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Vanilla Baby

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Jimin was tired. But his shift was almost over, the restaurant was closing soon, and that made him happy as he loaded plates up on a big tray and headed out to deliver an order to one of his tables. The table was the worst kind of clientele that he had to deal with in his job as a waiter. Drunk frat guys… ugh. He put his customer service face on and smiled as he weaved through the tables and stopped at the table of 6 big Alphas that were laughing and throwing packets of sugar and making a mess.

He suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. These guys were all the same, and he was the one who would have to clean up after their bullshit. He just smiled at them as he sat their plates of food in front of them. As he reached for the last plate on the tray, he jumped and almost dropped the tray and food as he felt someone pinch his ass. He turned a look at the Alpha closest to him and scowled at the smirk on the asshole’s face. He sat the last plate down with a loud ‘thunk’ in front of him.

“Please keep your hands to yourself sir, or I will have to ask you to leave.” Jimin said coldly to the Alpha who had pinched his butt before turning to the rest of the table. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“A blowjob?” One of the guys at the end said, causing a round of guffaws from his fellows and breaking down Jimin’s determination not to roll his eyes.

“I’m gonna take that as a no.” He turned and fled back into the kitchen.

“Tough crowd?” One of the other waiters, Jackson asked as Jimin leaned against the counter and sighed

“These frat boy idiots think they can do whatever they want with any Omega because all the Sororities are all over them at their stupid weekend parties. But if one more of them pinch my ass, I swear to god someone’s getting a cup of scalding coffee in their lap.”

Jackson was biting his lips trying not to laugh but failing miserably. His laughter brought out Jimin’s own and they cracked up together.

“I would pay good money to see that!”

Jimin pushed him and scoffed, trying to get his own laughter under control.

“You don’t get it because you’re an Alpha. But these frat guys are the worst.” Jimin whined, pouting.

“Do you want me to take that table, we can switch one?” Jackson offered.

“And let them win? Hell no.”

Jackson laughed and gave him a pat on the back before they both headed back out onto the floor to work. Jimin liked his job okay, outside of his late-night weekend shifts. It was just a job, but he liked the nice old lady who owned the place, and it was close to his apartment and to campus, which was about as good as it was going to get. As a broke college student, he was happy with a steady job and the ability to live independently, if maybe a little closer to the poverty line than he would like. His parents had offered to help pay for his bills, but he’d stupidly refused both because he knew his parents weren’t wealthy and would be dipping into their retirement fund, but also because he wanted to be ‘independent’. It hadn’t taken long to realize that independence blows and he would actually love some help with his bills. But he would never ask his parents for help unless it was a dire emergency.

The table of frat guys left a giant mess when they left and a tip of $3.25. He sighed as he started to clean the table, gathering the plates in the bussing tub and carrying it to the back before going back out to finish up. However, as he was about to start cleaning again, the owner stopped him and took over, patting his cheek.

“Why don’t you cash out and head home early? I know you’re tired, I can tell.”

He began to try and protest, but she shooed him away. He turned around and gave her a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek before dashing off to count up his tips and cash out for the night.

“Thanks! You’re the best.”

Jimin gathered his inadequate winter coat around him as he walked to the bus stop. It was freezing and his hands were like ice as he blew on them and stomped his feet, trying to warm up. Winter was in full swing, Christmas just a month away. Jimin loved this time of year, even if it meant that he froze his butt off every day on his way to and from school and work. There was something so nostalgic about wintertime.

His family always spent the holidays together, and some of his best memories were from those times. He wondered if he’d have enough money to go home for the holidays this year. He definitely wouldn’t have enough to buy gifts for everyone. He sighed and watched a little puff of mist cloud in front of him as his warm breath hit the icy air. Maybe he would skip it this year. He had bills to pay and with the way tips at work had been rolling in lately; he was going to be short on rent… again.

He immediately hopped on the bus when it stopped in front of him, jumping up the steps into the warm air and taking a seat. He was the only person on the bus at 2:00 AM, so he waved at the driver with a smile and received one in turn. It took about fifteen minutes to get to the stop closest to his apartment, but was still a ten minute walk from there to his shabby apartment complex where his tiny studio apartment was located.

