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Soft Embrace

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Haruki checked his watch, and groaned in frustration as he saw that yet another minute had passed with him still stuck in line.

It’s fine. I have 30 minutes, I’ll be there on time...

Despite his reassurances, he still desperately wished things would move faster.

He tapped his food hurriedly and, much to the chagrin of everyone else in line, very loudly in a desperate, futile bid to make the time pass even a little quicker than its current crawl.

I can’t miss this. Not again.

He checked the time once more, even though barely a handful of seconds had passed since his last glance.

Every movement of the hands on his watch only added to his worry.

“Bad day, chief?” a husky, breathy voice behind him asked.

“I’m fine,” he curtly replied, not even turning his head to look at the woman who was talking to him.

“That so? You don’t seem fine. Stomp your feet any harder, and you’ll bust right through the floor!”

“That’s...none of your concern,” he grumbled, forcing his foot to stay still.

“Ahahaha! You’re right, it’s not! Still, can’t blame a girl for trying to lend a hand, can you?”

Haruki, realizing just how harsh he was being, sighed and turned back to face the woman behind him.

Though he was too distracted to register much about her less obvious traits, the woman’s bright, blonde hair, endlessly excited blue eyes, and confident, teasing expression made an instant impression on him.

And, of course, while he did his best to ignore them, he couldn’t help but find his eyes drawn to the incredibly large breasts straining against her tight knit sweater...if only for a moment.

Through her unwaveringly taunting grin, Haruki couldn’t tell if she’d actually noticed him looking.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m just running late for a very important appointment, so I’m rather stressed at the moment.”

“Oh? So why’d you stop here? Feels like that’s only gonna make things worse, don’tcha think?”

“I need the caffeine, and my kettle at home just broke.”

Haruki wasn’t sure, in all honesty, why he was even divulging that much. Still, it helped pass the time just a little faster, at least.

“Oooh, you are having a rough day, huh?”

The woman grinned, as excitable as ever.

“It’’s fine. I’ll be fine.”

Haruki shook his head, trying to clear away the doubt in the back of his mind.

Not that I’d even be in this situation if I’d made it to the original practicum…

“That’s the spirit!” she cheered, slapping Haruki firmly on the back.

“You’ll make it, for sure!”

“...Thank you,” he replied, too flustered by her boundless energy to manage much more than that.

“Next please!” the barista called out, looking directly at Haruki, who turned back to face the strange woman for a moment, unsure if he should say much more before leaving her.

“Go get ‘em, stud!”

She grinned, and gleefully pushed Haruki towards the counter.

Too taken aback to even attempt to reply, he simply placed his order, grabbed his drink, and left, walking off with us much urgency as he’d shown everything else that day.

“He’s got a lot more happening than he’s letting on…” the woman purred, licking her lips hungrily.

She stepped out of the line for coffee and headed out into the street, following behind Haruki at a distance and sticking to the shadows.

“Who needs coffee? They’re so tightly wound that just thinking about teasing them is getting me all hot and bothered! Ahahaha, candidate for the house or not, I just know the two of us are gonna have all kinds of fun together!”

Were Haruki paying even the slightest bit of attention to his surroundings, he’d have undeniably heard her loud cackling just a little ways behind him, but he was far too focused on what lay ahead for any of that.

In time, her voice grew silent as she blended into his surroundings with such finesse that there was barely a soul in the city who could’ve noticed what she was doing.


“This is all my fault. Nobody else’s,” Haruki muttered, gulping down his coffee as quickly as he possibly could.

“I put myself into this situation, and only I can pull myself back out.”

Maybe if I just grew up, things would be better…

Haruki tried to shake that thought away, to convince himself it wasn’t true.

No matter how hard he fought against it, however, his time in college had only fed into his doubts, making them far, far harder to dismiss.

“It’s all childish, so much of it is so... feminine.”

He spat the words out. They felt like poison on his lips.

“A man like me shouldn’t be enjoying those sorts of things.”

Now a second year chemistry major, Haruki had spent much of his teenage years being told what a prodigy he was. He was constantly assured that he’d go on to do great things if he stayed focused and worked hard.

This had, in the eyes of many, heavily contrasted with the way he’d once been outside of class, devoting most of his energy to games, manga, anime, and all manner of things that he’d been told time and time again were “far too childish” and “far too girly” for him.

“‘It’s all just holding you back…’” he whispered, repeating a lecture his parents had given him time and time again.

“‘The sooner you give up on all of that, the sooner you’ll realize your full potential and become the man you’re meant to be, Haruki. You can’t spend your whole life acting like some sort of child…’”

Haruki sighed.

For as defiant as he’d been back in high school, how determined he’d been to prove them wrong, university had seen him steadily discovering that maybe he’d been in the wrong all along. Maybe he really would have to give up on everything that made him happy, all for the sake of ‘realizing his potential.’

He didn’t even understand the insistence that everything was too girlish. He’d never felt particularly manly, sure, but why did everyone insist that was wrong? Why did everyone act like he had to be boxed into a way of life that was so fundamentally unlike his own, one that was so uncomfortable to him?

Haruki loved chemistry, he really did, but he didn’t understand why that and his other hobbies had to be held so firmly in opposition with each other.

He’d tried hard to keep his hobbies alive. At the outset of his time in university, he’d made sure to keep up with the games, shows, and movies he loved, but he’d steadily found the time he could dedicate to his hobbies dwindling away as he realized that he needed to devote an increasing amount of his focus solely toward his studies. With that revelation, slowly but surely, his own optimism seemed to entirely fade away, and he found himself growing more and more cold and uptight, having convinced himself that was the sort of attitude required of a mature, upstanding adult.

Despite that, he still was at odds with himself, trying to indulge in his hobbies even if it often left him in a worse situation than the stress he’d tried to alleviate with them. In fact, the entire reason he was struggling today, rushing to a makeup practicum he absolutely needed to attend, was because he’d let himself indulge in those more ‘childish’ behaviors once more.

The night before the original practicum was set to begin, Haruki had been eager to catch the season finale of the one anime he’d still consistently kept up with in college,
: a magical girl show that he’d been told a great many times wasn’t “appropriate” for someone like him.

The show’s typically late airings had never bothered him all that much, but this time, the episode would finish just 5 hours before he’d have to start working again.

Still, he rationalized his decision to keep watching as best as he could, telling himself that he’d still be able to get more than enough sleep, and that he’d been studying hard enough that there was no way a single night could ruin his work the next day.

Unfortunately, too caught up in his excitement at watching the show’s thrilling finale, he’d completely forgotten to set an alarm, and only woke up long after the practicum had finished, and found himself greeted by a phone flooded with angry messages from his professor.

The sinking feeling in his stomach that morning let him know that that was that. He’d never be able to do anything like that again.

“It’s fine, it’s better this way,” he told himself, his voice devoid of any and all emotion as he approached the entrance to his university’s chemistry lab.
”I needed a wake-up call. That’s all this is,” Haruki spat bitterly, tossing his coffee cup in a trash can and steeling himself for the day ahead as he braced his body against the door’s handle.

This was no time for him to be weighed down by melancholy. All that mattered was his work.

With a firm push, he stepped inside, and was greeted by the same cold, unfeeling surroundings that had drilled in exactly what direction his life needed to head in.

As the doors began to shut, neither he nor his professor noticed the blonde woman from the coffee shop darting in behind Haruki, expertly hiding away in the shadows where nobody could see her.

“Ah, Mr. Toyoguchi, how nice of you to join us. I trust you weren’t distracted by some videogame last night?”

“No, sir,” he replied flatly.

“Nothing of the sort.”

“And you’ll take care to avoid such contrivances in future?”

“Yes, sir,” Haruki nodded.

“They’re all nothing more than distractions. They won’t occupy a moment more of my focus.”

“Wonderful to hear.”

His professor gave a slight—very slight—smile.

“You’ve got so much talent. It was such a shame to see that going to waste. Perhaps this is a turning point for you, Mr. Toyoguchi.”

“Yes, sir. Perhaps it is.”



Haruki dug through his pockets as soon as he reached his dorm room, searching for the keys he was absolutely certain he’d had with him earlier that day. Despite patting down his clothes as thoroughly as possible, however, he couldn’t find even the slightest trace of them. What he did find, however, was a small piece of paper with a crude drawing of a melon, though he couldn’t even begin to guess where that had come from.

“This is absurd…” he grumbled.

“I can’t have left it in the lab, surely? I’d never hear the end of it if I did…”

“It’s unlocked!” a cheerful, smoky voice called from within.

“I’m...I’m hearing things,” Haruki told himself, convinced he simply hadn’t gotten enough sleep as he stared at the door in front of him with disbelief.

“Yeah, you’re hearing me, chief! Come on in! It’s your room, after all!”

“‘Chief’?” Haruki whispered.

Why did that sound so familiar…?

Still not entirely certain anything that was happening was real, he put his hand on the doorknob and, somewhat nervously, twisted it, He was shocked to find the door open without a hitch.

A break-in? Do I call campus security? The police, maybe? No, there’s no time, but-

“If you’re looking for something to fend me off with,” the teasing voice started to say, “you might as well give up! I’m not gonna hurt you, promise! Won’t even steal anything! Well, maybe just your heart, but still!” she teased, her husky voice laughing deeply,

Haruki was sure he’d heard that voice before, but he was too paralyzed by how surreal his current situation was to give it much thought.

Torn for a moment between listening to his intruder and trying to find something to deal with them, he soon found himself...oddly swayed by their tone, as if he knew that things weren’t going to go badly.

Against his better judgement, he stepped inside, prepared to face whoever it was that was waiting for him.


“Me! I’ve got a name and everything! I’m Katsuragi. Nice to meetcha!”

It was the very same excited, teasing, and remarkably well-endowed blonde he’d seen earlier that day, sitting on his bed and flipping through a volume of manga he knew he’d kept hidden away.

She’d been dressed rather casually before, but now she was dressed like what Haruki could best describe as an unreasonably sexy teacher. She had on glasses now, the thick, red frames adding a maturity to her face she’d lacked before, her blouse was unbuttoned so low that her bra was clearly on display, and he was endlessly grateful that her legs were crossed, certain that, if she shifted her position at all, he’d get a full view of her panties.

As much as he hated to admit it, he was more than a little turned on by the idea.

“Where...where did you get that?” he asked, covering up his arousal with little trouble.

“Hey, c’mon! Someone breaks into your room and that’s your first question? Not how I got here or why I’m here at all? You’re that protective of your manga?”

“I, well… Look, I’ll ask about the rest in due time, just answer me first.”

“You hid this pretty well, y’know?!”

Katsuragi grinned excitedly, flipping through the volume to a two-page art spread of the manga’s lead character: a cutely dressed magical girl.

“‘Chemist Witch Aruru’, huh? She’s a cutie, right? Big fan? There’s a hottie back at my place who reads this all the time, y’know? Bet you two would get on great! Not sure it’s my thing, but I can’t say I don’t get the appeal. Still...”

She picked herself up off the bed, giving Haruki the brief glimpse of the dark red, lacy panties he’d been anticipating and dreading in equal measure.

“Bet everyone tells you how weird it is that you’re into it, huh? A chemistry major who likes shoujo manga? How scandalous! Ahahaha!” she chuckled, setting the volume aside.

“I think it’s great, though! Doing something that serious and never losing sight of the things you love? You’re a real inspiration, chief!”

“I-I’m calling the police,” Haruki replied firmly, pulling out his cellphone and dialling the number immediately.

She’d struck him so effectively and so quickly, he wasn’t sure what else he could really do in response.

“Oooh, nice phone! Lemme see it for a sec!” Katsuragi beamed, dashing over to him and taking it the phone from Haruki in the blink of an eye, before the call could even connect.

“Bet your wallpaper’s super cute, huh? Probably something from that magi-awwww, c’mon! Just a blank screen? That’s it? Not even some scenery? Maybe a photo of your family? Nothing?”

“My wallpaper is-”

“None of my concern, right? Hehe, are you always this easy to read?”


Haruki stopped himself from saying it yet again.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Sooooo, why the blank wallpaper?”

“There was just nothing I could find that seemed appropriate...”

“Not appropriate?! For who? You? Nah, no way! There’s so much cute art in that manga! Hell, it’s about a kind of chemist, anyway! Plus, there’s a ton of hotties in the games you’d hidden! Ooh, and you’ve got a bunch of cute posters and stuff! There’s tons of great stuff you could use, and you know it! So, who, then, is it not appropriate for, huh?”

“A-a man like me shouldn’t… Look, I just...shouldn’t distract myself with anything like that. Work comes first.”

“Heard you saying as much back in that lab! It’s not fair though, right? You seemed so sad on the way to campus, muttering about how much you’re repressing and all that. It sucks! So what if you’re some big chemistry major or whatever? Does that mean you shouldn’t get to live a little?”

“H-how long have you been following me?”

“Long enough! Not that it’d take long to figure out that you’re…”

She leaned in close, whispering in Haruki’s ear, “...Hiding away far, far too much of yourself, don’t you think?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think,” Haruki spat, defensively.

“It’s true. I cannot live up to my full potential if I keep entertaining all these distractions.”

“Who the hell decided what your ‘full potential’ is, huh?”

“M-my parents, for one.”

“How about you? What’d you decide?”

“Like I said, it doesn’t matter.”

“Don’tcha find that kinda sad, hmm? Never taking a moment to just live for yourself? Jeez, if I’d stayed like that, living the way everyone else told me to, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as I am! You just need to let loose, chief! To see that there’s nothing wrong with being who you wanna be and doing what you wanna do!”

“Listen, I can’t just-”

“You can’t just like things as simple as shoujo manga? You can’t play games? Or relax? This is all pretty mild stuff, pal! Something tells me your parents are more than a liiiiittle too uptight! Jeez, let them rule over you long enough and you’ll end up just as tightly wound as them, too! In fact, it kinda feels like you’re almost there already.”

“What...what are you even here for?” Haruki asked, his composure rapidly fading.

“Me? I’m helping you! And giving us both a little bit of fun while I’m at it...”

She smiled, wrapped her arms around him, and pressed her breasts firmly against his body.

“I just hate it, seeing people hide away from the world, convinced something’s wrong with them. It’s not fair at all, don’t you think?”

“Th-they’re just hobbies. Mild, like you said.”

Haruki started to sweat, worried about where the conversation was headed.

“Hmmm... I get told I’m pretty obnoxious, so call me out if I’m way off, but lemme guess…”

She dropped her voice down to a whisper once more, purring seductively in his ear, “It goes a lot deeper than just your hobbies, huh?”


