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I’m gay for Elliot and it literally looks like no one else is

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Emmet moved into stardew valley about 2 months ago. Besides the long days and having to scrub dirt out from under his nails every night, the change of pace has been really wonderful. From all the fresh air, to the beautiful beach, and all the kind and interesting people in the town, emmet loved it all. Slowly but surely, he had been learning more and more about each of the towns folk, the jobs they had, and the things they liked. He learned of Sebastian’s love for motorcycles, Clint’s “secret crush”, sam’s rock band, Abigail’s love for video games, Pierre’s rival with joja mart, and so much more. But one towns person really stood out to emmet.... elliot.

Elliot was just so interesting. He’s confident and self sufficient, but craves praise and approval. He seems so well dressed and luxurious, but lived in a small, sandy cabin on the beach. Maybe it was something about the way he lived, his writing process, or..... how his silky hair never seemed to tangle, even at its long length. Emmet had a lot of questions about Elliot, and was going to find answers.

One crisp fall morning, emmet went to harvest fruit from his “orchard”. Sure it was only like 7 trees, but they did supply him with some damn good fruit. After a few minutes of pruning and searching, emmet spots a big, round, deep red pomegranate. “Holy shit... HELL YEAH” emmets face lit up, it was such a perfect fruit that he had grown himself. This part of his new career was definitely the most satisfying. With a quick twist and a pluck, the perfect pomegranate was his, and he knew just what he was going to do with it. After stowing the fruit safely in his satchel, he continued on with the daily chores of feeding the chickens and cleaning their coop, watering the crops and keeping the weeds at bay, to finally picking all the mushrooms in his little cave. After packing the days goods up to be shipped out, emmet headed to town.

It was well into the afternoon at this point, so everyone was up and about. As emmet walked into town, he was greeted with some kind “hello”s, before entering Pierre’s shop.

“Farmer emmet!” Pierre exclaimed as emmet walked through the door. “I hope those pumpkin seeds treated you well”

“Hi Pierre!” Emmet said with a smile “Yeah the pumpkins are doing great! They still need a bit of time, but with your quality seeds I know they will be perfect”

“Aww thanks!” Pierre responded “so what can I get for you today”

“Oh I just wanted to pop in and grab some yam and reddish seeds real quick”

“Sure thing! One sec...” Pierre popped behind the counter to grab packs of seeds while emmet held tight. As he was waiting, he glanced around the store and the door outside. As he did so, he noticed Elliot outside. He was walking somewhere, with his eyes completely glued to a book. Emmet was kind of amazed as Elliot perfectly navigated himself without looking up at all, almost like a choreographed dance. Elliot brushed a few strands of hair from his face and tucked it behind his ear. How did he keep his hair so silky? I mean maybe it’s not silky, but it really looks silky. Like what product does he use man? Like does he do those at home hair masks all the time, or like DEEP condition or.......

“Ahemmm...” Emmet turned to face Pierre who had plopped the bags of seeds on the counter, staring at him. “ you alright?”

“Yeah!!! Sorry I...I uhhh.... I just got distracted! Lost in thought... yeah I like day dream a lot so sometimes it’s just like ‘woooo what’s happening’ and uhhhhhhhh.......... I’ll just take the seeds and head out thanks”

“Suuurrrreee... have a good rest of your day”

Emmet plopped some cash on the counter, swepted the seeds into his satchel and headed out of the store.

‘Ok fuck.... well guess Pierre thinks i can see ghosts or I’m high as shit all the time... ‘ emmet was flushed with embarrassment and knew he just made himself look like an idiot. At least Elliot didn’t see... speaking of Elliot.... Emmet remembered what his plan was for the day, snapped out of his embarrassment, and trotted off towards the beach.