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Not just a crush

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“So, you had a crush on me huh? “ Michelle said playfully as she, Elle and Angelina walked back to the hotel lounge. Angelina gave her a smile, still kind of shocked that she told the whole world she had (and still has…) a crush on Michelle.

Elle felt there was some tension in the air and quickly changed the subject “so you want to drink something at the bar?”. Both the woman nodded and they followed Elle to the bar. They talked about the movie and all the funny things that happened on set and had a few wines. Elle just started drink her second wine, Michelle and Angelina however were already on their fourth wine. “To bad I couldn’t join you guys at the Rome premiere! I would’ve loved to come with you guys!” Elle said. “yeah it’s to bad you can’t join us. “ Angelina replied “But we still have some premieres to go and interviews together”.

When both Angelina and Michelle finished a bottle of wine they decided to go to their rooms to sleep. Elle waved at them and laughed as they walked away supporting each other, because they weren’t able to walk straight properly anymore. They stumbled into the elevator and giggled a lot. Angelina looked at Michelle with a flirty smile and said “I also had a crush on you as cat woman”. Michelle, a bit drunk of all the wine, stepped forward closer to Angelina looked into her eyes, their lips almost touching “I bet you did, Ange” and smiled.

Angelina was nailed to the ground and felt shivers down her spine, she wanted to kiss her right there, fuck the consequences, fuck that I’ll be call a home wrecker again she thought. But at that very moment the elevator stopped, the doors opened and Michelle walked out. Angelina still nailed to the ground snapped out of her thoughts and followed Michelle.

Their rooms were on the same floor, but separated by Elle’s room. They walked past Michelle’s rooms first, she opened the door with her key card and turned around to say goodnight to Angelina. As she turned around their lips met. Angelina gave her a fierce kiss and said “Goodnight”. This time it was Michelle who was nailed to the ground, she mumbled “G-goodnight” as she saw Angelina walking back to her own room. Before entering Angelina gave her a quick smile.

Michelle closed her own door, still shocked about what just happened. She actually welcomed the kiss and she was pretty sure she did kiss her back. Was this just the alcohol or was there something more than that? One thing she did know; she couldn’t stop thinking about Angelina that night, even in her dreams she was thinking about her.

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The next morning Angelina had a huge hangover, she climbed out of her bed and immediately thought about last night. Oh my God… I actually kissed Michelle.. I really did it… and I just walked away… I left her standing there… but we kissed… what is she thinking… she must hate me for doing that… but she kissed back… why did you did it Ange? Why kiss a Co worker again… this stuff doesn’t work out well… she is married for fuck sake… but her lips are so soft… she is so beautiful and sweet… she made me laugh when I felt like a mess… I need her…Ange get a grip… we were both drunk last night… it was just a drunk kiss… nothing more… she doesn’t want me… she doesn’t need me…I need to apologize…

Angelina put on some clothes and walked to Michelle’s room, when she knocked on her door no one opened. At that moment Elle stepped out of the elevator “Look who finally woke up”. Angelina was startled, she looked like a mess. Elle looked at her strangely, something was definitely up but she decided not to ask about it. “if you are looking for Michelle, she just left. I saw her downstairs when I finished my breakfast.” Elle said. Oh no.. She left… she hates me.. What have I done?! When Angelina didn’t reply and Elle saw a kind of sadness in Angelina’s eyes she decided she had to ask what’s wrong. “Oh its nothing Elle, it’s all okay. Thank you for asking” she gave Elle a smile. She turned around and started walking back to her room. “Ange, wait! I almost forgot to tell you. Michelle told me she didn’t want to wake you and will send you a text. So whatever is up and you needed Michelle for maybe you can check your phone. I’m sure she is in the car right now and has probably send you a message already.” Angelina stopped walking turned around with a expression of shock and happiness on her face, her mouth opened but she didn’t say anything. Then Angelina started running back to her room, she opened the door and slammed it behind her. Elle was left flabbergasted in the corridor but laughed, she didn’t know what’s up but she had never seen Angelina act this way.

Angelina’s heart was racing. How could she be this stupid? Normally the first thing she does when she wakes up is checking her phone for messages or missed calls. She grabbed her phone and checked her screen 1 message from Michelle Pfeiffer. She froze. What kind of message could she expect? With a trembling hand she unlocked her phone and started reading the message

Hi Ange. I’m sorry for leaving this early, but they wanted me in Rome a day earlier to check the outfits that I should be wearing during our midday photo session and premiere. Knowing you, you’d probably went to my room this morning because you want to talk about last night. First of all, I’m not mad or angry about what happened. I want you to know that. We’ll talk about it when you’ll arrive in Rome. I just want you to know I had a great time last night. Can’t wait to see you and meet your kids in Rome. X Michelle

She read the message like a thousand times and every time she read it calmed her a bit more. Michelle wasn’t mad at her. She couldn’t help but smile the biggest smile she had. She replied to Michelle’s text message and took a long hot shower.