Haruki wanted to talk her down, to tell her she was wrong and that she was just making a big deal out of nothing at all, but he just couldn’t.

He sensed that this might be the first time he’d get anyone to see him for who he really was, and clamped his mouth shut, too scared that he’d ruin the opportunity.

“You hate how they call that stuff inappropriate, don’t you? You really can’t stand how they tell you it’s all too ‘girly’…”

Haruki froze, took a deep breath, and shut his eyes tight.

He couldn’t stand to look at her as he slowly nodded, worried she might mock him for all of it.

“I..I just don’t see what’s wrong with me being...being more like a girl…” he whimpered, undeniably relieved to finally be able to say it, yet terrified of the reception all the same.

“Can I ask you something else?”

Katsuragi’s voice seemed different now. Warmer, more gentle.

Haruki nodded again.

“How would you feel if I told you there was no ‘like’ about it? If I said that you’d always been a girl?”

“I’d...I’d feel…”

Haruki froze, struggling to manage any answer.

Instead he gave a simple nod, and hoped that Katsuragi got the message.

“And what if I said that you didn’t have to hide that away anymore? Not from me. Not from yourself. Not from anyone.”

Eyes still tightly shut, Haruki started to speak, the words coming out slowly and deliberately.

“I-I’d like that. Very much.”

Instantly, Haruki felt lighter, freed from a lie she’d told herself her entire life.

She opened her eyes not to the sight of mocking laughter, but to Katsuragi’s grin, now far more reassuring than it was before.

“Attagirl!” Katsuragi beamed, practically pouncing on Haruki, wrapping her arms and legs around her body in a tight, giddy hug that almost sent Haruki to the floor.

“I knew you’d say that! My gut’s never wrong about this stuff! Ahahaha, you’re gonna turn out great! I’ve got something extra special planned!”

“That’s...awfully forward of you, isn’t it?”

“Nuh-uh, this is!”

Immediately, she started kissing Haruki passionately, tugging on her lower lip and savoring the taste of her mouth.

Hungry for more, she plunged her tongue inside Haruki’s mouth, dancing around the inside while Haruki, swept up in the excitement, soon joined in, giddily enjoying the moment.

By the time Katsuragi pulled back, Haruki felt...dizzy. Disoriented.

It had all felt so good…

Satisfied, Katsuragi released her grip on the poor girl, effortlessly landing so that she was sitting on the bed as.

She crossed her legs once more, and smirked as Haruki tried to catch her breath,

“What did” she asked, stunned by how wonderful it had made her feel.

“Like it, hottie?”

“I did…”

Haruki nodded. it was hard to deny just how incredible of a kisser she was.

“Ahahaha, that’s great! I hope you’re ready, ‘cause Miss Katsuragi’s gonna give you an extra-special lesson!” she teased, adjusting her glasses playfully.

“And I just know you’ll ace it!”

“A lesson?” she asked, her voice coming out far more amused than she’d intended it to.

She couldn’t help it; if her “lesson” stayed this fun, she was more than ready for whatever lay in store.

“Uh-huh! We’re gonna teach you how to cast off eeeevery single one of those chains that’s been tying you down. How’s that sound?”

“Ooh…” Haruki purred.

Her eyes widened a little in surprise at just how smooth her own voice suddenly sounded, but she was far too interested in Katsuragi’s offer to stop.

“I can’t wait.”

Haruki’s lips seemed to press together just a little more firmly than she was used as they curled into a confident smile.

She wasn’t bothered in the least, though.

She hadn’t felt quite this good about herself in years.

“Don’t have to! We’ve already started!”

Katsuragi grinned back, and pointed towards a nearby mirror.

“We have?” she asked, briefly confused before turning to face her reflection.

Her smile instantly returned the moment she looked in the mirror.

“Oh my, we most certainly have, haven’t we?”

She laughed, noting now that her voice seemed a touch lighter, and that it had grown increasingly sultry with every word. On instinct, she placed a hand to her neck, finding that it was now far more slender, and that her Adam’s apple had completely vanished. a hand on her now far more slender neck, she felt that her adam’s apple had completely vanished. It was also obvious to her how much fuller and pinker her lips looked, and just how smooth and soft her skin now was, and she smiled to herself as she quickly discerned exactly what was happening.

“A physical transformation?” she asked.

“Uh-huh! Gonna bring out everything you kept bottled up for so long! By the time all this is done, you’ll have had a total makeover!”

Haruki smiled, watching as her complexion seemed to lighten, looking healthier and more vibrant by the second.

“Now how on Earth did you manage something like this? I presume you slipped me something during our kiss? It’s strange, I don’t remember swallowing anything, and even if I did, this most certainly shouldn’t be possible.”

“Ahahaha! For something so impossible, you’re sure taking it in stride, hottie!”

“So I am! I wonder if that’s part of all this, too? I should be far more panicked, but now I just think what’s happening is way too much fun to worry about! Especially considering just how beautiful I seem to be becoming.”

She winked at her reflection, just as her eyes shifted from their usual chocolate brown to a deep, gorgeous green, her lashes growing fuller and thicker at the same time.

“Still, for surprising me like this, I’m not sure if I should thank you…”

Haruki paused, and strutted over to Katsuragi, laying a finger beneath her chin and tilting her head up towards her, and forcing her to meet her gaze directly.

“...Or punish you~. Oooh, that does sound like fun, doesn’t it?”

“Haaah, you are fun!” Katsuragi beamed.

“Figured you’d turn out all cutesy and sweet, but I can’t say I mind the curveball!”

“Is that so?” she asked, not noticing as her nose shrunk down, gaining a gentle upturn at the tip.

She would certainly come to appreciate that later, though, as well as the way her cheeks had puffed out a little, giving her face a rounder, softer appearance.

“Then this is part of everything, too? How fun~! Physical and mental transformation. You’re impressive! So, what did you do to make this happen? Was it something you slipped me? Is it something I could recreate?”

“Didn’t slip you a thing! Chemistry’s waaaaay over my head, sexy. I’m just running on instinct! I just sorta make it happen! Couldn’t even begin to tell you the hows or whys, not that they’re all that important, right?” she grinned, totally satisfied with her answer.

“Oh but they are~! To someone like me, at least. I’ll show you. Maybe I don’t understand right now, but I’m confident that with a little more time…”

She smiled tauntingly, as her hair lightened to a stunning, sandy blonde, and grew out past her chin, the ends curling up towards her face until they formed remarkably soft, fluffy, and elegant rings.

“...I just know I’ll have it alllll figured out!”


Katsuragi doubled over, thoroughly entertained by her latest catch.

“Perfect! That’s perfect, hottie! Can’t wait for you to join our happy, bouncy paradise! Damn, I can barely wait to see just how bouncy you’ll turn out! Oooh, any idea what we can call you, sexy?”

“With a face this gorgeous...”

Haruki paused and admired her reflection, how thoroughly different it was from what she’d seen in the mirror every day until that point.

“...I’m confident I’ll develop an equally stunning set of curves. I won’t be outdone by you, at the least,” she teased, sizing up Katsuragi’s remarkably sexy, and, indeed, bouncy figure.

“Hyperconfident, I’d say! Have you seen these puppies?”

She giddily squeezed her breasts, kneading them playfully and giggling with delight at the sensation sending tingles through her body.

“Still, just about everyone back home is pretty damn stacked! No matter what though, I’m sure you’ll turn out perfect!”

“Oh, I’m no stranger to your own endowments. I’ve been dying for taste myself, in fact~! Still, I’m sure you’ll find that there’s no battle I’d ever lose. As for your earlier question, though, it’s ‘Haruka.’”

She smirked, confident the name suited her perfectly.

Given little time to revel in her reclaimed identity, Haruka noticed that the room has seemingly rose up around her as she’d been speaking, and that her clothes had now become loose and baggy. She almost felt a twinge of sadness, worrying that a loss of height might make her lose a bit of her intimidating edge. By the time things seemed to settle down, though, she was certain she was still very far from being anywhere close to short, and hungrily noted that Katsuragi, at least, was still smaller than her.

She chastised herself for doubting any of this for even a moment.

Haruka was becoming perfect, after all, she just had to let go and fully embrace it.

“Oooh, sexy! Gotta admit, I half-expected you to be the type to insist on ‘mommy!’”

“There’ll be plenty of time for that later~.”

She winked, before hastily tossing off her clothes.

“I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of wonderful little pet names for me soon enough.”

“Ahahaha! Got that right!”

Katsuragi was hungrier than ever, drooling now in anticipation. It didn’t help that Haruka already looked so damn sexy in the nude, even if her transformation was far from over.

“My, not a trace on me…”

Haruka ran a finger down her arm, happily noting a total absence of the body hair she’d once tried to push far out of her mind.

“Smooth and sexy all the way down. Though, I could’ve surmised that long ago. Oh my, it’s even shaved down here…”

She licked her lips, surprised, though not the least bit disappointed by the lack of hair on her crotch.

“You were so uptight when you first walked in here, remember?” Katsuragi teased.

“Now look at you! Not that I’m complaining. Shame isn’t part of my vocabulary, either.”

“Yes yes, I was repressing so very, very much~! Not anymore, though!”

Curious to size up more of the changes, she felt her arm, and smiled at the feeling of it softening, and shrinking down to a more delicate size while still filling with a gentle, supple weight. She’d been so scrawny before, overwork forcing her to eat only when absolutely necessary, and was more than a little giddy to see just how voluptuous it seemed she’d become.

“Oh, how sweet~! They’ve turned rather dainty, haven’t they?” she asked, holding up her fingers for Katsuragi to see, and watching as the light bounced off nails that were longer, glossier, and perfectly manicured.

“Sure have! Bet you’ll put ‘em to good use, too!”

Katsuragi smirked, and ran her own fingers against her crotch, teasingly.

“Sure you don’t wanna go for a round right now? It’s so damn hard to wait!”

“I’m sure you’d have plenty of fun taking care of that yourself,” Haruka responded, her smile seeming almost dismissive.

“But, no, I’d rather wait. I don’t want to miss a moment of this.”

She winced a little as she turned back to the mirror, and was suddenly struck by an odd, tight feeling in her shoulders. Haruka was certain this meant her frame was beginning to shrink down, and while her shoulders were starting to lose much of their previous broadness, she was still caught off guard by the sensation. Still, with how well they suited her by the time everything was finished, she quickly understood just how worthwhile the surprise of it all had been.

The transformation proceeded much more gently from there, and Haruka watched with an amused smile as her waist started to cinch in at the sides. Though her frame was undeniably smaller, she was finding that there were still plenty of ways for it to grow fuller and softer, and she was endlessly fascinated and delighted at the fact. Once the weight had stopped filling out her frame, she found she wasn’t chubby by any means, but her sides, as well as her wonderfully sexy belly, still felt squeezable and soft in a way that only added to their allure.

“There’s just so much of me to admire, wouldn’t you agree?” Haruka asked, delighted by Katsuragi’s vigorous, clearly lustful nodding by way of response.

She hadn’t done a thing, yet it seemed like she already had the girl wrapped around her finger.

Haruka was certain though, that Katsuragi had a lot more fight in her than she was letting on.

“Yeah! A real bombshell! Ahhh, I’m such a lucky girl! Surrounded by hotties every single day! More peaches and melons than you could ever imagine!”

“What a charmed life we’ll be leading, ufufu~!” Haruka giggled, running her hands over her hips just as they began to widen, and feeling them turn remarkably cushy and soft to the touch.

“Want to touch?” she asked, more than a little curious about what the feeling of someone else’s embrace might be like, especially if it came from someone as playful as Katsuragi.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Katsuragi cried out gleefully, bounding from the bed and caressing Haruka from behind. It took no time at all for her to lose herself in the sensation of Haruka’s soft, plump figure.

“You’re so eager! Already set on living with me, huh?! Not that I wouldn’t ask you to, of course. No way I’d ever turn down these hips!”

Her hands drifted to Haruka’s back, her fingers gently brushing over Haruka’s buttcheeks just as they started to fill out with a squeezable, pleasant roundness.

“Or this ass, for that matter!”

Katsuragi was beaming as she gave her ass a firm, solid slap.

The sound echoed across the small dorm room while Haruka’s flesh continued to jiggle, her cheeks growing fuller and larger by the second.

As much as Katsuragi wanted to bury a finger inside Haruka’s thick, wonderful ass, it would have to do for now.


Though it had undeniably felt incredible, Haruka moaned at the absolute top of her lungs, making a show out of her pleasure.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to do that, naughty girl~,” she teased, leaning back and abruptly kissing Katsuragi. She was so surprised that Haruka’s tongue had no problem slipping in past her lips and into her sweet mouth.

If one kiss had done so very much for her, she was eager to see what a second might do, and she pulled back only once she was sure they were both well and truly satisfied.

“Hmm, no additional effects. I’m almost surprised,” Haruka noted, though she was far from being dejected.

Katsuragi’s taste was more than enough for her.

“No way to make you more perfect, I guess! But, wow, I don’t remember giving you permission to do that! Guess that makes us even then, huh?”

Haruka chuckled, somewhat sardonically.

“You’re awfully fiery, aren’t you?” she asked, as she reached down and gave her butt a squeeze for herself, eager to lose herself in the same softness that had entranced Katsuragi. She found it just as wonderful as she’d imagined, and thoughts were already running through her mind of sitting on someone shy and sweet, and engulfing them in her love...among other things.

“If it weren’t for the compliment, I’d have to punish you for that, you know~.”

“Damn, I was hoping you’d show me exactly how wild you’d get!”

“Oh? Press your luck any further and you’ll still find out. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll only hurt at first~,” she teased, with a smirk.

Though Katsuragi’s giddy reactions amused her to no end, she idly wondered just how much fun it would be on someone who she could really tease.

She’d have to make sure to try it whenever she got the chance.

As caught up as they both were in their own erotic fantasies, neither girl missed it when Haruka’s thighs began to swell, growing at a rate that was impressive even by her voluptuous figure’s standards. Even in comparison to the rest of her body, it was obvious at a glance just how remarkably full and supple they were, though, as she thought about, Haruka figured they’d have to be to match the butt she’d felt. They were perfect, Haruka thought, for squishing someone between, for practically suffocating them in her softness.

It seemed that Katsuragi, already thoroughly addicted to the sensation of rubbing and squeezing them, felt much the same.

“Damn, these are a real treat! Every inch of you is perfect, but these…!”

She pulled her hand back for a moment, then quickly brought it back down and gave her thigh a firm slap.

“They’ve gotta be the highlight!” Katsuragi cried out.

