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One Missed Call

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Izuku sighed as he took out his phone on the train, the screen blackened and burnt from where Kacchan had blown it out of his hand when he thought he was being ignored. Kacchan hadn't given up on demanding answers, unfortunately, forcing Izuku to dodge and weave out from his grip. Hopefully no one had overheard the shouting.

Replacing the phone wasn't a big deal, but he didn't like having to put his mother through the hassle of replacing it. Especially when she found it was Kacchan of all people that was responsible. It was just one more thing they needed to be cautious about.

He tilted his head up when the train came to a slow, pinging to let him know it was his stop. Bag slung over his shoulder, Izuku stepped off onto the platform.

It hadn't taken him long to make his way to the apartment complex that he and his mother called home. He yawned as he pried the keys out his pocket, unlocking the door before making his way inside.

"I'm home!" He called out, shutting the door, locking it back behind him. He dropped the keys onto the shelf with a clatter, shuffling his backpack off his shoulders.

But only silence greeted him. Izuku's brow furrowed. Had she gone to the store?

Maybe that had been the text she sent him before Kacchan had destroyed his phone. He shrugged as he made his way to his bedroom. A smile tugged at his lips. Hopefully she'd made katsudon tonight- it was a special occasion right? Making it into was almost like a dream. Izuku had to pinch himself to make sure.

Exuberant still, he almost missed it. A dark, wispy figure dressed in a suit, glowing yellow eyes peering out from the haze, from the doorway leading into the kitchen. His heart all but stopped, eyes widening into disks.

"I had been wondering when you would be coming back, Izuku." Kurogiri greeted casually, air whooshing through the hall as a warp gate displaced it. "Your father is waiting for you."

"No-!" Was all Izuku had a chance to shout before the black mist engulfed him, goosebumps raising over his arms at the sudden chill. The apartment faded from view in an instant, replaced by the cold void. Panic swelled in his chest, a sense of weightlessness causing his stomach to churn.

Then it was over; Izuku's breaths were ragged as he struggled to gather himself in a dimly lit room. Izuku dared to look up, stiffening when he saw a familiar scarred visage.

"Ah, Izuku. It's good to see you again."


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Sweat beaded down Izukus neck as he took in the mass of scarred flesh that was his fathers face. His knees shook violently as he forced himself to stand, slotting multiple quirks into his arms-


He glanced over to the side, where his mother sat on a nearby couch with a tremble, her eyes as big as his own.


Her hands shook terribly in her lap, biting at her lower lip as she looked to Hisashi, then back to him. He was about to rush to her side when his fathers voice stopped him.

"Now now Izuku," He rumbled, somehow looking right at him despite lacking eyes. "Is that anyway to act during a family reunion?" His mouth pulled into a deviant smirk, brilliantly white teeth flashing.

Izuku jaw clenched tightly, hands curling into fists. "You bast-"

"Take a seat Izuku." Hisashi ignored his protest, gesturing to where his mother sat. "We have much to discuss."

A lump was in his throat as he scowled at his father, weighing his options. Powerful as he might be, in his current dilapidated state he had to have weakened considerably. Perhaps enough that he could use a few speed quirks to grab his mother and run. But...

But what if he wasn't fast enough? Could he really take on his father, with his mother right there? If she got hurt...

No. He couldn't take that risk. If she ended up hurt because of him Izuku would never forgive himself. Reluctantly he moved to take a seat next to his mother, not missing how his fathers smile faded into a slight frown.

Inko gripped his hand tightly. He squeezed it reassuringly before his father continued.

"Now, why don't we pick up where we left off...."

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The chatter of the other students was little more than garbled radio static as he watched the fight unfolding before him. Midoriya had managed to get the drop on the hero team, forcing the pair away before shifting his attention to Todoroki. Bi colored eyes widened marginally as Midoriya reared his fist back, his own hand raising to shield himself with his ice.

Toshinori watched as the ice built up - and then shot forward. An attack rather than just a shield, then-

Then his heart dropped.

It was quick - so quick that if hadn't been paying attention he would have missed it or written it off. As the ice surged forward, a light-coloured forcefield flickered into being. It only existed long enough to keep the ice from hitting Midoriya as he switched the target of that punch - but it was definitely there.

The ice shattered like glass as Midoriya punched through it. He could feel the ever present smile on his face tighten and stretch, threatening to fall into a frown as a bead of sweat dripped down his forehead. The microphone in his hand cracked as his grip tightened.

"That was so cool!" Shouted one of the students, Kaminari he believed. "He broke through that like it was nothing!"

With a final blow, Todoroki was out, slumping against the wall. Through his earpiece, Toshinori could hear Uraraka swear in a most unlady-like fashion and wanted to join her.

"Ah, man, I'm kind of glad that I didn't end up having to face him," the red-haired boy muttered behind him. "He's not showing any mercy, is he?"
On the screens, Uraraka was fleeing, trying to keep ahead of Midoriya, but it was useless. With a pounce, the boy was on her and wrapping the capture tape around her arms. Swallowing in an attempt to wet his dry mouth, Toshinori spoke into the cracked microphone, wincing at the squeal of feedback. "Villain team wins!"

Midoriya's shoulders visibly slumped in relief as the match was called. Uraraka whined in defeat as Midoriya shifted off, removing the tape promptly as he did so. He gave a shaky smile, muttering an apology.

"I'll help Todoroki out." Midoriya said as she eyed her unconscious partner. "Sorry. I didn't mean hit so hard..."

Uraraka sat up, rubbing her head. "It's alright," she said. "I mean, we are in a school. We're supposed to be learning." Todoroki was stirring as well, blinking dopily.

That reminded Toshinori... "Help Todoroki up and return to the control room please, children! We still have to go over your performances!"

"On it!" Came their replies, Todoroki's arm already being slung over Midoriya's shoulder as they headed out of the building, Yaoyorozu not far behind.

Meanwhile his thoughts were a maelstrom of chaos, jumping from one conclusion to another as he recalled the force field. His suspicion, before unfounded, had now been confirmed.

How to handle this? How should he handle this? Confronting him in front of the other students was right out - he couldn't just leave it though...

The rest of the class passed in a whirl, Toshinori mulling his options over, until the bell for the break between classes rang. The students dismissed, they began to leave, and he made a decision.

"Ah, Midoriya my boy! Would you mind staying behind for a minute? There's something I'd like to discuss with you!"

"U-um...sure." He complied in a slight stutter. Midoriya waved off to Uraraka, who went off with the rest of the class. Then he turned back to his teacher.

Shit. He hadn't thought about what to do next. Trying to hide his nervousness, he sat down in the chair in front of the monitors and gestured to the boy to come closer. Time to be subtle.

"So, I saw you use a forcefield during that fight."


The boy froze at his words, going rigid as his eyes widened.

Toshinori expected a fight, or outright denial. If this was All For One's son he had undoubtedly been trained to fight, as exemplified with the battle simulation. He was probably already shifting through quirks, prepping for an escape.

What he did not expect were tears.

Automatically, he sat forward and reached towards the boy. "My boy -"

Midoriya sobbed, pulling away.

"I-I didn't mean-" Toshinori panicked as the tears grew worse, not prepared for this situation. "I wasn't t-trying"

"P-please," Midoriya gasped, wiping furiously at his face, "please, no, if I - Dad will -"

"Your father-"

"H-he has my mom!" He all but wailed, on the verge of hyperventilating now. "I can't- I have to go-"

"My boy!" Toshinori stood up and grasped his shoulders. "My boy, calm down. Take a deep breath."

A mother. Of course the boy had a mother. "Your mother. She's in danger?"

The boy didn't say anything, wracked by sobs and tears with snot running down his nose as he furiously tried to wipe them away. He waited patiently for it subside long enough for Midoriya to speak.

"She's...she's locked up." The boy managed through a hiccup, still wiping at his face. "I...I d-don't know if he'll..if he's going to..."

This was going very differently from what he had imagined. "Do you know where he's keeping her?" he asked gently. "Any idea at all?"

Midoriya shook his head, the picture of misery.

"N-no. Kurogiri just warped us there!"

"Kurogiri?" Toshinori repeated, to which Midoriya nodded.

"H-he works for my dad." He went on to say. "W-we tried so hard to keep hidden- but he found us anyway! A-and if I told anyone, if they knew my dad was a villain-!"

"-you would be seen as a villain too," Toshinori finished the sentence. He instantly regretted it as Izuku flinched and gently squeezed his shoulder in reassurance. "Well, only if you didn't have a hero vouching for you. Young Midoriya, will you come with me to the Principal? He would be able -"

But Midoriya was shaking his head. "No, Dad - he'd know. I'd be late, and he'd know that I told, and then I'd never see Mom again. I-I have to go." Midoriya insisted, pulling away from Toshinori in a panic. "I c-can't be late. I'm sorry!"

"Young Midoriya, wait -"

But the boy was gone, the door swinging shut behind him. Toshinori straightened and cursed. Letting go of One for All, he slimmed down to his natural form. He needed to talk to Nedzu, and call up Nighteye and Gran Torino. This was officially an emergency.

Part of him questioned the boys story. It could be a trap, a means to catch him off his guard.

But those tears had been real. The terror in young Midoriya's voice was real. He knew that from far too many victims' faces.


Toshinori's suit hung off him, several times oversized for his weakened form. His bangs hung in front of his eyes, hands clasped together and pressed to his head as his elbows nestled against his knees. Nedzu was sitting on the couch, while they waited for the others to arrive.

He'd watched the students leaving through the gates as the sun began to go down, trying to spot Midoriya. He hadn't been able to, making the ghost of his stomach flop uncomfortably.

Nedzu sipped from his cup of tea. "You are certain that he was telling the truth? That it isn't a trick?"

"I don't think so." He folded his hands into his lap. "You didn't see him- the kid was terrified. If he had wanted to trick me he wouldn't have ran away like he did.

Nedzu merely hummed. Thankfully, he didn't have time to say more as the door opened and Aizawa stepped into the room. "Principal Nedzu. You said you had something you needed to talk to me about?"

"Quite right. Have a seat please." He said, taking a sip of tea before placing the cup down with a clink.

Aizawa's eyes darted over towards Toshinori, but he obeyed.

Toshinori shifted uncomfortably. How to put this delicately?

"One of the students in your class is being threatened by a villain."

God damn it, not again.

Aizawa's eyes narrowed sharply.

"Who?" He demanded of the two, his hand unconsciously reaching for the goggles that hung around his neck.

"Midoriya Izuku." Toshinori didn't miss Aizawa's reaction. "I know the villain, too. I've asked some of the people that helped me track him down before to come, but in the meantime, I'll do my best to catch you up. You wouldn't have heard of the villain before -"

"Never mind that," Aizawa said, cutting him off harshly. "Where is Midoriya? If he's in trouble with a villain, we need to have him and his mother in protective custody as soon as possible."

