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L’amore è un aereoplano che fa avanti e indietro

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The rain was drumming a steady rhythm against the airport’s high windows, but the young man walking towards his workplace didn’t pay attention to the weather which rather was unusual for Rome. It was a background noise, just like the many announcements about various flights and passengers, to which he had gotten oh so used in the two years he already had been working here. Being a security control guard at the Fiumicino airport had started out as a job that just was convenient for him, when he had been in need of an activity that would provide him not only with money but also with a new perspective, new challenges, and over time, he had started to actually enjoy it.

What he couldn’t imagine was sitting in an office and doing the very same thing every single day of the week, this just wouldn’t suit him, and so it was refreshing to work in a job that newly surprised him every day, and that offered so many interesting views of humanity, little glimpses at the lives of a myriad of different people. People caught in so many different emotions, but often enough in happiness, and that was one of his very favourite things about his job. Being able to see it in their faces, the happiness – the excitement of a child that was about to fly on holidays for the first time, the satisfaction of a businessman after a successful journey, the overboarding joy of a person who was about to be home soon, back in the arms of whom they loved.

He liked his job, but today, it had been a long day, and he was looking forward to his shift to end quite a lot. A smoking break, cramped under the roof with a group of children impatiently waiting for their bus to arrive (or for the rain to end, or for both) had helped, just as the half finished coffee he held in his hand did, but he still wasn’t exactly looking forward to another hour of security checks. And while he still was caught up in thoughts of what he might do after his shift, not coming up with any ideas that were more exciting than a pizza in front of the TV, he heard someone call his name.


“Ermal!”, the rushed voice of Francesca, his new coworker, sounded towards Ermal, and he quickly finished his coffee before joining her at the security check.

There already was a queue, a longer one than usual, people looking around darkly as if they’d start complaining every moment, and when Ermal looked at the front of the queue, he saw a man, nervously clenching his hands. He looked like he was around Ermal’s age, maybe a little bit older, his hair was a mess, just like his outfit, and his dark eyes looked towards Ermal as he approached the station. And as much as he wished he wouldn’t, faced with the hideous clothes combination that the man was wearing, Ermal couldn’t help but notice that he was rather attractive. And looked like a combination of factors one wouldn’t put together on the first glance, because both his ripped shirt and the tattoos on his muscled arms looked like trouble, but his chocolate coloured eyes and the rainbow patterned plaid shirt slung around his hips didn’t. Additionally, his gaze didn’t look like that of the people who usually needed to spend an extended time at the security controls – he seemed neither scared nor aggressive or defensive, no, he rather looked.. caught? An interesting person, of that Ermal already was sure.

Ermal stepped next to Francesca, greeted the passenger with a nod, and then asked her what was the issue.

“Well. I know that the rules about electronical devices with storage batteries do vary, like, you’re allowed to bring along a laptop into the cabin, but not certain power banks for the phone. But I fear in our lectures we’ve never talked about.. this”, and she gestured towards a worn-down black backpack, which Ermal assumed to belong to the man in front of him.

He picked up the backpack, weighing it in his hand, and wondered what the man might have inside there. An additional battery pack for a drone could cause problems, just as certain music equipment, and didn’t he look like a musician? Yes, that might be it, Ermal wondered, while he laid the backpack down at the table and looked inside. And got surprised.


After rummaging around in the chaos of clothes, books and loose papers inside the backpack for a moment, he was able to find the suspicious item, and what he held in his hand was a bright pink vibrator. Ermal looked at it, and then at the passenger, trying his hardest to suppress a chuckle.

“Nice colour”, Ermal remarked towards the passenger, who seemed to be blushing just the tiniest bit under his gaze.

The passenger’s eyes flimmered away from Ermal’s face for a moment, towards the vibrator which he held in his elegant fingers as if he knew exactly what he was doing, and he swallowed.

Therewhile, Ermal continued to inspect the vibrator, leading to a question: “Is it possible to remove the battery pack?”

“No”, the passenger answered, in a voice which Ermal realized to be rather pleasant, “You can’t, because, you know, it’s waterproof”, and the blush on his sun-kissed cheeks deepened.

“Alright”, Ermal nodded, and then, after a look at the growing queue of people, turned towards Francesca, “I’ll take care of this, you just go on here, okay?”

“Yes, sure, thank you Ermal”, and she already waved towards the first family to join her at the security checkpoint.

“Would you please follow me, Sir?”, Ermal asked the passenger, and then led him away from the people who still were complaining, even though the queue was moving now, and towards one of the small security control rooms.


At Ermal’s request, the man sat down in the chair opposite from him, and Ermal continued to inspect the device. He himself didn’t really have much experience with sex toys, but he remembered talking about the topic with a former girlfriend, and he sometimes walked past such stores, and on top of all of that, his common sense would have been enough to tell him that this thing was quite impressive, size-wise. Interesting.

