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welcome to the literature club!

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Sayori has always been such a cheerful person.

Everybody in your school either sees her as the kind, happy-go-lucky girl or the clumsy girl, but nobody can ever bring themselves to hate her, no matter how annoying they find her.

In fact, she's so kind she offered to help build up a club from the bottom - even if she has no interest in the club's focus itself.

You're so lucky to have her. She has always been around, although you've never really come to appreciate her until recently, when she decided to drag you into joining said club. The Literature Club.

Now, maybe you have little interest in literature as well, but you can say that, after a few days, you've come to be grateful for the club. It's allowed you to spend more time with Sayori, which you enjoy more now.

You locked yourself away throughout the years, and, now that you're starting to be around her more, you regret ignoring her for such a long time. Such a sweet person doesn't deserve that from their so-called best friend.

Hell, her joyful attitude even starts to rub off on you a bit, when before, it just agitated you.

You've always wondered how she stays so happy all the time. You wonder if that will ever change.

But, knowing Sayori, she'll always stay the same, happy person.


Yuri seems to prefer staying away from others. A lot.

Obviously, you can't say anything about this, considering your record of avoiding people. But she barely interacts with the rest of the club, instead staying off to the side, reading.

You decide to change that, one day offering to read with her. You're surprised she even agrees, and you're more shocked when she goes into explaining the book.

You never expected her to enjoy something so dark. She just doesn't seem like the person. Maybe you're not used to this type of media, but the descriptions make you feel horrified. You wonder how she can handle reading it.

Maybe she has other secrets. You know it isn't your business, but now you're curious.

You soon find out about her interest in knives. At least you found this less gruesome and more intriguing.

You do wonder if there's another reason she loves them the way she does besides finding them fascinating. Given her disturbing taste in books, you briefly wonder if one day she'll go crazy.

But you brush away the thought. That was just stupid. She seems she wouldn't be able to harm anybody, given how you barely even hear her raise her voice. Not to mention she's one of the most stable people you've ever met.

So you continue to indulge Yuri in her more concerning interests. After all, it isn't hurting anybody.


Natsuki is the most easily angered person you've become friends with.

Well, maybe she doesn't consider you a friend, but it feels like it to you. And maybe she only holds that spot because she's one of the few friends you have.

But the point still stands - she snaps at you often, not hesitant to push you aside or punch you when you're annoying her. You've gotten used to it; you've dealt with worse people, and you know that, unlike those people, she is actually a sweet person behind her tough exterior.

Some days, you'll read her favorite manga, Parfait Girls, with her. She's the only person you know that enjoys manga as well, and it seems to be the same the other way around, as she's complained about others teasing her for it.

And yes, maybe her manga isn't the best you've read, but you would hate to let her down.

Once, after you asked why her manga stays in the clubroom, she briefly mentions her dad - she says he wouldn't like it kept in her house, and you want to ask why, but judging from her tone, she probably would just punch you instead of answering.

You end up forgetting about this eventually. However, after making cupcakes with her for the festival, she sounds sligtly panicked as she says she has to go home. She says she has to eat all her dad makes, and you have a dark feeling creep up on you.

But there's nothing you can do. So she leaves, and you watch her go. You're now very worried about her, but it soon goes away as if something had removed it.

You're sure she'll be okay.


Monika is the most admirable person you know.

She's the most popular girl in your school, somehow managing to balance being in several clubs and still being top student.

Although, maybe she isn't in many clubs anymore. In fact, you think she dropped all of her past ones to make the Literature Club.

You don't know why - but then you consider, since the club is small, maybe she would prefer to be in a quieter place than the rest of the clubs. You wouldn't blame her.

You vaguely remember being in the same class as her last year, and you were shocked to learn she was the president of the club Sayori forced you into.

It seemed that, instantly, you felt more relaxed around her. Even though you won't admit it, you weren't very calm on the way to the club, but after seeing Monika, your nerves calmed down.

Her bright green eyes shone, her voice ringing throughout the room. You thought, maybe you shouldn't be this comfortable around her this soon, as it takes you a while to warm up to people.

But somehow, you know you can trust her.


The atmosphere of the club is bright, even if there are only five of you. It's a stark contrast to your stressful classes, and one that you come to appreciate.

Even though you didn't want to be here initially, you're very grateful you're here. You're grateful for the time to relax, even if sharing poems gives you just a bit of anxiety. You're grateful for the girls, who, even though you haven't known most of them long, you feel as if you've known your whole life.

The club is now the best part of your life. Yes, maybe it wasn't too impressive, but it broke you out of your monotonous lifestyle.

You feel like things will go better from here on out.