"He...ran off." Toshinori admitted flatly. "I tried to confront him about his father and...well..."

Aizawa stiffened. "His father? What does his father have to do with this? I checked his records earlier. His father is dead."

"That's not quite right." He muttered tiredly under his breath. "Injured maybe, but not dead."

Aizawa just glared at him. "What do you mean?" he repeated, his voice gaining an impatient edge.

"We've fought before." He went on to explain, ignoring how Aizawa eyed him furiously. "He's the reason I'm in the state I am today."

Aizawa's glare abruptly disappeared and he covered his mouth. "Midoriya's the one that did this to you?" He furrowed his brow. "Talk. No more of these hints - tell me the full story."

He sighed, but didn't object, the words flowing easily from his mouth. How All For One and he battled years ago, leaving each with grievous wounds. How he suspected Midoriya since he first saw the exams and how his suspicions were confirmed once he saw a quirk outside of his so called enhancement quirk.

All the while Aizawa said nothing, waiting patiently for him to finish. The man scowled again once he had.

"And you thought it was a good idea to confront Midoriya with this now?" Aizawa scolded him coldly. "On his second day of school?"

Toshinori shrank back. "I thought at the time that he was loyal to his father," he protested. "I didn't realize that the situation was more complicated."

"And now we don't know where he is." Aizawa pressed, glaring holes into Toshinori.

He had trouble meeting the other man's eyes, but forced himself to do so. "All for One is still allowing him to come to school," he said. "He's not beyond our help yet."

"Why though? Why allow him to return to school at all?"

Toshinori hesitated. Now that, he didn't know the answer to -

"To give him something to lose. To have a spy. Nothing good, at any rate." While they had been talking, the door had opened. Toshinori turned and shot to his feet when he saw who was standing there. "Sir!"

Gran Torino snorted and stepped into the room, Sir Nighteye emerging from the shadows behind him. "Doesn't much matter why that bastard's still letting his bouncing baby boy come here. What matters is that we get the kid away from him. Whatever he has planned for the brat, I don't want to find out."

"Agreed." Sir's voice was cold, his eyes hard and narrowed. "Do we know of anyone who was close to the boy? A friend, or family maybe?"

Toshinori pressed his lips together. "He said that All for One already had his mother. I haven't heard anything else - it's only the second day of school. There aren't that many friendships yet among the students."

"Do we have an address? Any idea where this boy would go?"

"A home address, but I doubt he's there. He mentioned a villain with a warping quirk, Kurogiri I think."

Sir Nighteyes eyes flashed dangerously.

"And have you taken measures against that?" He demanded, adjusting his glasses. "What's to stop them from warping into or near the school?"

"I have already contacted the appropriate people," Nedzu said, chillingly calm. "However, Sir Nighteye, you seem to be losing sight of the point of this meeting. We have come together to figure out how to rescue young Midoriya and his mother, not defend the school from him."

"It's a possibility we cannot rule out."

"Enough Sir." Toshinori chided, anger leaking into his voice. "I want to help young Midoriya, not detain him!"

"Are you forgetting who injured you -"

"He's not." Aizawa had stood up, his eyes cold. "You, however, seem to have. It was Midoriya's father that injured All Might, not Midoriya himself."

"And from the way the boy was crying as he spoke to me, the villain's been hurting his family as well." Toshinori straightened to his full height. "Now, are you going to help or not?"

"....fine." Sir spoke lowly. "Do we know anything else?" He went on. "Anything that might help us in the slightest?"

"Only that they apparently have someone with a warp Quirk," Toshinori said, still a little annoyed at Sir's tone. "He's handling the transportation of Midoriya, so he can't say where he and his mother are being kept. He was also worried that if he lingered his father would become suspicious."

"So we have no means of tracking him." Nighteye concluded grimly.

"Until he returns to school." Toshinori said grimly.

Aizawa growled in frustration. "We should come up with a plan," he said unhappily. "Some way to pass on information, start making a plan to extract the kid."

"I agree," Toshinori said. He turned towards Nedzu. "Would it be at all possible to include Yuuei as a possible safehouse?"

"Possibly. However, the welfare of the other students would be in danger should the school be attacked."

"Even back when I was a student, he didn't dare attack Yuuei, though," Toshinori pointed out.

"You weren't his brat, though," Gran Torino said sourly. He shook his head. "I have a few safehouses that he can hide out in, in any case," he said. Brushing past Toshinori, he sat down. "This is going to take a while though. How about we stop standing around and have a seat?"


Izuku shivered as the chill of a portal washed over him, his surroundings changing in a matter of seconds, the oppressive walls of his fathers hideout now coming into view.

He'd only been here for a day and he already hated it. Straightening, he gripped the straps of his backpack tightly.

"Izuku." His father's voice had a curl of amusement threading through it. "Did you have a good day at school?"

"It was...fine." He muttered through gritted teeth, his hands tightening on the straps. He refused to look in the mans direction.

His father hummed thoughtfully. Not turning his chair, he held his arm out and lazily gestured for him to come closer. "It doesn't sound like it was fine. Why don't you tell Papa what's eating you, hm?"

"I told you it was-"

"Izuku," He said in a low, firm voice that left no room for argument. He waved his hand once more, this time in demand.

Biting the inside of his cheek, Izuku obeyed.

He flinched a little when a hand tousled through his hair, before withdrawing back to the arm rest.

"Sit down Izuku. No doubt you've had a long day. Why don't you tell me about it, hm?"

Swallowing, Izuku did so, grabbing a nearby stool and sitting down on it. "There's nothing much to tell. It was school. We had the usual subjects, and then our hero practice in the afternoon."

"That must have been fun," He mused, strumming his fingers against his chair.

"Yeah," Izuku said not wanting to go into detail. He didn't want to rouse his suspicions -

"And who was teaching this class?" His father's voice was dangerously light.

"It..." He swallowed on the words, hands curling into fists. "It was Aizawa sensei. He teaches the first year heroics class."

His father sighed. Without turning his head, he reached out and caught Izuku's chin between his thumb and forefinger. "Izuku," he said, his voice stern, "I didn't teach you to lie to me. Who was your teacher?"

"I'm not lying." He tried to pull away, but the grip was unrelenting. "Aizawa is our teacher!"

"Let's see here," his father mused like he hadn't even spoken, "out of all your teachers, who would you want to hide from me most? It can't be Present Mic, he's already busy with his English class and radio show. It can't be Midnight, she isn't suited for combat..."

His fingers dug into Izuku's jaw. "It must have been All Might, then." His voice was silky. "Now why were you so desperate to hide that from me?"

"Because you hate him." He practically hissed out, managing to pull away with a little help from a minor strength quirk.

His father turned the scarred mass of his face towards him. "No," he said thoughtfully, "that's not it. Yes, I hate him, but that doesn't explain the fear in your voice."

Suddenly he was up and out of his chair, his massive hands cupping Izuku's head and forcing him to look at his scarred face. "Izuku," he said, almost sounding sorrowful, "you told, didn't you? You told All Might about our family."

"N-no. Why would I?" Izuku stammered out. "You'd hurt the other students, the teachers-"

"Oh, Izuku." His father's voice was so disappointed. "Still lying, even now?" One of his thumbs stroked along his cheekbone. "Let me guess, you asked All Might for help, like you needed to be saved from me." His father knelt down, and despite the gentle way his father was stroking his cheek, his hands were like iron, keeping Izuku from getting away from him. "You're my son, Izuku. You have nothing to fear from me, and everything to fear from him and his allies. Do you really think that they're going to believe that you were there because you wanted to be a hero?"

Izuku was barely able to choke the words out, "I - I am going to be -"

His father clucked his tongue and pulled him close, until their foreheads were touching. "Izuku," he said, his voice terribly gentle, "they aren't going to save you. They'll tar you with the same brush that they used on me."

"T-that's not true!" His breaths grew shorter and faster, blood pounding in his eardrums. "I-I'll be a hero, I'll prove you wrong!"

His father sighed, his breath gusting over Izuku's face. "No, you won't," he said, standing back up. "For your own safety, I'll be taking you out of that school."

"You can't!" Izuku shouted, jerking away from his father. "They'll know! The heroes will be looking for you!"

"I'm sure they will," his father said breezily. "Whether or not they'll be able to find us, that's the question. Especially if you've been legally removed from the school. It's just a form to fill out, after all. How does a 'family emergency' sound?"

Izuku trembled with fear and rage. Everything he had worked for was crumbling away before his eyes.

He couldn't. He wouldn't let it happen without a fight.

"I'm sure your mother will be relieved as well; hero schools can be so dangerous even when you're not a villain's son."

"I- we worked hard for this!" Izuku snapped, sliding quirks into his arms. "I'm not going to let you take it all away!"

His father paused. "I'm not the one that's taking this away from you - it was your own actions, Izuku. I'm just trying to keep you safe."

"You ruined everything!" He yelled, muscles rippling as the sleeve of his uniform tore from the strain. He swung his fist back, tears in his eyes.

Before he could throw his punch, however -

"Kurogiri!" his father called. "I think that Izuku needs a time out."

"No!" Izuku shouted. But it was too late; the man must have been waiting nearby. Before he could do anything, he was surrounded by black mist.

The room disappeared once more, replaced by the walls of 'his' room. His prison.

Trembling, Izuku stared at them, letting the quirks recede back from his arms. It was over, and he hadn't even been able to do anything.

He fell to his knees, tears beginning to stream down his cheeks.

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Aizawa stared at the sheet of paper laying innocently on the desk, Principal Nedzu's paws folded behind it. Nedzu gestured for him to take it. The sheet crinkled as he picked it up to read, his dry eyes darting across the page. His grip tightened.

"When did this come in?" He demanded, looking up to the principal.

Nedzu's expressions were always hard to read, but Aizawa was fairly certain from the way his tail was stiff and twitching that he was just as angry as him. "Just this morning," he said, his voice enviably calm. "It seems that we didn't have the time we thought we did to help young Midoriya."

Aizawa growled, barely resisting the urge to tear the sheet to pieces. "Have you -"

Nedzu nodded just as the door to his office.

"Aizawa-kun!" All Might said frantically, Gran Torino and Sir Nighteye on his heels, "You've heard?!"

"Just now." He said, slamming the sheet down onto the desk

All Might buried his face in hands and moaned in guilt. "I never should have let him leave," he said. "I should have made him stay."

Not saying anything, Sir Nighteye stalked over to the desk and picked up the form, his eyes scanning it.

"Now now," Nedzu said, "blaming ourselves won't solve anything."

Gran Torino grunted in agreement. "How'd the form even get here? If someone handed it in, we might be able to start tracking the old bastard down."

"It was faxed." Nedzu shook his head disapprovingly.

"It even has his signature." Sir Nighteye commented, glasses glinting.

"Smug bastard." Gran Torino spat out.

"And the fax number? Can it be traced?" asked Aizawa.