He had to do his best not to fall asleep as he waited for his stop; the bus was so warm compared to his little apartment, where he dared not run the heater in fear of running up his electric bill. It made getting up in the morning very difficult when he had to crawl out of his warm little ball that he curled into at night and out of his tiny, ramshackle little nest and into the cold dawn light. He died a little inside every time he had to put his warm foot on the freezing tile floor.

However, he loved his tiny apartment. It was the first place that was really his and the first place he’d found independence. Of course, he’d love to live in a big fancy apartment that was warm and didn’t have ancient peeling wallpaper and cracked floors, and he hoped that once he graduated and found work as a chef he’d be able to find something better. But for now, the place worked well enough.

He waved goodbye as he exited the bus and stepped back out into the freezing night air. He jogged the four blocks to his apartment and dashed up the stairs and into his little place. It was just as cold in his apartment as it was outside, but he still felt good to be home. He wished he could shower before bed, but he never did during the winter. Going to sleep with wet hair when his apartment was so cold was a recipe for getting sick, plus it helped to have a hot shower to look forward to in the morning when he had to exit the warm safety of his bed and venture into the cold.

He pulled out his winter pajamas of thick sweatpants and an oversized hoodie and double socks, stripping down and quickly changing, shivering as what little warmth he’d had was leached away from his skin. He brushed his teeth and plugged in his cracked old iPhone, making sure his alarm was set before crawling into his little nest and wrapping himself up in several layers of blankets before curling into a little ball and shivering as he slowly warmed up and was able to drift into a restless sleep.

Jimin woke with a groan as his alarm started a very annoying and unappreciated sound in his ear. He hissed as he reached a hand outside the warm confines of his blanket burrito and into the cold to feel around for his cell phone and turn off the alarm. He pulled the phone to him and squinted at the screen to see it was 8:30 AM and he had to get up and go back to work. It was Saturday, which meant that he was opening at the restaurant and if he wanted to take a shower and be on time, he needed to get up soon.

He allowed himself one snooze cycle of five minutes to pout and throw a little fit before getting up and whining as his feet hit the tile and even through his two pairs of socks, the heat was pulled from his body at once, sending a shiver up his spine all the way to his scalp. He walked into the bathroom and started up the shower, the old pipes groaning in the walls like always as the water slowly heated. Jimin brushed his teeth quickly and stripped out of his warm pajamas, stepping into the shower.

He had to wash himself quickly; he knew he had about five minutes of hot water before it would run out. So, he washed his hair and body quickly, and then stood under the warm spray until he felt a slight change in temperature, and he turned it off at once. His shower would go from hot to stone cold in the span of about 45 seconds, and he didn’t want to waste the warmth in his skin.

He reached outside the shower curtain and grabbed his towel, drying himself off quickly before the water could chill too much on his skin. At least the tiny bathroom was warm from the steam as he grabbed his outfit for the day and pulled it on. He blow dried his hair quickly, not wanting to go outside with wet hair in the cold. He hesitated at the bathroom door, not wanting to open it and let all his warmth out, but he sighed and shivered at the cold air as he grabbed his coat, wallet, phone and keys and rushed out into the cool morning.

Jimin looked up with a big smile as he saw delicate little snowflakes falling around him. He loved the snow. He smiled all the way to the bus stop as the white flakes swirled around him. Even if he was shivering with his hands pressed deep into his pockets to protect them from the cold, he was still happy. Nothing made winter like snow. His favorite view was that of the world covered in glittering white ice, untouched and perfect the morning after a heavy snowfall.

His bus arrived just as he got to the stop and he hopped on gladly, taking a seat and rubbing his hands together for warmth, blowing into his cupped palms to try and warm his frozen fingers. His stop came too soon and he jumped out and headed into the restaurant to help get everything set up for the lunch rush. The little bell above the door jingled as he walked in to find everyone gathered in a little crowd around the owner, who was crying.

Jimin rushed over and joined the group, reaching forward and taking her hands in his and giving them a squeeze of reassurance. Everyone seemed downtrodden and Jimin wondered what had happened.

