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Violets On Winter

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The shuffling of the paper was disturbed when he cleared his throat, earning her full attention again, even if she found him actually distracted with his notes. It didn’t take long, though, for the reporter to raise his blue eyes to her and smile.

“I believe that would be all,” he said, then extended her a hand, “Thank you very much for talking to us, Mrs. Foxx.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Carter. Thank you for giving us your time,” she replied as they rose. “Just one thing”

“Yes, ma’am?” he got his pen on his breast pocket.

“The name is Goode now, I’ve been legally divorced for a while,” she said, a small smile on her lips, eyes on him.

Carter chuckled, head tilting a little. “As you wish, ma’am.”

Footsteps announced Queenie, “Should I accompany Mr. Carter and his crew to the door?”

Her head turned just enough, “That would be really good, Queenie. Thank you. And thank you again, Mr. Carter,” she gave him a small nod.

“Mrs. Foxx,” he replied.

“It’s Goode, Mr. Carter,” the black witch said. “Come on, I’ll show you out.”

The Supreme sighed as she watched them leave.

Benson’s black boots stopped beside her, “I guess it was too good to be true. At least he was disrespectful. Mostly.”

“It could have been worse, yes,” said the headmistress. “I guess I should have expected that.”

“What? The name thing?”

“It’s not just that, you saw those questions about Hank and about my mother.”

“I’m going to play positive and say that maybe young witches are curious and this has nothing to do with them thinking we’re all freaks for being witches and single.”

Cordelia half grinned. “I guess that’s what Salem felt like.”

“At least we’ve got Netflix,” deadpanned the younger witch.

“You should really be careful with all this concentration. You see, this one time we had a young student impale herself on the gates while testing her transmutation,” Myrtle smirked as she joined the witch queen at the balcony of the master bedroom.

The redhead lit up a cigarette, “You know, I can almost hear the gears turning on your mind, dear. What is it?”

“I’ve worked to make my girls comfortable and safe for almost a year, now I’m afraid I’m the one harming the image of this coven and hurting innocent girls in the process.”

“Do explain.”

“Have you seen the interview that aired last night?”

“The one with that horrible looking man? Mike? Dennis? Cary?”

“David Carter”

“Ah, yes, he reminds of Trump,” she rolled her eyes, “What about it?”

“Questions came up. Questions about marriage and children.”

“A single witch on her thirties. It’s not unheard of.”

“It isn’t, but I’ve gone public, I’ve made myself known. I’m a Supreme, it isn’t common to have one of us without someone at their side.”

“I believe a single woman is an improvement since your predecessor. Fiona had one different man on her arm each year.”

“But there was always someone.”

Smoke escaped from the old woman’s lips, “I’m afraid this has gotten far too deep into your head, darling. I didn’t believe ‘single’ would ever be a synonym for ‘issue’ ever again, yet here we are.”

“Times have changed, people didn’t”

“‘People’, now that’s a synonym for ‘issue’. However, you’re still the leader of all witches, this shouldn’t be a concern.”

“Witches have been accused of sexual deviance before.”

“And homosexuality has been called a ‘disease’”

Goode faced Myrtle. “How many girls will I fail to protect because their parents are prejudicial towards witchcraft, aunt? How many will I fail because of my pride?” she took a deep breath, ran a hand through her head, licked her lips. “I can’t do that anymore, I can’t take this. Something must be done.” she headed towards the door.

“And just what are you going to do?” Snow’s voice stopped her.

She looked over her shoulder. “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”