"I've already tried." Nedzu explained. "It came from the office of a newspaper business. I wasn't able to pinpoint the sender."

Aizawa didn't normally swear much. It was an illogical and inefficient way of getting one's point across. Now though, it felt appropriate, and he let loose with a venomous snarl.

As he did so, All Might finally looked up from his hands, seeming to drag himself from his self-pity. "We'll need to do this the slow way then," he said sadly. "We'll have to trace things back - has anyone checked young Midoriya's address? The way he spoke, he and his mother were living there - there might be evidence -

"You would require a warrant to access someone's home address, number one hero or no." Nedzu pointed out.

Toshinori was silent for a long moment. Then, his face lit up.

"....I may know someone that can help."


Shoto had never made a friend before, but all the mangas he'd read last night had said that sharing food was a good start. Sitting at his desk, he stared down at the melon bread in front of him. Would this be enough? It was just from a vending machine, but he got the feeling that the emotions behind it were more important than what the item actually was...

His head snapped up as the door to the classroom opened.

Their teacher walked through, without his yellow sleeping bag surprisingly, moving to the front desk without pause. Immediately all the chatter in the room stopped, everyone sitting firmly in their seats now. However, Aizawa didn't scold them this time.

"Good morning," he said, his voice flat and on the surface emotionless. It was only thanks to long experience that Shoto could hear the anger underneath it. He sat up straighter.

"Due to unforeseen family issues, Midoriya Izuku will no longer be joining us in class," Aizawa continued. "Open your books to page fifteen."

Precisely no one obeyed. Instead, the air filled with shouts, and Shoto slumped back in his chair. Midoriya...gone? Before he even had the chance to make friends with the other boy?

"What the fuck do you mean by that?!" Came an unexpected shout from another student- Bakugou, Shoto thought his name was. "Where the hell is Deku?!"

Aizawa's eyes flashed red. "Sit. Down," he said, some of the anger he was feeling leaking into his voice.

The other students immediately quieted down.

"As I said," Aizawa continued, "a family emergency has come up, and Midoriya was forced to leave our class. That does not mean that we should neglect your education. So sit down, Bakugou, and turn. To page. Fifteen."

Bakugou, Shoto noticed, seemed to be trembling with frustration. But after another red-eyed glare, he sat back down in his seat. Pulling out his textbook, he slammed it down onto his desk, and Aizawa, apparently satisfied, went back to teaching.

Shoto, however, couldn't pay attention. What did Bakugou know about Midoriya?

It seemed to take forever until the lunch bell rung. Through all of their subjects, Shoto kept one eye on Bakugou, who's level of rage didn't seem to abate in the slightest as time passed.

Finally, the bell for lunch rang, and the rest of the class got up, starting to file out. Shoto, however, ignored the flow of traffic and made a beeline for Bakugou's desk. The other boy was busy angrily shoving his textbooks back into his bag, but Shoto ignored that. "Bakugou," he said, "what do you know about Midoriya?"

"The fuck you want to know Icy-hot?" Was the irate reply as Bakugou all but shoved his books into a bag. Bakugo made to brush by him, bumping his shoulder against his own, when Shoto reached out to stop him.

"You weren't happy that he's not here," Shoto said. "Why? We all only met two days ago."

Bakugou shoved off the hand from his shoulder with a slap and a scowl.

"I've known Deku since elementary!" Bakugou snapped at him. Shoto remained impassive still, listening patiently. "Fucking coward. Probably up and disappeared again because he knows I'd beat him-"

"Disappeared...again?" Shoto interrupted him.

Red eyes narrowed at him.

"What's it to you?" Bakugou demanded to know. "Like you said, you've only known him for two days."

Shoto blinked slowly at him. It probably wouldn't be appropriate to tell the other boy what he thought Midoriya had gone through. "I want to be his friend," he said honestly. "I think we have a lot in common."

"You don't know shit about Deku."

A sharp stab of irritation lanced through Shoto. "I know that he's been trained how to use his Quirk since he was a child like me," he said coldly. "Not just practiced - trained. And I know that you don't get that good with just regular training either."

Bakugou scoffed, making to leave again.

"Deku was always showing off his quirks. Fucking annoying-"

Shoto's eyebrows knitted together. "Quirks?" What was he talking about?

"Never mind." He muttered, leaving the classroom. Shoto stubbornly followed him.

"What do you mean, 'Quirks'?" he asked. The hallways were empty, all of the other students having already made their way to lunch.

Neither of them noticed their teacher, who had been going through his desk, stiffening as they had spoke in the classroom. Neither of them noticed him subtly following them and hiding in the doorway.

"I thought Midoriya only had an enhancement Quirk."

Shoto ignored how Bakugou's brow ticked in annoyance.

"For f-" He started out, before realizing that Shoto wasn't going to leave him alone. "He could bounce off walls, see through shit, hell he could even teleport! Bastard was holding back during the tests. Pisses me off."

Shoto frowned. "Those aren't enhancement quirks."

Bakugou's brow ticked again. "Yeah, no shit, ice-for-brains."

"But that's impossible." Shoto said. "No one can have so many quirks."

"Todoroki-kun is correct."

The sudden sound of their teacher's voice made both of them jump. Aizawa had snuck up on them as they spoke and was now towering over both of them. "Todoroki, you should get to lunch," he said. Reaching out, he placed a hand on Bakugou's shoulder, holding him place. "Bakugou, can I talk to you?"

"What for?" He demanded to know, shrugging the hand off as Shoto reluctantly left.

Aizawa looked him over carefully. "You claimed that you knew Midoriya as a child?"

"I knew him- what does it matter?"

"It matters a lot." Aizawa grabbed his shoulder again and began to pull him along. "We need to talk to the principle."

Bakugou growled irritably, following along begrudgingly. "What's this about?" Bakugou demanded as they walked, hands shoved into his pockets. Aizawa ignored him.

Stiff-legged, he marched the two of them to the principal's office and entered without knocking. "Nedzu!" he barked, closing the door sharply after Bakugou came in, "we might have a lead."

Bent over the principal's desk, the other members of the Midoriya investigation looked up. Nighteye's glasses flashed. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I assume the student has something to do with it?"

"The hell is this, some kind of tea and cookies get together?!" Bakugou snarled as he eyed everyone in the room, papers strewn about on every available space.

Aizawa clapped a hand back onto the boy's shoulder and steered him towards one of the vacant chairs in front of the principal's desk. Forcing him to sit, he straightened back up and said, "Bakugou-kun here claims to have known Midoriya as a child, before he came to UA."

The others stiffened and turned to look at Bakugou, who sneered. Aizawa could feel him trembling a bit under his hand; in confusion or worry, he didn't know.

"Is that so young man?" A skinny as fuck man with blond hair and sunken eyes asked. The blue irises in the black seemed to almost glow.

Bakugou growled, trying to shrug off his teacher's hand. "Yeah, what about it?" he asked. "Our moms met at one of those pregnancy classes and decided to be best buds. We pretty much grew up together till he moved away or whatever."

"Do you know why?" Blondie persisted, hands clasped together and elbows digging into his knees. "Please, tell us anything you know about young Midoriya."

Bakugou grimaced. "Why?" he asked. His eyes darted around the office suspiciously. "Does this have something to do with him being pulled out of school?"

"Ah...yes. About that-"

"We believe that Midoriya was removed from UA against his will by his father," Aizawa said briskly. "We also have reason to believe that his father is involved in villainous activity. Any information that you can give that could possibly lead to where he and his mother are being held would be appreciated."

"Are you saying that Deku was kidnapped by that creepy fucker?!" Bakugou shouted, palms growing hot as they threatened to explode.

Above his head, the adults exchanged looks.

Nighteye coughed. "That creepy fucker?"

Bakugou growled and let off a few pops to relieve his anger. "His dad. Tall, white hair, red eyes, fucking possessive as hell with Auntie and Deku?

"Yes. I believe his name is Hisashi. Is there anything you can tell us in regards to Izuku? Was he...abusive?"

Bakugou's face tightened. His mouth opened - and then closed. Opened again. Closed again. Until finally -

"I'm...not sure," he muttered, looking away from them. "Jackass was always monopolizing their attention when he was around - they almost never left the house when he was home from one of his business trips. But Deku and Auntie - they always seemed perfectly happy. I mean..." He trailed off and seemed to fold in on himself, clearly thinking.

"You mean..." Nighteye prodded.

Bakugou gritted his teeth. "Deku...he doesn't have some bullshit enhancement Quirk. You know that, right? If you're investigating?" He glanced up at them before looking down at his hands. "Well, when we were really little, he'd show off a bunch of different Quirks when we played together. Stuff like breathing fire, or seeing through walls." He clenched his hands. "Until he was eight. He suddenly stopped. Wouldn't talk about Quirks anymore."

"And Izuku- did he seem different afterwards?" Aizawa pressed for more information.

"Well no shit. People don't stop using their quirks for no reason!"

"Bakugou-kun, please," the skinny blond man interrupted, "we're only trying to understand what was - is - going on in that household."

Bakugou glared at Aizawa for a moment longer before grunting and leaning back in his seat. "I dunno. I was young too. I just - I dunno. Deku, and I think Auntie, they just kind of folded in on themselves. Didn't say anything, you could just tell that something was wrong. It went on for one or I think maybe two years and then one day they were just gone." His hand let off a few pops, his face twisting with emotion. "My mom said that they'd moved away but I dunno, I always thought it was weird how fast it was. Next time I saw him was on the first day of class."

"And then I saw him in the quirk assessment and pissed me off. He was half-assing everything! Pretending that he only had an enhancement quirk." Bakugou clenched his fists angrily. "So I confronted him after school and demanded to know what the fuck he was doing. He didn't even remember me at first. But then when he did he was all cheery, trying to pretend that I was remembering wrong, pretending that his mom was texting him - he fucking ran off as soon as he could -"

"Wait - pretending that his mother was texting him?" Gran Torino spoke up for the first time. "What do you mean by that?"

"His phone went off." Bakugous brow twitched, before looking down at his hands. "But I...blew it up when he ignored me."

A low hiss went through the room as the adults traded glances again.

Bakugou shifted uncomfortably. "I - look, is he - is Deku in trouble?" He looked up again, straining to keep concern from showing on his face and failing miserably. "You said you thought his dad was involved in villainous stuff. What sort of villainous stuff?"

"I'm afraid we can't discuss that." Sir Nighteye informed him, straightening a stack of papers.

"Thank you for the insight young Bakugou." The blond man sighed, bangs hanging limply from his face as he leaned his chin onto his hands.

"Bakugou-kun," Nedzu piped up, "I don't suppose that you would remember where Midoriya-kun lived before he ah, moved?"

Bakugou pressed his lips together. "No," he admitted. "Not the address, at least. My mom might still have it though. I just remember he lived on this freakin' compound place near the mountains. It was surrounded by the forest and all fancy and shit."