“So you.. work.. with this?”, Ermal asked, and the passenger buried his face in his hands.

“Yes, yes I do. I’m a single dad with a busy job and zero time for dating, I’m not ashamed of this”, and while he said the last part, he lowered his hands from his blushing face again.

And, for the first time, Ermal was able to see a rather fascinating glint in his eyes. Something nearly like a challenge.

“The reason why you can’t take your little”, Ermal couldn’t help a smirk at the word, “friend along with you on the plane is purely because of safety regulations about the battery packs; the airline wouldn’t care if it was a regular dildo. And I, personally, am totally not judging you, I get it. I’m just curious if this is, well, as much.. fun, as actually having someone there with you?”

The passenger swallowed, his eyes leaving those of Ermal not once while he answered.

“Well, no, but it’s also.. different? I don’t need to trust anyone, talk to people, no risk to make a fool out of myself. A nice relaxing time with just me, nothing more.”

“Hmm. You know, quite honestly, I don’t think you’re making a fool out of yourself.”

“Oh really?”, the passenger asked with a raised eyebrow, in a nearly suggestive way, “How often do people not pass the security check for carrying a bright pink sex toy?”

“Not nearly often enough for my job to usually be as much fun as it is today.”

The passenger continued to look at Ermal, questions dancing in his chocolate eyes.

“What are you telling me here?”, he asked, his voice low, a little raspy.

Ermal shook his head, his curly hair dancing around, and he looked down while he answered.

“I’m flirting with you, or rather, I’m trying to. If you have to ask, it can’t be working too well.”

“Oh, it is”, the passenger disagreed, “it’s just, you know-“

“You can go”, Ermal said, rushed, as he suddenly thought he had understood what was going on, and could curse himself for not having done so earlier.


“You didn’t violate any serious safety issues, if that’s what you’re worried about, I’m not holding you here. You’re free to go, you absolutely are. This is in no way any pressure situation, please don’t think that I’d try to use-“

Before Ermal could finish the sentence, a tattooed hand grabbed his tie, purposely, bringing their faces closer together above the table.

“I wasn’t worried about any of this, but now that you’ve said it and proven yourself to be such a gentleman, I fear that I won’t have another option but to kiss you, right here and right now.”

And so the passenger kissed Ermal, passionate – not the hesitant first press of lips of someone who didn’t even know the other’s name, but rather the hungry kiss of someone who knew exactly what he wanted. The position above the table was uncomfortable, so quickly, both of them stood up, hands roaming above clothes, a pull at Ermal’s curls that had him moan into the kiss, his own clever fingers slipping underneath the man’s shirt.


Fabrizio felt the butterfly light touch of fingers slowly running up his spine, the goosebumps it caused to break out on his skin, and then, suddenly, the sharp sensation of teeth biting the point where his neck met his shoulder, resulting in something between a gasp and a moan. The security officer licked across the spot he had just bitten, and then pressed against Fabrizio, resulting in his back to hit the little room’s wall. And then, the man leaned forward, his teeth nibbling at Fabrizio’s ear, before he whispered right into it.

“I’m not quite as much of a gentleman as you might think me to be.”

At that, Fabrizio felt a shiver running through his whole body, and he would have to make sure to later thank his friend Roberto, who had advised him that it would be wise to go to the airport a little bit earlier, since this spare time seemed to develop to be most exciting. As soon as elegant pale fingers lifted the hem of his shirt though, all thoughts of his friend were blown out of Fabrizio’s head, and he raised his arms, to allow the other man to easier get him out of his clothes.

The curly haired man leaned forward, to place a series of kisses on Fabrizio’s firm chest, and then, after teasing his left nipple with his teeth, he whispered: “Would you like to go a little further?”

Fabrizio nodded, enthusiastically, and then watched the younger man shrugging out of his uniform jacket, revealing a pair of arms that looked as if it belonged to a Greek marble statue. He told Fabrizio to lay down at the table, but only after placing his own jacket on top of it, and Fabrizio could feel the soft fabric at the inside of the jacket against his flushed, naked skin. The other man quickly got rid of Fabrizio’s pants, letting his fingernails ghost over the insides of his thighs, and then Fabrizio witnessed with interest how the curly haired officer picked up a certain bright pink tool.

“Should I figure out how those vicious batteries do work?”, the young man asked with a smirk, and Fabrizio shook his head.

“No, I, I’d like you to-“, and he trailed off since his thigh was getting some delicious attention again, only that this time, it was a lingering kiss pressed there, and this was even more distracting.

“You can have me”, the man with the curls promised, a bit breathless, “but maybe we can use this as.. preparation?”