Meanwhile at the airport Michelle was checking her phone every second she got. Finally she saw her screen lit up 1 message from Angelina Jolie.

How did you know I was slamming at your door like crazy? You already know me to well. I had an amazing time too and I can’t wait to see you in Rome. It will be a crazy day there with everything they have planned for us. My kids will arrive after our midday shoot, shall we meet up in the morning? Let me know which hotel room you’re in. I can’t express how happy I am to know you’re not mad at me. I have the stupidest biggest smile on my face right now. Xxx

Just like Angelina Michelle couldn’t help but smile and replied with a quick message.

I feel like I just started to getting to know you and I have that same stupid smile on my face right now.

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Angelina knocked on the hotel room door. Her flight was delayed but she and Michelle would have a few minutes together before she needs to be back in her own room. She got a call from her manager that the make up artist, hair dresser and stylist would arrive in 10 minutes. “come in” Michelle greeted Angelina with her kind eyes followed by a hug.

Right there and then Angelina knew one thing for sure. This wasn’t just a crush, she has fallen in love with Michelle Pfeiffer. She just couldn’t believe the natural beauty Michelle possessed. Michelle was just wearing a bath robe and her hair was tucked in a towel, but she looked like a goddess as always. And those arms wrapped around her felt like heaven, like she was in a safe haven. After so many rough years she never dared to dream that she would feel this way again. At the start of filming maleficent she was a wreck, but working with such a strong woman as Michelle made her regain her own power.

They both didn’t know how to start the conversation, neither of them wanted to start talking about the kiss they shared, afraid of who might ended up getting hurt. Michelle was the first to speak up “so.. How was your flight?”. Angelina wanted to reply but Michelle spoke interrupted her right away “Ok this is stupid. Of course I don’t want to know how your flight was, well that came out wrong. I do want to know how your flight was. But it stupid that I brought that up. We don’t have much time and we want to talk about something else. And I just didn’t know how to start the con-.. “ Angelina stopped Michelle’s rambling by giving her a hug. “calm down Mich”. Michelle instantly relaxed in her arms. Angelina took a deep breath and let her go. “So about our kiss.. “

This time Michelle spoke again but with a more relaxed voice “Yeah about that kiss. Look Ange, I really like you.. You’re an amazing woman, smart, beautiful, talented, loving, strong, sweet, caring.. “ Angelina smiled, but it was a broken smile. It felt like there was a dagger in front of her heart and it was about to get pierced. “but Ange, I’m married. I’m married for 25 years. I love my husband. That kiss we shared, it was an amazing kiss, but it was a one time thing. We were both drunk. “ There it was the dagger piercing her heart. She didn’t expect it to hurt like this. “You understand this right? I don’t want to throw away our friendship. I care for you Ange. Please tell me it was nothing more than a drunk kiss for you as well.”

From that moment Angelina’s acting skills just took over. She didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Having Michelle in her life as a friend meant more to her than not having Michelle in her life at all. Yea, she was obviously crazy about this woman and was ready to open up her heart for her. However she believes if there’s love somewhere it will find a way. “it was nothing more than a kiss that two drunk friends shared. But I have to tell you. You’re a great kisser” Angelina replied and they both laughed.

What Angelina should’ve known is that Michelle saw right trough her acting. She saw the pain in Angelina’s eyes, the last thing she wanted is to hurt a person who she cared about deeply. It’s all for the best…. I’m married… we’ll just stay good friends… I’m married… I’m married…. It was like a tantrum that went trough her head every time she thought about Angelina. This woman made her feels things she’d never experienced before. Her head was spinning, she felt her body, mind and heart aching for Angelina. But for her marriage sake she couldn’t give in, she did still love her husband.

Suddenly Angelina’s phone rang and she took the call “HI… oh you’re already at my door?... I’m sorry I’ll be there in a sec… “ She hung up and faced Michelle again “that was the dream team, they’re waiting for me. I’ll see you in a hour?”. “yeah I’ll meet you at the session. Let’s have some fun today” Michelle said, she hugged Angelina and gave a quick kiss on her cheek.

The rest of the day went really well, they did have a lot of fun at the photoshoot. After the shoot they went back to the hotel where Michelle got to meet Angelina’s kids. They had a lovely time all together.

However they both knew something had changed, it was in the way they looked at each other, in the way their bodies reacted when they held hand or embraced each other.

And there it was out of the blue at the big premiere, neither of them saw it coming but it was like nature took over for a split second. In that very second Michelle kissed Angelina. It wasn’t even a full kiss, not like the one they shared before, their lips didn’t even fully met. But there was one big difference about this (almost) kiss, it was for the whole world to see.


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The whole word was talking about their kiss, but Angelina knew better. They talked about it after the premiere. It supposed to be a kiss on the checks, but Angelina’s head was slightly more tilted. They decided not to make a big deal out of it because both of them didn’t want to put their friendship at risk.