“What’s going on? Is everyone okay?” Jimin asked, looking around at his coworkers.

“No. I just got notice that the bank is foreclosing on the restaurant. I have two weeks to vacate the premises.”

Jimin felt his heart fall for two different reasons. He felt pity for his boss, the woman had always been extraordinarily kind to him, and also because that meant he was losing his job. He felt hot panic rise in his chest. He couldn’t afford to miss out on work for however long it would take to find a new job. He was totally screwed.

Everyone stayed for a while to commiserate with each other, but before too long they all left. There would be no work for them, the owner had to pack her things up and leave. Jimin felt the tightness in his chest increase as he and Jackson walked to the bus stop together. His friend must have sensed his distress because he pulled him to a stop.

“Let me buy you a cup of coffee. I think we both could use the company, because I think you’re freaking out just as much as I am.”

Honestly that sounded great, because if he was left alone, he was going to start panicking worse.

“Yeah, okay.”

They walked to a little coffee shop half a block away and ordered two plain coffees and doctored them up with sugar and cream before taking a seat at a little table and sighing in unison.

“What the hell am I going to do?” Jimin asked, rubbing his tired eyes.

“If I were you, and I had an ass like yours… I’d find me a sugar daddy.” Jackson said and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Okay… first of all… NO. And second of all, does Mark know you are looking at my ass?”

“Minnie. Mark might be an Omega, but even HE looks at your ass. It’s a really nice ass.”

“Shut up. You’re so embarrassing.” Jimin hissed, blushing and trying not to laugh.

“If I were single I’d find me a rich old Omega and let them pay my tuition and bills. I’m just saying, you have the goods… why not use them? Let some rich guy grope you and jerk him off, and all your bills are paid.” Jackson shrugged and took a drink of his coffee.

“You’re gross. I’m not doing that.”

Jackson just shrugged and they changed the subject. Of course there was absolutely no way he was ever ever ever going to get a sugar daddy.


Jungkook was tired. And horny. Which made for one extremely hard to deal with Alpha. All of his employees had already been gone for hours, and yet he was still at his desk, going over the end of year financial statements. It was a job he probably could have foisted off on someone else, but he’d always had a problem with needing to personally make sure things were done right. It was something his business partner Yoongi was always harping on him about.

He knew that working 16-hour days 7 days a week was neither healthy nor sustainable, but he was a bit of a workaholic. He reached over and grabbed his coffee, taking a sip and grimacing at the stone-cold temperature. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 10:00 PM already and sighed. It was Saturday night and he should be out at a bar, finding an Omega to help relieve some of his stress. But honestly, he hated the whole rigmarole of going to a bar and hitting on someone, convincing them to let you take them home for the night. Ten out of ten times when he brought someone to his apartment, what is supposed to be a one-night stand turns into reverse courting when they find out he has money.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his tired eyes and trying to decide if he should just give it up for the day and head home. He looked at the half-finished stack of reports on his desk and felt his eyes burning from focusing on the tiny numbers for hours and hours. What ended up convincing him to go home was not his tiredness, but the fact that if he kept working in this state, he was going to start messing up his numbers. On top of being a workaholic, he was also a perfectionist, and he couldn’t allow himself to start screwing up these reports.

He rapped his knuckles against the desk and stood, leaving his neat stacks of papers where they sat and grabbed his coat, scarf and gloves on his way out. He walked through the dark office, which was a familiar sight for him. He very rarely left work when the sun was still up, and even more rarely arrived after it had risen. He knew that he was getting too bogged down in the everyday running of the company. He’d started the business because he was passionate about technology and innovations in computer science. He missed working with the engineers and coding for new products. These days he felt like a glorified accountant with a big fancy office.

The elevator dinged and opened, he stepped inside, pressing the button for the garage and leaned against the back wall as he waited and felt himself descend to the lowest level. Now that his mind wasn’t focused so much on work, the hot shifting under his skin was the main center of his attention. He really needed to get laid, but the mere idea of going out to a bar tonight filled him with a bone-deep fatigue. He’d considered trying to find a boyfriend or girlfriend for the sole purpose of having someone to fuck when he needed to, but he knew he didn’t have the time or proper motivation to start up a relationship. That would just end badly.