"Is see. That is most helpful." He took a small sip of tea, the cup clattering as it was placed back onto the table.

Bakugou glared at the thing, catching sight of the paper he had placed down after a brief glance. Midoriya Izuku. Quirk: Muscle enhancement. Address-

"In any case, you've been very helpful, Bakugou-kun. But I don't doubt that you need to get home soon; I don't have to tell you not to spread this around, do I?"

Bakugou leaned back, hiding that he'd read the address. "No," he said. "It's an ongoing investigation, I know what that means."

Nedzu nodded in satisfaction. "In that case, Aizawa will escort you home. I have no doubt that your mother will be worried if you're late."

Bakugou just barely kept himself from snorting.

"Aizawa-san, if you could also perhaps talk to Bakugou-kun's parents and set up a time when they could come in for an interview -" the skinny blond said.

Aizawa nodded stoically. "I will," he said. He took Bakugou's shoulder in his hand. "This way."

And then they were heading out the door, just as quickly as they entered, even as Bakugou's head spun, the address he had seen echoing in his head.

"I don't need a fucking chauffeur." Bakugou growled out as they reached the front gates. "I can take care of myself!"

"I'm sure," Aizawa said, utterly unmoved by his growling. "But I need to talk to your parents as well. It's only logical -"

"What happened?"

Both of them stopped and turned to look at who had just interrupted them.

Leaning against the gate, Todoroki watched them both with a blank yet intense stare. "What happened?" he repeated.

"None of your business Icy-hot." Bakugou all but sneered, pulling away from Aizawa with the much needed distraction.

"It was about Midoriya. I wanted to talk to him. That makes it my business." The other boy was not to be put off.

"Todoroki-kun," Aizawa said, "shouldn't you be on your way home?"

Todoroki didn't say anything, staring coldly at the pair that refused to answer him.

Aizawa sighed and clapped a hand back onto Bakugou's shoulder. "We need to go," he said flatly. "Todoroki, go home."

Bakugou grunted. He had almost gotten away. Still, part of him filed away Icy-hot's reaction. "See you tomorrow," he muttered.

They left, not looking back. Bakugou, however, was certainly thinking back. And planning.

Chapter Text

Toshinori stared at the door to the Midoriya's apartment, a lump in his throat.

It was a plain door, the same as all the other doors on this floor except for the nameplate beside it reading 'Midoriya'. A little weatherbeaten, but sturdy. There was no sign that anyone had broken in or been kidnapped.

That had always been All for One's style, though. Leave the outside neat and tidy so that the horrors within were that much more of a shock.


Toshinori jumped. "Ah, Tsukauchi! Sorry, I was just - woolgathering."

Tsukauchi hummed, raising a concerned eyebrow but not pressing. He held up a key. "Finally got the landlord to hand it over," he said. "Shall we go in?"

"Right. I'll go in first." Toshinori insisted as Tsukauchi opened the door in the off chance that someone was on the other side. There was a creaking noise, Toshinori tensing instinctively.

Yet no one was on the other side. Everything looked normal bar that it was empty and far too quiet.

It was a humble home, Toshinori thought as he stepped through the doorway. Humble, but comfortable. The couch was a bit battered, the TV small, but the couch was soft-looking and the TV clean and well-cared for. Peering in further, he could see a kitchen and a hallway leading to what were undoubtedly bedrooms and a bathroom.

"Hm. Either this was a quick kidnapping, or someone cleaned up afterwards," Tsukauchi said from behind him.

Toshinori hoped it was the former, as guilty as it made him feel. If All For One had sent someone to scrub the apartment of evidence, then anything that could help lead to the Midoriya's whereabouts would be long gone.

"Where should we start?" He asked Tsukauchi as he closed the door behind them.

"Considering the existence of a villain with a warping quirk, I'm not one hundred percent sure," Tsukauchi said with a grimace. He swept his gaze over the apartment. "Probably best to start with a walkthrough, try to see if anything's clearly out of place."

"I'll check the kitchen then." He said as he went into the other room, leaving Tsukauchi to the living room.

Nothing looked out of sort at first glance, as far as he could tell. It was impeccably clean, if a bit plain with a small table for two save for a lone mug that sat atop it.

Briefly looking in the cup (most of the liquid had evaporated) a bit of pink caught his eye. Turning his head, he squinted as he spotted a - phone? - half underneath the cupboards. It was lying facedown, like it had suddenly been dropped...

"Tsukauchi," he said, crossing the room to crouch down beside the innocuous item, "I think I found something."

"What is it?" Tsukauchi called out as he walked in. Toshinori had already grabbed the cell out from beneath the cupboards.

"A phone. I think it's the mothers." He flipped it around, revealing its cracked screen and a blinking red light.

Tsukauchi hummed and peered at it. "Looks like it needs to be recharged. It was just on the ground?"

Toshinori nodded.

"That probably means that this was the main kidnapping site." He looked around the kitchen as well. Opening the fridge, he peered in. His nose wrinkled distastefully. "Hmm, some pork going bad in here as well."

"She's been gone for a few days then?"

"At least. If not longer." Tsukauchi confirmed, closing the fridge. "We need to search the other rooms. There's a chance Mrs. Midoriya could have left something incriminating behind."

"Such as?"

"Documents, money." Tsukauchi glanced up at him. "I can't imagine that getting and staying away from All for One was easy. If we can figure out how he found her again, that might also lead us to him."

Toshinori nodded, heading towards the hallway as Tsukauchi searched the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen. He went to the first door on the left of the hallway and entered.

His heart sped up at the sight inside- his own face was staring back at him. Posters, action figures of every age and even a plush that sat in the corner of a desk.

This...had not been what he was expecting from the son of his archnemesis. Gingerly stepping in, he was reminded of Sir's office, the sheer amount of obsession and love that rolled off of his surroundings. The posters were unwrinkled and untorn, the figurines pristine, and the plush...

He picked the item up carefully, seeing the worn spots and the gentle fading of the fabric. This one had definitely felt more than a little love.

Shame welled up in his chest. Looking around this room, it was hard to fathom the idea that young Midoriya would have ever willingly worked for his father.

"Kitchen's pretty clean," Tsukauchi said, entering the hallway. "Have you - oh, wow."

He placed the plush back down.

"It's uh...a lot to take in isn't it?"

"Not...quite what I was expecting from All For One's kid, no." Tsukauchi peered around. "Well, I guess it answers the question about Midoriya-kun's sincerity."

"Yeah..." Toshinori sighed softly.

Tsukauchi looked at him worriedly and gently placed a hand on his back. "Hey," he said quietly, "we'll find the kid and his mother."

He nodded determinedly.

"Whatever it takes." he swore solemnly.

The next room was a bathroom, just as neat and tidy as the rest of the apartment. The last room, then, was young Midoriya's mother, Inko.

Like her phone, the blanket on her bed was a soft pink. There was a dresser with a small jewelry box on top and a mirror with some makeup in a little bag beside the box. It seemed like a normal room for a middle-aged woman until Tsukauchi made a sharp noise.

"Yagi, can you go outside and get the toolbox from the car trunk?" he asked, kneeling down by a vent. "There's something down here."

"On it."

Toshinori hurriedly made his way out and down the stairs of the apartment complex and to the car. He opened the door to press the button that would release the trunk, then walked to the back to get the toolbox Tsukauchi spoke of.

Pulling the toolbox out, he was in such a hurry that he missed his two students standing a few dozen feet away, watching him suspiciously.

Gasping for breath, he rushed back to the apartment. "I have it!"

"Bring it over here!" Tsukauchi shouted back, kneeling down as Toshinori opened the box for him. "Hand me the screw driver will you?"

Toshinori did so, and hovered over the other man's shoulder as he carefully unscrewed the vent's cover and put it to one side. Reaching into the space he pulled out a small box and a key. Using the key, the box opened, revealing several sheafs of paper.

Tsukauchi picked up a few pieces and scanned them. "Look like bank records - transferring funds." His eyebrows shot up. "Transferring a lot of funds."

Toshinori choked and covered his mouth, just barely avoiding spraying the papers with blood. "How on earth -" The answer came to him. "She must have stolen this before running, laundered it -"

"But maybe not enough." Tsukauchi looked at him, his eyes still wide. "This is a possible way they were traced down. If All for One was patient enough..."

"It would eventually lead right to them." Toshinori swallowed back a mouthful of blood, staring down at the papers and their innocent rows of numbers. "We need to get this to Nighteye. He has experience tracking this sort of thing."

Placing the papers back into the box, Tsukauchi closed it carefully as he locked it back in place. The box was tucked away under his arm.

"I think we have what we need to start a proper investigation. Let's head back to U.A. so we can get started."


"Aizawa managed to set up a meeting with the Bakugous in the meantime. They'll arrive at U.A. later. " Toshinori hoped they could shed a bit more light on the Midoriya's situation.

"That's good," Tsukauchi said distractedly, checking his phone. Then he looked up and frowned. "It looks like Young Bakugou is here right now to talk to us as well. And he brought a friend. "

"Huh?" Toshinori blinked. "Ah shit."

Young Bakugou and surprisingly, Todoroki, were standing by Tsukauchi's car, stone-faced. As they came closer, Bakugou stepped towards them. "What did you find?"

"You should know that we're not at liberty to discuss that to those outside the investigation." Tsukauchi answered calmly, undeterred by the teens glowering at him.

"Hey, I'm the one that gave you those leads - I'm a witness or whatever. That makes me a part of this investigation."

"As I said-"

"No need to worry, alright?" Toshinori tried assure the pair. "We found enough to hopefully get a lead on young Midoriya's whereabouts."

"A lead?" Todoroki spoke up for the first time. He joined Bakugou in standing in front of them. "Where do you think he is?"

"I...don't know. But rest assure we will find them!"

Todoroki just frowned at him. Thankfully, Tsukauchi came to his rescue.

"And that's enough of that," he said sternly. "Boys, I know you're concerned, but I would appreciate you keeping quiet about this." His eyes darted over to Todoroki. "I'm sorry, Todoroki is it? Would you happen to have information like Bakugou did? I was unaware that you knew Midoriya."

"....only from the first two days of school." Todoroki admitted quietly.

"...I see." Tsukauchi said. "Your concern for your classmate is admirable. However, like Bakugou, I'm going to have to ask you to keep quiet about this." He shot Bakugou an annoyed look. "Quieter, even. We're trying to keep from letting the villains know that we're on to them."

Bakugous brow ticked, hands twitching. Todoroki grabbed the others wrist before he could do something rash.

"We understand detective." He nodded, unphased when Bakugou yanked his hand away with a growl and a curse. "Bakugou and I won't let this get outside of class."

"Thank you," Tsukauchi said with relief. "Now, if you wouldn't mind, we'd like to bring this evidence to the other investigators for analysis." He walked around the two of them and opened the car door. "Yagi, are you coming?"

