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One Missed Call

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Izuku sighed as he took out his phone on the train, the screen blackened and burnt from where Kacchan had blown it out of his hand when he thought he was being ignored. Kacchan hadn't given up on demanding answers, unfortunately, forcing Izuku to dodge and weave out from his grip. Hopefully no one had overheard the shouting.

Replacing the phone wasn't a big deal, but he didn't like having to put his mother through the hassle of replacing it. Especially when she found it was Kacchan of all people that was responsible. It was just one more thing they needed to be cautious about.

He tilted his head up when the train came to a slow, pinging to let him know it was his stop. Bag slung over his shoulder, Izuku stepped off onto the platform.

It hadn't taken him long to make his way to the apartment complex that he and his mother called home. He yawned as he pried the keys out his pocket, unlocking the door before making his way inside.

"I'm home!" He called out, shutting the door, locking it back behind him. He dropped the keys onto the shelf with a clatter, shuffling his backpack off his shoulders.

But only silence greeted him. Izuku's brow furrowed. Had she gone to the store?

Maybe that had been the text she sent him before Kacchan had destroyed his phone. He shrugged as he made his way to his bedroom. A smile tugged at his lips. Hopefully she'd made katsudon tonight- it was a special occasion right? Making it into was almost like a dream. Izuku had to pinch himself to make sure.

Exuberant still, he almost missed it. A dark, wispy figure dressed in a suit, glowing yellow eyes peering out from the haze, from the doorway leading into the kitchen. His heart all but stopped, eyes widening into disks.

"I had been wondering when you would be coming back, Izuku." Kurogiri greeted casually, air whooshing through the hall as a warp gate displaced it. "Your father is waiting for you."

"No-!" Was all Izuku had a chance to shout before the black mist engulfed him, goosebumps raising over his arms at the sudden chill. The apartment faded from view in an instant, replaced by the cold void. Panic swelled in his chest, a sense of weightlessness causing his stomach to churn.

Then it was over; Izuku's breaths were ragged as he struggled to gather himself in a dimly lit room. Izuku dared to look up, stiffening when he saw a familiar scarred visage.

"Ah, Izuku. It's good to see you again."