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This Body is Empty

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色不异空, 空不异色, 色即是空, 空即是色 (The body isn't separate from Void, Void isn't separate from the body, the body is Void, and Void is the body. -- my translation)

-- 心经

When the Nogistune knocked on the door, Stiles let it in.

Stiles went from something to nothing.

The Nogistune was void and so was he.

Stiles realized he had a problem when he heard about how Noshiko told everyone that the Nogistune was a demon.

A creature of chaos.

It was a problem because it wasn’t true.

How could Void be chaos? Chaos was something and the whole point of voids is that they are nothing.

He wished that the others could see the beauty of the void.

The Nogitsune was an interesting entity.

Stiles was likewise an interesting entity now that he was Void.

Stiles had a self.

He also had no self.

So he had a self and no self.

But he had neither a self nor a no self.

He was empty.

The solution, he realized, was that he needed to disappear for a little while.

They’d forget and move on.

Given how absent his dad was and how little Scott seemed to care these days, it wouldn’t be a big loss.

Plus. Stiles was already gone.

He no longer existed.

(Even as he still lived.)

They called Derek to track him down.

Perhaps the next best thing to happen after letting the Nogitsune in.

His friends didn’t seem to understand that he was at peace now.

He was enlightened, after all.

Already beyond life and death.

He’d stepped into the void.

And reached nirvana.

Derek found him, of course.

He and Derek were always finding each other.

For all that there was no Stiles anymore, he was still Stiles.

And he’d wanted (loved) Derek for so long.

So he found Derek.

They didn't consider that someone with Derek’s past might welcome nothingness.

Might welcome becoming empty.

Become void.

That Derek might embrace the end to his suffering, in the exact way Stiles had.

Derek found Stiles.

He let go of desire and ended his suffering.

Emptied himself and became nothing with Stiles.