“Preparation?”, Fabrizio leaned up on his elbows and raised an eyebrow, while his eyes landed on the sex toy, with whose quite impressive size he was rather familiar.

At that, the other man just smirked, and then, after placing the tiniest hint of a kiss on the tip of Fabrizio’s rather interested dick, he got up from the table, to nonchalantly step out of his own pants. And Fabrizio’s eyes widened. This looked like.. a challenge. In all the very best ways.


While Ermal stared at the naked man laying on top of his jacket on the table, the image looking as if it was taken out of one of his nicest fantasies in lonely night hours at home, he became aware of something, and cursed under his breath.

“Shit, we’ve got no condom, we shouldn’t without, and also no lube, I wouldn’t want to h-“

“My backpack.”

“Hm?”, Ermal asked in confusion, looking towards the backpack which had ended up on one of the chairs.

“Look into my backpack, I’ve got both there”, the tattooed man’s voice commandeered, and Ermal raised an eyebrow, as much as he had one.

“Aaalright”, and as soon as he had searched in the backpack, he shook his head disapprovingly, “You’re aware that this bottle of lube contains a larger amount of liquid than what you’re allowed to carry in your hand luggage, are you?”

“I.. wasn’t”, the man answered, looking at Ermal sheepishly.

“Did you read any safety regulations before starting this journey?”


“Oh my”, Ermal sighed, purposely dramatic, “That sounds like you’re a rather reckless man. One nearly could say.. dangerous. Did you know there’s punishment for taking too much of a liquid along into the passenger cabin?”

“Is there?”, and here it was again, clearer now – a challenge in those dark eyes, one that Ermal gladly took on.

“Oh yes”, Ermal answered, letting his right hand wander over the other man’s tattooed chest; just his fingernails touching the skin, with enough pressure behind it to be bordering on painful.

Ermal’s hand reached the older’s throat, he felt him swallow nervously, and, experimentally, wrapped his fingers around his throat. The noise leaving those pretty plush lips at this was quite a clear indicator that this had been a good idea, and Ermal held a little tighter. Therewhile, his other hand was busy opening the bottle of lube, which was a challenge, alone, but Ermal happened to have both clever fingers as well as a very good motivation, so he made it work.

The tattooed man’s eyes fluttered close when Ermal started to tease him with a first finger, he let out a soft sigh when Ermal added a second and proved to be quite clever with those, and Ermal smiled against his inked chest, where he was busy tracing elegant black lines with his tongue. At the same time, he felt the other’s low moans as vibrations against the hand he still had wrapped around his throat, and then also when he started to speak in a husky voice.

“If you dare to come close to me with that vibrator instead of yourself now then I’m gonna throw it at you.”


Fabrizio heard the younger man’s chuckle, and then, when he leaned up a bit more to look at him (thereby increasing the pressure at his throat yet a little more, and oh, wasn’t this nice), he saw the fire, the hunger and the lust dancing in his eyes. And at the same time, contrasting with this, Fabrizio spotted a very sweet smile, and oh, that was an enchanting mix if he ever has seen one.

“Whatever you wish for, sweetheart”, and after that whisper, and a little kiss to the corner of Fabrizio’s lips, he pulled on the condom and some extra lube, and then got in place.

The curly haired man entered Fabrizio in one swift motion, thereby stealing his breath for a moment, and, after a quick look into his eyes, he started to move. And Fabrizio had to agree with his earlier words – the way that the man fucked him spoke of anything but a gentleman, but then again, the way in which he intertwined their fingers absolutely did.

“Look at me”, the younger man commanded in a slightly shaky voice a few moments later, when once again, Fabrizio’s eyes had fluttered close, him being totally lost in the moment and the sensations coming with it.

He listened to the command, and once he had opened his eyes, an absolutely enchanting picture was presenting itself to him. The younger man’s curls were dancing like wildfire in the wind, the muscles in his lean chest shifting with his every movement, a few drops of sweat glistening on top of it, and when their eyes met right in the moment that one of his hard trusts once again found a rather nice spot inside Fabrizio, the older man came with a choked gasp.

The curly haired man continued his movements for another minute before his eyes fell closed, his mouth opened in something resembling a silent scream, and for a second, his face reminded Fabrizio of a statue he once had seen in a museum, depicting a saint being embraced by holy fire.

After catching his breath again and with still slightly trembling thighs, the younger man pulled out, carefully, stood up, and raised their still intertwined hands, to place a kiss at Fabrizio’s knuckles. Fabrizio smiled softly, and then sat up on the table, but didn’t try to stand himself, his legs feeling too shaky to be trusted yet. Answering his smile, the other man walked around the table on bare feet, and then lifted his own jacket from it to place it around Fabrizio’s shoulders before sitting down next to him.


