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Edgar Reade finishes his bottled water and is debating whether to go to bed or watch a movie, when the
doorbell rings...who the hell can that be?he wonders on the way to the door...WHAT THE..!
ZAPATA?! ...

There are circles under her eyes, and she looks nervous, and a little agitated... "Hey...I'm back."

Dumb-founded, Reade steps out of the way, as she makes to come in, still shocked after the fantastic statement she's
just uttered.

"Don't ask me anything, not yet, Baby (Baby, huh?!) ...I promise that I'll explain, but right now...only YOU
can heal me...I need to be with you, I need to be...CLEANSED ...I know that I'm not making sense..."

"'Don't ask me anything?!' ...FUCKING SERIOUSLY!? show up here, almost three years later..."

"Shhhhhh!she begs urgently, pressing her fingertips gently, though firmly, against his lips. Don't ask me
anything, not yet...I'll tell you everything, I swear, but for now-just let me love you, yes? Yes..."

Reade's mind says hard no!, his heart and his groin are less committed to that line of reasoning...
He resists only briefly when her soft red lips make contact with his; the combination of her scent, her TOUCH...
HID LONELINESS...he lets it happen (who can say that they wouldn't?)...

[Just let me lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-love you, you
Just let me lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-love you, you]

Each of her ankles hooked behind his calves-when he sinks deep inside her bubbling cauldron, as he draws back, she
lifts her hips to meet him, riding back onto the mattress on the 'down-stroke'...a flood of endearments (in Spanish) pour
from her like a fount...all that Edgar can do is respond to her breathless urging : mas duro (harder); mas despacio (slower);
asi, asi-cojeme asi (like that, fuck me like that)...

[I'ma give her that love
He gon' gimme that love
She's just looking for love
Boy, I'm looking for love, baby]