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Time Change

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Chapter 1:






“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!” Echoed through number 12 Grimmauld Place. Two laughing 18-year-old boys dashed from the drawing room as another voice, this one female, screeched, “FREDRICK FABIAN WEASLEY!” One of the boys cringed slightly, but neither stopped laughing. “We got ‘em good Freddie!” The dark haired one said proudly.

The other boy, who had red hair and tan skin, replied with a smirk. “Yep. Your dad looks AMAZING with pink skin, by the way!” The 2 cackled merrily before rounding the corner, and running smack into a man. A man in his 40’s with dark hair, green eyes, and neon pink skin. The boys jumped back in alarm, and James offered the man a small wave. “Hi Dad. Wherever did you get such brilliantly colored skin?”

Harry James Potter’s eyes flashed behind his glasses. “Oh, nowhere. Just from some mysterious, most likely experimental, potion that my DEAD son slipped into my tea.” James swallowed nervously at the emphasis that Harry had put on the word “dead”.

The 2 teenagers turned around as if to run, only to be blocked by a man in his mid-twenties with turquoise hair and bright green skin. “Going somewhere?” He asked darkly. “Yep.” Freddie replied with a mischievous grin. Teddy raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?” he asked disbelievingly. James nodded with a slowly spreading grin.

Freddie pulled a hand full of glowing golden powder out of an inner pocket, and before either Teddy or Harry could stop him, he threw it at his feet, creating a glittering smoke. When the smoke cleared, neither boy was standing there anymore.

Harry looked over Teddy’s shoulder to see George standing there with his violet skin, attempting to stifle laughter. Harry narrowed his eyes at the red-head. “I blame you. My offspring wouldn’t be half as bad without yours.” George lost control of his laughter, and doubled over howling. The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched slightly, but he would never admit it.

Teddy turned around and scowled at his uncle. “You could show a little concern for your son’s experimental potion, you know.” George straightened up, with the ghost of his laughter still present in his expression. “Aw, c’mon Teddy. You know that the boys test everything on themselves first.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Did you see them test this one, and not warn anyone, AGAIN?” George shrugged. “I wouldn’t be a true prankster if I ratted out my own son’s pranks. And yes, I think I did. Freddie was walking around with silver skin for a couple days last month, until I saw him swallow a clear potion, and then his skin returned to normal. So, don’t worry, they’ve already developed an antidote.”

Harry sighed. “And the powder?” George nodded thoughtfully. “They approached me with it last week, gave me a demonstration, and then begged me to add it to the Auror section of the shop during the next premiere show. Upon further experimentation, I have found that it can work through anti-apparation, anti-portkey, and anti-exit wards, as well as over-ride blood wards. It works similar to apparation, if you have a destination in mind, that’s where you go. If you don’t, then it just sends you to a random place. They’ve made it in a variety of colors and types. The one they just demonstrated is dubbed as a flashy exit type, because of the glitter. But they also made a stealth type. They call it, Flash-portation. I happily agreed to introduce it to the shop during next week’s expo, and they have several other things lined up for it as well.”

Harry and Teddy both wore expressions that were a mix between impressed and sour. Teddy spoke next. “So, in other words, they’re making good products, good enough for the shop, and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon.” George grinned. Harry tapped his chin. “Flash-portation has some extremely useful real-world applications though. After the expo, I will probably order some for my Aurors. Alpha team, at the very least.”




James and Freddie appeared giggling in the attic of number 12 Grimmauld place. “Another successful run of Flash-portation under our belts my dear cousin.” They said to each other in unison, and then burst out laughing.

Albus Severus Potter looked up from his book with an annoyed expression. “You guys are just creepy when you do that.” Scorpius Malfoy looked up from his own book, and nodded in agreement. James stuck his tongue out at them. “Real mature.” Rose Weasley said as she walked in the door just in time to see James stick his tongue out.

Hugo, Roxanne, Molly, Louis, Niki, and Lucy Weasley, Lily Potter, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, and the toddler twins, Nymphadora and Remus Lupin all came in behind Rose. All of them were laughing.

“That turned out better than I’d expected!” Niki wheezed. You see, all of the children, except for Teddy and Victoire’s twin 3-year-olds, had known about the prank. They’d even helped to make sure that all of the adults had drank their tea. It was a good demonstration of their newest product, Coloring Concoction.