"Of course. You two stay out of trouble alright?" Toshinori insisted.

"We will." Shoto promised as the pair entered the car and drove off.

"What the hell Icy-hot?!" Bakugou snapped irritably as he watched them go off, whipping around to face Shoto. "There's no way I'm gonna sit on my ass while Deku is missing!"

"I didn't say we were. I said we weren't going to let it get outside of our class."

Bakugou paused. "What do you mean?"

Shoto looked at him patiently. "We're heroes in training. Part of being a hero is investigating crimes. And I know that our class is worried as well for Midoriya. Especially his other friends. If we ask, they might be willing to help us."


Inko brushed her hair for what must have been the thirty sixth time that evening. She had been trapped in the room since she last saw Izuku. Her time had been spent in isolation save the visits from Hisashi and occasionally Kurogiri.

She felt sick, thinking about what her ex-husband could be doing to her baby boy, and being so helpless to stop him. She'd screamed at him, begged him to let her see her son to no avail.

There was a click, and she turned to see the door opening and letting her ex-husband walk in. "Good evening, Inko," he purred. There was something folded over his arm.

Hands clutching her skirt, she gave him an unseen glare.

"Hisashi." the name spilled from between gritted teeth with as much venom as she could muster. It only succeeded in making him laugh. "What do you want?"

"So harsh." He chuckled as he lifted his arm to show what he had brought. A soft pink dress unfolded before her, elegant and tasteful. "And even after I brought you a gift..."

Inko tensed. "Nothing is ever a gift with you. It always has a price tag."

"My, when did you become such a skeptic?" Hisashi mused as he moved over, holding out the dress for her to take. She refused.

"Since I found out who you really are," she replied coldly.

Hisashi sighed and chuckled under his breath. "I suppose then that you're refusing to have dinner with Izuku and Tomura and I then? They'll be so disappointed."

"I...what?" Her eyes widened, shoulders hiking up.

"I bought this for just the occasion." His voiced rumbled out, smooth as the silken fabric. "I can just imagine how lovely it will look on you."

Inko gritted her teeth, even as her heart jumped at the possibility of seeing Izuku again. And Tomura..."I assume Izuku has received a gift as well?" She asked, slowly standing up.

"A suit I had made for him. Tomura will be bringing it to him." he answered as Inko took his 'gift' with trembling hands. "Though I may have to help him with his tie."

"He hates ties," she reminded him, gripping the dress tightly. He hates you, she added silently.

Hisashi's smile widened. "Well, I may visit him anyways," he said. "Catch up on what's going on in my son's life."

At this she gripped his hand, holding it tightly with her much smaller one.

"No. Just...stay here. With me." Inko implored him, heart racing in her chest. As much as the thought of spending time with Hisashi made her skin crawl, she didn't want Izuku have to suffer his presence more than he had to.

"Oh? You want me to stick around?" He shifted so that he was holding her hand back. "How can I refuse?"

He guided her to the couch and sat down with her, his hip and thigh flush against hers and wrapping an arm over her shoulder.

"I need to get ready." She blushed, wrinkling the fabric under her grip as Hisashi leaned into her.

"Ooh, a fashion show?" He grinned. "My eyes aren't what they used to be, but I won't say no to one." He gave her a squeeze.

Her cheeks became a bright pink as she stood from the couch, before removing her plain shirt and skirt. Even without eyes she could feel Hisashi unscrupulous gaze on her.

Carefully not looking at him, she shook out the dress. It really was beautiful, a soft pink that was her favorite color. Unzipping it, she stepped into the piece of clothing and pulled it up before trying to zip it back up.

Emphasis on trying. Her arms couldn't quite reach far enough; it stopped halfway up, just out of reach.

"Problem?" Hisashi asked.

Inko didn't say anything as she tried harder to reach the zipper. Apparently she was taking too long as she felt Hisashi moving behind her.

His breath played over the shell of her ear. "Allow me." A small tug from his large hands, and the zipper was up. That didn't keep him from stroking down the fabric until a hand was resting on her hip.

"That reminds me," he drawled, his breath still puffing over her ear, "I took the liberty of ordering some new jewelry for you to go along with the dress. I hope you don't mind?"

"Of course not." she shuddered as the hands left her briefly, only to return to her neck a short moment later. Inko stiffened as they paused, stroking the side. Then a weight settled around her throat.

"Gold and pink pearls," he said, rubbing her arms. "I commissioned it for you especially when I found you. There's a set of earrings as well. Kurogiri assured me that they go very well with the dress."

Inko nodded, angry tears pricking at her eyes. Yet she said nothing, willing them away as Hisashi's hands wandered.

"Hm..." he purred in her ear, breath tickling her skin. Inko suppressed a gasp when his touch lowered to her hips. "I don't remember these being here...." he said as he gave them a light squeeze.

An obvious lie, considering how well the dress fit, but she didn't call him out on it. Instead, she bit her lower lip. "Running away from criminals is very stressful."

Hisashi didn't deign to reply, instead moving his hand up to grasp the bit of flub at her belly. She wanted to flinch away at the rough touch of scar tissue brushing at her face. She held her breath.

"Ah well." He murmured, kissing at her neck. "That means there's more of you to love is all."

Icy tendrils shot up Inko's spine, freezing her in place. This - was far too familiar. Him touching her while she couldn't say anything without putting Izuku in danger -

Thankfully, before he could go any further, Kurogiri poked his head into the room. "Master," he said respectfully, "my apologies, but your son and Tomura have taken their seats."

"I see." He sighed, pulling away from her. A large hand enveloped her own, Hisashi raising it to kiss the backside. "Lets not keep them waiting then my dear."


Izuku twitched uncomfortably in his seat as three other figures sat at a dark, polished table, the lighting dim as the silence had awkwardly settled in. His mother fidgeted nervously as she had been forced to sit next to Hisashi, who was at the head of the table while Izuku was sitting on the other side of him. Tomura was on Izuku's left.

Tomura had been the one to bring him a 'gift' from his father, who awkwardly got dressed as Tomura waited outside the door. He didn't even want to go to this stupid dinner, but he'd be damn if he was going to let his mother face them alone.

He couldn't help but eye Tomura cautiously, counting the number of digits constantly. So far nothing had crumbled. Hopefully nothing would for the rest of the evening either.

Thankfully he had decided to forgo the extra hands.

Plates and silverware had already been set out, neatly arranged to provide the semblance of an elegant dinner affair, were it not for the state of the occupants of the table. Izuku, tense and itching in a constricting suit, was on constant alert. His mother made of a show of holding strong, keeping her back straight despite how her hands shook. She sent him a small smile that looked like it could shatter like glass at any moment.

Then there was his father, an infuriating half-smirk curling at a corner of his mouth, acting as though this was normal like it had been years ago. Izuku had no doubt he was smugly enjoying every second of this.

Tomura didn't seem to notice that anything was out of place. His dry, scarred face had been pulled into a small smile. He had greeted them with a quiet, polite "Sensei. Inko-sama." followed by Izuku's name with that ridiculous honorific. He couldn't help the way his eye had twitched at that.

The smell of dinner wafted through the room from kitchen from where Kurogiri was apparently cooking, a strange mixture of aromas that kept him identifying just what was being cooked.

"How have you been Tomura?" his father broke the silence nonchalantly, grabbing the rooms attention. "I haven't had much time to monitor your progress lately as busy I have been."

"I understand Sensei." Tomura answered in a quiet, almost raspy voice. There was something in his tone as he said, "Your family is important. It's good to them again."

"Perhaps you and Izuku can catch up then. It has been some time since you two have seen each other."

"I'd like that, Sensei."

Izuku didn't. He didn't like the idea of being alone in the same room as Tomura for an extended period of time at all.

"I'm sure Inko wouldn't mind either." His hand moved over to Inko's, thumbing the backside gently. "It would give us plenty of time together." He practically purred, leaning over to give her a kiss along her jaw as she stiffened at the touch. The harsh scarred skin of his face rubbed against hers like sandpaper.

Izuku nearly shot up from his chair, ready to blow off what was left of his fathers face-

"O-of course not." His mother interrupted, shooting Izuku a knowing look as she reluctantly returned the kiss. Don't is what her eyes were telling him. "As long a-as they behave."

"I couldn't agree more." Hisashi chuckled before drawing away, standing up from his chair. "Excuse me for a moment."

Izuku couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief at seeing him go. A reprieve however brief, before his father returned with the tension following him. Before long Kurogiri entered the room with a cart laden with different dishes. He greeted his master and guests before settling the food down before them with convenient use of his warping.

Izuku had gotten katsudon, though he felt little appetite at the sight of it. Tomura had been given some kind of karaage, chicken probably, while his mother received a bowl of mazesoba, a bright golden yolk sitting on top of the dish. Hisashi had gotten a clear miyabi soup. Kurogiri excused himself back into the kitchen as they dug into their meals.

Chat was minimal thankfully- and apparently Tomura had been taught a semblance table manners since he last saw him, as he didn't eat like the meal would be his last.

It continued like that for awhile, small talk and clinking silverware being white noise in his ears as he anxiously waited for it to end. Izuku plopped more rice and pork into his mouth, chewing slowly as he avoided eye contact, managing to finish before anyone else. Leaving him in the awkward position of having to wait without being able to leave.

"...would you like to play a game later Izuku-sama?" Tomura asked suddenly, startling Izuku.

"U-uh...maybe...I don't know yet." He answered vaguely. Tomura just nodded, going back to his own meal. Not a chance in hell if I can help it.

"Come now Izuku. Surely you could indulge Tomura a little." Hisashi butted in. Izuku wished he could see the glare he was boring into his eye sockets.

"I'll...think about it." He muttered reluctantly.

Izuku didn't know how he knew, but Kurogiri had used his warp gate to clear out the plates and silverware once everyone had finished. He reentered the room with desserts this time- from dango to mochi to sweet buns. Everyone but Hisashi was allowed to take their pick.

He was chewing a sweet bun filled with red bean paste when he felt it- something slotting into his head, a new presence that hadn't been there before. Something he had felt many many times before.

His whole body stiffened before he all but jumped from the table, the chair screeching harshly against the floor as he fled the dining hall and to the bathroom, the door slamming shut behind him. Izuku threw himself over the toilet to vomit his stomach contents violently, tears streaming down his cheeks as another quirk settled inside him.

Chapter Text

"So how are we going to do this Icy-hot?" Bakugou asked Shoto skeptically as they headed for the first class.

"We tell them the truth first," Shoto answered plainly, sliding the classroom door open- only Tenya Iida was there. They were early then. He and Bakugou could hopefully speak to everyone before the teacher arrived.

"Ah! I see you two are exemplarily students as well-" Tenya walked over to them, waving his arms in the strange robotic way that only he could do. 

"That's it?" Bakugou scoffed at Shoto, shaking his head dismissively.