Afterwards at the premieres party they had a lot of fun. Angelina’s kids became very fond of Michelle, they laughed a lot. When Michelle went to the bathroom one of the kids said to Angelina “Mom, Michelle is definitely one of the most genuine and sweet people I’ve ever met! And she is really funny as well! “. This made Angelina’s heart happy but torn. she finally fell in love again and her children liked the person she fell in love with, but she could never be with her.

Back at the hotel they all said goodnight to each other. Knowing that Michelle and Angelina wouldn’t be seeing each other for a week, The hug they shared was maybe a bit to long to let it be just a friendly hug.
A few days had past and they both went to separate premieres around the world, they even didn’t had time to talk on the phone.

The week flew by and Michelle had arrived in Los Angeles were there would be an interview with Elle, Angelina and herself including a benefit party afterwards. In the mean time Michelle talked to her husband a couple of times on the phone, she couldn’t wait to see him again. However she did feel guilty, because there was someone who she missed even more than her own husband.

Michelle was the first to arrive and went straight to the restaurant of the venue, she was starving. A few minutes later Elle arrived and she joined Michelle. They talked about all the premieres they went to and that they were glad that this would be the last obligation they had. “Shooting a movie is hard work, but all the traveling, photoshoots and interviews really sucks the live out of you. I’m just so tired” Elle explained. Michelle nodded “that’s 100% true.” She saw Elle waving to someone “Hey Ange! Over here! “.

Michelle almost chocked on some food when she saw Angelina walking in. Her heart immediately began to pound harder and what was this other feeling? Did she actually felt butterflies in her stomach? What had this woman done to her?
Angelina greeted them with a hug and joined them.

Angelina thought a week apart from Michelle would be good for her. Maybe she would feel different about her. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, she couldn’t keep her eyes of Michelle. It was hard for her to focus when Elle spoke. Every time her minded drifted of when she looked at Michelle.

Someone who worked at the venue greeted the three woman, clearly she had troubling keeping her sanity in check. It was not everyday you got to meet two of the most known actresses in the world. “in sorry to interrupted, but I’m here to inform you about the schedule.” All three women greeted her nicely, she felt more relaxed and continued the rest of her story “you’ll be expected on the second floor dressing room in half an hour. The stylists, hairdressers and makeup artist will be waiting for you. You would be the only three to have a key card to this room we were told you might want a break between the events to relax. At 15. 00you’ll have a set of 5 interviews with different magazines. Then a short break followed by another set of interviews for YouTube. You’ll be expected back here at 18.00 for dinner. Afterwards you would have some free time. We have a butterfly garden in our venue you can go to if you please. At 20.00 you need to be back in the dressing rooms so you can get ready for the party. The party will be at the top floor. “ she handed over the key cards to the women and said goodbye.
“so did anyone remember all the things she said? “ Elle said, they looked at each other and laughed “no. Not a thing” Angelina replied.

They had a great, but exhausting day. The interviews were pretty nice, they had some fun. The dinner was excellent and the three of them went for a stroll trough the butterfly garden. It was absolutely gorgeous. Somehow Elle attracted butterflies and constantly was covered in them. Angelina and Michelle teased accusing her of being a real life Disney princess. Elle on the other hand was busy with noticing other things. How both her co stars were always eager to have Elle in between them. How they looked at each other. And did Angelina just checked out Michelle’s ass? She wasn’t stupid, something clearly happened that night when they went drinking.

Back in the dressing room before the party started they were choosing their outfits with the stylists. There were a lot of designer dresses to chose from, each of them were absolutely gorgeous. Elle went for a beautiful light pink dress that suited her kind nature. Angelina, queen of black, shockingly went for a long black tight dress that wrapped perfectly around her body. Michelle chose a royal blue 50’s dress that complimented her figure very well.

When all the personal left and they were just of the three of them in the room Angelina had the guts to check out Michelle. She hadn’t dared to before, scared that it would might be to obvious. “You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress” I bet you even look better without it she thought to herself.

Michelle looked directly at Angelina and saw nothing other than pure lust in her eyes. She decided to tease Angelina. Her eyes slowly scanned Angelina’s body from top to bottom and back again. She gave her a wicked( yet sexy) smile, raised one eyebrow and said in a low tempting voice , almost like a purring cat, “you look not to bad yourself”.

Angelina felt her knees weaken and hold on to a nearby chair. Damn her.

Elle noticed the atmosphere change. She looked at her co stars, but their eyes were locked on each other. It almost seemed that they didn’t noticed Elle in the room anymore. Something was up between those two, but she didn’t dare to ask or say anything about it. Instead she cleared her throat and saw them snap out of whatever the hell they were thinking. “Shall we go to the party?” she said nervously. They nodded and followed her upstairs.