“Ahhh, whenever I see a cute pair of thighs, I just can’t help but dream about getting sandwiched between ‘em! Bet you’d like that, huh? Someone looking up at you hungrily from between your legs, just begging their mistress to let them start eating you out?”

“Indeed~! A cute little plaything for me to tease and toy with sounds incredible~! Maybe you should volunteer for the position, hmm?”

The two were so caught up in their verbal sparring match that they hardly even noticed as Haruka’s calves grew just a touch fuller and firmer, only looking in time to see her feet shrinking down to an adorably dainty size, with polished nails that seemed to glisten in the room’s light.

As cute as they were, though, all Haruka could think about was getting them into a pair of heels and walking over anyone she pleased. The idea sounding endlessly fun in her head.

While it was fun to watch her changes progress, Haruka couldn’t wait to really let loose, a hungry fire starting to burn in her chest that was more than just a little bit of impatience.

“Oooh, lookie! Excited to see how big you’ll get, sexy?”

“Mmm, I certainly am!”

Haruka smiled, and cupped her chest in her hands as it started to swell. Her breasts rounded out, becoming fuller and firmer as they grew bigger and bigger within her grasp.

“Though, I think we both know the result is a foregone conclusion, no?”

Excitedly, she gave her nipples a firm pinch as they started to stiffen and puff up, and let out a loud, satisfied moan, one drawn out just enough that she was sure it would get Katsuragi even more fired up than she already was.

“Oooh, that sensitive? I’m learning so much about you, hottie! Guess you can’t wait for this lesson to get a little more hands-on, huh?”

Katsuragi grinned, eagerly watching as Haruka’s areolae lightened to a sweet, delicate pink, then spread out and grew, until they eventually swallowed up her nipples entirely, hiding them away from view.

“Ahahaha! They’re shy, too! Never would’ve guessed!”

“Shy?” she asked, wearing a mocking smile.

“No no no, not at all~! They simply know not to show themselves for just anyone, you see. You’ll need to work if you want your reward, that’s all~.”

Katsuragi’s grin turned hungrier, and she moved herself in front of Haruka, lowering her head down to her burgeoning chest.

“I might not look like the type, but you wanna know something?”

“Do tell...”

Haruka had the feeling she knew exactly where this was going, and the fire in her chest stoked itself hotter and hotter as her own excitement swelled alongside it.

“I’m an extremely hard worker!” Katsuragi beamed, before clamping her mouth around Haruka’s nipple and greedily sucking.

She used a hand to knead and massage Haruka’s other breast giddly as it continued to grow, pressing softly against her fingers until it became far too big for Katsuragi to adequately cup.

Not that that stopped her from happily playing with it, of course.

“You’re certainly eager to impress, aren’t you?”

She grinned, and tried to hide the slight shakiness in her voice as Katsuragi’s teasing grew increasingly vigorous. As it turned out, her breasts had become no less sensitive as they rushed through cup sizes.

“Keep working, and you might just-”

Katsuragi paused, the air rushing out of her lungs in surprise as she felt her nipple suddenly wrested free from its resting place, right before Katsuragi clamped her teeth around it and gave it a quick, sharp nibble.

“Nnn~! You’re faster than I expected, too~! Better keep that pace up, then! Wouldn’t want you to start faltering now,” she teased, smiling down at Katsuragi as she pulled her head away from her boob to flash her a quick grin.

“Wouldn’t dream of it!”

Not a moment later, Katsuragi moved her attention to Haruka’s other breast, quickly getting to work on teasing and playing with it with just as much enthusiasm as she’d shown with everything else.

Throughout all of Katsuragi’s teasing, Haruka’s chest continued to grow, handily becoming massive and endlessly sexy, all while maintaining a perfectly round shape, before, finally, they started to slow.

“See?” Haruka asked, a little more composed now that her breasts had stopped swelling and were the tiniest bit less sensitive.

She lovingly pet Katsuragi’s head as she suckled on her nipple, popping out of her mouth and nibbling on it playfully as she looked up at Haruka.

“I told you I wasn’t going to be outdone by you. I think we’d both agree my assessment was correct, no?”

Katsuragi mumbled something indistinct, her words muffled by the soft, yielding flesh she was too busy burying her face in.

“It’s rude to talk when your mouth is full, I’m sure you’re aware?” Haruka teased, placing a hand beneath her chin and gently lifting Katsuragi’s gaze toward her own.

“Mmm, but this meal’s too damn good to walk away from!” Katsuragi cried, immediately diving into Haruka’s generous cleavage.

Her beasts worked as a particularly comfortable pair of earmuffs for the giddy blonde, who kept on excitedly squeezing and pinching them.

“I’m pretty damn proud of mine, y’know! Big, small, completely flat, All titties are so amazing!” Katsuragi yelled, her voice still somewhat smothered, though it was clear enough to understand now.

“But, yeah, you’ve got an ultra-massive rack, hottie! Haaaah, they’re like marshmallows! So soft! So springy! So damn fun! I love boobs so much! Boobie heaven forever!”

“Seems I’ve got you addicted, hmm? You might make a perfect-”

Haruka paused as she felt an intense heat, one that made the sensation in her chest seem like a mere candle flame in comparison, start to build in her belly, catching her off guard for a moment and rendering her breathless.

“-P-plaything yet...”

Haruka frowned.

Had she really just let herself get flustered in front of this pervert?

Katsuragi pulled herself out of her cleavage, and stared straight up at Haruka with a taunting smirk

Much to Haruka’s chagrin, Katsuragi had undeniably noticed her fumble.

“I know what that means…” Katsuragi said, licking her lips.

“You’re really starting to get excited, huh? Not that I couldn’t feel it, of course. This fella’s been poking into me a while now…” Kat teased, before dropping down to Haruka’s crotch and playfully kissing the head of her penis, her smile widening as she licked up a few drops of precum.

“Wanna have some fun too, huh?”

Oh, she thinks she can get the upper hand?

As Katsuragi wrapped her lips around Haruka’s cock, sucking on it surprisingly gently compared to the fervor she’d shown her nipples, Haruka’s smirk quickly returned, the scientist looking more fired up than ever.

“How disappointing…”

“Disappointing?!” Katsuragi asked, pulling back from Haruka’s erection and looking up at her incredulously.

“You’d waste all this time on some limp attempt to tease me?! Ahahaha, I figured even you would understand just how futile that is, no? And now you’re being so very gentle…”

“Ahahaha, you’ve been so cute and sensitive! Just figured I-”

“Excuses, excuses! Please, if you really plan on going up against me, show me more spirit than that!” Haruka growled, putting a hand on Katsuragi’s head and pressing her firmly into her crotch.

Her smirk spread from ear to ear as Katsuragi began to lick and suck far more frantically than she had before, her mouth surrounding her in a blissful, warm wetness.

“Mmm~! Much better! You’re not half-bad when you put the effort in, you know.”

Haruka grinned, and felt her cock twitching inside the blonde’s mouth. She found herself surprisingly lost in the sensation of her soft tongue lovingly caressing it and wrapping it’s way along the length of her shaft.

She couldn’t remember ever feeling quite this turned on before, and the fire in her belly raged to an inferno as her body coursed with sheer, unbridled pleasure.

Katsuragi tried to pull her head back for a moment, clearly eager to tease Haruka back in turn, but she was swiftly denied as her head was pushed back down once more.

“Please, your mouth is of far better use where it is right now, don’t you think? You’ve got quite a gift, after all~!”

Katsuragi chuckled as best she could, clearly more than happy to go along with Haruka’s whims.

Without hesitation, she dropped a hand down under her skirt, giddly fingering herself as she sucked Haruka’s penis, the movement of her head becoming more and more vigorous as, slowly but surely, she started to feel Haruka’s penis shrink within her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, faster and faster, delighted that, despite what was happening, it hadn’t become even the slightest bit less hard.

“Delicious, no? I’m sure it won’t be around much longer, but you’re certainly giving it a memorable farewell! Such cushy, full lips...such a wonderfully soft, slippery tongue...”

She could feel, by the way Katsuragi’s posture changed and how she needed to work her head less and less, that her penis was almost certainly close to leaving entirely.

Still, the pleasure never ceased for a moment. A floaty, tingling sensation moved deeper into her belly, and spread through her body as Katsuragi’s tongue got more and more forceful, all while feeling even bigger as what remained of her shrunk down.

A part of Haruka was eager to finish, to push things to a wonderful climax right then and there, but she knew she needed to persist.

After all, the fun had only just begun.

Haruka’s head felt so much more sensitive now, and she could feel shivers run through her body at Katsuragi’s every touch, though she did her best to never lose her composure.

She didn’t, after all, want to miss a moment of such a wonderful experience.

Suddenly, just as Haruka started to lose the warmth of Katsuragi’s eager mouth, she felt the blonde press herself forward and slightly down, and let out a squeal of delight as her nose brushed against a swollen bud and Katsuragi’s own plump lips found a swollen set of Haruka’s to latch on to.

Katsuragi wasted no time giving the lips that formed without Haruka even beginning to notice a long, slow, and loving lick, her eyes closing in bliss as she savored Haruka’s uniquely mature taste.

The sensation of her tongue against her pussy was almost electric to her, and it took every bit of strength Haruka could muster in her increasingly wobbly legs to not drop to the floor right where she stood.

Once Katsuragi plunged her tongue deep inside of her warm, hungry pussy, though, even Haruka faltered, her knees buckling in blissful pleasure.

“Oh my~! You are good at this! Have I trained you well, my perfect little plaything? You must be addicted to my taste by now, I’m sure.”

Katsuragi pulled her head back for a moment to answer her, and Haruka could just barely see past her breasts that her mouth was covered in glistening, sticky juices as she grinned at up at her.

“You were already plenty tasty before! But now…”

She licked her lips, and lapped up every drop that she could, before diving right back in, confident that there was nothing more she needed to add.

“Ahahaha! So good I left even you speechless? How won-nnnh!”

Haruka’s knees buckled once more, her muscles tightening as her pleasure began to mount to unbearable levels, which forced her to squeeze her plump thighs together to try hold on a moment longer.

She knew the climax right around the corner would be nothing short of incredible, but she just had to try let things last at least a little while longer.

It was too much fun seeing Katsuragi down there, after all.

Katsuragi could pick up on her desire as well, and moved just a little slower, and more deliberately, certain that the stoic scientist was about at her limit. She was determined to make sure Haruka had more than her fill of everything Katsuragi had to offer. Every lick. Every touch.

Finally, it was too much for Haruka to bear, her thoughts jumbling as her vision started to flash white.

Desperate and hungry, Haruka reached down for Katsuragi’s head and pushed it down harder.

Katsuragi, in turn, sped right back up, redoubling her efforts in her desire to make sure both girls were going all out.


Haruka moaned so loud that her ears were practically ringing afterwards, and she was certain that her voice could easily be heard throughout the dorm.

It hardly bothered her, though. Anyone who took issue with her pleasure would swiftly see the bottom of her heel.

For now, while Katsuragi licked up the juices staining her face with a satisfied smirk, all Haruka wanted to do was lie down, and she wasted no time in walking herself over to the bed and dropping down onto her back. It didn’t take long for Katsuragi to join her.g after.

“Have fun?” she asked, still wearing her usual grin.

“Mmm. You were a wonderful little plaything.”

Haruka smiled, before reaching over and gently petting Katsuragi’s head.

It was a more affectionate side of herself than what she’d shown up until that point, but Katsuragi had worked hard.

Haruka knew she deserved a treat.

“Who knew you’d be so intense, huh?”

“Me. At least, on some level.”

“Ahahaha! Yeah, guess it’s always been a part of you! Satisfied, sexy?”

“It’s hard not to be. You’ve shown me so many incredible things, after all. In fact, after witnessing what you just accomplished, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intensely curious about what other secrets you’re hiding...”

“Secrets? Me?! Nah, I’m a simple, honest girl! I came here to make you happy, and that’s what I’ve done!”

“So you’ve said, but is there really nothing more to it than that? You truly have no idea how you did this?”

“Not a clue! Never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth, though!”

“Very well.”

Haruka smiled, content to believe that there was nothing more to learn for the time being.

“Perhaps it is almost rude to question something so wonderful. I was serious earlier, though. Now that I know it’s possible, I’m confident I can figure out how to do something similar for some other poor soul. In my own way, of course~. I’m not one for stealing someone else’s technique.”

“And I was serious too! I can’t wait to see it! You’re gonna do great!”

Haruka smiled.

For once, the expectations of others didn’t feel even the slightest bit constricting.

“So then, I’m correct in assuming you have somewhere for me to stay, yes? You certainly don’t seem like the type to do this and then leave me to fend for myself. Besides, this place is just so dull~! I need a home where I can really spread my wings!”

“Yep! Got more than a few rooms lined up if you want ‘em. Hell, there’s even enough space for your own lab, assuming you want one! Of course, the biggest benefit of all is that it’s just filled with hotties! All kinds of sexy girls who I know you’ll adore! We’re all dating, too! It’s paradise!”

“Oh my, sounds fun~!”

Haruka smirked, endlessly enticed by everything she’d just heard.

“It is! I’ll call someone over, get ‘em to bring ya some clothes, then we’ll get going. Sound good?”


She nodded in response.

“And, Kat? Don’t let anyone find out you saw me like this, but…”

Haruka paused, then leaned in towards Kat and kissed her lovingly.

“Thank you. This means more to me than you could know.”

Kat’s smile softened in turn.

“No thanks needed,” she said, giving Haruka a kiss of her own.

“You getting to be you is it’s own reward.”

The two stayed quiet for a moment, content to bask in each other’s warmth.

Still, someone needed to break the silence, so Kat did it the only way she knew how.

“Not that fucking didn’t help, of course! Haaah, I can still taste you, y’know! So strong, so mature! You definitely aced this lesson!”

Haruka chuckled.

To think, I’d almost forgotten how much I wanted to punish her~!


“KAT! SU! RA! GIIIIIII! Where are youuuuuu?!”

Though both girls had dozed off, completely worn down by their time together, Katsuragi quickly pulled herself off the bed at the sound of the impossibly loud, ditzy voice calling for her from outside.

“Hanabi? I didn’t call for-Ahhh, whatever,” she yawned, shaking off a bit of her drowsiness.

“I’ve got clothes, Kat! I can’t give them to you if you’re hid-Ohhh, are we playing hide and seek?! Minori’s been teaching me how to play, but it’s super hard!!!”

“Kat, huh? Well, she sounds fun,” Haruka said with a grin, picking herself up after being thoroughly roused by the girl who was almost certainly disturbing the entire campus.