"Don't get on my case," Shoto replied, "we're early, remember?"

Iida paused mid-compliment-vomit. "I'm sorry?" he looked between the two of them. "I was not aware that you were friends."

"We're not," growled Bakugou, who tossed his belongings at the side of his desk.

"We're Midoriya's friends," Shoto said. "Or at least, I wanted to be his friend."

Tenya frowned, adjusting his glasses and looking over at Bakugou. "You as well, Bakugou? I wasn't aware of that."

"Yeah, there's a lot of things that you aren't aware of," Bakugou replied. "You're always here first - when do the others arrive? We have to talk to you all."

"Usually ten to five minutes before class starts," Tenya frowned though, staring between the two. "But why do you need to talk to everyone? Is this about Midoriya?"

"Yes," Shoto didn't see any point in sugarcoating it. "The police are investigating Midoriya's withdrawal from school and believe that his father is a villain."

"A villain?!" Tenya nearly shouted. "But U.A. doesn't allow anyone with ties to villains to enroll! How did Midoriya-"

Bakugou snarled and rose from his seat. "You dumb fuck, shut your fucking mouth about shit you don't understand! Deku didn't have anything to do with his evil fucking father!"

It was at that moment that Yaoyorozu and Jirou entered the room. Stopping at the tension filling the air, Yaoyorozu blinked. "I'm sorry, are we interrupting something?"

"I-I apologize," Tenya instantly bowed stiffly, arms rigid at his sides. "I did not mean to imply that Midoriya was a villain! I merely  thought-"

"Screw what you fucking thought! Just because his dad is a piece of shit doesn't mean Deku is!"

"Excuse me?!" Yaoyorozu looked alarmed at their words. "What are you talking about? Bakugou-kun, you know Midoriya-kun's father? And he's a -" she paused and looked around before lowering her voice, "- a villain?"

Shoto interrupted as Bakugou opened his mouth, undoubtedly to curse the girl out for the obvious.

"Bakugou," Shoto said lowly, glaring at hotheaded teen ruefully. "Screaming at the others is not how we're going to get their help."

"Tch!" Bakugou sat back down, glowering at him and Iida. "Whatever."

Shoto turned to Yaoyorozu and Jirou and nodded. "Good morning," he said. "Bakugou and I have something to tell the class when they come in. Will you listen?"

"Dude, I am burning with curiosity," Jirou said, her eyes wide. "You're going to have to pry me out of here with a crowbar."

Shoto stared blankly at the girl. Bakugou rolled his eyes.

"She's being sarcastic dumbass," he scoffed as he let off a few pops from his hand.

"Oh," Shoto said, turning away from her, "that's good. I don't know where to get a crowbar."

Thankfully, the classroom was soon filled up. There were several odd looks as the others came in and saw Shoto standing by Bakugou's desk, but they didn't say anything until the last student trickled in and Shoto crossed the room to close the door.

"So," Tenya coughed awkwardly into his hand, turning to Bakugou. "What is this about Midoriyas father?"

"He's the one that pulled Deku out of school," Bakugou said. "He's also a creepy villain and Deku and Auntie probably ran away from him, so it's less he got pulled out of school and more he got kidnapped by his asshole sperm donor."


Words seemed to fail Tenya though, who bit at his lip as the others took in Bakugous statement.

"So...what does that has to do with us?" Piped up Kaminari. "I mean it's not like we can do anything now."

Bakugou growled, and Shoto stepped forward. Before either of them could say anything, though, Uraraka abruptly stood up from her desk.

Everyone turned to look at her.

To her credit, she didn't shy away from their stares. Indeed, she kept her eyes on Shoto and Bakugou, her gaze intense. "I think," she said slowly, "that Bakugou-kun and Todoroki-kun disagree. And I think that I disagree too. I didn't - haven't known Midoriya-kun for long, but he was a friend. And if a friend of mine went missing - if Bakugou is right and his father kidnapped him - I know that I wouldn't be content to just sit back and forget about him."

"But what could we do?" Mina looked around nervously, her horns twitching a little. "Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Midoriya but we're not pros! And we just started school four days ago so it's not like we have a lot of training either..."

"You have eyes don't you?" Bakugou asked harshly. "Ears? Those adults aren't saying shit, and Round-face is right, I'm not about to sit back and forget about Deku. I didn't when we were little and I sure don't intend to do so now," He leaned forward in his seat. "I used to go over to Deku's house all the time when I was little. My mom still had the address. Who's in for doing a little investigating?"

Silence reigned over the class. No one moved.

"I am!" Uraraka proclaimed boldly, raising her hand in a fist pump. "I can't just sit around and not do anything while Midoriya-kun is in trouble!"

"As am I!" Iida said, after only a brief moment of hesitation. "Uraraka-san is right, we owe it to our fellow hero-hopeful not to give up on him!"

"I'm in too," Yaoyorozu stepped forward, a hand over her chest. "What kind of heroes would we be if we abandoned our classmate?"

Jirou looked up at Yaoyorozu and stood up. "I'm not sure how much help I'll be in the house, but I can listen in on the teachers with my Quirk," she said. "Y'know, keep us in the loop with their investigation."

Kaminari looked around and then stood up, rubbing the back of his head and soon joined by Ashido. "Man, you guys are making me feel bad," Kaminari joked. 

Slowly, person by person, the rest of the class stood up, quietly offering what they could. Looking at them, Shoto felt a flutter of hope. This - this was good. They weren't alone.

And when Aizawa entered the classroom everyone was instantly in their seats with an unspoken vow of silence among them.

Izuku stiffened when he heard the sound of whooshing air being displaced by black mist, jumping up from his bed and backing away from the portal. Kurogiri stepped through, impeccably dressed and carrying a new suit in his fog covered hands.

He glared at him, his heart pounding in his chest. "What's that for?" he spat.

"Your father requests that you join him," he held up the new suit for Izuku to view. "as your previous formalwear has been...tarnished, Sensei had another made."

Izuku didn't stop glaring at him, even as his stomach dropped. "And if I refuse that request?" The idea of meeting with his father, dressed up like a doll, made him want to puke.

"Then Inko-sama will be taking the evening meal to her room," he informed, laying the suit neatly across the bed.

Izuku bit the inside of his cheek. So that's how his father was going to play it. "I see." He glared at the suit, but walked towards it, dragging his feet. 

The outfit hadn't included a tie. Izuku curled his lip; how kind of his father.

Kurogiri bowed slightly, making his leave through another warp gate. Izuku scowled at the space he just occupied, then back to his clothes. The suit was typical of his fathers tastes- black, white under shirt, black dress pants and shoes to match. Izuku was tempted to burn to it ash just to spite his father.

But...he missed his mother. And he didn't doubt that his father would follow through on his threat to keep her away from him for longer if he didn't play along. So he picked up the shirt, and began to change.

It was stifling and constricting, making Izuku shift uncomfortably in the fabric. Turning to the mirror, he straightened the collar while leering at his reflection. Were it not for his hair and eyes, he'd be the spitting image of his father.

The idea just made his stomach roil that much more. 

There was the sound of air being displaced again, and Izuku turned to see a portal had opened again. Grimacing, he walked through it. Time to meet with his father, he supposed.

Izuku blinked as a new room opened up to him; a small table with two chairs came into view. One them was occupied by his father, his hands folded as he waited patiently.

"Ah, Izuku," he said, sounding genuinely delighted like he hadn't ordered his son here, "you're here. Good," he gestured towards the other chair. "we have so much to talk about."

"What do you want?" Izuku demanded as he took a seat, refusing to look up, instead focusing intensely on the grain of the wood.

"Right to business," his father said, sounding amused. He reached over the table and ruffled Izuku's hair. "but not yet. First, lunch, and you can catch me up on the past five years. I've missed so much!"

Izuku slapped away the hand, gritting his teeth at the cheery and far too familiar tone in his fathers voice.

"Don't touch me," he snapped, glancing up to see his father was smirking at him.

"You're my son," he said, unruffled by the slap. "Can you blame me for wanting to show you affection?"

"Yes, I can."

Chuckling laughter rang in his ear, Izuku's eyes falling to the respirator lodged in his fathers throat. How he wished he could reach over and yank it out-

The sound of one of Kurogiri's portals opening was the only thing that stopped him. As Kurogiri stepped through, pushing a cart of covered dishes, Izuku sat back in his chair and ground his teeth.

"Timely as ever Kurogiri." Hisashi greeted in a pleasant voice as plates were placed before the two of them. Cups were next, where Kurogiri grabbed an extravagantly decorated tea pot, pouring the hot drink into each of them.

Izuku sat sullenly as their food was served - a bowl of pork broth for his father, and katsudon for him. The sight of his favourite meal being served again made him scowl. If this was some sort of attempt to gain his approval, it was failing.

He didn't move to eat or drink. From the smell he guessed that it was gyokuro tea, because of course it was. Nothing but the best for his father.

His father placidly dipped a spoon into his own bowl, looking unaffected by his sullen silence. "Do eat up before it gets cold," he chided lightly.

"I'm not hungry," he insisted, leaning back further into the chair. Izuku didn't doubt it was tampered with.

His father clucked his tongue. "Don't be like this. You need to keep your strength up," Izuku didn't budge though, causing Hisashi to sigh. "it's not tainted," he said soothingly. "I understand after your reaction the other day that we'll have to ease you back into this. It's just katsudon."

"I don't want to go back that." He grimaced at the thought of training and obtaining new quirks.

His father dipped his spoon back into his bowl of broth. "To using your Quirk? It's a natural part of your body, son, denying it is denying a part of yourself."

"I'm not going to steal other peoples quirks," he retorted sharply.

Hisashi sighed. "You've never stolen a quirk in your life," he said sternly. "I'm well aware of your scruples."

"Of which you have none."

"Now I wouldn't go that far," he chuckled, sipping the broth carefully.

Izuku stared at the katsudon again, which was beginning to cool. He weighed the likelihood of his father lying; he wasn't the type to allow such things to stay in his way for long, but he had to know the chances of getting Izuku to cooperate with him after such a lie would be close to zero.

Slowly picking up his chopsticks, he stirred his bowl, staring down at the food. "What do you mean by 'easing me back into this'?"

"We'll start with your studies first of all," Hisashi paused, 'looking' at Izuku. "After you have caught back up, we can resume your training."

"Who's going to teach me?" Izuku didn't look up from his bowl, but his mind began to work. If it was some sort of tutor, then there was a chance -

"Why, myself, of course." If his father had still had his eyes, they would have twinkling. "I'm not called 'Sensei' for no reason, after all."

"You?" Izuku scoffed as he hesitantly dug into the rice, taking a cautious bite. "You're hardly qualified to teach anyone."

His father just chuckled. "Actually, I have several teaching certifications." His grin widened as Izuku looked up at him in disbelief. "I'm nearly 200 years old, Izuku, I had to fill my time somehow."