The party was really extravagant, as most of these benefit gala’s were, everyone needed to show off how much money they had. all the women wore designer dresses and the men amazing looking suits. It was nothing like a party were you could dance the night away. Everyone behaved on their best and there was a band in the back playing some jazz music. After Elle spoke with most of the people she went to find Angelina, she needed a down to earth, normal conversation. She couldn’t find Angelina anywhere, so she interrupted a conversation that Michelle was having with some fancy lord or so. “Sorry to bump in, Michelle do you know where Ange is? I can’t find her anywhere”. Michelle scanned the room and didn’t see her. “I don’t know where she is. I’ll go check to see if she is in our changing room. Maybe she needed a break” Michelle replied. Before Elle could offer that she will check the room Michelle was well on her way. Great. Now I have to suck up to these people again until Ange and Mich are back.

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Without knocking, Michelle entered the dressing room with her key card and found Angelina sitting on a chair at a table with her hands in her hair. Angelina didn’t even look up as Michelle walked through the room and seated herself on top of the table legs crossed. “What’s wrong?” Michelle asked, gently grabbing one of Angelina’s hands into her own and stroke it tenderly.

“it’s you.” Angelina replied. She looked at Michelle with pleading eyes and stood up, standing directly in front of her. She thought that maybe Michelle would pull her hand away, but she tightened her grip even more, afraid that Angelina might step further away from her. “You’re the thing that’s wrong with me.” Angelina cupped Michelle’s face with her free hand and kissed her gently. Michelle opened her legs, allowing Angelina to step in closer, deepening the kiss.

It was a long overdue kiss, they both longed for it. When their tongues met, Angelina let out a soft moan. Michelle’s hands went up to Angelina’s neck, letting Angelina’s hands roam her body. Angelina started kissing down Angelina’s neck and slid her hands under Michelle’s dress, trailing her legs to her inner thighs. She noticed Michelle’s muscles tightening “Do you trust me?“ She asked Michelle between her kisses. Michelle nodded and saw a devilish smirk across her face, her muscles instantly relaxed again. Three of Angelina’s fingers found their way into her panties, caressing her wetness. Michelle let out a moan.

God this feels good. Michelle had never been this way with another woman before. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, she wanted to touch Angelina’s body as well, but she was hesitant to do so. She let Angelina’s do her thing, she loved what was she was doing to her, making her feel this wanted and sexy. This woman drove her mad like nobody has done before. The kisses became hungrier and harder as Michelle became more and more aroused.

Angelina felt the arousal building up between Michelle’s legs as well, she wanted to enter her with her fingers. However, Angelina had long stiletto nails and she didn’t want to hurt Michelle with them. Instead she ripped off Michelle’s panties in one pull and started kissing her tights working up to her wetness. Angelina placed her hands on Michelle’s hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the table. She parted her lips and started flicking her tongue.

Michelle threw her head back, enjoying the feeling that built up inside her. With every flick of Angelina’s tongue, she felt her climax building. She wanted to hold on to something to support herself but her hands couldn’t find anything, so she put her hands on the table to support her body staying up. When Angelina delved in with her tongue a few more times, Michelle couldn’t hang on any longer and let her orgasm rip through her body, her screams and moans roam free.

Hearing Michelle’s screams of pleasure almost made Angelina come as well. She pulled away between her legs and walked over to the dressing rack. Angelina started to tear all the designer dresses of the rack and threw them on the ground, she undid her own dress as well and threw it on top of the pile. She was almost completely naked now, only her thin black lace panties covered the last bit of her body. She walked over to Michelle and reached out her hand to her. Michelle, who was still panting, walked over to Angelina and kissed her. Angelina unzipped Michelle’s dress and left it lying on the ground.

Angelina guided Michelle to the pile of gorgeous dresses and lay on top of it. Michelle went along with it. “You know, this is my first time wi-“ Angelina interrupted Michelle right away. She put her index finger gently against her lips and replied in a soft and soothing voice “I know, I’ll guide you”. Then they kissed again, this time they were nice and tender kisses, not the hungry ones from before. Angelina wanted Michelle to feel relaxed and at ease. She grabbed one of Michelle’s hands and guided it over her body, when Michelle was comfortable with this, Angelina let her hand go.

Feeling the warmth and soft skin of a woman was way different than that from a man, Michelle thought to herself. She loved the curves of Angelina’s body. Following her hand with her eyes, she let every detail of this gorgeous woman sink in.

Michelle started playing with Angelina’s breasts. Touching her nipples with her lips at first, getting to know the tiny buds before she dared to go further. Angelina let out soft moans. Knowing that she was the one that made Angelina sound this way, aroused her. A primal urge to make Angelina scream louder was set free. She rounded her lips around one of them next, slowly circling her tongue, making it harder than it already was. She did the same thing with the other one. The silent gasps coming from Angelina’s mouth encouraged her more and more to keep going, keep exploring. She started licking and sucking next and she was actually getting dizzy and high from the sensation she was feeling and creating. And she knew she needed more, she wanted to give back to Angelina what Angelina had given her only minutes earlier. Slowly and carefully she slid her hand downwards to Angelina’s folds. Michelle had pleasured herself in the past, so she hoped that was enough experience to make Angelina come as well. When Michelle touched Angelina between her legs for the first time, she could already feel how wet she was. Michelle looked Angelina in her eyes as she started fingering her. Because Michelle’s nails were no hazard to Angelina’s skin, she knew she could even enter her without hurting her. Angelina arched her back, grabbed Michelle’s face and kissed her passionately. Michelle started rubbing Angelina’s clit with her fingers. Dipping her fingers inside every now and then to use her fluids to keep her clit as wet as possible.

