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Love Child

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Disclaimer: I don't own The Loud House

Lincoln Loud was a nervous wreck. He had seen Ronnie Anne or his new son Lorenzo in the hospital multiple times, but Ronnie Anne finally went home and Lincoln gave her time to relax. This meant he hadn't seen either her or his son in days. Finally, they where coming over to visit.

"Hey Lincoln." said Lucy.

Lincoln jumped into the air and came down holding his chest.

"I'm sorry." said Lucy.

"It's fine. I'm a bit tense." replied Lincoln.

The other seven sisters arrived.

"You're really tense." noted Lynn.

"I'm seeing Ronnie Anne and my son for the first time in days." replied Lincoln.

"Ya gotta Don't Worry be Happy bro." said Luna.

"It's really not that easy!" snapped Lincoln.

Lincoln rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry. Sorry." said Lincoln.

"This stress can't be good for you." mused Lana.

"It'll ruin his looks." stated Lola.

Lisa pulled out a calculator and began punching in numbers.

'At this rate his blood pressure will continue to rise until reaching critical mass in forty - three and a half hours." said Lisa.

Lucy opened her mouth.

"I'm not dying so you can't arrange my funeral." sighed Lincoln.

"Dang it." replied Lucy.

"Please don't die Linky!" cried Lily worried.

Lincoln couldn't help but smile at her innocence.

"I'll be fine." whispered Lincoln.

"You promise?" asked Lily.

"I promise." answered Lincoln.

"Nobody wants him to pull a Hops." said Lynn.

"Why?" asked Lily.

"We don't want Lincoln to croak!" answered Luan.

The others groaned as Luan laughed.

"Next joke, you're getting a gym sock in your mouth." stated Lynn.

A car pulled up outside.

"They're here!" exclaimed Lily.

Everyone got ready and second later the door opened.

"Welcome home!" cried the Loud siblings.

The siblings joy fell flat when Lori and Leni entered.

"Oh My Gosh! Why didn't you tell me we where throwing a surprise party?!" asked Leni excited.

"Oh man." sighed Lynn.

"Nice to see you again." muttered Lori.

"No disrespect sis, but we thought you where their guests of honor." explained Luna.

"I get it." replied Lori.

Lynn Sr. and Rita emerged having heard the noise.

"Oh gosh! It's so great to see you again!" cried Rita.

Rita hugged her two oldest children.

"How's the college life treating ya?" asked Lynn Sr.

"It's fine." answered Lori.

"Lori totally went streaking to get into a sorority." said Leni.

"She's joking." said Lori blushing.

Bobby walked in having parked and grabbed a few items.

"Let me help you." offered Lincoln.

Lincoln grabbed a few bags.

"Thanks Lincoln." said Bobby.

Lincoln staggered as the bags where heavier than I thought.

"What's in here?" asked Lincoln.

"A few of my beauty supplies." answered Lori.

"That explains it." said the nine youngest Loud sisters.

"Somethings never change" chuckled a voice.

Everyone turned to see Ronnie Anne and her mother in the door. In her arms, Maria was carrying Lorenzo.

"Let me see!" exclaimed Lily.

"Back of the line!" declared Lola.

"I'm first!" cried Lana.

"Quiet." said Ronnie Anne forcefully.

The noise quickly died down.

"You're going to upset him." noted Ronnie Anne.

"Be quiet please." said Maria.

Maria showed off the baby boy. He had a bronze skin tone which clearly showed his Hispanic heritage. However, his face left no doubt as too who the father was.

"He literally looks like Lincoln when he was a baby." cooed Lori.

"Guess I was the cutest baby around." joked Lincoln.

"When you weren't being a little terror." replied Lori.

"I was a well behaved baby." stated Lincoln.

The older Loud sisters and the Loud parents laughed.

"You where a little heck raiser bro." said Luna.

"I lost count how many you puked on me." added Lori.

"Don't forget running up and down the streets without pants." said Luan.

Needless to say, Lincoln's face turned red as a tomato.

"How was I?" asked Ronnie Anne curious.

"You could be a handful at times." answered Maria honestly.

"Once a rebel, always a rebel." replied Anne jokingly.

"Well, please have a seat." said Rita.

"Don't mind if I do." sighed Maria.

Maria sat in the Loud chair with Lorenzo. The rest of the extended family gathered around.

'Being a single mother with a grand kid must be hard." mused Lynn Jr.

"It is. And please don't remind me I'm an abuela. It makes me feel old." said Maria.

"Well do anything we can to help." said Lynn Sr.

"This is partial our fault too." sighed Rita.

Lincoln looked away.

"I still can't be believe ya did this. Without protection even." admitted Luna.

"What kind of protection?" asked Lola confused.