Izuku scowled, digging back into his bowl as he spitefully chewed on a pork cutlet.  "That doesn't matter. You don't hold up to U.A.'s standards."

His father chuckled again. "You're right. I exceed them. Do you know how many of your teachers have actual teaching certificates?" He took another sip of his broth. "Less than half. Far, far less than half."

The chopsticks in his hands made a light cracking sound as he glared up at his father. "So? They're heroes- they know what they're doing! Especially All Might-"

What was left of his father's upper lip curled, and Izuku abruptly shut up.

His father put his spoon down with a clink. "Ah yes. All Might. Tell me - do you know why he chose to begin teaching this year?"

"To teach the next generation of heroes," Izuku shook his head, trying to keep calm in spite of the chill he felt crawling up his spine. "why else?"

"Really now," his father said, "you're smarter than that. Why now, of all times? Just by how long he's been jumping around like an idiot, you can calculate that he's far older than most heroes. Why retire now?" Reaching up, he tapped at the scar tissue that made up the majority of his face. "Or do you think that he was really capable of getting away from our fight unscathed?" He mock-pouted. "I'm hurt."

"All Might- All might isn't like that. He's a selfless hero-"

"A selfless hero that's now hiding behind his old school's walls."

"All Might wouldn't use the school as a shield!" Izuku nearly shouted as he raised from his chair.

"Then do you have a different explanation? One that isn't just a regurgitation of the party line?"

"That's not- All Might doesn't have ulterior motives! He's not like you!"

His father scoffed. "Sit down, Izuku. And you're right, All Might is nothing like me. I'm not using a bunch of children as a meat shield," Hisashi paused to sip his broth once more. "you still haven't answered my question."

Izukus hands clenched at his side, his fathers ever even tone grating on his nerves. "What you're saying," Izuku reluctantly sat, his fathers not face grinning merrily at him, "is that he started teaching at U.A. because he wanted something."

His father stirred his broth. "Mhm. Now, what would the aging and injured Symbol of Peace be looking for in a school for hero hopefuls?"

"....a successor."

Lifting a spoonful of broth, his father toasted him. "Exactly. I injured All Might too much for him to continue on as the Symbol of Peace indefinitely. He needs someone that can be held up as his -" he sneered "- successor. And so all of your former classmates educations are sacrificed on the altar of his needs." He shook his head. "Honestly, it's for the best that I'm now handling your education. At the very least you know that my focus is on you, not who can best replace me."

"Even...even if that's true, that he's looking for a successor, that doesn't mean he's teaching for the wrong reason!"

The scar tissue of his father's forehead warped, suggesting that he was raising an eyebrow. "Really? You'll give him the benefit of the doubt even after all I've shown you, but you can't believe that I would be a good teacher to you?"

Izuku gritted his teeth. "Even if it's not to replace yourself, you're not teaching me out of love. You just want me to join you."

"You and your mother have picked up such cynicism in my absence," his father tutted disapprovingly.

"Believe me, it started long before we left you," Izuku muttered.

Immediately, he regretted it as his father stilled.

Izuku swallowed nervously, staring down at his katsudon, still left untouched.

Thankfully, his father didn't seem interested in anything more than mild chiding. After a moment, he went back to eating his broth. "That wasn't necessary, Izuku," he said. "Though that does remind me; what have you been up to recently? Before I brought you and your mother home again, I mean."

"I was in the top hero school in the country," bitterness coated his words with barely concealed anger. "Only for two days though."

"And before that?" His father's tone was breezy. "I can't imagine Inko was able to both support you and homeschool you."

"Mom is able to do a lot of things," Izukus hands clutched at his dress pants tightly. "She did everything she could."

"Oh, I don't doubt it, but you're avoiding the question, son." Despite not having eyes, his father did an excellent impression of holding his gaze. "What have you been up to?"

"Nothing," he managed to say through gritted teeth. "I went to school, came home and did my homework. What do you want me to say? I was just another student."

His father scoffed. "With your smarts and charisma? I doubt that you did nothing. You're my son after all. No after-school activities, friends?"

"No. Moving once or twice a year doesn't give you a lot of time to make friends."

His father clicked his tongue. "A pity. What about UA? Perhaps I can arrange something; I believe I saw Kacchan's name on your class list."

Izuku jerked his head up with a horrified expression.

"What? No!" he rejected the idea immediately.

His father frowned. "It would be no trouble," he pointed out. "I would have to confiscate his Quirk for a while, at least, but it's not as if the option of giving it back wouldn't be there. And you'd have a friend here - besides Tomura, I mean."

"I said no!" his voice cracked as he snapped harshly. "I don't want you kidnapping anyone!"

A sigh, like he was being difficult. His father lowered his spoon and steepled his fingers, leaning forward. "Izuku," he said, his voice eminently reasonable, "I don't want to make you miserable. It's the last thing I want. I just want us to be a family again, that's all. What can I do to prove that to you?"

"Nothing," his voice was barely above a whisper now. He stared down at the food, which may or may not have been tainted with someone else's blood. Like it had been at dinner. Like his father had done countless times in his childhood.

How many people had his father killed? How many more would die because of him? If his father wanted to teach him, it meant there would be more quirks. Quirks that belong to people his father had no qualms about killing to take.

His father sighed again. After a long moment of silence, he gestured to Izuku's food. "I didn't add anything special, I promise," he said. "Please, forgive me for last night. I was simply excited to have my boy back with me."

Izuku could barely hear him now, his ears feeling muffled as tears pricked at his eyes. His breathing grew faster and shorter, his chest hot and tight as his heart beat faster and faster.

What would his mother think of him? If he kept getting quirks, if people were constantly dying because of him. She wouldn't even be trapped here were it not for him. For not being strong enough to stop Hisashi.

Tears were dripping from his eyes now, wide and panicked as he stared at the pork cutlets. His head felt light-

"Izuku?" his father sounded actually concerned. The chair screeched as it was pushed back, and then his father was kneeling beside him, one large hand cupping the back of his head. "Izuku, it's alright. Just breathe."

Izuku took in a long, shuddering breath. Then another and another, while a hand wiped away his tears gently until they stopped coming altogether.

"Shhh," his father was murmuring. "Sh, sh, sh, it's alright."

"I...I don't want..." he choked out, but his father only hushed him.

"One breath at a time," Hisashi instructed quietly.

Izuku, floundering and unable to speak, obeyed. His father cradled him close to his chest, stroking his hand through his curls. His eyes were still burning and felt swollen.

"I don't want them," he whispered after his chest loosened a little, letting him properly breathe. "I don't - I don't want those Quirks -"

"Enough of that for now," Hisashi shushed him, squeezing Izukus hand firmly. "Try to relax. I am here."

Chapter Text

"So...are you sure we're going to the right place?" asked a skeptical Kirishima as their group as they followed behind Bakugou.

Bakugou growled as he stepped over a protruding root of one the trees they were surrounded by. "Of course I am!" he snapped. "Me and Deku played here all the time when we were little. This is a shortcut to his old house!"

"And that was years ago right? Are you sure this is the way?" Kirishima persisted despite Bakugous explosive temper.

Bakugou growled again. "Look," he snapped, "I looked it up. There were no bills of sale, and the owner of this land is still the same. It's worth looking at!"

Bakugou just grunted, turning his attention back to picking his was through the forest. Though the trees were smaller than he remembered, it still took work to keep from tripping over the debris coating the forest floor.

He didn't remember it taking so long compared to when he was younger. Either his memory had omitted a few details or he had gone off the right path.

Not that he'd ever admit that; he just needed to reorient himself, that's all. 

Then he heard a loud crack to their side, like a large branch breaking. His head swiveled around.

At first he didn't see anything. Just the trees stretching out past them. Then, in the distance - he saw what he had thought were tree trunks move, revealing large feet rather than roots at the bottom.

Who the hell was out here besides them? This area had been mostly abandoned ever since Auntie and Deku had left- so who the fuck was that guy?

Behind him, the extras - no, his classmates - had stumbled to a stop with him, staring at the massive pair of legs as they moved through the trees.

"What the hell is that?" Earlobes - no, Jirou asked, her voice tight.

"I don't know," Todoroki's visibly tensed at the sight of the stranger

"Hey..." Kirishima muttered, eyes narrowing to a squint. "He looks...kind of familiar."

Heads spun in Kirishima's direction.

"You know this guy?"

Kirishima shrank back under their scrutiny before rallying. "I - there was a villain, when I was in middle school," he said hesitantly. "A big guy. He threatened a few of my classmates, asking for directions."

"And you're sure that it's him?" Jirou asked, her earphone jacks extending into the ground.

"W-well, he had a weird radio and talked about a lord a lot too," Kirishima stammered. "But I mean, how many people that big are there?"

"I think we should try to avoid him..." Uraraka pointed out quietly, watching the figure move about the forest at seemingly random.

Sneaking around the giant was nerve wracking, even if Bakugou didn't want to admit it. Someone that big, even he'd have trouble taking them on, especially if he wanted to keep the others safe. Thankfully, though, the others didn't need to be kept safe. They kept their mouths shut and snuck along with him until the giant had disappeared back into the forest.

"That was close," breathe Iida gratefully when they could no longer see the guy.

"Shhh," someone hissed. Probably round-cheeks again. Bakugou tuned them out. With all of that sneaking, he'd had to split his attention as to where they were. For a minute, he was afraid that they had lost the trail entirely and he'd have to tell the others.

Then he spotted it. A tree with a particularly low branch, bent so that it formed the perfect seat for a pair of little boys. And beyond it -

The house that Deku had grown up in was large, but not as enormous as some rich bastards built; just about the right size for a family of three, with space to spread out. A mix of traditional construction and more modern touches, the house loomed over the overgrown garden that the forest was beginning to creep in on, looking as ominous as Deku's sudden disappearance had felt.

"We're here," he said in a low voice.

'Whoa," Jirou muttered just as quietly.

"Come on," Bakugou insisted, trekking forward to the front of the house.

Marching onto the low deck that lead to the back door, he cast his gaze around. If he remembered correctly...

Yep. There was that vase. He lifted it, and surprisingly, the key to the door was still there, looking rusty and forgotten. Picking it up, he stuck it into the door's lock and with a bit of effort, soon had the door open.

Carefully, he opened the door, which creaked loudly on the hinges. Bakugou winced slightly, but nothing stirred inside or outside the house.

The inside was spooky in how little it had changed. The furniture, the counters - everything he could see was exactly how he remembered, except for the layer of dust that now coated everything.

The furniture and curtains had faded over time, now a dull shade compared to the rich colors they had once been.

But it was all the same. 

It made his skin crawl.

"Jeez, it's like they just up and left everything behind," Kirishima commented from behind them.

"They did," Bakugou confirmed for him. "Deku and his mom disappeared without so much as a goodbye."

"They really did," Jirou said from behind them, peering in around them. 