“Friend of yours?”

“More than just friends, hottie! We live together, after all! Didn’t call for her, but I bet you’d have all kinds of fun with her”

“If everyone you live with is like her, I bet every day will be quite an experience~!”

“If there was more than one Hanabi, the mansion would’ve collapsed ages ago…” Kasuragi sighed.

“But, I love her all the same! She’s such a hottie, too!”

“Are ya in...this room?! Ah, your boobies aren’t nearly as big as Kat’s! There’s no way you’re her! Sorry ma’am!” they heard Hanabi shout.

“Maybe you’re over-”

“I’m here, Hanabi!” Katsuragi called, rushing over to the door and sticking her head outside.

They’d be gone soon enough, but even so, Katsuragi preferred not to cause much more of a disturbance while Haruka was still naked.

“You can stop shouting for me now!”

“It’s Kat! I found you!” Hanabi beamed, rushing over towards the blonde.

“Hmm-hmm! Minori’s gonna be so impressed by my hide-and-seek skills! Bet I’m gonna win the next game, no problem!” she declared, putting her hands on her hips and puffing out her massive chest with pride.

“Yep, you win! Come on in, cutie!”

Kat opened the door a little wider, and ushered the impossibly upbeat girl inside before quickly slamming the door shut behind them.

“Oooh, is this a new house for us, Kat? It’s way too small, though! Everyone’ll have to really squeeze in tight to fit, and-”

She froze as she headed over to the bedroom and saw Haruka spread out on the bed waving her over seductively, not covered up in the least.

“Hi~! Nice to meet you,” she purred, wearing a particularly hungry smile.


Hanabi enthusiastically waved back, immediately trusting of the naked woman she’d just laid eyes on.

“It’s nice to meet you too! My name’s Hanabi!”


“Nuh-uh, Hanabi!”

“Her name’s Haruka, Hanabi…” Katsuragi sighed, taking the bag of clothes Hanabi had been carrying.

“So, why’d you come here? Not that I’m not happy to see you, of course!”

She grinned, then dropped the bag at Haruka’s feet before quickly dashing behind Hanabi and latching her hands onto her chest.

“Just as perky as ever!”

“Nnn~! I brought clothes, silly! You asked for-Ahn!-clothes!”

“Sure did! I called Homura though!”

“She said she forgot she had plans with Asuka! They didn’t go-Nnn, wow Kat!-out anywhere, though, so I dunno what they’re doing!”

“Damn, we should’ve gone home earlier! We could’ve gotten in on that!”

Katsuragi’s groping grew wilder when she heard that, squeezing her chest more frantically than before, which forced a series of adorable moans and squeaks from Hanabi’s lips.

“Ahaha, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time for that soon.”

Haruka reached into the bag she’d been given and pulled out a set of...something that could very, very generously be called clothes, then laid them out on the bed for the other two to see.

“Oh my~! Someone’s got good taste!”

“Pfft, who picked that?! Was that you, Hanabi? That’s barely even underwear!”

“Uh-huh! It all looked super cute! And it’s an outfit! See, it’s got heels and a ribbon and stuff!”

“Ufufu, it’s absolutely perfect, Hanabi.”

Haruka smirked while pressing the clothes against her body, confident they’d look amazing on her.

“Ahhh, shoulda figured that’d be your style. Glad it suits ya, though! If anything doesn’t fit, we’ll go shopping for more tomorrow!”

“Oh, we’ll be shopping tomorrow no matter how well this fits. I’ve wanted this for so very long, you know~?”

With a wink, Haruka set about putting on the incredibly...unique...outfit, smiling to herself as she fell in love with every single piece of it.

No bolder way to start dressing~!

She slipped on the sleevelets first, figuring that was a good enough place to start, and grinned at the sight of their stark white trimmed with gold that trailed up from her middle finger and hugged tightly to her biceps.

Next, she squeezed into a top that was as tight as a leotard, and yet covered only a fraction as much, and was colored in an adorable, pastel pink that looked incredible as it hugged her soft curves. Haruka had noticed when she’d pulled out the clothes that she hadn’t been given any kind of bra, but with how the top lovingly cradled and supported her breasts, she can’t say she minded the absence all that much. The top just barely covered up her nipples, which was all she needed, really, and left her generous cleavage and underboob on full display. She wouldn’t have it any other way, especially with how the top, which pinched in just a little, still showed off her gorgeous waist and perfect belly, and accentuated every alluringly sexy part of her.

Her elation only grew as she picked up what was little more than a pair of slim, hip-hugging panties that were in the same white and gold as her sleevelets, and realized that her lower body would be even more on display than she’d first thought, without so much as a skirt to cover up or restrain her in the least. As she slipped it over her wide, cushy hips, she could feel how tight it was on her, especially behind her. She tried not to laugh outright as she peeked over her shoulder to see that her butt was almost completely uncovered, and, in fact, only looked softer and rounder for the addition. Smirking to herself, she tucked a finger underneath her bottoms, unwedging them from between her luscious lips. She had no problem showing off for her present company, of course, but if she was going outside, she needed to cover up at least a little, and, besides, the hint of her puffy lips pressing against the soft, white fabric was more than enough to leave her feeling intensely freed and liberated.

The pure white stockings were next, and, while she had some difficulty rolling them up her remarkably soft, plump thighs, she adored just how much they pinched in at the sides and left her supple flesh hanging out over the hem. If anything, their tight fit only served to make her legs seem even bigger and more alluring than the already were, and she could feel the fire in her belly reigniting at the mere sight of them.

As she attached the garters to her top and socks, and slipped on a pair of sharp, pink heels, Haruka just knew she could have anyone she wanted drooling at the mere sight of her, and that she could also crush them and tease them however she wanted at a moment’s notice. It was practically all she could think of as she tied the huge, adorable pink ribbon to the top of her head, her smile growing wider at the touch of sweetness it added to her look. It seemed so childish in comparison to how remarkably adult everything else she was wearing was, but there was nothing wrong with that at all, and, besides, she found the gap between them endlessly exciting in its own right.

“Well, any thoughts? A perfect fit, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Definitely! But you’re the kinda girl who’d make anything work!”

“Pretty! But-Ah!-that looks super tight!” Hanabi said, her cheerful grin returning even as Katsuragi continued to grope her.

“As I said, a perfect fit.”

Haruka blew both of them a kiss, giggling as they grew weak in the knees at the sight.

“Aren’t you gonna be cold, though?!” Hanabi asked, ignoring both how revealing her own outfit was as well as the fact that she was the one who’d picked her clothes in the first place.

“Good point! I know just the thing!”

As Haruka Rooted through her closet, Katsuragi stopped squeezing Hanabi for the first time since she’d arrived, and regarded the scientist with a confused look.

“Sure ya wanna take some of your old clothes? Kinda figured you’d be the type to wanna slash-and-burn, get rid of everything from here.”

“You’d be correct! But this,” she smiled back as she pulled out a massive, white lab coat and draped it over her shoulders, “never did fit me before. I only tried it on a single time! Looks perfect now though, no?”

As an actual coat, it was far, far too big for her frame. There was something about the way it hung from her shoulders, though, billowing out behind her and bathing her frame in a stunning, white light that made her seem almost...regal. On Haruka, it wasn’t a stuffy coat at all, but a gorgeous, elegant cape.

“Ohhhh! Look Kat, she’s all fancy! That’s so cool!”

Hanabi took advantage of Katsuragi’s loosened grasp to break free, and rushed over to Haruka to give her a tight, excited hug.

“How sweet~! My, you’ll make a wonderful plaything, Hanabi.”

“Glad you’re seeing how much fun she is! Couldn’t imagine a more ‘you’ outfit, either!”

Her smile growing more satisfied as she bathed in the compliments they bestowed upon her, Haruka knew now that she was ready to leave, to abandon her cage of a dorm room, and the crushing expectations that came with it, for good.

“Let’s get going then, hmm? I can’t wait to meet everyone else.”

“Yeah! Ohhh, everyone’s gonna love you, Haruka! It’s so fun back home, like a festival every single day!” Hanabi cried, ecstatic that her big, incredible family was getting such an amazing new addition.

Haruka giggled to herself.

It had been such a perfect day already, and to think, it was only going to get better!


As Haruka was ushered into the lavish, opulent mansion that was apparently her new home, the three girls were greeted about as casually as they possibly could be.

“Yo! You got back a little faster than I expected.”

A tanned, cocky-looking girl with dark hair in a long, tight ponytail and a grin as broad as Katsuragi’s called out to the three of them. Her plain white shirt was disheveled in such a way that made it incredibly clear what she’d just been doing.

“That mean you two finished up way too fast, huh? Awww, it’s OK! Sometimes it happens!” Katsuragi teased back, heading up to the girl and giving her a long, passionate kiss that she seemed all too happy to return, before pulling back and adding, “Lemme go call the others!”

“Friggin’ dumbass! You’re just jealous you missed out!” she yelled back, though it was clear there was no hostility in her words.

“Why am I wasting time talking to you, anyway? We’ve got a new arrival.”

The woman turned her attention to Haruka, and she smiled and beckoned her over while another girl with a much shorter, yet far fluffier chocolate brown ponytail came rushing out of a nearby room, looking almost as dishevelled as the tanned girl.

“Asuka?! You could’ve taken more time to get cleaned up! There’s no rush! Ahh, your ribbon’s all crooked, too!”

Though she gave no mind to her own appearance, it was clear that she was endlessly protective of Asuka, the extent of their own relationship made clear by the rings they were both wearing.

Married, yet Kat seemed incredibly sincere about joining them in bed earlier, and she kissed her so readily, too! My, things are so very free here~!

“Ahaha! Thanks Homura! I’m OK though! It sounded like someone new would be coming to stay with us, so I wanted to make sure to greet them properly!”

As she turned to face Haruka, she wore a smile that was warm, gentle, and endlessly sincere.

“Hello there! My name’s Asuka! It’s really great to meet you. Oh, and hi, Hanabi! Thanks so much for heading out for us!”

“Hihi! It was great! I got lost at first, but Kat and I played hide-and-seek and I won in no time! Haruka’s super fun, too!”

“You’re a sweetheart, Hanabi.”

Haruka leaned down and gave the hamster-like girl a kiss on the cheek before directing her attention to the other two.

“Such a pleasure to meet you!”

She clapped her hands together and wore her sweetest smile as she approached them.

“You can call me Haruka, and you're correct; I’ll be living here from now on. I’m sure we’ll all get along wonderfully in no time~!”

“Good to have ya!” Homura grinned, holding a fist out toward Haruka, who giggled in response before playfully returning the bump.

“Name’s Homura! Livin’ here might seem kinda weird, but if there’s anything you need at all, don’t be afraid to ask, ‘K?”

“Ahaha, I’ll be sure to take you up on that! I’ve got a lot I’ll need to prepare over the next few days, so the offer is definitely appreciated.”

Haruka’s smile softened somewhat around Homura. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why, but she immediately felt a sense of kinship with the fiery girl, and was certain that they’d be far more than friends in no time at all.

“No problem! Everyone was so damn good to me when I first moved in, so this is just my way of payin’ it forward.”

“Ah, and the same goes for me as well!” Asuka cheerfully added.

“I’m sure everyone here will do their best to help you feel at home in no time!”

“How sweet~!”

Haruka smiled, right as Katsuragi came back with a much larger group of girls in tow.

“Hibari has a stomachache, so Yagyu’s helping her rest up, but everyone else is here!”

“Ah, I’m being given quite the welcome! My name’s Haruka. I’m delighted to meet you all! I’m sure we’ll all have so much fun together~!”

“Kinda figured Kat’d wear the least clothing around here,” a tall, incredibly well-muscled girl said, her mouth cocked into a half-smile.

“Daidouji’s never been one for greetings,” the woman at her side, a serious-looking girl who suited her teacher’s garb far better than Katsuragi had, spoke up.

She flashed Daidouji a harsh glare, but by the time she looked to Haruka, her expression was blank, almost completely detached.

“Rin. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

After that, she worked through the cavalcade of greetings, briefly familiarizing herself with everyone she’d be living with, and, from the sounds of everything, becoming deeply intimate with in no time at all.

Everyone looks so tasty~! So many wonderful playthings…

Though she regarded them as teasingly as she did everyone else, she truly did feel at-ease in everyone’s presence. Family had always seemed so cold a concept to her in the past, but now, she felt more welcome here than she had anywhere else she’d been.

She truly did look forward to being with each and every one of them.

“Thank you all for being so sweet! It’s been a very long day, but I’d be happy to spend more time with all of you, if you’d be interested~.”

“Hell yeah!”

Homura grinned.

“No way we wouldn’t, right everyone?”

Though everyone spoke over one another, it was clear they were all in agreement.

“That sounds great! I’ve got a beef stew cookin’ that’ll be ready in no time!”

Yozakura, who seemed to be something of a mother figure to the rest of the girls, smiled warmly at Haruka, making only the barest attempt to hide her accent.

“Sorry about Hibari and Yagyu not bein’ here. I told Hibari not to have ice cream before dinner, especially not so much of it, but… Ah well, Yagyu’ll take good care of her.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble. We’ll meet each other when they’re ready, I’m sure.”

“Hibari’s always had an uncontrollable sweet tooth,” Yozakura said with a sigh.

“Her and Minori both, actually. You didn’t spoil your appetite along with her this time, right Minori?” she turned to the childish, sweetly dressed, and remarkably busty girl at her side.


She pouted, folding her arms beneath her chest like an upset child.

“I was a good girl today, Yozakura! I didn’t wanna fill up on sweets cause dinner smelled so good!”

“Ahaha, sorry, sweetie! I just wanted to be sure.”

Yozakura patted the shorter girl on the head.

Though she gave the impression of a somewhat stern mother at times, it was clear she cared deeply for everyone in the house.

Minori’s pout immediately faded, giving way to a warm, giddy smile.

How fascinating. I’d imagine everyone here came from similar circumstances as me. After all, Kat did make it sound like she’d done what she did to me before, and almost everyone here is rather well endowed...with some exceptions...

Her eyes briefly flitted over to the harsh, aggressive Ryoubi’s surprisingly small chest, unable to ignore the discrepancy. Still, Katsuragi did say she liked all sizes, and eyeing Ryoubi’s stunning figure, to say nothing of the plump, round butt that pushed out her adorable skirt, Haruka found it hard to disagree.

She was sure that if she mentioned any of that to Ryoubi, though, that she’d instantly be met with an intensity to rival her own.