Damn her. It felt like electricity going through Angelina’s spine. They way Michelle treated her body, finding the right way to please her, was beyond her. She bit her lip to stall her orgasm, trying to hold on to this amazing feeling for as long as possible. But when Michelle kissed and bit Angelina’s neck, she cried out in pleasure.

They both were wrapped in each other’s arms, still breathing heavily. They smiled and kissed. Angelina was playing with Michelle’s hair, while Michelle gently traced a finger over Angelina’s body. “So, we just had sex on top of a pile of designers clothes. That’s even a first for me.” Angelina whispered. They lay there for a few minutes, enjoying the comfort and sweet kisses they shared. “What made you come down here in the first place?” Angelina asked Michelle. “Oh, Elle was searching for you.” Michelle replied. “Maybe we should head back to the party before Elle comes down here and find us like this.” Angelina said as she let go of Michelle. Michelle disagreed with her and started kissing Angelina’s neck again “Let’s stay like this for a few more minutes, though.”


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All the dresses were back on the rack again and Michelle and Angelina fixed their hair, make-up and outfits. They exchanged some sweet short kisses every now and then. Before they went up to the party Michelle grabbed Angelina for one last passionate kiss. “we could just go to your hotel and have a round 2” Michelle said when she ended their kiss, she moved Angelina’s her to her back and started kissing down Angelina’s neck. “As much as I would-“ Angelina let out a moan when Michelle gently started sucking the soft spots on her neck “-love that. We have to go back” Angelina put Michelle’s face between her hands and gave her a kiss. “we can have round 2 tonight.” She replied. Michelle sighed she opened the door and when she was about to walk trough it Angelina slapped her ass. Michelle gasped and looked back “Ange!”. They both laughed and walked back to the party.

When Angelina and Michelle stepped into the ballroom Elle noticed them immediately and walked over to them in a quick pace. “OH MY GOD, finally you guys are back. Everybody started wondering where you were.” She said to them. “We’re sorry, we got caught in an interesting conversation” Angelina replied.

Within minutes all three women were back in doing their duty; entertain the guests. Angelina and Michelle always tried to be in the same conversation with other people and when they weren’t close to one another their eyes were locked on each other. It was getting late and the people Elle was having a quick chat with, made their donation and left the party. Elle looked around and decided to join Michelle and Angelina, who were having some laughs with a group of people. It was a pleasant conversation with people that were genuinely interested in the charity. Somewhere along the way Angelina was fed up with her hair hanging lose and made a quick knot with a ribbon she had in her purse. When she was ready she saw Michelle and Elle looking at her with big shocked eyes. Michelle walked over to her grabbed her arm “Come with me, now. “ she lead Angelina to the restroom.

“what’s wrong?” Angelina asked her. Michelle pointed at the mirror while grabbing some tissues. Angelina looked into the mirror and saw a red print of Michelle’s lipstick on her neck and she started laughing. “It’s a good look though, should I get it as a tattoo? “ she said to Michelle teasing her. Michelle raised an eyebrow and started wiping the lipstick, her lipstick, from Angelina’s neck.

 Elle entered the restroom. “So… uhh… - “ she felt nervous and unease “- I’m going home.. Have a good night..” she waved at them and closed the door behind her. What the hell did I just witness. They could’ve been more careful. I don’t want to know things like this. What the hell have they been doing in the dressing room. No. Omg. Erase that thought. I don’t want to know. I’m going home and act like this never happened. They’re adults, they can figure this out on their own. Stop thinking about it. Just go home turn on some music and go to sleep. Nothing happened.

“Well that was awkward” Angelina said. Michelle sighed “Yes it was. You can go back to the party. I have to use the toilet.” Angelina nodded, but noticed there was something different in Michelle’s voice. She did what Michelle asked her and went back to the party.

Michelle locked the door of the restroom put down the lit of the toilet and sat on it. What am I doing? Did anyone else see it? How could I be this stupid? Why did I let myself go like this? She felt the room closing in and it was difficult for her to breath normally. She needed to get out of this place, she needed to get her thoughts back together, she needed to go home.

Angelina saw Michelle coming out of the restroom and heading to the exit. She wanted to go after her but was stopped by people who wanted to talk to her, by the time she excused herself so she could go after Michelle she couldn’t find her anymore. Angelina tried calling her, but she didn’t pick up her phone. Angelina wanted to send a text message, but she didn’t know what to say. She decided just to text her the hotel name she stayed in and the room number.

