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Here We go Again [On our Own]

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Five mentally panicked as Diego’s grip loosened the moment the swirling vortex appeared above them. If not for tightening his grip, he was certain Diego would have let go of his hand altogether.

His head snapped to the side, glaring at his brother, as he yelled, “Damnit, none of you let go!”

Using his powers like this, trying to transport not only himself but five, six if he counts Ben, other people was practically impossible. It took years of running through equations, testing the limits of his powers, just to bring himself back. He wasn’t sure if he could even do it again. Klaus and Ben, it was still a shock seeing his brother despite knowing he was dead, were both staring at him frightened while Allison had her eyes clenched shut and Luther was staring down at Vanya guiltily. 

Good. He should feel some guilt for locking her away.

Diego was the only one looking up at the vortex, Five knew he probably should be keeping an eye on it as well but he couldn’t bring himself to look away from his siblings. Gritting his teeth as the pressure built up around them, squeezing in on them, Five struggled to stay standing. The amount of energy required for jumping through time taking more out of him than he anticipated, and they didn’t even make the jump yet.

“Five? Hey, Five!”

Slowly opening his eyes, when did he close them? Five saw how all of his siblings, bar Vanya as she was still unconscious, were staring at him worriedly. God, his head was killing him. The insistent pounding near the base of his skull spreading to the point of making his vision blur around the edges.


With great effort, Five forced his head to turn and meet Luther’s eyes.

“What’s going on? Five!” Luther yelled, the wind coming from out of nowhere and steadily picking up speed around them.

“It-It’s okay, It’s working… you guys,” Five paused his jaw clenching as he hunched over slightly at the pain that began to spread throughout his body, “You’ll be f’ne… gonna… gonna go to-to the past.”

He could still hear them, each of their voices calling out to him, overlapping one another. However, their words all began to blend, anything they said being lost to him as Five realized he could no longer hear anything besides the loud static which accompanied him through previous experiences with time travel. There was something warm inching its way down his lip, the sensation tickled but Five couldn’t bring a hand up to rub it away. 

He had to squint to make out his siblings' faces, out of all of them, Five found his eyes seeking out Klaus’s first. Five knew he would never forget the horrified, knowing expression in his brothers' eyes. 

Suddenly, his siblings were all replaced with much younger versions of themselves. Five could actually see Ben, physically there, standing off to the side, holding onto Klaus’s shoulders. Just like that, they were gone in the blink of the eye.

Five threw his head back and screamed.

After that, he blacked out.

For some odd reason that he can’t seem to figure out no matter how many equations he tested, or how many theories he came up with, none of the others could remember what happened. He’d only been back for a few days and not once did any of the others mention what happened to them all at the theater. Five tried to hint towards time travel with his abilities but other than expressing a bit of childlike awe, none of them seemed to think it was possible, let alone knowing that he’s already done it. Waking up outside of the mansion, soaked from the rain and practically drowning in a puddle of mud. With his nose bleeding, Five remembers scrambling inside, ignoring the way his entire body ached. Rushing to the closest bathroom to his bedroom and frantically cleaning himself off before warping all over the house to find each one of his siblings.

They had all been in their bedrooms, fast asleep.

Seeing them all there, still alive, had been enough to calm Five’s pounding heart. He hurried to his bedroom and fell asleep on top of the covers, shivering and feeling slightly hysterical. It took a while for him to actually fall asleep, he’s still not sure if he actually went to sleep or passed out from hyperventilating. Regardless, learning that none of the others remembered changed a lot, Five knew things had to change, he could allow their father to continue raising them the way he had been or he could actually give his siblings the chance at a real childhood that they deserved. It would be hard, changing the way he treats them and going about their situation. It was worth the effort though. He could be the brother Vanya needed on her side, he could keep Ben from surrendering himself to his demons, he could save Klaus from his powers and the urge to depend on drugs. There were so many things he could change now, of course, Five knew that if he changed too much at once then the Temps Commission would be alerted and send agents out to stop him, but that was something he could deal with when the time came. He can be the brother they all needed the first time around.

He knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t be able to stand back and let their father ruin all of their lives, not again. 

There are somethings that now that he knows about them, he can’t let happen a second time.

Based on the newspaper he found on his second day back and seeing his younger body, he somehow managed to overshoot his time travel. Again. Instead of returning to the academy the day he left, Five went back in time to exactly four years before he vanished during breakfast. He thought to be back in his thirteen-year-old body was horrible but now stuck as a nine-year-old kid was a thousand times worse. 

He forgot how tiny they all were.

He remembered that this age was when they actually began their training because now all of their powers had made an appearance, even Vanya’s if he assumed correctly. His powers had been one of the first ones, other than Luthor’s, to appear. Sometime around his fourth birthday. It took years for the others’ abilities to manifest, and to be identified by their father. Five wasn’t sure if this was when Vanya’s powers appear or not, and if she began taking those pills recently under the guise of them being for her anxiety or if dad placed her on them years ago.

Five wanted to ask Vanya, only he wasn’t sure how she would react. He knew that dad would be starting their individual training today after breakfast, each one personalized for their abilities. The training usually went in order of their numbers, but maybe he could see about convincing the others to let him go first. If their father was too focused on him, then he wouldn’t try to start the others’ training just yet.

According to the clock in his room, Five had about thirty minutes before Grace would ring the bell for them all to come downstairs and eat. 

Sluggishly moving throughout his room, Five pulled out a clean uniform from his wardrobe, just barely managing to hold in his scoff at the familiar, dull clothing. It’s been roughly six days and about three hours since he’s traveled to the past and Five was somewhat ashamed to admit he’d been avoiding all of his siblings. After finding out that none of them had any memory of what happened in the theater, he was worried. He was worried that he screwed up, that somehow he had left his siblings in the future and was the only one the travel back. If that was true then he left them all to die.

He abandoned them. Was that why Klaus had looked so scared at the end? Did he see that Five’s self-preservation instincts overrode his want to save them all? Did he realize that they were being left behind while Five didn’t notice a damn thing?

Five shook his head. He couldn’t afford to let his mind wander when he’d be required down at breakfast soon, it would just result in their father yelling at him before demanding an explanation. An explanation which Five was not prepared to give, his temper was hard to control at the moment, he knew that if he got into an argument with their father or any of his siblings then he might just snap and let everything out.

He stood there, in front of his bedroom door and took a deep breath. This was it, no more would he allow his memories of what’s to come to affect the way he treats his siblings. Vanya was still his sister, not someone who’d destroy the world. Klaus was still his brother, not a recovering drug addict. Ben was still alive, not some ghost only Klaus would see. Allison was still his semi-happy sister, not a divorced mother who had her child taken away. Diego was still his stuttering, somewhat shy brother and not a detached vigilante. Luther was still his overly loyal brother and not some broken man forced to face the truth of how their father never cared.

They were still his family. There was no way in hell he would leave them.

Not when they needed him.