Perhaps I should ask… It might help me find out if they have any insight as to what Katsuragi’s capable of. would be awful if anyone tried to root through my past...

Haruka shook her head.

Curious or not, this was something she knew was better to let lie.

No, I can’t be certain. Besides, if my hypothesis is incorrect, I’d seem so very detached from reality. Katsuragi’s right, her gifts aren’t something to question in the least. These girls are who they are, no matter what circumstances they come from.

“Something wrong, Haruka? You look a little out of it.”

Homura lay a hand on her shoulder, flashing her a concerned smile.

Haruka smiled back, quick to allay her worries.

“Nothing at all. It’s just so fun to meet so many gorgeous girls~! I’m so glad to be home!”

“That’s the spirit! You’re family here, got that?”

“I most certainly do!”


Haruka dusted off her hands, more than satisfied as she looked around the makeshift lab she’d set up with the help of the other girls.

Though they’d all long since gone to bed, she’d stayed up and tinkered with things for a few hours more, determined to make it suit her every need in a way that required her personal touch. She was dressed in a set of Katsuragi’s silky, purple lingerie that, much like the clothes she’d come in with, were hardly appropriate lab attire.

Still, Yozakura’s thorough lecture on why she shouldn’t sleep in her day clothes convinced her she had little choice.

Besides, she loved the way it showed off her ass, so she could hardly say it bothered her.

No lecture in the world could delay her from setting up her lab, though.

Chemistry had always been endlessly fascinating to her, but with the way she’d been so rigidly instructed to go about her studies, it, too, had felt needlessly restrictive. Now that nothing was tying her down, she could already feel the spark reginiting that had once made everything seem so exciting. She couldn’t wait to start conducting experiments once she managed to settle in.

She’d have to find some assistants soon, too!

With a yawn, Haruka headed out of the lab toward her new bedroom, finally willing to put the day to rest.

“Ahaha, all that work’s made me rather parched,” she giggled, putting a hand up to her throat.

“A glass of water before bed couldn’t hurt.”

There was a pleasant stillness in the air as she walked through her new home, completely devoid of the sounds of the other girls that usually filled the halls. She was certain that many of them were awake, relaxing or having fun in their own rooms. Even so, everything was utterly peaceful for the time being.

“I truly am lucky, aren’t I?” she asked, still in awe of how well things were going, how drastically her life was turning around.

She wouldn’t let anyone else hear her like this, of course, but a part of her was so happy she could cry.

Rooting through the many, many cupboards in the kitchen, she eventually found a clean glass to use, before filling it up and drinking deeply.

“Still, I can find my own way to show my appreciation for everything, I’m sure. Everyone here has gone far above and beyond what I’d expected…”

With nothing springing to mind, she decided to sleep on the thought. An idea would come to her, she knew it.

Finishing her glass and giving it a quick rinse, she headed back toward her bedroom, only to be caught off guard by an adorable shout coming from the direction of the living room.

“She got them, Yagyu! Did you see that? It was so cool! ‘Pretty beam~!’”

Though she was a fair ways away from the living room, the girl was loud enough that Haruka could make out her every word, though not the much quieter response she’d just received.

“‘Pretty beam?’”

Though she’d have never admitted to it in the past, that was a phrase Haruka was intimately familiar with, having read and heard it almost every day for the past couple of years.

Her curiosity spiking, she turned towards the living room, slowly inching forward as quietly as she could.

“Why’s this gotta be the last episode, huh, Yagyu? It’s no fair! I hope they make another season!” the girl asked, the sweetness in her voice even clearer now that Haruka was so much closer.

If she listened closely, she could just barely make out a response, too.

“I’m sure they will, Hibari. Even if we don’t see her for a while, you’ll keep cheering for Aruru, won’t you?”

The other speaker, Yagyu, was far quieter, her emotions not as clearly on display in her voice as they were in Hibari’s.

Still, they didn’t seem cold, not in the least.

“Uh-huh, definitely!”

Haruka moved closer still, near enough now that she could peak through a gap in the door without being noticed. Her suspicions about what the two of them were watching were confirmed the second she was able to lay eyes on the screen.

It was Chemist Witch Aruru, the very same magical girl franchise she’d loved so very much. The one Katsuragi had asked her about when she went back to her dorm room earlier that day. The series she’d stayed up late the night before the practicum to watch, and that she’d been told was far too girly and childish for her to ever enjoy.

And there was Hibari, a short, slightly chubby girl with adorable pink hair, dressed in a pair of equally pink pajamas. She was enjoying it without a care in the world, embracing her love wholeheartedly, the way Haruka always wished she’d been able to.

“Then don’t be sad, Hibari. This is a farewell, but she’ll return soon, stronger and happier than ever.”

Yagyu, the much quieter girl snuggled up next to Hibari on the couch, couldn’t have looked more different from the adorable pink-haired girl, though she was no less beautiful. She had long, snow white hair done up in two impressively long, full, and fluffy twintails hanging at her side. Curiously, from where Haruka was standing, she could faintly make out the sight of what looked to be an eyepatch over her right eye, but she’d have to get closer to see it in any more detail.

“Ehehe, yeah! Plus there’s the manga and stuff too, so it’s like I hardly have to say goodbye at all!”

She’s so sweet, so honest…

Something about Hibari had utterly captivated Haruka.

Maybe it was the way she was able to embrace everything Haruka had once been forced to hide away. Maybe it was her adorable, soft, and squishy looking body, or her impossibly sweet voice...

Whatever it was, Haruka just knew she had to play with her.

“Whoever you are...”

A small, sharp metal object rushed passed Haruka’s face, splintering the wood of the door it crashed into.

Despite the close call, Haruka didn’t even flinch.

“ yourself. Now.”

Though her voice barely rose at all, the anger in her words was still crystal clear.

“Y-Yagyu! You can’t just break the door like that! What if someone got hurt?!”

“My, someone’s got quite the temper~!” Haruka laughed, stepping into the room with a teasing smirk.

“And here I just wanted to say hello to the only people who couldn’t be there when I arrived!”

“Ahhh! You’re that new girl! Ha...Haru…”

Hibari pouted, trying and failing to accurately recall the name she’d been told while she was fighting off a stomachache.

“Haruka,” Yagyu told her, though she kept her eye fixed on the new arrival, pressed into a sharp glare.

“Hi~! So sorry to hear you were sick, Hibari! I’m sure you’re feeling better now though, yes? Miss Yagyu must’ve taken such good care of you!”

“Mmm, Yagyu’s always super nice to me! Sorry we couldn’t say ‘hi’ with everyone else! Yozakura’s food smelled so good, too...”

Though she’d been jittery when Haruka first entered the room, it already seemed like she’d calmed down significantly, and had started treating Haruka like a newfound friend almost instantly.

“It was quite the feast! I hope you can both join us next time we all eat together!”

“Yeah! We’ve gotta, Yagyu!”

Yagyu, however, did not seem to share in Hibari’s amicable nature.

“Why were you spying on us? You lingered by the door for quite some time.”

There was a level of hostility in her voice that made it sound every bit like she was being seriously interrogated.

“I didn’t want to interrupt the show! That was the season finale, wasn’t it? I couldn’t catch it when it aired, you know?”

“Ah, how did you know?! We were super busy that day, so I was too sleepy when it started. That’s OK, though! Catching up with Yagyu’s always really fun!”

“I’m sure it is! I’m an Aruru fan, myself, actually. Have been for some time now, too. It was quite a thrilling conclusion, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah! It was amazing! I’m soooo happy you’re a fan, too! Nobody else here is, so Yagyu and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it!”

“You’re hiding something. Speak.”

Yagyu stood her ground, certain that the strange, somewhat haughty woman they’d been talking with was not to be trusted.

“So very aggressive! We might have to have some fun together later, you and I…” Haruka purred, licking her lips hungrily.

“Yagyu, c’mon! No way Haruka would be living here if she was a bad person! We’re all family, so you’ve gotta be nicer to her!”

“S-sorry…” Yagyu frowned, avoiding Hibari’s pure, innocent gaze at all costs.

“Don’t apologize to me, it’s Haruka you’ve gotta say sorry to!”

Hibari pouted with her hands balled up into adorable little fists.

“That’s very sweet of you, Hibari, but there’s no need to force it. If Yagyu needs time to warm up to me, I’m happy to wait very, very patiently for her~.”

“Nuh-uh! We’re a family, and family’s supposed to love each other. Say ‘sorry,’ Yagyu!”


Yagyu was frozen, unsure of how exactly to proceed. She didn’t trust Haruka, but if her suspicions would upset Hibari…

“My apologies, Haruka. Hibari’s right, we should try to get along.”

It was clear, even through her usually blank expressions, that she wasn’t particularly happy about all this. Still, it was a step she needed to take.

“Accepted~! And don’t worry about the door, I’ll fix that right up.”

“No, I can-”

“No, no, no. You were just being protective of our sweet little Hibari here, no need to make up for that. For the time being, though, do you mind if I sit here a while? I’ve gotten to know everyone else in the house, so I’d love the chance to learn allll about you two.”

“Yeah, go ahead! We’ve got a bunch of cookies and stuff, too, if you want any!”

“Oh my, what a generous offer!”

Haruka smiled, picking up a cookie and taking a bite out of it as she sat next to Hibari, happily snuggling up against her.

Yagyu, clearly frustrated by Haruka’s advances, tightened her grip on Hibari, sandwiching her between the both of them.

“Ehehe, you two are being so snuggly! It’s super nice!” Hibari beamed, completely oblivious to the glare Yagyu was shooting Haruka behind her back, which Haruka met with a wink and a smirk.

“Mmm, I’m so glad the three of us are off to such an amazing start. Isn’t that right, Yagyu?”

Yagyu, still fuming, was unable to give much of a response at all, and simply let out a soft grunt of affirmation as she huddled in even closer against Hibari.

She wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her precious Hibari, no matter what.

Haruka, for her part, just knew that it’d be a matter of time before Yagyu saw things her way.

“You know, I’m a chemist too, Hibari. I haven’t quite made anything as incredible as Aruru’s concoctions yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.”

“Ohhh, really?!” Hibari asked, her already bright eyes starting to sparkle.

“Mm-hmm! I just finished setting up my lab here, in fact! I’ll have to give the both of you a tour soon.”

“Yeah, that sounds great! Yagyu and I can be your assistants!”

“I’m so lucky! To think, I’d get two wonderful assistants so shortly after coming here! Thank you both so much!”

Yagyu clearly wanted to object, but couldn’t stand to get in the way of Hibari’s happiness, so she kept her protests to entirely to herself.

And I thought my day couldn’t get any better! Just a little patience, and the three of us will have so much fun together~!

Haruka licked her lips eagerly, practically breathless with anticipation.


Haruka could barely hold herself back as Hibari pored over everything in her room, while Yagyu watched her from the corner like a hawk.

“Oh wow, Haruka! There’s so much Aruru stuff here! How’d you get so many cute figures?! There’s gotta be two dozen of them here! And you’ve got all the manga! And sooooo many amazing things!”

“Close to 40 figures, actually. I told you I was a big fan~! Brought it all with me from where I used to live. And now all of it is yours, too! A shared collection for all the Aruru fans in our family!”

“Really?! Oh wow, Haruka! Thank you so much!”

“Of course~! And you know, I heard about something really wonderful the three of us could do together...”

Yagyu’s gaze narrowed. She didn’t like where this was going. Haruka kept getting that look in her eyes, hungry and longing, that convinced Yagyu that nothing about her intentions were pure.

“What’s that?!”

Hibari didn’t seem to notice, though. They’d only met a few days ago, yet she was already treating Haruka like someone she’d been friends with for years. Yagyu wanted Hibari to be happy, but she couldn’t help but feel like she was putting herself at risk by associating with someone she found so deeply suspicious.

Whatever it is you’re up to, I’ll put a stop to it.

Yagyu steeled herself, perpetually ready to defend Hibari at a moment’s notice.

“There’s an Aruru fan event next weekend featuring the entire main cast! I thought we could make a day out of that. Go out for a big breakfast, stop by the event, then stop by this crepe shop I really adore on the way home. Sound good?”


Hibari hurried over to Haruka, taking her hands in her own and gazing right into her eyes.

“You mean it? We can do that?!”

“Of course~!”

Haruka smirked, wrapping Hibari up in a soft, gentle hug, her hand drifting down towards Hibari’s squishy butt and giving it a playful squeeze. Yagyu twitched, all-too-ready to put a stop to what she saw, but calmed herself as best as she could.

A lot of the girls here were forward, after all.

Still, she kept her eye open, ready to intervene if things moved even a little further than this.

“Assuming Yagyu has no objections, of course.”

“We can go, right, Yagyu? It’ll be super fun, don’t you think? We haven’t had crepes in forever, either!”

“We had crepes last weekend, Hibari...”

“Ehehe, maybe...but I still really wanna go!”

Yagyu sighed, her expression softening into a warm smile. No matter how little she trusted Haruka, seeing Hibari so unreservedly happy still cheered her up immensely.

“We can go.”

“Yay! Thank you Yagyu, thank you Haruka! You two are the best! I love you so so so so much!”

“We love you too, Hibari~!” Haruka said, before turning to Yagyu and smirking.

“Right, Yagyu?”

Haruka was taunting her, Yagyu knew that, but she knew that while Hibari was in such a good mood, there was very little she could do.

Gathering up her courage, she walked up to the other two and joined them in their soft, warm hug.

“W-we do. Very much.”


“Hibari,” Yagyu interrupted, needing a moment alone with Haruka, “it smells like Yozakura baked some cookies. Why don’t you go get some? I’ll come and share some with you in a moment.”

“I know! They smell really good, but…”

Hibari pouted.

“I-I don’t wanna go if you two are gonna fight as soon as I leave the room!”

Yagyu tried to protest, but it was Haruka who spoke up first, much to her surprise.

“Fight? Why, the thought never crossed my mind! Don’t worry, Hibari, we’ll be on our best behaviour, I promise.”

Haruka placed a hand on Hibari’s cheek, flashing her a reassuring smile.

“Yagyu and I may have our differences, but we’re family, no?”

“Uh-huh, but...Yagyu seems so angry around you.”


Yagyu froze, she couldn’t deny that in the least.

“Now now, she’s just looking out for you. She loves you so much that she doesn’t want anyone or anything to hurt you! It’s perfectly understandable that she’d be cautious.”

Why is she standing up for me…?

Yagyu shook her head, clearing her doubts away.

No, it’s all part of her schemes. I can’t fall for this now.

“OK, if you’re sure.”