Freddie and James bowed, and then said in unison, “We live to serve madam.” Niki curtsied at them, then burst out laughing. “Jamie Jamie Jamie!” Nymphadora squealed as she ran up to James. James scooped her up instantly, and smiled as her hair immediately turned a bright yellow. “Hey Squirt!” James laughed as he spun the little girl around. “How’d you like our prank?”

Dora giggled. “It was good! Daddy turned green, and mummy turned grey! They were soooo mad!” James and Freddie both grinned at the little girl’s praise. They were going to make her into a prankster yet!

Albus sighed, and closed his book, and Scorpius followed suit. “What color did Dad turn?” Albus asked. Lily giggled. “He turned pink!” The whole room burst into roaring laughter. Harry Potter pink? How could you NOT laugh?

An hour later, after Freddie and James had surrendered the antidote for Coloring Concoction over to Harry, all of them were bored, and laying about in the spacious attic, doing various activities, such as reading (Albus, Scorpius, Rose, Molly, and Niki), playing Wizard’s Chess (Hugo and Lorcan), entertaining a crowd (James, Freddie, and Lysander), and being an audience to the 3 rowdy boys (Remi, Dora, Louis, Lucy, Roxie, and Lily).

Half an hour after that, James got bored of entertaining his audience, and silently slipped out of the room, only to excitedly burst back in only minutes later. “Guys! Look what I found in Dad’s study!” He yelled in barely contained enthusiasm. Freddie rushed over to him.

“Whatever did you find, dear cousin?” he asked in a deliberately casual voice. Albus looked up, and gave James a disapproving frown. “Yes, James. What did you find in Dad’s FORBIDDEN study?” James looked at Albus guiltily. “Oh nothing, just a time turner.”

Scorpius’ head snapped up at that, remembering his and Albus’ own mishap with a time turner the year previous. Albus paled considerably when he saw the tiny glass device in his older brother’s hand. Albus, of course, knew that the Department of Mysteries had been rebuilding time turners, while also tweaking the original formula. But why Harry had one, was beyond the 15-year-old Slytherin.

James started swinging the delicate instrument around by the chain, making both Scorpius and Albus extremely edgy. “James, mind stopping that, mate?” Freddie asked nervously. James simply laughed. “Is wittle Fweddie afwaid of the big bad time turner?” James asked in a babyish voice.

“Don’t be a prat James! That thing is DANGEROUS!” Rose screeched. “Pfft. It’s not dangerous.” James said casually as he threw it in the air and caught it. When James caught the time turner, it began to emit a golden light that enveloped everyone in the room.

“Oh shite!” Scorpius yelled in terror as the time turner began to spin wildly. “James you absolute DUNDERHEAD!” Albus roared just before the door burst open. “What the—” Teddy Lupin said as he and his wife, Victoire, saw the light. The golden light reached out to envelope them too, and then they were all gone.





The large group appeared in the middle of a forest, just in front of a tent with a startled dark-haired boy sitting in front of it. Teddy looked around, and caught sight of the tent, and the slowly rising boy. “Son of a Death Eater!” He yelled angrily. “What?” Scorpius asked startled at being addressed in such a way.

Albus pinched the bridge of his nose. “He didn’t mean you Scorp. It’s just his favorite swear. How many times have we gone over this?” Scorpius looked down embarrassed. Teddy ran a hand through his hair in a way that was eerily reminiscent of his godfather.

“James, what the BLOODY HELL were you thinking?” Rose screeched at her cowering cousin. “Didn’t mean to.” He mumbled. “You’ve really stepped in it this time, mate.” Freddie said darkly.

“Who are you!?” The mystery boy in front of the tent demanded with his wand raised. Teddy sighed. “Relax Harry, we aren’t going to hurt you.” This caused the whole group to round on the mystery boy, and stare at him in a mixture of curiosity, awe, and horror.

“You bloody IDIOT! You’ve landed us in the middle of the war!” Niki accused. “Was just supposed to be a prank.” James mumbled. “A prank? A PRANK!? Jamie, look around! We’re in the middle of THE WAR! At the very height of You-Know-Who’s power! This is NOT a prank!” Freddie roared at his cousin.