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All Tangled Up

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“N-No! Please don’t!” a familiar high-pitched voice cried out in a panic and jerked Aizawa from his hazily sleepy state. Aizawa grunted and quickly opened his eyes…only to realize he’d been blindfolded, black silk obscuring his vision.

“Open your mouth, Present Mic,” a deep, dark voice growled from somewhere in front of the raven-haired hero. He tried to shout out at the villain, but his words only came out as a muffled groan.

So, they’d gagged him too. Perfect.

“P-Please All S-Smite, don’t hurt hi-hmmmph!“ Hizashi’s frantic cry was silenced, by what Aizawa could only assume was another gag, and he tried his hardest to reach up and yank the blindfold off.

Except…his arms were tightly restrained over his head. With a sinking feeling, Aizawa flexed his legs.

Nope, they were bound up too, knees bent sharply and drawn back nearly to his shoulders. He could feel the silk tied tightly around his ankles and wrapped around his knees as he gave an experimental tug.

He could still hear Hizashi trying to screech around the gag in his lips, a soft rustling reaching his ears.

Good, the Voice Hero was struggling against his restraints.

“I think that’ll hold you for a while, hero,” the voice snarled, only this time it sounded closer; Aizawa heard the thud of heavy boots and his heart sank. From all of the pictures he’d seen, this guy was huge, even bigger than All Might.

“Well well, if it isn’t the pro hero Eraserhead,” Aizawa flinched as a single long finger brushed against his cheek, just grazing over his scar. He heard Hizashi moan loudly in what he supposed to be a scream of protest.

“I’m gonna have fun with you, little kitten,” the voice of the villain All Smite chuckled deeply against Aizawa’s ear, before a warm tongue flicked out against the sensitive lobe. Aizawa bucked hard, trying to squirm away from the intruder, only for a dark laugh to vibrate around the room.

“Well, look here, someone’s a fighter,” the voice dropped to a low purr, and a single finger pressed against Aizawa’s throat, running slowly down his chiseled chest, over his abdomen, and (much to Aizawa’s chagrin) across the unfortunate bulge in the hero’s jumpsuit. Aizawa jerked again with a protesting growl. The villain laughed.

“Ooh, I’m so afraid of you, all tied up with no way out,” he snarled, and Aizawa cried out as a huge palm roughly slapped his plush ass cheek. All Smite sighed in annoyance, and Aizawa flinched as he heard the sound no hero wanted to hear.

The villain had clicked open a knife.

Aizawa groaned loudly as All Smite made soft shushing sounds, gently tugging on the zipper on his black jumpsuit, pulling it slowly down to reveal the charcoal tank top the hero wore underneath. When the zipper had reached its end at Aizawa’s waist, the villain laughed.

“I wouldn’t struggle if I were you. Just let me have my fun,” Aizawa could hear the smirk in his voice, and flinched as he felt the cold metal blade slip underneath his tank top, easily slicing it in two, baring his chest for all to see. He growled low in his throat as the blade ripped through his sleeves as well, exposing his arms, the material fluttering in ribbons around his hips.

“My, my, you’re nicely built, Eraserhead,” the villain pressed his palm against Aizawa’s chest, swirling a finger around one pink nipple and the bound man hissed, throwing his head back at the sensation. “However, your upper half isn’t the prize today, little kitten.”

And with those words, Aizawa held incredibly still as the knife blade cut through his jumpsuit, from his navel down to the area between his legs. He heard Hizashi’s gasping moans and he assumed his friend was crying in panic and fear, unable to look away from the show going on a little way away.

“I wouldn’t worry about your friend, Eraserhead,” All Smite rumbled in Aizawa’s ear, as the blade ripped roughly through one pant leg. “He’s fine. Trussed up just like you and bare as the day he was born, but fine, nonetheless.” As the villain moved around to tear through his other pant leg, Aizawa growled, jerking his head toward All Smite, hoping to knock their heads together. The villain laughed, reaching out and tightly gripping Aizawa’s jaw, before roughly pressing his lips over the hero’s gagged mouth.

“So feisty. I like that, little kitten. It makes my playtime that much more fun.”