Hibari nodded, the hug breaking off as she pulled herself away from the others, and smiled warmly at both of them.

“I really do love you both tons, so let’s try to make every day together really happy!”

Yagyu nodded, almost melting on the inside at the sight of someone she adored so much pleading with her so sincerely.

“Of course~!”

Haruka smiled, watching as Hibari dashed off towards the kitchen, the door slamming shut behind her.

“You’re awfully guarded, aren’t you?”

She turned to face Yagyu, her smile never fading.

“I don’t trust you,” Yagyu flatly replied.

“Ahaha~! Of course you don’t! You’ve made that abundantly clear since we met! Such a shame, too! Hibari’s such a sweet girl, but I was hoping I could get close to everybody here. It’s so lovely, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“Everyone’s lifestyle here~! Everybody’s so happy, surrounded by girls who love them so very much. I’ve barely been here a week, and I already view all of you as my precious family.”

“So then why are you so fixated on Hibari and I? Surely you can spend time with the other girls instead.”

“I can, and I have~! They’ve all accepted me, and we’ve had so much fun together lately. It’s only you, in fact, who seems determined to keep me at arm’s length. Now why exactly is that? I can guess, but I think it’s time I hear it straight from you, hmm? Don’t worry, I won’t bite, I’m just eager for an explanation.”

“You seem determined to make Hibari love you at all costs-”

“She’s family,” Haruka interrupted, her lips still curled into a haughty smirk, “of course I would. The same goes for you too, of course.”

Yagyu raised her voice in response, determined not to face any more interruptions.

“There’s more to it than that and you know it. You keep taking the two of us out for food, watching anime with Hibari, sneaking her extra dessert when Yozakura’s told her she can’t have any more helpings... It all seems suspiciously friendly.”

“Perhaps our standards are different, but none of that seems to be any cause for concern.”

“It’s more than that.”

She glared at Haruka, the anger in her voice becoming increasingly apparently.

“Beneath that smile of yours, your eyes seem so hungry, as if Hibari’s nothing more than a meal to you. Though you hide it well, your wicked motives are more than clear to me.”


Haruka started to chuckle, unendingly amused by what she just heard.

“‘Wicked motives,’ hmm? I suppose it’s true, I might not be the purest girl, but treating Hibari like a meal...isn’t that just the strangest suggestion?”

“Not in the least! All you seem interested in is doing...impure things with her!”

“It’s called ‘sex,’ Yagyu, and I’m confident you and Hibari are more than familiar with it.”

“N-not with each other, no!”

Yagyu stood her ground, and, though she realized it only gave Haruka more reason to smirk, she was unable to hide the blush that had entered her cheeks.

“You haven’t~? How sweet! Saving it for a special occasion?”


“None of my concern? Ahaha, you could stand to loosen up a little, you know? It helped me out so very much… But, yes, sex with her would be fun, as it would be with every single girl here, including you! I did say I loved you, remember? I’m not treating Hibari like a meal, and I certainly won’t hurt her, if you’re concerned about that. No, I just find her adorable. She’s so sweet, so childish, so very...innocent, don’t you think? Although I’m starting to learn that you might be just as innocent as her...” Haruka purred, wrapping an arm around Yagyu teasingly.

“You’re so very sweet, aren’t you, little Yagyu? Protecting someone you love so strongly… Wouldn’t you love to really get close to her? Intimately showing each other alllll of your love...”


“Ahahaha! You’re fun, Yagyu!”

Haruka burst out laughing, loosening her grip on the smaller girl, who immediately fell to her knees.

“It’s easy to see why Hibari’s so attached! Though, I’ve liked both of you from the start, of course.”

Wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, she held out a hand for Yagyu, who completely ignored it as she picked herself up off the ground.

“Now, shall we go meet her in the kitchen? We did tell her we wouldn’t be long.”

“This isn’t over,” Yagyu said, glaring as she hurried to the door.

“If you do anything to upset her, I will put a stop to it.”

“Of course! I’m so glad to hear your fire hasn’t gone out!”

Haruka smiled, following closely behind as the both of them made their way to the kitchen.

Hibari’s wonderful, of course, but Yagyu…

Haruka looked down at the girl’s soft, round butt pushing against her short skirt, framed so adorably between her long, fluffy twintails.

For as serious as Yagyu was, her body looked just as soft and huggable as Hibari’s.

You have a charm that’s all your own, don’t you? Ahaha~! Compared to me, you’re both rather childish, aren’t you? But don’t worry, I won’t do a thing to upset either of you. Wouldn’t even dream of it!

Haruka smirked, an idea forming in the back of her mind. She knew exactly how to really get things moving.

And to think, you’ve never had sex with each other~! Maybe…

She looked at Yagyu once more, pleased to see her cheeks still painted soft pink from Haruka’s earlier teasing.

We’ll have to change that~!


“To think it’d be this simple…”

Haruka held up the perfume bottle with a proud smile.

She’d experimented with so many ideas over the past few days, determined to find something that could get her closer to Yagyu and Hibari. From concoctions that dissolved clothing, breast enlargement serums, drugs that could alter someone’s personality or age, and even creations that, if successful, would allow Haruka to physically transform herself into one of them. After all, there’d be no better way to get Yagyu to fall in love than if she looked so much like the girl she adored.

That ‘if,’ though, was the hard part, and she wasn’t quite there yet. The theory was sound, but all she’d managed to do so far was give her impromptu lab assistant, Homura, a slightly shorter, cuddlier stature, paler skin, and pink hair for a brief time. And, while her usual bravado seemed to fly out of the window, leaving her remarkably shy, that hardly seemed to be a direct effect of the serum, and both girls had since agreed to keep the results strictly to themselves.

Still, it was a work-in-progress she was determined to get down pat over time, and it provided her with valuable data in her endeavors to do for others what Katsuragi had done for her.

She was sure, in time, that she’d find uses for every single one of these ideas, but for now she realized that none of them suited her needs quite as well as the simplest plan that had sprung to her mind: an aphrodisiac entirely of her own creation, designed to make whoever smelled it a little more honest with themselves.

As hungry as Haruka could be, though, she knew there was no fun in forcing either girl into a situation they didn’t want. In fact, so far as she was concerned, that would simply be downright despicable, an outcome she wanted to avoid at all costs. As such, she’d gone to great lengths with her faithful lab assistant, her wife, and a rather pink, frilly maid outfit to make sure that it worked exactly as she wanted, adding no thoughts that weren’t already in the subject’s head and only bringing hidden desires to the forefront. And, of course, she’d included a component that increased the subject’s sensitivity to feelings of arousal, just for good measure.

Haruka knew fully well just how sexy she was, and she was well aware that, for all her posturing, Yagyu had noticed it too. By now, any reservations Hibari might have had about Haruka had completely flown out the window, so all she really needed to do was give Yagyu the slightest push into her arms. Just a little bit of work was all it would take to get her to really be honest with both of them and see just how much fun all of them could really have together.

Spraying some on her wrists, neck, and just a touch on her breasts, Haruka set the bottle aside, blew herself a kiss in the mirror, and headed out to meet the other girls. It was finally time for the three of them to really let loose.

“Late night anime again?” Haruka asked, standing in the entry to the living room, pleased to see Hibari and Yagyu cuddling on the couch.

“Uh-huh! We’re starting a new show today, Haruka! Come watch with us!”

“Ooh, sounds fun! I trust that’s alright with you, Yagyu?” she asked, winking at the white-haired girl.

She kept her voice low and sultry, sure that the aphrodisiac would do exactly what she wanted it to, but more than happy to help things move a little faster.

“...Go ahead.”

“I missed you two so much today! Sorry I’ve been so cooped up, I just reached a breakthrough in some of my work. I’ll have to show you both the results sometime!”

“Really?! You’re just like Chemist Witch Aruru, Haruka! It’s amazing!”

“That’s sweet of you to say! But, no, I’ve got a long way to go before I’m half as terrific as she is!”

She giggled, ruffling Hibari’s hair playfully, sure that getting her wrist close to her nose would really get things going.

“Still, I’m proud of this particular creation. You’ll come see it too, won’t you Yagyu?”

Haruka reached over and grabbed at Yagyu’s hands, gently cradling them in her own and giving her a particularly pleading look.

“Mmm, we’ve gotta go together, Yagyu! It’ll be really fun!”

Hibari joined in now, wrapping Yagyu up in a tight, loving hug.

Initially unsure whether to be put off by Haruka’s obvious teasing, or smile at Hibari’s giddiness, Yagyu’s affection quickly won out.

It was strange. She wasn’t quite sure why, but she suddenly felt a little more at ease with the situation, and warmly returned Hibari’s hug.

“Mmm, that sounds nice,” she replied, holding back the slight smile she could feel starting to form.

Quickly, she pulled back from the hug, realizing that if it had lasted a moment longer, she’d have only given Haruka more ammunition to taunt her with.

I wish we could have kept hugging, though…

Yagyu shook those stray thoughts out of her mind as all three girls focused on the show once more.

Though things stayed quiet for a little while, Yagyu couldn’t help but notice as Hibari started to squirm a little where she sat, growing more restless over time. As she went to say something, however, she found her eye lingering a little longer than she’d wanted it to.

Had those bloomers of hers always been so tight? Her thighs looked like they were getting a little sweaty, maybe she could help her with-

No, she couldn’t get like this now.

She could deal with her feelings later.

“Hibari, is everything alright? You seem like you’re having a hard time focusing.”

“Ummm, I’m OK!” she assured her, though her words seemed to come out a little slower and heavier than usual.

“Just...just having trouble getting comfy. I’ll find a good spot soon!”

“If you insist. I’m always here to-”

She’s so cute…

“-to help, however I can.”

Yagyu swallowed those errant thoughts, keeping her mind as blank as possible.


Hibari nodded, wearing a gentle, almost sleepy smile.

“You’re always so amazing, Yagyu. You’re my hero!”

“I...I see.”

Yagyu nodded back, fighting against the strange feelings welling up within her. The two of them quickly got back to the show at hand.

Once Hibari started to settle down, she rested lightly against Haruka’s side.

“Is that really comfortable for you, Hibari? I’d be willing to let you lie on my-”

Yagyu cut herself off. She just couldn’t say that.

“Ehehe, it’d be kinda nice to lie down with both of you. You two are so comfy!”

“That does sound nice, doesn’t it?” Haruka whispered.

“The three of us curled up together in bed, cuddling all through the night...”


Hibari nodded vigorously.

Yagyu noted, very shyly, that she’d given a very slight nod as well, though, thankfully, Haruka hadn’t seemed to notice it.

“Maybe we can get all the other girls to join us, too… Everyone’s so nice…” Hibari said, dreamily.

“How lovely,” Haruka purred.

“All of us showing exactly how deep our love runs… You do love everyone here, don’t you Hibari?”

“Of course! Everyone’s...everyone’s so kind and sweet and...and super pretty… I wanna be with them forever...”

“Does that include Yagyu and me?”

“Uh-huh… Yagyu’s soft and cuddly, and you’re so cool and mature and...and your boobies are so big.

Giggling softly at what she’d just said, Hibari nestled in a little closer, her face now resting on Haruka’s chest.

“Ehehe, you should come snuggle her chest too, Yagyu. They’re like pillows…”

They do look soft… Yagyu thought, though she stayed as still as possible, covering up just how warm and light she was starting to feel.

“You’re looking rather flustered, Yagyu. Can we help with that at all?”

Haruka wore a knowing smirk, pleased that everything was going so perfectly.

“You’re having trouble with something, Yagyu…”

Hibari turned, pouting at the twintailed girl, her cheeks painted a soft red.

“I-it’s just a bit warm, that’s all,” she replied curtly.

“You always help me, so let me help you out, Yagyu…”

Hibari pulled away from Haruka for a moment, reached over to Yagyu, and tugged off her thick sweater, exposing the slightly damp, white shirt that lay underneath.

“There you go! I bet that’’ll help a ton, right Yagyu?”

“Mm. Th-thank you, Hibari.”

“Uh-huh! But jeez, it is kinda hot, isn’t it? I’m feeling all floaty and stuff…”

Whining cutely, Hibari grabbed the zipper of her jersey, pulled it open, and exposed her chest to the cool night air.

This gave both girls a perfect view of the adorably frilly, pink bra that so lovingly supported her soft, squishy breasts, which squeezed up against Haruka’s own pair as she went back to hugging her.

She’s gotten so sweaty. I should...I should clean that off for her…

As the image of licking and sucking at Hibari’s breasts came to Yagyu’s mind, she could hardly even feign her composure, and a deep, lusty giggle escaped her lips before she could do anything to stop it.

“Hibari,” Haruka started, her tone sensual and low in a way that greatly frustrated Yagyu, “do you think you’d like to do something fun with me? Something...a little naughty?”

Haruka licked her lips, her hand dropping down to Hibari’s plump butt and cradling it lovingly. She couldn’t believe how close she was now.


Hibari moaned, feeling endlessly sensitive to the touch.

“ mean like sex?”

Yagyu’s eye widened.

Had Hibari really just said that?

She must have just been hearing things, right?

“Ahaha, I didn’t expect you to be so frank! But...mmm, that does sound fun, doesn’t it? I’ve wanted to do that with both of you so badly, ever since I met you...”

“I...I’ve wanted that too…” Hibari shyly admitted.

“With you and Yagyu…”

“Hibari, I…”

Yagyu froze, the words catching in her throat.

“But Yagyu and I love cuddling lots, so it’s never sad. It’d just be nice if...if we tried that sorta thing sometime…” Hibari mumbled, shaking her head gently before speaking up once more.

“Jeez, why am I saying all this stuff now? I just...I guess I feel really nice, ehehe…”

“It’s OK to be honest, Hibari…”

Haruka smiled, petting the smaller girl’s head softly.

“I’ll make sure it’s fun for everyone, OK?”

“Wait, Hibari!” Yagyu shouted, watching her shyly turn her head to face her.


“Do you wanna do all that stuff too, Yagyu?!”

Hibari seemed to perk up immediately.

“That’d be soooo nice!”

“It would be, don’t you think, Yagyu? We’d have so much fun together~” Haruka teased.

Yagyu swallowed nervously as she spoke, even as she tried to sharpen her lusty gaze into a harsh glare.

“We...we can’t, Hibari. I-”

What’s stopping me…?

Yagyu froze.

She was being so shy about it, but hadn’t she wanted it too? Hadn’t she longed to get closer to Hibari all this time?

“You don’t want to, Yagyu…?”

Hibari seemed devastated, and was hugging Haruka even tighter now.