“Do you happen to have a cigarette?”, Fabrizio asked while looking at his own hands, and the younger man laughed.

“If you break that airport rule, I fear I won’t be able to get you out, and you’ll have to sleep with one of the firefighters that get called instead.”

Fabrizio laughed too, but then, he felt that he should make something clear there, so the younger man wouldn’t get a wrong impression of him.

“Na, I wouldn’t, I only sleep with strangers under very special circumstances.”

“Special circumstances, that’s what we call some above average size nowadays?”

“Oh shut up”, Fabrizio complained, leaning over to affectionately ruffle the other’s curls, “You’re a bastard, did someone ever tell you this?”

“Hmm”, he agreed with a smile, and then placed a kiss at Fabrizio’s cheek.

“I wasn’t talking about this, or, well, not only. You’re very hot in general, and I, you’re nice, I like you, I don’t even know why, but I do. And I, who knows, maybe, I think I’d like to see you again."


For someone sitting naked on a table he’s just been fucked on with his own come still sticking to his stomach, the tattooed man managed to sound rather shy during his talking, and, Ermal couldn’t fight the thought, quite adorable.

“I’d like to see you again too”, Ermal answered, placing an arm around strong shoulders, and when he felt a messy birdnest of hair resting at his shoulder, he smiled.

“Don’t you have to get back to work, at some point?”

“Don’t you have a plane to catch?”, and both of them didn’t quite want to admit it, how utterly unimportant this seemed at the moment.


“Last call for Alitalia flight AZ-1157 to Reggio Calabria, the passenger Fabrizio Mobrici is urgently asked to please come aboard.”

Fabrizio cursed, using some words in a Roman dialect so heavy that his companion didn’t understand it all, no matter that he had lived in the city himself for a while, and, without looking at the younger man, Fabrizio stood up, started to collect his clothes from where they were scattered around the ground, and then to get dressed.

The call for his flight had caused him to sober up a bit, and he internally scolded himself. What was he even doing here, what was he getting himself into? And what were those fucking butterflies in his stomach? There was no way to know that this too attractive for his own good security officer wasn’t doing something like this every other day, and Fabrizio tried to convince himself to just walk out of the room. To get his plane, and remember this as nothing but a sex adventure to tell when enough alcohol had been involved that everyone would assume it to be a story he had made up.

He already had reached the door, when he heard a voice behind him.

“Fabrizio?”, and it took him a moment too long to realize that while he never had told the other man his name, it was not quite worthy of Sherlock Holmes to realize that the call had been about him, judged by how urgently he was reacting to it.

“Yes?”, and he hated the hope clinging to his voice, as if he was a stupid schoolboy who just had received a smile from the prettiest girl in the year.

“How important is that plane of yours?”, and those words caused Fabrizio to turn around.

He looked at the young man, still leaning against the table, his curls falling into his face, and when Fabrizio looked into his nearly black eyes, all the butterflies were back, dancing a tango in his stomach. And he wanted to believe that this hadn’t been just a random hook up to forget right away.

“It’s for a family birthday, I can’t miss it”, Fabrizio explained in a low voice, and he saw the shoulders of the other man sinking a bit.

“Okay. I hope that you’ll have a good time there.”

They looked at each other, both unsure of what to do, and then, mentally taking the deepest of breaths, Fabrizio walked back to the table, to place a quick kiss on the younger’s cheek.

“I could call you, once I’m back in Rome?”

The smile he received in return was blinding, and Fabrizio quickly handed over his phone, so the other could save his number inside. And then, he ran out of the room, his backpack minus one certain item slung across his left shoulder, and nevertheless feeling more happy, and more satisfied than he had in a long time.

When he boarded the plane, out of breath from his sprint and under the disapproving glances from the flight attendants, Fabrizio was still feeling the butterflies in his stomach, flying loops above each other, and once he sat down at his seat and looked out of the window, towards the airport, he brightly smiled. He couldn’t wait to come back here, and to get to see a certain airport security officer again.


When Ermal got back to his workplace around the same time, Francesca raised one of her elegant eyebrows at him, and whispered: “I hope it was worth the shift change you now owe me as a thanks for doing your work too for an hour here.”

“I’ll do your morning shifts for the whole next week if you want me to.”

That good, hu? You’re a lucky man, Ermal, I hope you know this.”

Ermal just shook his head, and then, when he spared a quick glance at his phone before getting back to work, he whispered “I do.”

He had received one new message, from an unknown number.

It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Ermal, and it’s nice to be able to connect a name with that pretty face. I’ll be back in Rome next weekend, maybe you’d like to tell me your address? Hugs, Fabrizio

A pleasure it had been indeed, and Ermal couldn’t wait for the weekend. And for a bit more than hugs.