Aizawa heard his now ruined jumpsuit fall to the floor in a heap, only his tight black boxer shorts intact to keep his modesty. He jerked with a strangled cry as All Smite teasingly fluttered his palm over Aizawa’s rather obvious erection.

“Oh, my sweet little hero, are you enjoying this? Being tied up and left to the mercy of a VILLAIN?” Aizawa quickly shook his head, a traitorous moan escaping his lips as All Smite stroked him again. “I’ll take that a yes. Oh, don’t worry, Eraserhead, I’ll be sure to take excellent care of you,” he said softly, his hand slowly pulling away. “Well, I’ll actually be taking care of both of you, at least for a little while,” he said and Aizawa felt him walk away, somewhere towards where Hizashi was restrained. He heard his friend shriek through his gag.

“I suppose I should inform my darling Eraserhead of my intentions tonight,” All Smite growled, and Aizawa shivered as he heard the clanking of small chains. “I’m going to play with you boys. I’ve even brought several toys to play with,” the chains jingled again, and Aizawa struggled in his bonds as he heard Hizashi whimper.

“Do calm down, my dear. You’ll get your turn soon enough. But I’ll let you in on a little secret,” he called over Hizashi’s strained squeak, “every toy I’ve brought, I’m going to use on Mr. Loudmouth here first, and you just get to listen to the show. If you feel like it, try to guess what I’m doing to him.” Aizawa’s eyes went wide behind his blindfold at the words, and he struggled harder, moaning softly in panic for Hizashi.

“So, what do you think, Present Mic? Do you think our friend over there will enjoy this toy?” All Smite asked softly and Aizawa heard Hizashi let out a sharp hiss that was immediately followed by a moan.

“I believe that’s our answer, then.” Aizawa heard All Smite step back towards him, another set of jangling chains evident in his fingers. Aizawa snarled behind his gag as he felt a thin chain drag up his chest; his snarl was cut off by a moan not a second later when one of his nipples was bathed in a wet warmth, the villain’s fingers lightly rolling and pinching the opposite pink bud.

“Sensitive are we, darling?” All Smite whispered just loud enough for Aizawa to hear, and the hero growled again.

His insistent struggling and low growling was cut off with a gasp, sharp pressure slowly squeezing one oversensitive nipple. Aizawa tensed, throwing his head back with a howl of both pleasure and pain.

Clamps. Fucking perfect.

The villain had discovered Aizawa’s weakness.

As the pressure slowly grew to the point of almost painful, the hero’s whines grew louder, as he thrashed in his bonds. All Smite only chuckled again, before pulling his hand away, leaving the toy tightly clamped to Aizawa’s nipple. The hero’s breathing grew ragged.

“You are aware that these come in a set, little kitten,” the villain breathed into Aizawa’s ear, before slowly attaching the second clamp, squeezing the sensitive bud tightly; the hero cried out behind his gag. “At least they were easier to put on you, since your friend has his pierced,” All Smite muttered, giving the chain linking the clamps a light tug, and Aizawa screamed, tears beginning to soak through his blindfold.

“Oh, don’t cry yet, darling, I’m just getting started,” All Smite crooned, one long finger brushing an escaped tear from Aizawa’s cheek. Then the villain’s presence disappeared, the thud of boots stepping back towards Hizashi.

“Well, now, Mr. Mic, let’s see what else I have to play with,” he spoke softly, almost gently, as Aizawa heard shuffling and clanking, as the villain sorted through his toys. He chuckled, and the hero heard Hizashi groan, as All Smite walked toward the blond hero.

“Let’s try this on for size.”

And Hizashi shrieked again, the sound of thrashing around reaching Aizawa’s ears. The villain made soft shushing sounds again, and Hizashi whimpered.

“Good boy. Let’s go play with Eraserhead again.”

Aizawa had no idea what to expect, but his fear jumped through the roof when he heard the knife open once more. The cold, unforgiving metal slid easily underneath the leg of his boxers, slicing through quickly up to the waistband, and Aizawa’s breathing quickened, his hardened cock now exposed to the air. All Might chuckled darkly, and Aizawa gasped as he felt a hot swipe of a long tongue run slowly up the underside of his dick.