The driver was well on his way to Michelle’s home when Michelle saw her telephone lit up for the 3rd time. Again it was Angelina, she looked at the message and threw her phone on the seat next to her. She couldn’t face Angelina, it was her fault that she felt this way. Michelle started to become angry, upset and started crying. She knew it wasn’t fair to blame Angelina, she had her own part in it. It helped tough. Blaming Angelina, being angry at her. The driver stopped at her home and Michelle grabbed her phone. The message was still on her screen when she looked at it.

Angelina heard a knocking on her hotel room door. Her heart jumped, she could only hope that it was Michelle at her door. Nobody else knew where she was, right?

She went to the door and opened it. And there she was, looking like a mess, mascara all over her face from crying. Angelina pushed the door all the way open and wanted to grab her and hold her tight. Michelle flinched at her movement and stepped back. Angelina looked at Michelle puzzled, what was happening? Then suddenly Michelle looked up, right into Angelina’s eyes. Angelina saw that Michelle wanted to say something, but that she was considering her words very carefully.

“I’m in love with you.”

Angelina was shook, of all the things she imagined Michelle could say to her these exact words were the last thing she thought of.

Michelle was still looking into Angelina’s eyes, waiting for an answer. When she only saw Angelina standing there she thought she made a huge mistake of coming to her room and telling her this. “I’m sorry.. “ the moment Michelle turned around to leave Angelina said something.

“Don’t”. Angelina reached out for Michelle’s hand and Michelle let her have it. She followed Angelina into her room and Angelina closed the door behind them. She walked over to Michelle “Don’t be sorry, don’t ever be sorry” Angelina spoke softly.

Angelina started to fully undress herself and Michelle, slowly and tender. She took Michelle’s hand in hers again and leading her to the bed. They climbed into the bed and got under the covers. Angelina pulled Michelle close to her. Their legs were intertwined, their hips touching, Michelle’s hands were folded resting between their breasts, Angelina’s right arm was wrapped around Michelle resting on her back, while Angelina’s left hand gently stroked Michelle’s hair. Angelina placed a sweet kiss on Michelle’s lips and whispered “I’m in love with you too. “


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“Now what?” Michelle asked Angelina after they made love for the second time this morning. Angelina looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Well, she did know what she wanted to say but couldn’t Just leave your husband and stay with me. Instead she told Michelle she didn’t know and that time only time could tell. After they said their goodbyes and Angelina went to the airport back to England, Michelle went back home as well.

Michelle hoped that her husband wouldn’t be home. She didn’t want to face him, she loved him deeply, but she started to fell in love with someone else, she didn’t know what to do or to say, she just wanted to be on her own for a bit. Unfortunately for her husband was home and welcomed her with a sweet kiss “Where were you last night? It thought you would sleep at home, I was worried because you didn’t send a message” he said to her, he wasn’t angry just worried. “I’m sorry love, I think I forgot to hit send, I had a couple of drinks with the girls and stayed in Angie’s room for the night.”she replied, she tried to sound as normal as possible. “So you gals had a girls night huh? That must have been fun” he replied smiling. Michelle nodded “yeah it was, but I’m still pretty tired, so I think I’ll go to bed a few more hours”. David laughed “You are not in your early 20s anymore, go get some sleep ill wake you in a few hours”.

Michelle lay down on her bed. So that’s lie number 1.

A couple of days later a message from Angelina made Michelle smile like a teenager who fell in love for the first time. I miss you, why don’t you come over to London next week? Just the thought of Angelina made Michelle’s heart go crazy. She told David she was going to shop with Angelina in London.

Michelle browsed through the airplane magazine. So that was lie number 2.

When the chauffeur took Michelle to Angelina’s place she started to feel nervous. They have been texting daily, but actually meeting her was different. She was going to the house of the woman she was having an affair with. She willingly went to her home, to be intimate with her, to possibly fall in love even deeper. What the hell was she doing? Before she started having a minor panic attack the chauffeur stopped the car “Ma’am we’ve arrived”. For a moment she thought about asking the chauffeur to drive her back to the airport, but when she looked out of the window and saw Angelina on the porch she stepped out of the car. The chauffeur took her suitcase from the trunk stepped into the car again and drove away.

Angelina had been excited all morning, she could finally spent some quality time with the woman who opened up her heart again. She had a whole diner planned and got some really good wine out of the cellar. When she saw Michelle stepping out of the car she saw that Michelle was nervous. She just stood there. Angelina walked up to her and saw doubt in Michelle’s eyes. She could do 2 things, asking her if she really wanted to be here with her or kiss her gently and wait out Michelle’s reaction. She chose the latter one.

As soon as Michelle felt Angelina’s soft lips on hers she instantly relaxed, all the nerves went away, and she kissed her back. Angelina smiled at her reaction Good. She wants to be here.

The rest of the day went so natural, as if they’ve been together for ages. But the teasing, the quick make out session they had in almost every room when Angelina showed Michelle around reminded them that they weren’t. They were acting like 2 young people who fell in love for the first time and that their time was limited so they had to make the most out of it.

