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Beautiful You

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There was blood everywhere, she could feel it slowly leaking from her body but where on her body she had lost track. She was pretty sure her neck was doing most of the bleeding but she was delirious with blood loss. It wasn’t like she could get up and move to see where the blood was coming from either. She was paralyzed on the ground unable to move hardly able to breathe, she had been left here to die and she was terrified that was exactly what was going to happen. Desperation gripped her and she made an attempt to reach for her cell phone only to find it was too far away, just barely out of reach. Her heart made a terrifying sound in her chest and began to slow down a sure sign she was dying causing tears to leak down her pale cheeks. She hoped death would at least be peaceful.


A Knock on the door startled the dying female laying on the floor. She wasn’t expecting any one over but she had told her best friend that she would be over for dinner. Was it dinner time? Had they somehow gotten past the time she was supposed to be at her friend’s house? Had her friend come looking for her in worry that she hadn’t shown up? Did she really care that much about her? She could hear the familiar click of heels on the ground as the person entered the house about to stumble upon what was a horrific scene. 


“Kitten?” the soft familiar voice of her best friend called out as the door closed behind the voice. A few more clicks and suddenly “ Oh my god!” the voice cried suddenly at her side. Cold hands reaching out to touch her face, panic clear on the woman’s face. She let her brown eyes wander to the golden honey toned eyes of her best friend wanting to remember her face as she was dying. “It’s going to be okay,” she promised as she picked her friend up into her arms holding her tightly as if to keep her body in one piece. Everything began to move much faster as her friend ran her towards her home. Things whipping by and eventually causing the dying girl to close her eyes.


It didn’t matter how fast her friend moved though, the blood was still leaking out of her body and her heart beat slow in her chest like it were ready to give up at any given time. It came to mind that her friend hadn’t killed her on the spot leaving her to question if there was something wrong with her blood. After all her best friend was a vampire who fed of blood and her blood  was everywhere, it would have been so easy for her to just finish the job started by her father. 


“Carlisle!” The vampire called out for the doctor in the house, glad that no one else was home to witness the bloody mess that her friend was. Though, there was no real need to call for the doctor he was on the steps before she could finish calling out his name. “You have to save her!” she urged as they traded off the dying girl, Carlisle holding the girl as they raced up to the hospital room, laying the limp girl down on the hospital bed.


“That may mean changing her Rose,”Carlisl’s voice was firm as he began the IV’s. One with blood, one with antibiotics and another bag of fluid. The girl on the bed could hear them but their words no longer made sense, it was as if she no longer spoke english. Rosalie gently reached up and set a cold hand on her friend’s face before looking over at her ‘father’.


“Then change her. I can’t lose Kitten,” Carlisle looked over at his daughter shocked at her statement. Normally she was firmly against any human transformation after all she never got a vote in whether or not she was changed in the beginning. However Kitten and Rose had been friends for almost a year and Kitten was the only one to really connect with Rosalie the entire time they had been in forks. He simply nodded, having no problems changing the girl. Over the last year she had become a member of the family anyway. 


“Let’s try to save her human life first.” He hummed as he pulled out the things he needed to stitch up the gashes covering the lifeless girl. First he numbed her up just in case she could feel things before he began to stitch her up, starting with the gash across her neck. He was horrified as he stitched up gash after gash counting 28 total on her abdomen and arms, someone had been furious while stabbing at her. He checked the morphine drip before going back to what he was doing nearly running out of stitches before he was done.


“You’re going to be ok,” Rose leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to Kitten’s forehead. Kitten wanted to open her mouth and tell her friend goodbye and how much she loved her but nothing came out of her mouth. Her eyes didn’t open, her fingers didn’t twitch she was trapped in her dying body.  


Two days later and she was still technically dying. Her body had rejected every ounce of blood Carlisle had tried to give her. It had even rejected the stitches (by becoming infected around the area of the stitches) causing her to become even sicker and leaving the doctor with one choice. Rose’s request, his mind was set as he entered the office Rose following behind him locking the door. This was their secret until they knew for sure it would work. 


Carlisle shared a look with Rose before he bent down and bit into the soft human flesh that was Kitten’s neck. Right into the open wound, hoping the venom would heal the skin and kick the stitches out of her skin. A sour taste hit his tongue  causing him to flinch and pull away his nose pulled up in disgust. He tried again biting on the other side of her neck , this time he sat for a moment letting his venom leak from his teeth and into her body. He had to pull away after a moment the sour taste hitting his tongue again. Worry filled him and it showed on his face.


“What’s wrong?” Rosalie asked as she leaned in running her fingers through Kitten’s hair, brushing it to the side. Her friend looked peaceful but Kitten felt anything but peaceful. She felt like she was on fire.


“Her blood taste...wrong.” The doctor sighed before looking at the girl on the bed. “I fear her body may reject my venom but we need to give it time . More time then your normal transformation.” He spoke softly.


“How much time?” Rose looked at her friend worry creasing her normally soft and beautiful features. Carlisle looked towards the woman he knew as a daughter pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked back at the body on the bed. 


“At least a week.” Rose felt a tug on her cold, dead heart . When you didn’t sleep and were hiding a secret from your family a week felt like an eternity. She would have to wait though, there was no other way to go about it. Carlisle set a hand on her shoulder, neither one of them knowing just how much pain Kitten was in due to the venom fighting in her system.


Three days passed and there was little sign of Kitten’s heart stopping. There was something that kept it beating though it was only beating at 20 bpm just barely beating at all. Kitten could feel the venom spread with every shallow breathe that left her body and every slow beat of her heart. Rose came in everyday brushing her hair and telling Kitten just how much she missed her. Often venting about Bella, there were times Rose told her, that she wished she had human tears to shed but none ever came and how much she hated that. Sometimes Carlisle came to visit noting that the venom had healed the gash on her neck and had begun to heal the gashes on her arms and abdomen.


On day six Kitten’s heart officially stopped beating as she lay still her eyes showing no sign of opening. When her eyes showed no signs of opening Carlisle wanted to rule her as dead. Convince his venom had been rejected and she had just taken a week to actually pass away. The problem? He couldn’t figure out how to tell Rosalie that he had given up hope and it was just about time she give up hope too. So instead he told his wife who was the pillar of hope and optimism, she told him to hold on one more day like he had told Rose originally and give it exactly a week. That maybe it was just taking a little longer because Kitten had lost so much blood in the first place. She promised him that if Kitten remained unmoving tomorrow she would talk with Rose.