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Cuddle Buddies

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All Cas wanted was some physical contact with an alpha that didn’t lead to sex. As a single omega, that proved more difficult than he’d thought, though.

Lately, lying in bed at night, unable to fall asleep, Cas had wished more and more often for strong alpha arms to wrap around him and hold him close.

It had been a long time since he had been in a relationship and he really missed an alpha’s touch, just some cuddles here or there so that he didn’t have to feel so touch deprived all the time.

Problem was, he wasn’t interested in one-night stands since he preferred to build an emotional connection to the people he slept with first. But he also didn’t want to look for a boyfriend just to get some cuddles.

Of course, there was his roommate and best friend, who happened to be an alpha. (The fact that they were in their thirties and somehow still living together didn’t bother either of them.) Dean did touch him occasionally, a hand on the shoulder or his arm, but that wasn’t the same as getting a good cuddle.

In his fantasy, Cas imagined a specific alpha’s arms around him, naturally, but since there was no chance of that ever happening, Cas had tried other ways to get to his alpha cuddles.

In vain.

He was just coming home from meeting a potential cuddle buddy. Unfortunately, the alpha had turned out to be a complete assbutt.

“Why do you alphas always want sex?” Cas vented as he threw himself down on the couch next to Dean and reached into the bag of chips the alpha was snacking on while flipping through some car magazine.

“Uhm… ’cause it’s awesome?”

Cas rolled his eyes. “Why do I even bother? You’re one of them.”

“So, this Ryan guy wanted to get into your pants, huh?” Dean asked as he closed the magazine and put it on the table.

Cas squinted at him. “No. He wanted to have sex with me.”

“Yeah, that’s… never mind.”

“He called me a knottease when I told him that that wasn’t what I was looking for.” Cas tried to glower and show how angry he was, but in reality, he was a bit sad. The insult had shook him. He wasn’t a knottease, was he? He had been upfront about what he had been looking for from the start. “Why did he even answer the ad? I was very specific about asking for cuddling, not sex.”

To prove his point, he took out his cell phone and searched for the ad before holding it under Dean’s nose.

Are you a lonely alpha, who wants to cuddle with an unmated omega? Give me a call if you want to cuddle and maybe more.

Straightforward and to the point.

Dean skimmed over the ad and promptly started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Cas quickly put his phone away again, slightly affronted by Dean’s reaction.

“This makes you sound like a prostitute, you realize that, right?”

“What? It does not!”

Dean just had another laughing fit, trying to get enough air, and Cas patiently waited him out.

Finally, the alpha said, “‘Maybe more?’ Everyone knows that’s code for sex.”

“It’s not!” Cas immediately protested. “Get your mind out of the drain.”

“Gutter,” Dean corrected, but Cas ignored him and went on, “That clearly refers to scenting.”

“No, it really doesn’t. Maybe you should have taken my suggestion.”

“Your suggestion was ‘Call for all your omega cuddle needs.’ How is that better?”

“Well, it’s not worse.”

Cas stared into space, thinking about how he could rephrase the ad so that no other alpha would call him a knottease. Maybe he should add something like ‘no sex of any kind.’

He was startled out of his thoughts when Dean was pulling him into a hug, a hand on the back of Cas’ head pulling his head to Dean’s chest, the other hand rubbing gently over his back.

“Dean?” Cas asked, confused. “What are you doing?”

“You wanted alpha cuddles? Here, have some. Free without any expectations of sexual favors.”

“Dean, you don’t have to…” Cas started, trying to sit up, but Dean was having none of it and pulled him in close again.

“Shut up. I’m doing a nice thing here,” the alpha said. And then, less gruff and more of a gentle mumble, “Maybe I could use some omega cuddles, too.”

Cas stopped trying to resist and just let himself be held. After a while, when it became clear that Dean wasn’t planning on letting go of him anytime soon, Cas relaxed further and burrowed deeper into the embrace.

He was lucky Ryan had been some sex-obsessed alpha because this right here—this was better than any cuddle buddy relationship he could have found through his ad. This was everything he had dreamed of for years. Dean’s arms around him, his strong alpha scent engulfing him, promising safety and filling his senses with calm…

These were the kinds of cuddles his omega had craved and yearned for. Now that he had them, if only for a moment, he was holding on for dear life.

“Thank you,” he mumbled, very quietly as to not make Dean self-conscious and stop their cuddle session. After all, the alpha was not one for omega flick moments as he always said.

“Any time,” Dean mumbled back and for a second, Cas thought he felt Dean’s lips brush against his forehead.

But surely he must have imagined it…