Angelina had the whole dinner planned but they ended up eating pizza in front of the TV with a glass of wine. They were wearing some oversized t shirts and just their panties after they ended up in the last room of the house tour- Angelina’s bedroom. What started as a quick make out session turned into some hot steamy sex.

They enjoyed each other’s company the whole weekend and they didn’t go shopping as planned, they were more busy doing each other than doing some shopping. Lying in Angelina’s arms in her bed after 2 days of sex, wine and comfort made Michelle feel like she was on top of the world. Like a fantasy coming true, Everything was good. Until her phone lit up from the nightstand, Angelina picked up her phone. “it’s your.. “ Angelina couldn’t say the word and gave Michelle her phone. Michelle picked up her phone and answered it, it was her husband.

David: Hi love, How are you ladies doing? Did you already went on a shopping spree?

Michelle’s heart sank. Suddenly she was back in reality. Her hands began to shake. She felt Angelina leaving the bed and the room, giving her some privacy.

Michelle: hi sweety, we’re doing good. We didn’t went shopping we had a huge hangover.

David: Yeah I can tell, your voice sounds shaky. What have you been doing? Went to a party?

Michelle: No, we just stayed at Angie’s place. We had a lot of wine, pizza and watched TV. Nothing special.

Lie number 3

David: sounds like a good girl party. Hahaha

Michelle: It sure was.

David : How late will your flight be back home today? Can’t wait to see you again

Michelle: 18.30, I can’t wait to see you too.

David: you don’t sound that happy to see me

Michelle: sorry love, that’s the wine. I just woke up. Offcourse I’m happy to see you again!

David: text me when you’ve arrived back on American soil okay?

Michelle: I will. Bye love you

David: love you too.

Michelle went downstairs to the kitchen to find Angelina. She was making toast with eggs for both of them. Neither of them dared to talk about the phone call Michelle just had. They tried to make the most out of the rest of the day before Michelle had to leave, but Angelina noticed that Michelle was more distant.

Angelina couldn’t blame her for it, it was stupid of her to think that Michelles husband wouldn’t call or send a text for that matter. They were married, it’s what married people do. They wanted to make sure their spouse was doing good, she wanted to know if Michelle was doing good. She could sense she wasn’t, but she didn’t wanted to force herself. She didn’t want to force this relationship, affair or whatever you want to call it. If Michelle wants to open up about her feelings about anything Michelle should be the one to start the conversation right? It was not Angelina’s place, not yet.

Michelle wanted to talk with Angelina about the call and how it made her feel, but she couldn’t. Not because she didn’t want to, but because of she didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how all of this made her feel. She needed some time to figure things out for herself.

Michelle kissed Angelina before she left the house “I’m sorry it ended this way” she said to Angelina.

“don’t ever be sorry” Angelina replied “the last couple of days had been amazing, so don’t ever say sorry”

This made Michelle smile.

In the plane back home Michelle could only think about one thing. The last couple of days had indeed been amazing.

Chapter Text


The last couple of weeks had been amazing and terrible at the same time. 

Amazing because Angelina took a filming project in LA so Michelle and Angelina could spend more time together (which they did, a lot). 

Terrible because guilt started to tear Michelle apart. All the lies she told her husband, she could even keep track of how many lies she had told just to be with Angelina. She hated herself for it, but she kept on doing so. 

Being together felt so natural, as if they had been together for years. But every message of Michelle’s husband, every time one of them had to go back to their own home they were reminded that they weren’t together as a couple. They were reminded that Michelle belonged to someone else.

A few times there had been pretty close encounters with Michelle’s husband. Angelina came over during her breaks, but they never knew when Michelle’s husband would be coming home. There had been 4 times when he walked in when Angelina was still in their home. Luckily for them they could cut off what they’ve been doing so he wouldn’t suspect a thing. Angelina was just a very good friend of Michelle, as far as he’s concerned. He actually liked Angelina. 

Michelle could see the hurt in Angelina’s eyes and Angelina could see Michelle’s struggle. They didn’t dare to talk about it, scared that it could end whichever they had together. The longer the affair kept going the more passionate became the time they spend together, as if each kiss could be the last one. They both knew sooner or later Michelle had to make her choice. Which for the sake of Michelle’s health better come sooner. 

A few days had past since Michelle last visited Angelina and she really missed her. She kept checking her phone to see if she’d any message from her. She knew Angelina was busy filming, but the thought of hearing from her excited Michelle. 

Michelle’s husband, walked in with 2 glasses of red wine. “here you go, love”…  Michelle didn’t respond, she was still thinking about Angelina. “Hunny?” he tried asking for her attention again. Michelle suddenly snapped out of it “Oh I’m sorry love, thank you” she took a glass of wine from his hand. As soon as she got the glass she checked her phone again. 