It looked like tonight he was going it alone. He exited the elevator and made his way to his black Audi, hopping in and groaning at the idea of going home alone again. Masturbation had lost its appeal quite some time ago. His inner Alpha longed for an Omega or a Beta to ease him and wasn’t impressed by his own half- hearted handjobs. At this point, it was about the equivalent of throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire. Not very effective.

Jungkook drove home through the dark city, it was starting to snow in earnest now. The winter storm that the skies had been promising finally releasing the snow on them. He used to love the snow when he was younger, but now it was more of an inconvenience. When he was small, he’d spent his holidays with his family, but over the years they’d grown apart. He hadn’t talked to his parents in almost 3 years now. The thought made him think about calling and seeing if they were okay, if they needed anything, but he’d learned the hard way that he and his money weren’t welcome there.

When he’d refused to take over the family business after college, his father had taken it hard, but they’d still stayed close until Jeon Paint and Body went under. By that time Jungkook already had a handful of tech patents and was making good money. He’d gone home and tried to give his father the money he needed to bail out his business. His offer had led to the worst family fight that they’d ever had.

His father was a proud Alpha, and refused to take his son’s money. The entire blowout had ended with his father telling him that he was ungrateful for not taking over the family business and Jungkook telling his father that at least he was capable of keeping a business afloat. It was the one and only time his father had ever struck him, and it had been a shock. His mother had tried to stop him as he’d stormed out of the house, but he’d been too angry, too wound up to listen. He hadn’t spoken to either of them since.

He pulled into the garage under his apartment building and mentally slapped himself for his wandering thoughts. Why was he thinking about that? He usually kept his mind away from the past, but something about the holidays always brought it out of him. He specifically turned his thoughts away from the unwelcome old feelings that still twisted his gut when he remembered shrugging off his mother’s hand, and the look of surprise that had overtaken his father’s face after he’d hit him. He made his way to the elevator and thought about his pet coding project he’d been working on the side.

Sleep was an elusive thing for him over the past months. No matter how tired he was, he was always too keyed up to get proper sleep. He usually worked out before bed, to try and curb his restlessness, but he knew it was the lack of a sex life that made him so agitated. He was an Alpha after all, and he was in his prime. His sex drive was high, and his natural instinct to find a mate was strong. Biology could be a real bitch sometimes, he thought as he hit the button for his penthouse and felt his stomach dip as the elevator zoomed upward.

As soon as he was inside his apartment, he started to undress, leaving a trail of clothes in his wake as he headed for his bedroom and slipped on sweats. He hadn’t eaten since early morning and he was starving. He knew good and well his kitchen was empty, not having gone to the grocery store anytime in recent memory. So, he pulled his phone out and ordered take-out to be delivered to his place as he made his way into his office and started up his PC, opening up all the various programs he used to code and experiment with his simulations.

He’d spent all his rare free time over the last year trying to make an idea he’d had come to fruition. He’d been trying to engineer a smaller and more powerful processor that would skyrocket their company to the forefront of the tech world if he could manage it. He was sure he would have figured it out by now if he could spend more than a few hours on it at a time when he was already dead tired. He studied his work and tried to remember where he’d left off, working through the complex lines of code and finding a good place to start working.

It felt like no time at all until his doorbell was ringing, signaling that his food had arrived. He jumped up and grabbed his wallet as he headed to the door, opening it to see a small and pretty-ish Omega holding a bag from the restaurant he’d ordered from. There was a moment of pause where the Omega’s eyes slid from his face, down his shirtless torso, then her eyes snapped back up to Jungkook’s face as if realizing that he’d been eyeing the Alpha up.

“Good evening, sir. I’ve got your food here. Your total is $20.70.” The Omega said with a small, tight smile.

Jungkook pulled a fifty out of his wallet and handed it over.

“Keep the change.”

Just as he was about to close the door, the Omega’s voice called out again.

“Um… hey… Are you… looking for a sugar baby or anything?”

The question came straight out of left field and had his eyebrows rising in surprise. What the hell kind of question was that? Him? Need a sugar baby? No. There was no way he was ever ever ever going to have a sugar baby.