Stepping inside, Bakugou didn't reply, just looking around and letting the memories wash over him. That was where they'd played heroes, that was where they'd spilled their juice on the carpet and tried to cover it up - Aunty Inko hadn't been fooled for a second and made them help her clean it up...

"You okay man?" Kirishima asked.

Bakugou grunted. "I'm fine," he muttered. Turning away from the living room and kitchen, he headed towards the hallway that lead to the bedrooms.

He walked to the one he knew had been Izuku's, the paint faded and dull. The smell of stale air blew into Bakugous face as when he opened the door, finding that it was exactly the same as when he had last been inside.

The bed was still made, the comforter the limited edition All Might Stars and Stripes Tenth Anniversary edition covering it neatly. The little action figures, the computer, the notebooks that he'd always been scribbling in...

Bakugou bit the inside of his cheek, more memories welling up and making his eyes prickle.

Bakugou closed the door, refusing to look any longer. He waited a moment before facing forward, back down the hall. The next room was the bathroom and the last was Deku's parents. Bakugou had never been inside.

He could hear the others moving around through the rest of the house. In a weird way, he was glad of it. Being here, going into his friend's family's bedrooms - it felt wrong to bring the rest of the class in right away.

Reaching the door, he took a deep breath and opened it.

The room was offensively normal. One large bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a closet...It easily could have been his own parent's bedroom that he was looking at. 

As he stepped in though, he began to notice the differences. The luxuriousness of the covers on the bed; the sleekness of the furniture - it spoke of a wealth, the sort that considered flaunting itself to be gauche.

Bakugou hadn't understood it at the time, but looking back on it he realized that Deku and his family must have been loaded. Looking around the house, it was easy to see- they had only the best. He remembered when he was younger how jealous he would get whenever Deku got the latest and greatest All Might action figures or posters.

"Hey dude, didya find anything?"

Bakugou would deny it later, but he jumped as Kirishima spoke up from behind him. Whirling, he snapped, "What?!"

Kirishima held up his hands. "Sorry man, didn't mean to scare you -"

"You didn't scare me!"

"We - the rest of us were just wondering if there was anything in particular that we were looking for?" It was like Kirishima hadn't even heard him snap. "Only, it looks like no one's been here for a while..."

"Anything that can help us figure out what Deku's dad does. It could help us find out what he's planning," Bakugou explained as he looked around the room. Like every other part of the house, it was coated in a thick layer of dust. "Auntie took Deku and ran. She wouldn't have done that unless it was some serious shit."

"Huh, so like, an office?"

Bakugou stiffened and just kept from smacking himself in the face. The office - of course! The bastard had an office as well, another room that neither of them were allowed in. Turning, he stormed out the bedroom, heading to the room that if he remembered was on the other side of the house.

"Hey, wait up man!" Kirishima called after him as he stormed through the house. Bakugou ignored him.

He wasn't so careful this time when he opened the door. Kicking it open gave vent to some of his frustrations, even if it made the extras that had started to trail after him as he passed by flinch and shriek. 

Just like the bedroom, the office was disappointingly normal. A computer, some bookshelves, a nice carpet covering the middle of the room, all covered in dust. Stomping in, he began to debate whether or not the computer would still work when suddenly he heard a hollow thud beneath him.

Stopping, he looked down. Raising a foot, he deliberately stomped down again onto the carpet. 


Glancing back, he saw the others crowded in the doorway, staring at him. Todoroki squeezed through. "That doesn't sound normal."

Jirou stepped forward, her earlobes extending to pierce into the carpet. Gesturing to Bakugou, he stomped again. Her lobes retracted as she frowned, staring at the flooring.

"There's a room beneath us. A basement maybe?" she suggested.

Bakugou let out a hiss through his teeth. Striding to the edge of the carpet, he grabbed the edge and threw it away, revealing a door set in the wood of the floor. Glancing at the others, he grabbed the edge where there was a cutaway to grab at and began to open it.

A pitch black darkness greeted them, cold air whooshing outward and over them. A chill went through the group as silence fell.

"I can't see anything at all..." Uraraka murmured, sounding as nervous as she looked.

"Did anyone bring flashlights?" Kirishima asked, only for Iida to step forward. 

"I did," he said, pulling a small reading flashlight from his pocket and clicking it on.  He pointed it down the pit. 

With that extra bit of light, Bakugou could see a set of rungs built into the wall of the pit. They looked solidly built enough, in his opinion, so he put the trapdoor down and reached for them.

"What are you guys waiting for? Hurry it up already!" he shouted at the group as he was already half way down the ladder. Todoroki was the first to follow, then Kirishima. Iida was the last, the room going black again until he reached the bottom, shining the light forward.

The basement they were in was surprisingly large. Cold concrete walls surrounded them, lined with filing cabinets and leading to an empty desk. 

" this place?" Kirishima asked, looking around. He wrapped his arms around himself, shivering a little. "It's so - cold..."

Bakugou frowned, moving over to the desk. An old moldy chair was behind it, he top was bare save for some dust, with drawers lining the sides.

"I'll check the cabinets," Iida offered as he moved towards the wall, shining the light on the rows and rows of files.

Opening the first drawer, all Bakugou saw was a few thin folders. Pulling them out, he opened the top one. There was only a few lined sheets of paper in it, each one covered front and back with cramped handwriting. Peering closely at it, he was uncomfortably reminded of Deku's notebooks upstairs.

"Oi, Glasses," he called over his shoulder. "Bring your flashlight over here. I think I found something."

"What is it?" he asked, shining the light towards him, his glasses catching the glow as he walked over. Bakugou placed the sheet down, examining what could at best be described as chicken scrawl across the paper.

There were names of people it looked like, and addresses. Beside each one, except for a few at the very bottom, there were check marks. Frowning, Bakugou looked at them closer. Why the hell would Deku's dad have something like this in his secret office?

Then half-and-half peered over his shoulder and pointed at one of the names. "I know that name," he said quietly. "They were one of my father's sidekicks."

Bakugou frowned deeply. Some of the names he recognized himself, people he used to hang out with before they up and disappeared.

"What's with the checkmarks?" Jirou asked as she looked over the list herself.

Something was tickling at the back of his head. "Hey, Half-and-Half," he said, his stomach flip-flopping. "What happened to that sidekick? Did he disappear or something?"

Tearing his eyes away from the sheet of paper, he looked at the other boy. His face was blank, but there was a tension around his eyes. "They found him cut into pieces in Mustafa's bay." His words were clipped, almost bitten out. "My father was very angry. He saw it as an attack on his reputation."

"So...does that mean Deku's dad had something to do with that?" Uraraka asked nervously, her face pale.

Bakugou didn't answer right away. Instead he looked at the page again, the bad feeling rising in a wave. If that was what happened to that sidekick...

"I...know a few of these names as well," he confessed after a moment. "They're all kids me and Deku used to play with." He swallowed, the words feeling like they were bubbling up. "They went missing a few years ago."

"But why?" Iida shifted through the papers. There were brief descriptions of each person, such as hair and skin color, their age and quirks or profession. "It doesn't seem as though these people had anything in common."

Uraraka looked around the room again. "Iida-kun, did you find anything in the filing cabinets? Maybe the answer's in there?"

"Files of various people," he went back over to the cabinets, drawing a few of the folders out. Iida neatly arranged them on the desk, each one tagged with a miniature photo held in place by a clip.

Glancing between the list and the files, Bakugou's stomach plunged. "Hey," he said, "these match up." Flipping open the nearest file, he saw what looked like medical files, filled out in the same chicken scratch. Notes on the Quirk, mostly, and at the very end...

He swallowed. A clipping of an article from a newspaper, talking about the person's disappearance, attached to another piece of lined paper. And on the paper, what looked like notes on an investigation and how to turn it away from the writer.

"Oh man," Kirishima murmured as it began to click, realization dawning on each of them. His eyes turned back towards the files. There had to be hundreds of them.

The paper was wrinkling in Bakugou's hands. Forcing himself to loosen his grip, he quickly flipped through it, matching a few more names to the files Iida had brought over. They'd been alphabetized, he realized, having to smother a hysterical giggle.

Then he noticed. On one of the pages, at the top. 

"For Izuku."

"What does that mean?" Todoroki peered over.

Bakugou swallowed thickly, an old memory surfacing as he recalled one of the last times he and Izuku had played together. Izuku had been showing off a new power on his birthday, and all Bakugou could remember was being jealous of him.

"....that sidekick of your fathers. His quirk- it was bouncing around shit, right?"

Todoroki looked at him oddly. "Yes. How did you know?"

Todoroki was ignored as he searched for the sidekicks file again, bringing up the newspaper clippings and checking the dates. The day he went missing matched.

Bakugou thought he was going to be sick. That Quirk - it was the same. It was the same, and now that he looked at the list and the files again -

Bakugou dropped the folders, stepping away as his stomach dropped. Every person on file had a quirk that Izuku shared, and every person had gone missing. Sweat beaded down Bakugous forehead.

They weren't in a basement. They were in a morgue.

"Bakugou-kun?" Uraraka asked, her voice thin. "Is something wrong?"

"I...yeah. Yeah, I'm fine," Bakugou tried to force his voice to be even, cursing himself when there a small crack.

"We should show this to the teachers," Todoroki interrupted, looking a little unnerved himself.

"Wouldn't...wouldn't we have messed it up though? Contaminated the evidence?" Uraraka said, her voice trembling.

"This isn't evidence for trial, though," Todoroki said. "They're trying to track Midoriya down, and all of this could be clues for that."

"Let's go then," Bakugou took up the folders, holding them closely. "That Detective will want to take a look at this. All Might too."

Iida nodded. "I assume we'll wait here as well?" he asked. 

Bakugou grunted. "Yeah," he said, the folders feeling like cement blocks in his arms as he headed back to the entry hatch. "But not in here. We'll wait on the porch."

One by one the group went up, visibly relieved to be out of there. They headed for the front of the house, Bakugou reaching for the handle-

"Wait!" Jirou hissed, pulling him back, her voice low.

"What?" hissed Bakugou.

Jirou's face was pale. "There's someone out there. Several people."

"Who?" asked Iida anxiously.

"I don't know- shut up so I can listen!" she snapped when the door handle began to turn.

It was too late though. The door swung open, revealing the detective and All Might's green-haired sidekick.

For a long moment, they all just stared at each other. Then - "Eh? What are you doing here?" asked the detective.

"We" Iida tried, and failed, to come up with a valid excuse.

"We found something that you need to see," Bakugou said, shoving the files and papers towards them. "The bastard has a secret office under his other office."

The two men looked at each other for a long moment. Then they turned back towards them. "I think that we should talk more at the station.

"Whatever," Bakugou brushed off, scowling.

"I hope you realize that I have to inform the school about this," Naomasa warned.

Bakugou grimaced, but there was nothing he could do. "Fine," he said. "Just - find Deku, okay?"