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Pineapple-Pumpkin boy

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Keiji had to remember to never drink with Sou ever again. It had been a joke at first, his proposition but Sou had quickly jumped onto the idea. Keiji couldn’t really complain since Sou had actually brought pretty expensive wine for them to drink. Where Sou had gotten the money for it, Keiji didn’t know and he honestly didn’t even want to know. Sou had been a great companion in drinking, he had been relatively quiet as they each took a sip of their wine and then it happened. Sou went onto his phone to do something, as much as Keiji had found it annoying, he hadn’t said anything to the teal-haired man.

“I’m afraid I will have to leave you now, Keiji but do enjoy your gift!” Sou grinned devilishly before leaving the house.

He hadn’t even bothered to wait for Keiji to send him off. Keiji was a little drunk by then but he could still feel a shiver run down his spine. He felt like just the mention of a gift from Sou would be a terrifying idea and he had been right. It took four more days for the gift to arrive and when Keiji got it, he was incredibly confused. He hadn’t remembered ordering anything but then he heard the name Hiyori Sou so he allowed the huge package to be brought into his house. Nothing could have prepared him for what was inside the box, not even his call with Sou. Although now that he thought about it, calling that rat was probably the worst idea he could’ve come up with.

“What the actual-?” Keiji asked as he tried ripping through the tape. The one who had packed this certainly hadn’t gone easy on his roll of tape and for some reason, he felt like the teal-haired man was definitely behind this horrendous packing.

Leave it to Sou to find him something that could be annoying just from the package alone. Once had had finally gone through all those layers of tape Sou had apparently requested for, he lifted up the top of the box and almost went to kill Sou. What in the world had Sou been thinking of when he had bought this outfit and then remembered he was drunk. Either that or Sou had pretended to be drunk so that Keiji wouldn’t suspect anything.

Keiji had forgotten that Sara had organized a party where everyone had to choose a costume for someone else. Keiji had already done his part and honestly, he couldn’t even remember who he had gotten but that wasn’t important. He’d remember during the party, probably?

He pulled out the costume from the box and felt his jaw dropped. Was Sou actually serious, this had to be some kind of bad joke. It probably wasn’t, he thought as his blood froze in his veins. He was going to have to wear this pumpkin outfit and ridicule himself. He sighed as he took out the costume from the box. It was a pumpkin, much to his horror.

The colour of it was such a shade of neon that Keiji felt like he would be like a lantern even in the darkest room. The face on the pumpkin was smiling, almost like it was mocking him for having to wear the outfit. He gritted his teeth, he had agreed to this after all. He put the costume on, actually surprised at just how well it fit, when had Sou even figured out his measurements?

And then, he noticed the hat that came with the costume. His blood boiled as he looked at it with hatred. Having enough, Keiji called Sou again.

“What were you thinking when you bought this?” Keiji asked, his voice exuded anger but his voice didn’t raise. He was desperately trying to keep his control but just a look at the pumpkin suit was enough for him to want to punch the other.

“I was drunk Keiji,” Sou answered with a hint of playfulness and then it finally hit Keiji that this was exactly what Sou had been aiming for. He knew for a fact that Sou wasn’t drunk that night but he couldn’t prove it.

“Do you think I’m going to wear this thing?” Keiji asked, voice as calm as possible. He heard Sou snicker from his side. Keiji told himself to calm down, doing anything to Sou would most likely result in nothing good so he decided to wait for an answer.

“You’ll have to,” Sou answered, Keiji could practically hear the evil smile on his lips as he said that and it pissed him off more than he would like to admit.

“I know,” Keiji sighed at the tone Sou was using. Resigned to his fate, Keiji hung up before Sou could burst into laughter and ruin his already sour mood.

He figured he really could’ve switched the costume if he wanted to, there was still a good day before the party but then realized he still needed to work and groaned. There was no time for him to switch the outfit anymore. He grumbled something as he stuffed the bright orange outfit into its box. They had all promised to get wear what they got so Keiji couldn’t get out of this one. He sighed and pushed the box away with his foot as he got up. He grabbed his phone and saw that he had a mixed text from his boss, Sasahara Megumi, asking him about his health. He knew better and sighed before putting on his uniform and locking his door. He hoped that at least somebody would be dressed even weirder than him and take off the attention from himself.


The party came much quicker than Keiji had expected. He reasoned to himself that this would be fine, they wouldn't judge him, maybe they’d feel compassion for him since Sou was the one who chose his outfit? Logically he knew that they’d laugh at him before settling down and probably laugh some more. He tried to calm down, everything would be fine. He got out of his car and went to his trunk. He saw that infernal box and shuddered a bit, he wasn't going to back out. He slammed the trunk shut and locked his car before making his way to Sara’s house.

“Keiji,” the girl greeted when she opened the door. She gave him a questioning look and he lifted up the box. She sighed but nodded before letting him come in.

“Bathroom’s over there. Come out when you’re ready,” she said and he nodded gratefully. He noticed that she was already dressed up, something like a doll he supposed. It didn’t look bad on her, decidedly, he was going to have the worst costume ever.

“Ah, Nao and professor Mishima!” He heard her say excitedly. The more people came, the more he got nervous.

“Are you done yet Keiji? Everyone’s here,” Sara knocked on the door and gently asked. He nodded to himself and then said so out loud.

“Yes, I’m coming out now,” he waited for a bit, just enough time for Sara to get away from the door before he came out.

“Oh my goodness,” he watched as Sara’s usually relatively serious expression morphed into one of someone who was holding back her laughter. It didn’t hurt him as much as he thought it would have, he ruffled Sara’s hair before putting on the ‘hat’ part. It was basically just a pumpkin stem that looked more like a cucumber than a stem of he was to be honest.

“You look amazing Keiji, don’t doubt my words,” Sara grinned at him encouragingly as she pushed him into the living room.

On the couch, he saw Joe and Sou. Joe has dog ears and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that whoever had chosen his outfit had chosen a dog. Sou, on the other hand, was dressed as Hatsune Miku, he didn’t look the least bit ashamed. As the others came into the kitchen, he heard laughing but all of them were nice.

“For tonight’s dressing contest, I think the one who wins is Keiji!” Sara shouted, startling everyone. That had been quicker than expected but there was no one there that objected except maybe Alice who kept on saying that Reko's costume was the best.

“Haha, your friendly police officer gives his thanks for how loving you all have been,” Keiji smiled a bit before lodging himself between Sou and Sara on the couch.

“You see, you shouldn’t hate me for that, you won,” Sou grinned, his scarf was still there. Keiji grabbed him by it and pulled him closer until he could whisper in his ear.

“The next time we have an event like this, I will get my payback,” he replied before letting go. He was elated at the fearful look that stuck itself onto Sou’s face for the rest of the night.



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