to continue their previous chat.


Lan Qiren noticed quickly that he didn't actually know where he was going. So he slipped into one of the side rooms insisting that this was where he would meet the sect leader. 


"Ah but I'm sure I'll see you at the next meeting and we can continue our chat then!"


God, he hoped not. 


Qiren only politely nodded and closed the door behind him. He took a second to sit down after such an exhausting conversation. The new generation were becoming more rowdy and unruly with every passing year.








A strange sound was coming from the room next door.


There was a door connecting the two rooms and Lan Qiren curiosity was getting the best of him. It was clearly rude to snoop, and it was already bad enough he had ended up in some random room along the estate, but now he was going to actively investigate a strange noise? 


He slid it open just enough to be able to peer inside. And at first it looked to be your average living quarters, but as his eyes focused on the bed he realised there were In fact two people on it. Clearly in the midst of a passionate exchange. 


The woman raised her hands up to wrap them around broad shoulders but was quickly stopped as someone pushed her hands back down onto the wood surface. 


She whined a little but eventually her whining turned into unabashed and loud moans of pleasure. 


Lan Qiren was scandalized, he couldn't believe he had just peeked in on two people going at it. And even more scandalized that they were doing such a thing so near to a common room, where guests could come and go as they pleased. 


He just couldn't pull he gaze away. The man's viciously thrusted into her body, her squirming halting as she became limp with pleasure. She could barely speak, choking out a strangled,




The words hit the esteemed Lan like a truck. He felt a very familiar tension building within him. Similar to the headache that would form whenever talking to the arrogant prick but now the pressure was in his crotch, building up a pool of heat in his stomach. 


No, No, No! 


How could he be hard at a time like this? He needed to get out of here before the Wen clan leader noticed his presence, and then try not to think too hard about why this realisation had caused him to react in such a way. But by the time he had the chance to pull his prying eyes away from the scene. He was met with a pair of hypnotizing red orbs looking at him from the bed. His gaze locked on Lan Qiren as he continued to mercilessly pond into the woman. A small semi smirk graced his face as he finally came, making sure not to break eye contact as he did so.


And all Lan Qiren could do was watch in horror as the smugness once again consumed his features when he saw the straining in his robes. 


He quickly turned away, his face entirely red, and stormed off. Trying to pretend like he didn't just walk in on the sect leader pounding some nameless girl. 


Yet the tightness in his pants kept reminding him and It was really starting to annoy him. 




He had tried to ignore the incident for the most part, putting the it in the back of his mind as not to distract him from more important duties. Duties like maintaining the appearance and grace of the Gusu Lan sect after his brother had so promptly 'retired'. 


There were many questions concerning his elder brothers seclusion. Many of which he would sooner or later have to answer during the conferences' they held. 


Hopefully that way the host would stop providing an extra seat for his brother, the emptiness beside where he sat had always given him an odd pang in his chest. He missed his brother, he didn't need to be reminded of such while talking about politics.


Although his brother was not dead, he never really talked much to anyone outside a few Curt conversations discussing sect issues. Lan Qiren thought his brothers death was not too different from his current situation. And he couldn't help but feel resentful towards the woman who had taken that away from him. And now she had bared two children from which he now had to look after.


Not that looking after his nephew's bothered him, but he was not their parents. And to see both of their parents so unwilling to take care of them, he could only feel pitty for A-Zhan and A-Huan. Infact thinking about his brothers selfishness started to make him angry, a crease forming between his brow as his eyebrows tensed. 


He walked outside to get some fresh air and calm his temper a little bit. However before he got the chance to even breathe, a disciple rushed towards him clearly in a bit of a hurry to find him.


"S-senior Qiren!" The boy said as he stumbled to a stop at his feet. How unbecoming of a Gusu Lan disciple.


"Stand up straight, who taught you such poster? Do you take the sect rules for a joke? Running is clearly prohibited, you'll be copying virtue for such a rowdy and unbecoming appearance!" 


The disciple merely swallowed the saliva in his mouth and bowed in respect. 


"Forgive me, but sect leader Wen has requested a meeting with you next week." 


As if Lan Qiren's annoyance hadn't already been spiked by the disciples presence, now he had the Wen sect leader to worry about.


"Very well, clear my schedule to make room for a meeting with him." His voice more solemn as thoughts once again started to race at a mile a minute. It had already been over a month since the incident. Not to mention another meeting had just passed where Qiren thought Ruohan might've brought up the incident privately, afterwards. But when that didn't happen, he thought (hoped) that Wen Ruohan had just decided to push it aside and forget about it. He supposes he should have known better than to assume such an arrogant man would let this opportunity to rattle him, pass by. 




The scheduled visit had arrived sooner than he would've liked. The cloud recesses had been quite busy these past few weeks and before he knew it he was sitting at a table outside awaiting Wen Ruohan. 


It wasn't long before the sect leader of the Wen clan had made his way up the pathway, two lackey following in his wake. 


He stopped abruptly raising a single hand silently, the two men beside him walking back down the path.


Wen Rouhan then turned his attention to the elegant man in white robes. Seating himself across the table from him. 


The Wen sect leader had a gaze that was sharp and piercing, his presence was almost oppressive. He sat across that table as if he were high above Lan Qiren with a perfect posture and his chin tilted at an upwards angle ever so slightly. However his face remained neutral. No trace of the cocky smirk he had been flashed weeks ago. Perhaps this really was just sect business as usual. 