“Mmm, you look lovely like this, my dear,” All Smite whispered again as he made quick work of the other side of his boxers, quickly shredding them and letting them fall to the floor. Aizawa whimpered, straining in his restraints, trying to find some kind of modesty, but to no avail. He groaned deeply as a huge hand gently stroked his cock once; the pleasant sensation was short lived, as he suddenly felt something rubbery tightening around the base of his erection, and he gasped.

A cock ring. The damn villain had put a cock ring on him.

“This way, you won’t be cumming unless I give you permission, little kitten,” All Smite purred in his ear again, his hand slowly stroking Aizawa’s cock once more, and the hero moaned, bucking his hips up into the hand above him. As much as he didn’t like this entire situation he was in, he needed friction.

“You’re doing so well, my dear,” the villain cooed softly, before giving the chain on his chest another small jerk, and Aizawa cried out, the sensation bordering on painful. All Smite chuckled again, before stepping back, and Aizawa assumed he was admiring his work.

Suddenly, a door opened from somewhere on the far side of the room, and the sound of vicious high heels stalking across the floor rang in Aizawa’s ears, and he stiffened.

“All Smite, darling!” a sultry female voice called out, before she gasped. “You started playing without me?”

“Do forgive me, Miss Moonlight,” All Smite chuckled, and Aizawa flinched as a hand ran smoothly down his leg, a pair of hips slotted between his open thighs. He heard the woman sigh.

“I’ll forgive you, just this once,” she purred, and Hizashi screeched. She must have walked into his line of sight. “Have they been good boys?” Aizawa heard a smack and the blond cried out again.

“They’ve been reasonably well behaved, I suppose,” the male villain stated, and Aizawa felt lips press gently to his calf muscle. He heard another spank and another, louder whimper.

“The blond one looks like trouble,” the woman stated with another loud smack. “I’ll just give him a bit of punishment.” Yet another slap, and Hizashi screeched. All Smite gently placed his hands on the curve of Aizawa’s ass, his warm breath ghosting over the hero’s ear.

“Would you like to be spanked as well, Eraserhead?” he whispered, and Aizawa quickly shook his head. The villain huffed out a soft laugh, the sound nearly drowned out by the intense sounds of smacking and Hizashi’s muffled screams. “Very well, I’ll oblige you this one time,” All Smite said, and Aizawa’s eyes grew wide behind his blindfold as a single finger moved down to circle his hole. “But now, it’s time to really prepare you, little kitten.”

The hands cupping his ass slowly ran up his legs, and back down again as the villain grunted softly, a small thud reaching Aizawa’s ears.

What exactly was All Smite do-…oh. Fuck.

That long, hot tongue was back, this time insistently lapping at Aizawa’s hole, and the hero whimpered, throwing his head back at the pleasant sensation. The sounds around him grew fuzzy as his concentration was solely focused on the slick muscle tracing his rim before slowly pushing its way inside. Aizawa squirmed with a loud groan, and the villain chuckled.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked softly, a thick thumb circling his now slick hole, and Aizawa whined as he shook his head. Of course, he was, but he couldn’t tell All Smite that. The villain chuckled again, slowly pushing the tip of his thumb into Aizawa’s twitching hole. “Really? Because I think you are,” he stated as Aizawa yelped, his ass clenching down around the thick intrusion.

“Ya- I mean, All Smite, where did you put the lube?” the female villain called, and Aizawa heard Hizashi scream, the sound of desperate thrashing reaching his ears. The male villain huffed out an annoyed sigh.

“It’s there with my toy collection. And when you’re finished, I’ll need it as well.” Aizawa groaned, trying to shift his hips away from All Smite’s curious fingers, and he chuckled again, his thumb roughly pushing even further in. “Oh, do hold still, my dear. Don’t worry, it’ll feel so much better in just a moment.” Aizawa grunted in relief as the villain slowly pulled his thumb out, only to gasp in a breath as All Smite’s tongue dove back into his waiting hole. The hand that had been resting on his ass slid up to gently grip his hardened cock, his wrist slowly flicking up, the tip of his finger teasing Aizawa’s leaking slit. The hero cried out, his whole body tensing up at the sensation, and the villain beneath him chuckled again.