“It’s OK if you don’t but...but I’d really love it…”

They’re both so beautiful…

Yagyu bit her lip, her stoicism rapidly losing out to the feelings she’d held back for so long as she watched Hibari, the girl she loved more than anything else in the world, hanging off of Haruka, someone she now knew to love Hibari just like she did, even if she went about it completely differently.

Was it really so bad, wanting to be finally be intimate with them both? They were, after all, part of her precious family…

“I...I want it too.”

Yagyu nodded, her lips quivering as she spoke.

“I want to be with both of you…”

“Good girl…” Haruka purred, Yagyu’s knees growing weak as she spoke.

She shut her eye tight, before feeling an arm wrap around her, pulling her into a warm, sweet-smelling valley.

“I’m so happy you can both be so honest with me!”

As Yagyu opened her eye once more, her breath was taken away by the sight of Hibari’s flushed face mere centimeters away from her own, both girls held gently against Haruka’s lovely chest.

“Why don’t we go to my room, hmm? My bed’s so very, very soft…”

Hibari nodded eagerly, while Yagyu let out a soft little grunt of affirmation.

Haruka didn’t need any more confirmation than that before walking the two breathlessly thirsty girls down the corridor towards her room, giggling at how they fidgeted the entire way there. Not that Haruka could blame them, of course. Though it was far better that they went at it in her bedroom rather than dirty the living room, the walk there felt excruciatingly long even to the far more patient Haruka.

She’d been waiting so long for this moment, but these last few moments felt endless.

The second Yagyu and Hibari watched Haruka shut and lock her bedroom door, they looked each other in the eyes, then very, very slowly started stripping off their clothes, their cheeks reddening with each piece of clothing that fell to the ground.

Their already glacial pace came to a halt once they both realized they were in nothing but their underwear.

“Oh?” Haruka questioned, tossing her labcoat onto a chair in the corner of the room.

“Too shy to get naked in front of me? There’s no need to fret, I can see exactly how tasty you two are…”

“I-it’s not that!” Yagyu spat back, fidgeting like crazy as she bit back her burgeoning desire.

“I’ve just...never seen Hibari without...without…”

Her gaze dropped downward, too flustered by the dirty thoughts running through her mind to even consider looking anyone in the eyes.

“M-Me neither…” Hibari squeaked, her hands balled into tight little fists.

“I...I really wanna, but…”

“But you’d like to, right? Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to bear it all to each other? To tear down allllll that shyness? Together?”

“Speak for yourself!”

Yagyu pointed accusingly at Haruka.

“You’re still completely...clothed…”

Her conviction, however, faltered the instant she properly looked over Haruka’s current state of dress. She was, for the most part, dressed just like she had been when she first moved into the mansion, but the impact the pieces she’d already removed had on her overall image was nothing short of striking.

Were her clothes always so tight…?

Yagyu swallowed hard.

She’d only ever seen her outfit paired with a bulky coat that, while it didn’t quite cover her body, still took a great deal of attention off of her figure. Now, though, she could see the way the tight, silky fabric of her outfit clung to her skin, especially since her sweat had turned it almost transparent, leaving next to none of her body to the imagination.

“I am! How very astute!”

Haruka giggled.

“My, do you hear that, Hibari? It sounds like Yagyu wants to see me naked?”

“B-but… I do too…” Hibari shyly piped up.

“I wanna...wanna be with both of you, it’s just hard...hard to take the rest off...”

“Aww, see how shy she is, Yagyu? Why don’t we help her with that, hmm?”


“Of course! If she has so much trouble undressing, why don’t you and I do that for her?” Haruka asked, slinking behind Yagyu and taking her hands in her own.

She pressed her chest against the smaller girl’s back, her almost painfully stiff nipples showing her exactly how aroused she was.

“I take it you have no objections, Hibari?”

The pink-haired girl shook her head, still looking adorably flustered.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Haruka walked Yagyu over to Hibari, slowly guided her hands to rest on her lower back, then let them linger for a moment.

“Doesn’t she feel so good…? She’s so adorable, isn’t she?” Haruka whispered in Yagyu’s ear, their fingertips caressing Hibari’s back as she slowly, so slowly, slid them higher and higher.

Yagyu just swallowed shyly, then gave an almost imperceptibly slight nod.

The white-haired girl was almost too preoccupied by how soft Hibari was to notice that her hands had been moved up to the back of her bra, only realizing exactly how far things had gone when she felt the cool metal of the hooks, slightly damp with sweat, beneath her fingertips.

Without giving her any more time to think things over, Haruka slid the fabric between their fingers, pushed the sides together, and let the bra come unhooked. Yagyu was painfully aware of the way Hibari’s chest had bounced as it popped free of its frilly, pink constraints.

“Ehehe, it feels nice when you help, Yagyu…” Hibari giggled, slipping her loose bra down her shoulders and letting it tumble to the ground.

Yagyu was still too shy to respond, unconsciously going along with Haruka’s every action as she guided her hands downward past Hibari’s adorable, soft waist, until they came to rest on her cushy, full hips.

With no more warning than a soft giggle, Haruka slipped Yagyu’s fingers under the waistband of Hibari’s adorable, tight panties. All Haruka needed to do was give them a slight tug, and Yagyu was more than eager to take care of the rest herself. She only noticed that Haruka had completely let go of her by the time she’d already slid them past her girlfriend’s chubby thighs, dropping them around her ankles in surprise.

“See how well you’re doing? You handled that part allll by yourself~”

Haruka smirked, taking Yagyu by the hand and standing her up straight.

“Wasn’t she amazing, Hibari?”

Yagyu could have passed out right there, staring at Hibari’s short, soft, and irresistibly curvy body.

“Mmm, you were so brave, Yagyu!”

Hibari smiled, though Yagyu was too caught up in her own head to notice.

She’d never seen her body like this, with her cute, puffy, and adorably pink nipples on full display, standing at attention and eager to be licked and sucked. Hibari had a habit of wearing bloomers and shorts that clearly showed off her legs, but, even so, seeing them completely uncovered was almost too much for Yagyu to bear, and she couldn’t help but want to indulge the part of her that desperately wanted to wear her things like a pair of earmuffs.

“Ehehe, you look kinda dizzy, Yagyu…” Hibari softly mumbled, more than a little unbalanced herself.

“D-do you want to take yours off, too? I think it’d be easier for us if...if we were both...y’know…”

“I-I’m fine!”

Yagyu grew as stiff as board at that, looking straight ahead and doing everything she could to not let her eye waver downwards.

“You don’t want to…?”

“I do! I mean...I wasn’t dizzy! Rather, I’m still not. I’m just fine! B-but-”

Yagyu took a deep breath, then continued.

“...Yes, I’d like to try.”

Smiling warmly at Hibari, Yagyu reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, the cool night air against her skin doing little to stem the burning heat in her cheeks.

“Wow~! How bold! I didn’t even give you the slightest push there!” Haruka teased, licking her lips at the sight of Yagyu’s dark, shy nipples.

“It’s for Hibari,” she replied flatly, not wasting another second before reaching for her panties and gently tugging them downward, doing everything she could to fight through the lingering shyness that was screaming out at her.

“I can get through anything at all if it’s for her. No matter how e-embarrassing it is.”

As cool and composed as she tried to appear, she couldn’t stop her voice from wavering a little as she spoke, while her arms fumbled around in a vain attempt to keep her body covered up.

Still, with the giddy, impressed smile Hibari was wearing, it was hard to argue that it hadn’t done the trick.

“Ehehe, Yagyu, look so soft…” Hibari shyly mumbled, walking toward Yagyu and embracing her gently.

“You too, Hibari…”

Yagyu breathed deeply, biting her lip at the sensation of Hibari’s body pressing gently against her own. Though she tried to keep the thought to herself, she couldn’t help but squeak out, “You smell so sweet…” before pulling herself back a little.

“She does, doesn’t she…?” Haruka asked, before turning her attention toward Hibari.

“And I’d be willing to bet you taste even better, hmm?”

“Ehehe...I...I eat a lot of sweets, so maybe… Umm, it’d be nice if you two could try...”

Yagyu twitched a little at that, unable to stop herself from looking down at Hibari’s glistening thighs, and unconsciously reaching a hand out toward the pink-haired girl, who shyly threaded her own fingers between Yagyu’s.

“Oooh, wouldn’t this be even better if we could all lie down together?” Haruka asked them both, glad to see them nod eagerly in response.

Gently, Yagyu guided Hibari onto the bed, laying her head against the pillows while she smiled up at her. Though she was undeniably still shaky, Yagyu could feel her reservations steadily slip away as they moved ever closer towards breaking their last remaining boundary.

Still, as she crawled onto the bed herself, sitting right next to Hibari and licking her lips at the sight of her soft, sexy figure laid out before her, she was at a complete loss for what she should actually do, and how best to make Hibari happy. She couldn’t just...dive right in, could she? Even if it was incredibly tempting...

“Personally,” Haruka started, “I find it best to take my meals nice and slow, don’t you?”

“Sure, there might be something in there you find particularly delicious…” she purred, running a finger over Hibari’s nipple, giggling as her body shuddered slightly in response, “but it’s every last piece on the plate that really brings it all together, wouldn’t you agree? It would be such a shame not to take a bite out of every single little bit…”

“S-so what are you suggesting?”

“Oh, nothing in particular…” she said, with a smirk

“Just helping you two have allll the fun in the world…”

Haruka leaned over toward Yagyu, smiling at the white haired girl before giving her ear a gentle, playful nibble.

“Nn~!” did that feel so nice…?

Yagyu couldn’t believe it. Something so simple, so effortless, and it made her go weak in the knees. If Haruka could do that, then surely…

Yagyu looked down over Hibari’s body, seeing now that it really would be a waste if she didn’t enjoy each and every inch of her…

Moving herself lower on the bed, Yagyu licked her lips, before leaning down and lovingly kissing Hibari’s toes.

“Ehehe, Yagyu…” Hibari giggled, struggling to keep herself still as Yagyu’s lips tickled her feet.

Yagyu kept kissing, confident from how elated Hibari had sounded that she was on the right track. She felt a burning hunger deep within her belly, telling her she had to go further than this, that she just had to do everything she could for Hibari, and soon, she was licking and sucking on her toes hungrily.

“Nnn~! It’’s so good…” Hibari moaned, the throbbing in her own tummy only strengthening as she looked down to see Yagyu’s fluffy twintails bobbing up and down as her kisses travelled from her feet to her soft, supple calves, her lips tasting every inch of her skin.

As she reached Hibari’s thighs, Yagyu was almost overwhelmed at the softness of them. Hibari was a little fuller than many of the girls at the mansion, she’d known that, but being so close now only drove the point in even further and the feeling of her lips pressing against skin that jiggled and yielded beneath her touch was nothing short of incredible, to say nothing of the sweet, delicious scent just a little above her. It mixed with the smell of her sweat, creating a distinct aroma that was driving her wild, her head swimming and clouding over her thoughts.

She wasn’t sure when she’d started to lovingly caress Hibari’s squishy thighs, but as her fingers kneaded her flesh lovingly, she couldn’t find herself caring enough to question it. Each little giggle and moan that escaped Hibari’s lips only spurred her further, the two girls growing closer together with each desperate, wanting breath.

The smell that clouded Yagyu’s head grew stronger and stronger, overriding her every sense as she climbed higher up Hibari’s adorable body, and in no time at all, her face was barely an inch away from two moist, pink lips, desperate to be parted.

Yagyu paused for the first time since she’d started savoring Hibari. Her hands froze, and she had to force her lips to stop with every ounce of restraint she had as she gazed longingly at the sight in front of her. What she couldn’t stop, though, was her tongue from likcing her lips at the sight of Hibari’s juices glistening in the light as they ran down her thighs and dripped onto the bed beneath them.

I’m...I’m so hungry...

Yagyu gulped.

She knew it had to taste good. She just knew it.

Everything so far had exceeded her towering expectations, but all that had been a mere appetizer compared to the treat that lay in front of her.

Hibari loved eating, and could scarcely stop her mouth from watering at the sight and smell of sweets. Yagyu was confident now, though, that her expression was hungrier than Hibari’s had ever been, her thoughts growing simpler and needier as she continued to stare.

I want to lick…

Want to suck…

Wanna drink every drop… A good girl wouldn’t let any go to waste…

“Yagyu…” Hibari whined, squirming and rubbing her thighs together shyly.

Yagyu didn’t hear her though, as she licked her lips hungrily in anticipation, while still doing everything she could to not keep going, worried that it would be far too much for the sweet, gentle Hibari to handle.

“Yagyu...why’d you stop…?”

Tearing herself away, Yagyu moved back down a little, squeezing and caressing Hibari’s plump thighs, and feeling them jiggle as Hibari fidgeted beneath her. As soft and delicious as they were, however, they hardly seemed fulfilling now. She hated having to hold herself back from the next course…

“Yagyu!” Hibari cried out, wresting her thighs open and out of Yagyu’s grasp.

That got her attention.

Forcing herself to part through the haze in her mind, Yagyu looked up towards Hibari, and squirmed at the sight of her flushed, painfully aroused expression.

“You don’t like this?”

“I do!” she yelled.

“I really really do! It’s so so so so sooooo good Yagyu, but…”


“But please keep going, Yagyu! pussy…”

Hibari reached a hand down to her crotch, made a little v-shape with her fingers, and spread her adorably pink lips as wide as she could.

“I really want you to play with it, Yagyu! It needs you so bad! I really need you!”

Her every word came out in a hurried, desperate blur, the lust she felt completely shattering the cutesy, shy aura she normally radiated so strongly. She couldn’t help it, though; Yagyu felt so good, so warm, and soft, and sexy, and everything she’d done was nothing short of amazing. Hibari wanted nothing more than to keep feeling wonderful with Yagyu and Haruka.

Still, Yagyu was frozen, showing Haruka that it was finally time for her to join in.

“Did you hear that, Yagyu~?”

She leaned in, holding herself tightly against Yagyu’s back. Though she hadn’t told either girl that she’d been undressing herself when they got started, her painfully hard nipples pressing firmly against Yagyu’s skin made it more than clear to the fluffy-haired girl that Haruka was just as excited as her and Hibari.

“She wants you. She needs you to keep going.”

Yagyu squirmed, and bit her lip nervously.

A soft moan, more of a squeak, just barely passed through her lip at the feeling of a hand caressing her bottom. Her breaths grew heavier, more excited as the hand inched closer and closer towards her tight, puckered butthole. Though Yagyu was ready and waiting for a finger to slip its way in, it never quite came, much to her disappointment.