“Uh… No thanks.”

He closed the door right in the Omega’s face.


Jimin had his computer in his lap as he was curled up in his nest, glad for the warmth radiating from the thing. The laptop had been his graduation gift from his parents, and he was so grateful to have it at the moment. He was connected to his neighbor’s Wi-Fi, the old couple didn’t have a password on their network, so he was able to use their internet to browse for a job. He wasn’t coming up with anything, however. All the jobs that were good for college students were already taken at this point in the semester. He had no idea what he was going to do. Was he really going to have to call and ask his parents for money?

Just as he thought that, he saw a job posting for a barista in a café, but the posting said to apply in person. He eyed it curiously, noting that it had been posted over a week ago. He hoped that they hadn’t already filled the position but feared that they had. Students would snatch up an opportunity like that quickly. It was the only promising lead that he could find however that would work with his school schedule. So, he got up and dressed in his nicest outfit, which was basically the only pair of jeans he owned without holes in them and a white button up, throwing his coat on top and heading out.

There was a thin layer of snow on the ground now, and Jimin was happy to see it starting to stick. The weather had said that they were supposed to get a lot more snow over the next week. He shoved his cold hands in his pockets and jogged to the bus stop. His cheeks and nose were raw from cold and he knew they must be red. He tucked the lower half of his face into his coat and shivered as the wind cut right through his meager layers, freezing him. He smiled as he squinted through the snow and saw his bus coming, jumping up the steps immediately when it stopped in front of him.

The coffee shop was right next to the bus stop he usually used to go to work at the restaurant, and he felt a little sad as he got off and looked down the way to where his old job was. He hoped that the owner would be alright. But he didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, because the wind was still blowing and he was freezing cold. He quickly walked forward and into the small coffee shop, that was pleasantly warm inside and smelled lovely like chocolate and coffee beans. He took a deep breath and smiled at the lovely scent.

He waited in line until he got to the front, and asked about the job posting. He was directed to a manager, who sadly informed him that the position was already filled. He just nodded and left his number with her in case something else opened up. He felt despondence overtake him as he made his way out of the shop and to the bus stop, happy at least that his bus arrived just as he reached the stop and he didn’t have to wait in the cold. He chewed his thumbnail as he rode back toward his apartment, worrying what to do.

Which was how he found himself back in his nest with his laptop back open searching for a job again. He thought back on his conversation with Jackson. He knew that the Alpha had mostly been kidding about him getting a sugar daddy, but his rent was due in two days and he didn’t have even half of it. He didn’t want to get evicted, and he didn’t want to have to call his parents for money. He worried his lip with his teeth as he thought about it, then looked back at the glowing computer screen in his lap. He opened up Google and typed in a search.

Search: How do you get a sugar daddy

He was flooded with results, from articles about sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships to websites that would help hook you up. He paused at one link that caught his eye.

“Magic Shop- Looking for a discrete financially beneficial relationship in Seoul? Our team will help match you with the best possible Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and interests. Please call to schedule an appointment.” There was a number listed below it.

Jimin clicked the link and it opened a surprisingly professional looking website. He clicked through the tabs and info to see that it was an actual legitimate service. He read through all the information available on the website, and realized that they were in fact exactly what they claimed. A matchmaking service. They simply got paid to help people find a match for sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships.

He picked up his phone and looked down at the cracked screen, chewing his lip again as he contemplated calling the number. He considered all the pros and cons of calling the number and going through with this ludicrous plan. On one hand, he might end up with some old creep, or worse not be chosen at all. On the other hand, he really needed to get laid, and there was a possibility that they might hook him up with someone he at least was a little attracted to.

He unlocked his phone and dialed the number. Was he really about to try and get a sugar daddy?


The coffee shop was way too busy for a Sunday morning, Jungkook thought as he stood at the back of the little café and waited on his order. He needed to get to work, and he was already running behind schedule. He should have been there an hour ago, which just meant he’d be staying an hour later tonight. He was leaning against the wall and looking at his phone, reading work emails and mentally drafting responses for when he got back to his computer, hating to type long work emails on the phone. It left too much leeway for typos and embarrassing errors.