"Beats me." answered Lana.

Lisa pulled out a calculator and did the math.

"By my calculations, a contraception would have greatly reduced the risk of pregnancy." noted Lisa.

'It's not like I could have gotten one!" declared Lincoln flustered.

"i call 'em as I see 'em." shrugged Lisa.

All of this got the attention of baby Lorenzo who began making distressed noises.

"There there. It's okay." whispered Maria.

Maria gently rocked Lorenzo who calmed down.

"Hey there. I'm your daddy." said Lincoln softly.

Lorenzo let out a giggle.

"That is literally adorable!" squealed Lori.

"He totes like Linky." added Leni.

Lincoln blushed.

"What's not to like." said Ronnie Anne.

"I'm still not crazy about him getting you pregnant." noted Maria.

Ronnie Anne looked down.

"But, it does take two people to make a baby." added Maria.

Ronnie Anne felt a sting in her heart.

"Let's change the subject." proposed Luan.

Everyone else agreed.

" do we arrange the sleeping?" asked Lincoln.

"What do you mean?" asked Ronnie Anne confused.

"Where will Lorenzo stay." answered Lincoln.

"He should totally stay here." said Luna.

"Yeah. We're used to new kids." added Lynn Jr.

"And we made a totes great crib." said Leni.

"I'm the mother and I do want to stay with me son." noted Ronnie Anne defiant.

Lisa cleared her throat.

"There are fifty - two weeks in a year. We can share him ever other week." said Lisa.

The others agreed with this.

"Who gets him first?" asked Lucy.

Everyone shared a glance.

"We'll figure that out." answered Rita.

Everyone agreed on this.

"Also, I want Lorenzo to learn Spanish." said Ronnie Anne.

"Shouldn't he know English?" asked Lola.

"That is what everyone speaks." added Lana,

"Yes, but the Spanish language is on the rise as the Hispanic populace rises." explained Lisa.

"We can teach him both." noted Lincoln.

"Can you do that?" asked Lily.

"It's called being bilingual." answered Lisa.

Lily was clearly confused.

"It means he'll speak English and Spanish." explained Lincoln.

"Wow!" cooed Lily.

"Hey Lincoln, you wanna show me that crib?" asked Ronnie Anne.

"Sure." answered Lincoln.

The two headed for the stairs.

"Hold on you two, you can't be alone together." said Lynn Sr.

"I have to agree. Sorry, but you broke our trust." added Rita.

"Okay." said Lincoln and Ronnie Anne.

Maria stood up.

"I'll go. I want to see it." said Maria.

"I want to go to. Lorenzo is my nephew." said Bobby.

They headed upstairs and to the room where the crib was.

"This was babe's room." noted Bobby.

"I hung my posters and stuff, but tried not to mess with it too much." revealed Lincoln.

Lincoln had taken Lori's old bed as his new one. The spot where Leni's bed was is where the crib now sat.

"It's beautiful." said Maria amazed.

"Not a bad job." said Ronnie Anne.

Lorenzo looked at the crib and giggled happily.

"I think he likes it too." noted Maria.

"You should thank my sisters." noted Lincoln.

The group started back downstairs.

"Hey Lincoln, can you hold up for a second." requested Bobby.

Lincoln shrugged and waited while Maria, Ronnie Anne and Lorenzo headed back downstairs.

"Lincoln, you know that you're like a little brother to me." began Bobby.

"Of course." replied Lincoln.

"But, I'm still upset over what you did." continued Bobby.

"So I've been reminded." muttered Lincoln.

"I won't hold it against okay. But, I'm warning you not to hurt Ronnie Anne." said Bobby firmly.

Lincoln was caught off guard, but not surprised.

"I get it. I have five older sisters and they want to protect me too." said Lincoln.

Bobby relaxed.

"That's great." sighed Bobby.

"You coming or not?!" asked Ronnie Anne from downstairs.

"Just a second Ni Ni!" called Bobby.

The two left the room.

"I know you'll be good with Ronnie Anne and Lorenzo." stated Bobby.

Bobby and Lincoln joined the others back downstairs.

"We've agreed that Lorenzo will stay with the Loud family for the next week since we we've had him since coming home from the hospital." revealed Maria.

"That makes sense." agreed Bobby.

"We will also shared him on holidays." added Ronnie Anne.

"That's perfect!" declared Bobby.

"Well, we need to go home and relax." sighed Ronnie Anne.

"Lori, don't have we have totes be back tonight?" asked Leni.

"Just one thing before we go." said Lori.

Lori took a selfie with Lorenzo and uploaded it with #ProudNewAunt added.

"Carol already liked it." noted Lori.

They said goodbye and departed.

"Lorenzo, I'm going to be the best dad ever." promised Lincoln.