“Love, we need to talk.” He said to her “what has been going on lately? You don’t act like you anymore.” This caught Michelle of guard “What do you mean? “ she replied. 

“You check your phone a thousand times a day. And when you get a message -…” he stopped his sentence when Michelle’s phone pinged, a message from Angelina. Michelle’s face lit up with excitement. She even forgot that David was taking to her and picked up her phone. 

“don’t” he said to her, not in an angry way but still firm. This stirred her again and she dropped her phone. “as I said, when you get a message you’re acting different.” He continued. “You’re so excited to go out every time… “ Michelle wanted to interrupt him but he shook his head and she decided not to talk “.. And every time when you get back home I can't help but notice that you're feeling down. It’s getting worse every time. And our relationship has become different as well, you’re more distant. What is going on? You know you can tell me everything. I’m just concerned, for you, me, us…” He wasn’t angry, but he was insecure. He had never been insecure with Michelle. 

Michelle’s eyes started tearing up. What was she supposed to say?

David seated his self next to her on the couch and held her hands that were trembling. “You can tell me anything, love. We’ll get trough it together” he reassured her “But you have to tell me.. “

She knew she had to tell about Angelina. It was time.“I… I.. Just know.. That I love you so much David.” She said between sobs. He nodded in reply and stroke her hair. “but… I fell in love with someone else.. I didn’t mean too… I love you… “ she continued “I don’t know what I was thinking…  I think I wasn’t even thinking… it just happened.. “

Michelle started to hyperventilate, she just felt so guilty and saying those words out loud to her husband only made it worse. 

“So all those times you told me you met up with Angie, you were with some other man? “ David could get his head around the concept that his wife fell in love with someone else, like he was having a bad dream. 

Michelle looked at him confused “no. Not with another man….all those times I met up with her”

“Y-you m-mean.. “ David stuttered “Angelina?”

Michelle nodded, she looked at David trying to read his face, to look for an answer. But it was just blank. Out off all the things he had imagined, this blew his mind. His wife fell in love with another woman and not just a woman, with Angelina Jolie. 

“How? “ was the only thing that came out of his mouth. 

She started telling the story of how it all started, she left out all the times that they were intimated. She only told about a few kisses. David listened to her, he wasn’t angry or mad, probably because he was still in some sort of denial. 

After a few minutes silence filled the room. Michelle waited for him to reply, yell, talk, anything but this dreadful silence. Finally he broke the silence and he chose his words carefully “What do you want? “

“I don’t know David, I’m love you so much and I don’t want to throw away more than 25 years of marriage” Michelle replied “but I can’t deny that I don’t have feelings for Angelina”

David nodded, he understood “I don’t want to throw it away as well, I’m glad you trust me again by telling all this to me. I think we can make it work, marriage is a journey that we’ve been together in for so long, fighting for it is what makes it work. I get it that you have feelings for her. But if you want to make our marriage work, than I’m asking you, pleading you, begging you to stop all contact with her. “

It was only fair what David asked of her. He hugged her and hold her tight, then Michelle’s phone pinged again. David gave Michelle a kiss “Go see her, end it and come back home to me. “ he kissed her again and left the room. 

Michelle was still shaking, she picked her phone from the floor and without even reading Angelina’s messages she send her one. 
Coming to your apartment, see you in 15 min X

The doorbell rang and Angelina opened the door, she was so happy to see Michelle. She couldn’t stop thinking about her blond goddess and her sweet kisses all day. She couldn’t wait to have Michelle in her arms again. Honestly, beside her kids Michelle was the only thing on her mind. She never imagined feeling like this again, so deeply in love, so happy. She had many dreams that Michelle just stood on her foot someday telling that she was getting a divorce and be with Angelina the rest of her life. Those were the sweetest dreams. Yes she had falling in love with Michelle, but the last couple of weeks she started to love her as well. She couldn’t imagine a life without her. 

As soon as she saw Michelle face however her happiness went away, she saw that Michelle had been crying. “What’s wrong, hun? Come in.” she kissed Michelle but noticed that Michelle didn’t return it as usual.

“I told him” Michelle almost whispered the words, as if she didn’t want to tell her 

Angelina was shocked, she didn’t know how to react. She wanted to hold Michelle and tell her everything will be all right. She stepped forward to Michelle to embrace her but Michelle did a step back. Now Angelina’s face changed from shocked to confused. 

“I’m going to stay with him. The time we had was amazing, but I can’t.. “ Michelle started crying again “I – we, we just should stop having contact. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know” 

Michelle didn’t even dare to look Angelina in the eye. She didn’t want to see the pain and hurt. She didn’t want to see the woman who she fell in love with in tears. Angelina had always been a force of nature in her eyes, and she didn’t want it to break. She ran out of the apartment before Angelina could do a thing. Angelina was just nailed to the ground. Michelle closed the door, she’d had to get out as fast as she could. When she ran through the hallway back to her car she heard a cry, a loud cry of pain coming from Angelina’s apartment. 

Michelle hated herself, but she did what was best right?