She couldn’t quite believe it herself, but she wanted Haruka to move forward so badly.

No, she was sure now.

She needed it.

But she couldn’t just say that, could she? There was no way she could ask Haruka to go any further, right? There was no way she was attracted to this deeply frustrating woman, who flaunted her full, sexy, tall, leggy…

Yagyu shook her head. She couldn’t let her mind wander, but she could hardly deny just how genuine those thoughts were. She needed Haruka to keep going, but that didn’t mean she’d have to beg.

“You’re one to talk,” she spat back harshly.

Her voice wavered a little, unable to fully hide her shy, burning desire.

“You haven’t been involved in the slightest. All that teasing and you’ve done nothing to back it up. Perhaps you’re not as confident as you make yourself out to be.”

Haruka smiled broadly.

Even the way you ask for it is so adorably grumpy~!

“What was your plan, hmm?” Yagyu continued, now wondering if Haruka really did intend on going any further.

“Get us to move further with each other so you could sit back and-”

Yagyu didn’t finish that sentence, though, as Haruka’s finger suddenly thrust forward and slipped right inside of her.


“How wonderful! Such a beautiful sound, Yagyu~!” Haruka teased, pressing Yagyu’s head closer to Hibari’s crotch as she pumped her finger back and forth, feeling her cheeks tighten around her as if determined to keep her where she was.

“Ahhh, and to think you were at my throat from the moment I met you! You’re so fun when you’re angry, but I’m sure you and Hibari would agree it’s far better to see you be so honest!”

Yagyu had fully given herself up to the pleasure of it all.

She knew now, as Hibari’s sweet scent grew stronger and stronger still, that there was no more time for hesitation. If Haruka could make her feel this good, Yagyu was certain that she could do far, far better for Hibari.

Without pausing for a second longer, she leaned forward and gave Hibari’s soaked, dripping pussy a long, loving lick.

“Nnnn~! Yagyu, it’s sooooo nice...”

Her words came out slow and heavy. Jolts of pleasure ran through her body with each lick. She wasn’t sure when she’d started, but Hibari now realized that her own hands were now kneading her big, soft boobs lovingly. Not that she planned on stopping, of course. Everything was way too much fun to even consider that.

Thick, sweet ambrosia coated Yagyu’s tongue as she lapped at Hibari’s lips. Were she not so thoroughly satisfied, she’d have chastised herself for taking so long to get to this. That didn’t matter to her in the least anymore, though. She was closer to Hibari than she’d ever been before, and she never wanted to stop

“So...sweet...” she cried out, struggling to speak through a mouthful of warm, sticky juices.

“Want more…”

She could barely form a coherent thought, but she knew that if it was this incredible now, it would only get better the further she went. Lapping up all she could, she reached forward and spread open Hibari’s lips, before sticking her tongue firmly inside.

“Ahhhn~! Yagyuuuu…”

“Oh my~! Enjoying yourself, Yagyu?” Haruka teased, before pulling her finger out of Yagyu’s soft butt and giving her cheeks a firm slap once she was free.

“Now then, little Hibari?”

Hibari’s gaze was unfocused as she looked toward Haruka, though she gave her a warm, somewhat sleepy looking smile as the bigger girl stood on top of the bed, positioning herself directly above Hibari’s face.

“Let’s all have fun together~!” Haruka cried out, before dropping straight down and planting her ass on Hibari’s face, delighted to feel her tongue immediately reach up to lick at her pussy.

“Good girl~!”

Haruka made sure to moan as loudly as she could, knowing it would only get both girls to work even harder. Despite this, she couldn’t hold back a slight giggle as she looked towards Hibari’s chest, and watched her hands desperately squeezing at them.

“Playing with your own breasts like that? That just won’t do!” she teased, reaching down and taking the smaller girl’s hands within her own, then guiding them towards her butt.

As Hibari’s hands sunk into her soft, full ass, Haruka leaned forward just enough that she could cup the pink-haired girl’s chest, before pinching and teasing her nipples playfully.

Though there was never any doubt, the muffled moans Hibari started letting out told Haruka exactly how much she was enjoying herself.

Haruka was almost surprised that she and Yagyu, who was now desperately fingering herself as she continued to lap up every last drop of Hibari’s juices, were still going so strongly. She hardly minded, though; they were even better playthings than she could have possibly imagined.

“It’s not fair!” the muffled voice of Hibari cried out, prompting Haruka to shift a little and give her more room to speak.

“Oh? Not enjoying yourself?”

“Nuh-uh, it’s not that! It’s super, suuuuper good…”

“Then what’s the matter, Hibari?” Yagyu asked, reluctantly pulling herself out from between her thighs, before pointing an accusing finger toward Haruka, who smirked back at her.

“Is it her?”

“It’s both of you!” she cried out, bringing the room into total silence.

At that point, for the first time since they’d met, Yagyu and Haruka wore the exact same expression. Both girls were utterly dumbfounded, unsure of how anything could be wrong with their current situation.

“You’re doing so much for me, but neither of you are having fun with each other! I want all three of us to be together, so it’s gotta be fair!”

It didn’t take long for Haruka’s smile to come back to her, though, and turn into a particularly haughty laugh.

“Ufufufufu~! Yagyu, you’ll listen to our little sweetheart, won’t you?”

“I-if you insist…”

Though Yagyu pouted, it was clear that any dissatisfaction with the idea was entirely to keep up appearances. Without missing a beat, her next question made it plainly obvious that she was all too eager to go along with things.

“I’m sure your head is swimming with all sorts of...impure ideas, so...what would you suggest? You’d clearly know better than me.”

“There’s nothing impure about connecting like this~!” Haruka teased, holding out a hand for the white-haired girl.

“Come up here, with me.”

Yagyu took her hand with little hesitation.

“Ehehe, I like it when you two get along…” Hibari mumbled almost sleepily, squirming slightly as she held back the urge to get back to eating Haruka out.

Letting out a soft chuckle in response, Haruka wasted no time in getting Yagyu into place, lowering the white-haired girl down onto Hibari’s crotch and making sure their lips, still slick with desire, were rubbing against each other.

“Ufufu, it’s nice, isn’t it?” Haruka asked, watching Yagyu’s cheeks turn a bright red once more.

“A whole new way for the both of you to kiss.”

“Nnn~ Y-you truly are a pervert…” Yagyu mumbled.

“Ahaha~! Am I? I’m just so very, very happy we can all share such a beautiful moment! Aren’t you, Hibari?”

“’s super, super nice…”

Hibari was practically panting now, the feeling of Yagyu’s lips rubbing up against her own, and the scent of Haruka’s pussy so close to her nose driving her wild.

“You poor thing… Hungry?”


“Then there’s no need to hold back anymore~!”

Haruka smiled, shifting back into position and giving Hibari a mouthful of her rich, sticky juices, and giggling at the feeling of the smaller girl’s tongue lapping against her pussy.

At the same time, Yagyu began realizing exactly what she could do, and gently started grinding against Hibari’s pussy while Haruka leaned forward to kiss her. A part of her wanted to break away, wondering what it might taste like beneath her, Hibari’s intoxicating juices blending with her own, but, as much as she hated to admit it, the feeling of her tongue and Haruka’s dancing around each other’s mouths was more than enough to satisfy her.

She felt so warm, so thoroughly engulfed in Haruka and Hibari’s love, that she could barely contain it, and the fire in her belly burned hotter and hotter by the second.

Soon, Haruka raised a hand up to her chest, and squeezed and fondled it playfully, before giving her nipple a teasing tug.


Yagyu paused for a moment, almost overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure she was feeling. For as much as she wanted to give into it, she couldn’t lose out to Haruka, no matter what, so she raised both of her hands, and started squeezing at her chest frantically.

“Ooh~! You’re so fiery!”

Though she was trying to taunt Yagyu, her voice cracked a little as she spoke, the sensations from her hands and Hibari’s tongue finally breaking through her haughtiness.

“And, oh my, Hi-Ahn~! Hibari, you’re licking vigorously.”

As talking became increasingly difficult for the three of them, they all realized that they could spend their energy far, far more productively by directing every fiber of their beings towards pleasuring each other.

Soon, the only noise that filled the room were the wet, sticky sounds of licking and sucking, accompanied by breathlessly thirsty moans.

Haruka couldn’t quite believe it, but even she was having trouble holding on any longer. She was certain that both Yagyu and Hibari would have climaxed by now. They weren’t too far off, judging by their increasingly loud moaning, but Haruka now knew that they were far more evenly matched than she could have ever anticipated.

As the glorious finale grew closer and closer, Haruka, Yagyu, and Hibari all embraced it, and three very loud, very passionate moans soon filled the mansion.

If there were any barriers still left between the girls, they all faded away in that moment.


It took what felt like an eternity for any of them to catch their breath.

Haruka wasn’t quite sure when it had happened, but by the time she finally calmed down, she found that she and Yagyu were lying on either side of Hibari’s soft, squishy body, all of them cuddling under the covers.

It seemed that she wasn’t alone in her confusion.

Yagyu blinked and looked around the room as she stirred, before turning her attention straight toward Haruka and glaring at her.

“Ehehe, that was really fun…” Hibari sleepily mumbled, leaning over and kissing Yagyu, before turning and doing the same to Haruka.

“I’m so, so happy we did this, you two…”

“Of course~! And this is just the beginning, Hibari. The three of us will have many, many more nights together, won’t we Yagyu?”

Yagyu sighed, then nodded.

“I’m sure we will…” she grumbled.

Though she was somewhat frustrated, she knew now that there was no point in hiding her own happiness at the idea.

Hibari perked up instantly.

“Really?! Yay! Oooh, and maybe some of the other girls will want to have fun like that too! They’re all part of our family, after all!”

“Mhmm~! Every single one of them loves you just as much as Yagyu and I do.”

“They certainly do. I’m glad we all had so much fun,” Yagyu said, smiling at Hibari

“But there’s something on your mind, isn’t there?” Haruka asked her, wearing a taunting grin.

“You did this, didn’t you?”

“Oh my! I certainly wouldn’t say that! I was a part of things, to be sure, but I’d say all three of us contributed in equal measure!”

“N-not in bed!” Yagyu spat, blushing despite herself.

“I mean that you spurred this on. You used something to flood our thoughts with pleasure. The second you met us in the living room, I started to feel...nice, almost warm.”

“You’re sure that wasn’t just your burning love for Hibari and I?”

“N-no! That’s…”

“Ahahaha! It’s so fun watching you get like this~! But yes, I confess, I’ve been caught. I created an aphrodisiac of sorts to help the both of you be a little more honest with yourselves.”


Hibari looked confused, and furrowed her brow cutely at the word.

“It heightens feelings of arousal. To make you and Yagyu be a little more forward about all those things you two had been so very, very shy about. Oh, but please don’t worry. It would have had no effect on either of you had those feelings not been there to begin with. After all, the both of you had dreamed about doing something like that, hadn’t you?”

Yagyu just grumbled something under her breath, before blushing and looking away from Haruka, while Hibari let out a soft little giggle.

“Ehehe, that’s naughty, Haruka! We don’t need that next time, OK?”

“But of course! And, I assure you, if either one of you wasn’t interested, I’d have stopped right then and there. Though Yagyu may not believe me, I truly did want nothing more than for both of you to be able to let loose and relax.”

“With you included, no doubt,” Yagyu murmured.

“I’m very observant, you know. It was plainly obvious that Hibari was interested, and you, for as much as you grumble…” Haruka’s leaned over and gently kissed Yagyu, “were waiting for a chance to shake off that shyness, weren’t you? To be able to be honest with Hibari and me. I must say, seeing the real you beneath all that stoicism has been wonderful.”

“A-and everything you said about Hibari being a meal? You promised you didn’t view her that way, but you kept treating her like one all the same!”

“Not at all!” Haruka said, giggling.

“I was just having some fun in bed. I thought I knew the best way to get you both riled up, and it seems to have worked, no?”

Haruka smiled softly, laying a hand on Yagyu’s cheek.

“I promise, you and Hibari are truly precious to me. I’d never view you as anything less than my beloved family, and if I ever seem to, let me know, and I’ll do everything in my power to make up for it.”

Yagyu sighed.

For as much as she and Haruka and taunted and bickered with each other, she’d known from the start that there was something more there, something sweeter beneath the surface. Now that it was out in the open like this, she wasn’t sure why she was still so guarded.

So, she decided to loosen up.

“Perhaps your motives aren’t as...impure as they seemed, but you are still a wicked woman.”

Though her words were sharp, she said them with a gentle, loving smile, snuggling up closer to Hibari as she spoke.

“But perhaps...I don’t mind that as much as I once thought.”

“Yagyuuuuu…” Hibari whined, pouting.

“You’ve gotta be more honest about this stuff! Say what you really feel!”

“You’re right.”

Yagyu chuckled and kissed Hibari gently on the cheek.

“I love you, Hibari. as well, Haruka. I love you, too.”

“And I love both of you, too!”

Hibari smiled, kissing both of them once more.

It was Haruka’s turn to smile as she snuggled in a little closer to the both of them. Though she’d meant to tease them a little more, she was sure her expression was far too warm for that.

“I love you Hibari, and I love you too, Yagyu. I’m so glad to have you both…”

“Can we stay like this tonight, you two?” Hibari asked as her eyes began to shut, her voice sleepy and slow.

“It’s just…”

Her words paused as she let out a big yawn.

“...So comfy…”

“If Haruka doesn’t mind us staying in her bed, I don’t see why not.”

Yagyu let out a yawn of her own, starting to doze off despite her best efforts.

“Our bed,” Haruka corrected.

“It’s our bed, and I’d like nothing more.”

Haruka shut her eyes, letting herself bask in the warmth of the other two girls. Truly, she was delighted that things had worked out this way, but her mind quickly turned to what else she could do for her newfound family.

Though myriad possibilities ran through her mind, as she realized how truly at ease she now felt, where she’d been all but ready to give up on her own happiness just a few weeks earlier, she knew exactly what to do.

Let’s help someone else find their own happiness, hmm? If Katsuragi did this much for me, just think of what I could do~! It won’t be easy, though. I’ll really need to work hard to perfect this. With my assistant Homura at my side, of course…

But I’m sure, in no time, I’ll make our wonderful family even bigger!

“Ooh, and won’t that be fun~?” Haruka whispered.

Yagyu’s eyes briefly fluttered open at the sound of her voice, though she couldn’t bring herself to worry about what she might have meant.

Haruka had done so much for her, after all. She couldn’t wait to see what else she had up her sleeve.