Occasionally the door would open and a gust of cold winter wind would breeze over his side, but he ignored it in favor of reading his business correspondence. At least he did until a particular blast of air carried a lovely vanilla bean scent to him that made goosebumps erupt over his skin. He felt his cock stir slightly at the perfect, sweet scent of an Omega. He eyed the crowd, trying to spot out who the scent belonged to, but he couldn’t tell. There were too many people in the confined space, and too many scents clogging the air to be able to differentiate between scents.

He took several deep breaths, trying to catch the scent again, but to no avail. Whoever it belonged to was lost in the crush of people. When his order was finally called, he made his way to the front just in time to see the prettiest Omega he’d ever seen. Blond hair, lovely face with full lips and sultry eyes whose color he couldn’t determine from this far away. He grabbed his coffee from the barista and as he turned back to see where the pretty boy was, he was leaving.

Jungkook watched as he pushed out the door, and the winter air carried the vanilla bean scent to him again. That was the boy whose scent he had noticed. He pushed his way toward the exit, wanting to talk to the Omega, maybe try to get him to go home with him… But as he reached the door the blond was getting on a bus and he watched it pull away. His eyes traced the profile of the pretty Omega through the window as the bus pulled away from the curb and headed off. He felt a little defeated as the bus pulled away, he hadn’t felt attraction like that in years.

Sighing, he headed for his car, damning his bad luck for losing out on the pretty boy. He unlocked the car and slid inside, heading to his office. As he removed his coat and took his seat at his desk, beginning to work through more of the financial statements, the usual heated shifting under his skin refused to calm down the way it normally did when he was focused on work. His mind kept playing the few moments that he’d seen the lovely blond Omega over and over on an endless loop.

He pressed his knuckles into his closed eyes, trying to wipe the image from his visual memory. He was well aware that the blond had been hot, and he was also well aware of the fact that he was extremely sexually starved at the moment, but he had work to do. So he took a few deep breaths and forced his mind to focus on the reports in front of him. There was no time in his life for a relationship, even with a beautiful Omega. He didn’t want a boyfriend anyway, he just needed to get laid.

After a few hours of working, Jungkook was interrupted by his business partner Yoongi walking into his office and taking a seat in one of the chairs on the other side of his desk. The other Alpha sat back and crossed his legs at the knee, giving him a knowing look. He hated that look because it was always followed by harsh truths that he didn’t want to hear. He’d known Yoongi since elementary school, and there was no one in the world who knew him better, but that meant that when he started in on him, he had more ammo than most.

“What?” Jungkook said, looking back down at his papers and trying to give off a harsh ‘fuck off’ vibe. It was ineffective, Yoongi was impervious to his moods.

“Somehow I knew I’d find you here… on a Sunday. What are you doing here? There is no reason for you to be here right now. You need to take a break.”

“I’ve got work to do.” Jungkook scoffed, indicating toward the stacks of papers neatly arranged on his desk.

Yoongi leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, leveling Jungkook with an unimpressed stare.

“Get a fucking secretary or an assistant. Fuck… Hire a new damn CEO. We both know you want to be downstairs in the lab working on the new products and designs. You’re killing yourself trying to do everything at once. We started this company together because of your engineering, coding and computer science abilities and my business sense.”

Jungkook rubbed a hand over his face, trying hard not to show how stressed and tired he was and trying to keep from getting angry at his best friend, who he knew was right. He was taking on too much, but he couldn’t help it. He was a control freak and he needed things to be just so, and trusting other people to take care of them was a big source of anxiety for him.

“You think I don’t know that? You think I want to be doing this?” Jungkook snapped, sounding harsher than he’d meant.

Yoongi didn’t back down.

“Yes, I do think that you want to be doing this. Otherwise you would find someone else to do it. You are isolating yourself in work, it’s your SOP. You think that if you keep yourself busy you can keep from thinking about what happened with your parents, and you can avoid trying to build a life and find a mate.”

Jungkook felt his unwanted anger rise up in him. How dare Yoongi bring his parents into this? That had nothing to do with this and was a really low blow.

