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Not just a crush

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“So, you had a crush on me huh? “ Michelle said playfully as she, Elle and Angelina walked back to the hotel lounge. Angelina gave her a smile, still kind of shocked that she told the whole world she had (and still has…) a crush on Michelle.

Elle felt there was some tension in the air and quickly changed the subject “so you want to drink something at the bar?”. Both the woman nodded and they followed Elle to the bar. They talked about the movie and all the funny things that happened on set and had a few wines. Elle just started drink her second wine, Michelle and Angelina however were already on their fourth wine. “To bad I couldn’t join you guys at the Rome premiere! I would’ve loved to come with you guys!” Elle said. “yeah it’s to bad you can’t join us. “ Angelina replied “But we still have some premieres to go and interviews together”.

When both Angelina and Michelle finished a bottle of wine they decided to go to their rooms to sleep. Elle waved at them and laughed as they walked away supporting each other, because they weren’t able to walk straight properly anymore. They stumbled into the elevator and giggled a lot. Angelina looked at Michelle with a flirty smile and said “I also had a crush on you as cat woman”. Michelle, a bit drunk of all the wine, stepped forward closer to Angelina looked into her eyes, their lips almost touching “I bet you did, Ange” and smiled.

Angelina was nailed to the ground and felt shivers down her spine, she wanted to kiss her right there, fuck the consequences, fuck that I’ll be call a home wrecker again she thought. But at that very moment the elevator stopped, the doors opened and Michelle walked out. Angelina still nailed to the ground snapped out of her thoughts and followed Michelle.

Their rooms were on the same floor, but separated by Elle’s room. They walked past Michelle’s rooms first, she opened the door with her key card and turned around to say goodnight to Angelina. As she turned around their lips met. Angelina gave her a fierce kiss and said “Goodnight”. This time it was Michelle who was nailed to the ground, she mumbled “G-goodnight” as she saw Angelina walking back to her own room. Before entering Angelina gave her a quick smile.

Michelle closed her own door, still shocked about what just happened. She actually welcomed the kiss and she was pretty sure she did kiss her back. Was this just the alcohol or was there something more than that? One thing she did know; she couldn’t stop thinking about Angelina that night, even in her dreams she was thinking about her.