“It’s too bad I’m not going to let you cum until I’ve fucked you senseless, Eraserhead,” All Smite cooed, his hand slowly sliding away, and Aizawa growled, frustrated tears leaking out from around the blindfold. From somewhere in front of him, he heard the sound of a cap being popped, and Hizashi moaned with an audible sniffle.

“Here, darling,” the female villain said softly, and Aizawa felt All Smite ease away from him slightly, “try opening him up with this.” Aizawa flinched away from the feeling of long nails scraping against the skin of his thighs, and the woman purred. “Ooh, I wouldn’t mind having a go with him too; he’s built so nicely and his ass is just,” Aizawa felt her shiver through her fingertips and he growled again,” so yummy. Please let me have a turn after you,” she pouted, and Aizawa grunted trying to wiggle away from her touch and All Smite laughed.

“I don’t think he likes you, Moonlight,” he stated, and Aizawa hissed as a slickened finger entered him again, “so I think that’ll be a no on sharing. But I’m sure Present Mic will enjoy whatever you have planned for him.” The woman chuckled, finally pulling her fingers away from Aizawa’s thighs.

“Oh, I have no doubt. I’m going to stuff him full and then ride him until he cries.” All Smite snorted straight into a round of hacking coughs.

“Well you go have fun.” Aizawa could hear the smirk in his voice and the woman laughed.

“I shall.”

As she walked away, Aizawa yelped again, the digit in his ass slowly pulling back out, only to quickly be replaced with two fingers. All Smite’s pace began to speed up, and Aizawa bucked his hips again with a growl.

“Feeling good yet, Eraser?” he purred, before licking a stripe up Aizawa’s cock. The hero moaned, letting his head fall back. “Excellent. Then I suppose I’ll do as Miss Moonlight suggested and try...this.” Aizawa gasped as the fingers were quickly removed and something slick and hard was slowly pressed into his entrance. His head jerked up and he cried out as he was split open. Whatever kind of toy it was, it was considerably larger than the villain’s fingers, reaching far deeper than he could have expected. Slowly, All Smite pulled the toy back out until only the tip remained, and Aizawa whined high behind his gag.

“Oh, so you do like this,” he stated softly, lips pressing softly to Aizawa’s trembling inner thigh. Aizawa moaned as he nodded. All Smite chuckled as he ever so slowly pushed the toy back into his ass. “Try to relax my dear. I’m quite a bit larger than this, so I’ve got to get you thoroughly prepped.” The erasure hero whimpered at the thought, his cock twitching where it lay heavily against his stomach, and he could feel a sticky pool of precum collecting in between his ab muscles.

From across the room, he could hear Hizashi shriek, and the woman spoke softly, almost purring to him. “Look at you, all open and waiting for me. Think you can take this?” Hizashi screamed, and the woman chuckled. “Oh, don’t try to fight me, I know you can. Now, relax. This is nothing compared to what I have over there.” He heard Hizashi hiss, then moan loudly around his gag. She must have started toying with him. Aizawa yelped in surprise as All Smite roughly smacked his ass.

“You’re not paying attention to me anymore, are you my dear?” he asked, sharply thrusting the toy deep into Aizawa’s hole, until it pressed lightly against the hero’s prostate, and Aizawa screamed. All Smite laughed, pulling the toy back out, only to quickly and roughly shove it back against Aizawa’s sweet spot again and again. “Do you like hearing your friend get fucked by my colleague?” he asked on one particularly hard thrust, and Aizawa shook his head, a sharp hiss escaping from between his gagged lips. Across the room, he heard a slick sound and Hizashi’s ragged gasping, while the woman cooed unintelligibly into his ear.

Well...all right then.

All Smite’s thrusts slowed considerably and Aizawa groaned, his hips canting up as he tried to seek out more. The villain chuckled again.

“I love seeing you like this, my darling. You’re so slick, and so open, and so ready for me.” With that, Aizawa felt the bigger man stand from between his legs, the fabric of his pants just barely brushing against the hero’s sensitive skin, and he growled as he heard the villain’s zipper being pulled down slowly.