“Lan Qiren, It has been quite a while since I've had the honor of having a personal conversation with you. Not since adolecensce I believe.”


Qiren merely nodded in response and moved his hand up to stroke his beard. He was once again reminded that he had been forced to shave it off recently, after a particularly incompetent student from another sect had gotten sap in his goatee, forcing Qiren to shave it off completely. The reminder only proved to set him on edge even more. Stroking his beard was almost a stress reliever, it helped to calm his nerves and tame his temper. And here he was wracked with anticipation and yet his face clean shaven.


Surprisingly his anxieties were quickly washed away as the man across from him proceeded to discuss politics and the passive relationship between the gusu lan sect and Qishan Wen sect. Of course by passive he meant the Wen sect did whatever they wanted while gusu passively ignored it. But such was the nature of things. He was only happy that the conversation had not yet ventured into any personal matters


“So I heard that the Gusu Lan clan is renown for their principals of composure.”


There it was, the iron rod that he had been holding back all this time. Qiren could only sip his tea, trying not to crease his brow at this comment.


“Hm, yes.”


“ Your reputation also precedes you, as one of the best teachers in Gusu, I can only imagine you are one of the best examples of your clan's polite composure.”




“In Fact I was a little surprised when I saw you not a month ago near my servant's quarters. Your face was quite red, you must have done something truly strenuous that put you into such a state.”


Lan Qiren felt his eyebrows twitching violently finding it difficult to formulate a response. This man was taunting him on purpose. Trying to get under his skin. And it was working. Wen Ruohan truly had the upper hand in this situation, Lan Qiren was but an animal unable to evade capture.


 In response he merely continued to sip his tea quietly albeit with much more annoyance present on his face and the faint hints of embarrassment. 


Wen Ruohan clearly thought what he said had been adequate as he sipped his tea. The villainous smile not quite vanishing from his features. 


The tension filled silence was only bearable for a couple of minutes, eventually he could feel his stomach begin to churn at the thought of Wen Ruohan having the last word. 


"I was just surprised you stooped to sleeping with servant girl. I had always thought you'd think yourself above that."


The grip on Wen Ruohan's teacup become tighter. 


"And is it not just as unbecoming to snoop around The great Qishan Wen Sect uninvited!" 


Lan Qiren could not argue that it was not. He himself was ashamed he had been forced to wander the halls in order to shake some nameless cultivator off his sleeve. 


The Wen sect leader took in a small breath and regained his composure, looking towards Qiren with another devious smirk.


"Regardless of why you were there, I think the effect it had on you is the real pressing issue here." 


Qiren felt himself die a little inside. His embarrassing reaction was the exact last thing he wanted to discuss. 


Wen Ruohan stood up, his figure towering. The shadow he cast blocking Lan Qiren's view of the sun. 


He took pronounced steps towards the other man below him, looking down and smirking. 


"I didn't think it'd turn you on as much as it did, I have to admit I always thought you were above such indecency." 


Lan Qiren's eyes narrowed 


"You're insatiable. Your lust for power, people, control. There's no grace in your quenchless thirst."


Wen Ruohan only laughed at this. "You think I care what my servants think about me? So long as they understand their place, their opinions matter not." 


"Obedience comes with respect. I have no respect for a leader without digni-" 


He was on the ground, his robes making hard contact with the soft grass below him. A heavy weight on top of him. And two hands gripped onto the hem of his outer coat, pulling his face off the ground.


"You'll respect me whether you like it or not!" He practically spat.


His teeth were clenched and his face was pulled tight, a few wrinkles on his brow. Lan Qiren didn't even know it was possible for this ageless man to have so much as a blemish on his perfect skin. 

But here he was angered to the point of creasing. 




Their faces were quite close and he could feel hot breath on his face. He turned his head a little to avoid the searing gaze. 




The anger once again dissipated from his face and instead held a knowing look. He brought his hands down from where they had gripped his collar to the bulge that had begun to pierce through white pristine fabric. 


He was hard, rock hard, and he hadn't even noticed until those smooth long hands made contact with his own heated length. 


Needless to say he let out a very undignified yelp of surprise. 


" I hadn't realised you were this wanton. It's even started to show through your robes, how undignified.


His words came out in a low sultry tone. They echoed off the shell of his ear and Qiren felt a shudder work its way through him. Shit.


The Gusu Elder felt his pulse quicken, his face becoming as red as the blood pumping through his veins. His own heartbeat was reverberating through his member and when Wen Rouhan began to move his hand he immediately felt a surge of electricity where the friction had occurred. 


"Ah- Aha- Ruohan! S-Stop." He said mustering his sternest voice. He hoped it hide the squeak that threatened to release itself. 


Wen Ruohan merely smirked and released his hand from where it had been rubbing against Qiren's crotch. 


The Lan leader being released from the daze arousal had put him in, shot up. 


"H-How dare you!!?!?" He practically screeched. his voice cracking slightly. "LEAVE THIS INSTANT!"


 It was all he could really think to say in the heat of the moment. He had never been in such a situation and all he could do was ensure that the Wen sect leader left as soon as possible. 


Wen Ruohans first reaction was to scowl, but it was soon replaced by a menacing smirk as he began his leisurely descent down the path back down the mountain. 


Lan Qiren let out a long sigh. He tried to calm himself down after yet another heart attack inducing incident.


He took a drink from the now cold tea before him. At least it was over.