Aizawa gasped as he felt the long, incredibly hard length press up against his own cock, the sensation delicious and welcome, unfortunately.

Of course, it was huge, thick, and hot. Aizawa blindly wondered if it would fit, and the thought had him cursing behind his gag, his hips trying to squirm away. All Smite laughed, a huge palm gently pressing their dicks together, before stroking them in tandem, and Aizawa moaned.

“You like that, little kitten? You gonna cum just like this, with my cock up against yours and a toy buried in your ass?” Aizawa nodded frantically, desperately hoping the villain would have a sense of mercy and remove the cock ring.

Naturally, there was no such luck.

Instead, All Smite quickly pulled his cock away from Aizawa with a whine of his own, and the hero heard the sound of him slicking himself up. Aizawa’s ass clenched around the toy still buried deep, as he felt the villain grip the end of it once more.

“Relax, Eraserhead. If you don’t, this will hurt.” Aizawa tensed unconsciously as he felt a warm breath ghost across his ear. “I don’t want to hurt you sweetheart. Come on now, please relax for me.” Aizawa breathed deep at his words, his tightened muscles quickly relaxing, and All Smite breathed a sigh of relief. Slowly, he pulled the toy from Aizawa’s hole, two slickened fingers quickly pushing back inside. Aizawa groaned deep in the back of his throat.

“That’s it, my darling. You’re doing so well for me,” the villain cooed, before slowly removing his fingers, and lining up with Aizawa’s fluttering hole. The hero gasped in a deep breath as the fat head of All Smite’s cock slowly breached him, and he heard the villain choke in a breath as well.

“God, s-so tight, E-Eraser,” he gasped out, his cock sliding in nearly an inch, and Aizawa shrieked. A huge, comforting palm rested against his chest as the villain sucked in some air.

“Breathe out slowly, love,” All Smite whispered into his ear. And Aizawa did as he’d been told, slowly and shakily exhaling as the villain slid in even deeper. The raven-haired hero keened, dark eyes rolling back into his skull as the villain’s hips finally sat flush against his ass and thighs. Thankfully, All Smite didn’t move again, allowing his prey to adjust to the new, thicker girth.

“God you feel so g-good, baby,” that voice rumbled deep, and Aizawa shivered, feeling full and warm. The hand on his chest disappeared, to join the second one around the back of his head. Aizawa jerked away, only for the blindfold to slowly loosen, eventually sliding free from around his eyes.

“Don’t erase my quirk, sweetheart,” All Smite whispered, the black silk slowly slipping through his fingers to the floor below. And Aizawa finally got his look at the villain.

He was tall, probably close to seven feet, and built like a tank, all broad, tight muscles. A black long-sleeved shirt was stretched tightly across his chest, and two spiked green shoulder pads sat proudly on the villains broad shoulders, a silver harness stretched across his chest holding them in place. His dark green khakis were unzipped, and a black and orange gas mask sat atop a head of wild blond hair. Two bright blue eyes stared down into Aizawa’s onyx, and the hero gasped.

The villain was… extremely handsome.

And Aizawa’s cock twitched uncontrollably, another spurt of precum drooling out of his slit. All Smite chuckled, one hand coming up to gently stroke Aizawa’s cheek, as he slowly pulled out until just the head of his cock remained. The hero groaned deeply in the back of his throat, his hips attempting to thrust forward onto that delicious length.

“You look so good like this, kitten. All tangled up in your silks, and taking my cock so well,” All Smite whispered, placing a gentle kiss over Aizawa’s gagged lips, “but I wonder what your lover would say if he could see you like this.” Aizawa’s eyes flew open, and he struggled in his restraints, making the villain laugh again.

“All Smite, what is so funny over there?” the woman called.

“Just a private joke,” All Smite answered back with a slow thrust, and Aizawa finally got a good look at the lady villain. She wore a tight black jumpsuit, and long dark hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. A bright scarlet mask covered her eyes and she grinned ferally back at Aizawa. His dark eyes immediately flickered down to Hizashi, and he gasped.

His friend was tied tightly to a table, arms restrained above his head, his knees pulled back and apart. A bar gag was clenched tightly between the voice hero’s teeth, and Aizawa could see why.

The female villain hadn’t been joking.

The silver end of a vibrating plug was jammed tightly into Hizashi’s ass, his cheeks bright red from the slaps he’d received earlier, and the woman was riding his ringed cock like her life depended on it. Her hand was wrapped tightly around the chain connecting the nipple clamps, jerking up on it every time Hizashi squealed. Aizawa closed his eyes at the sight.

A gentle hand on his chin had him slowly glancing up into those blue eyes once more, a concerned look on the villain’s face.

“Are you all right? We can stop if-”

Aizawa quickly shook his head, jerking his hips down to meet the villain’s and All Smite groaned.

“All right, then. I’m not gonna hold back anymore, ok?” Aizawa took a deep breath and nodded. All Smite quickly pulled almost all the way out, before slamming back in, the head of his cock pressing harshly against Aizawa’s prostate and the hero screamed, his head falling back. The villain tightly gripped his hips, setting a quick, rough pace, knocking the breath out of Aizawa more than once. Tears pooled in his dark eyes as he felt his orgasm approaching at an alarming rate, his groans growing more and more insistent. All Smite’s head was thrown back in bliss, that mane of sunshine yellow hair waving wildly with every thrust, and Aizawa couldn’t help staring up in awe at the beautiful man fucking into him without abandon.

But he was beginning to be in pain, and he grunted once more, and All Smite finally looked down at him, his eyes hazy with lust. But, thankfully, he got the message, and reached back to remove the gag from Aizawa’s lips.

“Tos-sweetheart, I need to cum. Please let me, baby, please,” Aizawa begged, tears streaking down his crimson cheeks, and All Smite smiled down at him gently.

“Of course, my love,” he crooned, his fingers deftly removing the offending cock ring, and lightly tugging on Aizawa’s flushed cock, and the hero howled. Immediately, All Smite’s hand was clamped tightly over Aizawa’s lips. “Quiet down, little hero or I’ll be forced to gag you again. Do you want that?” he growled, and Aizawa quickly shook his head, his dark eyes wide. “Good boy,” he said softly, slowly removing his hand from the hero’s mouth. With one hand still tightly gripping Aizawa’s hip, the other hand slowly dragged down the hero’s chest, giving the chain a light tug and Aizawa bit down on his bottom lip to silence the cry that threatened to break through. All Smite grinned down at him, quickly taking his cock back in hand and pumping furiously in time with his sharp thrusts into Aizawa’s ass, and the younger man’s head dropped back, a white-hot feeling pooling low in his abdomen before suddenly reaching its peak. And he couldn’t help the guttural cry that tore through his lips.

His orgasm hit hard, white creamy ropes of cum streaking across his chest, and pooling around All Smite’s huge fist. The larger man gasped in a breath, before leaning down and capturing Aizawa’s lips with his own, his hips stuttering to a sudden stop, and Aizawa felt his insides being painted with sticky heat, his hole fluttering helplessly around the pulsing intrusion.

Both men stared at each other, panting, ragged breaths ghosting across their faces; Aizawa jumped as he heard the woman (whom he’d honestly forgotten about in the heat of his moment) let out a broken cry, and Hizashi screamed through his gag. All Smite chuckled.

“Well, at least we all finished around the same time, eh Sho?” he whispered, before gently kissing the hero’s cheek. Aizawa grinned sleepily up at him.

“Yeah.” With a sharp hiss from Aizawa, Yagi slowly unscrewed the nipple clamps from his boyfriend’s overly sensitive buds. Slowly, Yagi pulled his softening cock out of Aizawa’s gaping ass, thick globs of semen running down over the younger hero’s cheeks.

“Sorry, sweetheart, got caught up in the moment,” the blond apologized; without ceremony, he zipped his costume back, and reached up to undo the silks Aizawa was suspended from, gently lying the younger man on a blanket on the floor. As Nemuri untied a blissed out and completely limp Hizashi, and Yagi rubbed feeling back into Aizawa’s wrists and ankles, the young hero narrowed his eyes in frustration.

“You just had to cut up my favorite jumpsuit, didn’t you.” Yagi grinned sheepishly.

“I’m sorry, Shouta. You were just...all tangled up.”