“First of all, fuck you. And second of all, I don’t want a mate, I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m fine.”

“Shit, I don’t even care if you find a mate, but you need something in your life other than work. Even if it’s just sex. Find a pretty Omega and get some of this stress out so you can think clearly for once. You’re not fine, Jungkook and we both know it.”

Jungkook pressed his tongue against the inside of his cheek and sat back in his chair, trying not to lose his temper. He wanted to throw Yoongi from his office, he wanted to hit him. It wouldn’t be the first time their friendship had come to blows, and probably not the last. They were the most stubborn people in the world. Their parents said they were too much alike, which was why they were both best friends and worst enemies at times. It was hard to fight against yourself.

“I don’t have time in my life for a boyfriend. The last thing I need is a clingy, needy Omega all over me when I’m trying to work or someone constantly interrupting my life.”

“Kook. You’re rich as hell. Get a fucking sugar baby for all I care. Pay someone to come around and suck your dick a few times a week. Just do… something. Because your attitude isn’t going unnoticed around here, and it’s not helpful for the boss to be an asshole to his employees because he hasn’t popped a knot in too long.”

This was the second time in less than 24 hours that someone suggested a sugar baby to him. What the hell? But as he thought about it… it might not be such a bad thing. All the benefits of a relationship with none of the neediness and obligations. A novel idea.

Jungkook sighed and rubbed a hand over his face again, trying to let his anger bleed away. That was the most infuriating thing about being best friends with Yoongi, you could never win an argument. He was way too insightful, and he knew exactly what to say and do to make you feel like an asshole.

“Look, I know you’re right. But do you have to be such a dick about it?”

The humor helped dispel some of the tension, and let them both relax again. Jungkook was still annoyed but trying not to show it. He was after all a grown man and didn’t need his friend telling him how to live his life. But that was wrong. Yoongi just wanted what was best for him. He imagined if the situation were reversed and knew that he’d be a thousand times worse and probably would have made the whole thing harder for them both.

He knew he was closed off from people. He wished he could blame it on what happened with his parents, but he’d kind of always been that way. He projected a lot of confidence and surety, but inside he was afraid of getting hurt, just like everyone. His arrogance and aloofness were just the mask he used with the world to keep them at arm’s length. It was the reason that his few attempts at relationships over the years had failed. He couldn’t let people in, and after a while, everyone got tired of bashing their head against the brick wall that was Jeon Jungkook’s heart.

“Yes I do have to be a dick about it or you’d never listen to me. Stop your whole ‘I am an island’ routine and get laid, get your head out of your ass and let me see my best friend again.”

“Alright. I’ll try.”

“Good. Now, let’s both get the fuck out of here. I don’t want you to work anymore today. Just go home and relax for once. Can you do that?”

Jungkook ran his hands over the smooth glass top of his desk, back and forth for a few minutes. It was hard for him to leave when he knew that there was work that needed to be done, but he had to start somewhere, and he guessed this was as good a place as any to begin. So he stood and put his coat on, smiling as Yoongi wrapped an arm around his shoulders and gave him a shake. They headed for the elevator together and parted ways when they got to their cars.

It felt a little scandalous to be leaving work during the day. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he hadn’t worked until after dark. He had so much time on his hands and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. He had nowhere in particular he wanted to go, so he headed home. As he drove he considered Yoongi’s words. Should he actually consider getting a sugar baby? It was an odd thing to think about, paying someone for sex. He’d never thought about it before, but as he considered it, it felt like the perfect scenario for him.

He wasn’t open to love, he just wanted someone who would come over occasionally and let him fuck them. It would be nice to feel a warm body under him once in a while, and Yoongi was right, he had the money. As a workaholic, he very rarely spent his money on anything that wasn’t strictly necessary for everyday life, and had amassed quite a fortune. He had been in this year’s issue of Forbes ‘Richest CEOs Under 30’ and he had more money rolling in all the time.

The real question was… how did one go about procuring a sugar baby? He had no idea. He’d never considered it as a possibility in his life, so he’d never thought much about it. So, like any tech nerd worth his salt, he did what came naturally. He turned to the internet for information.

He made his way into his apartment, picking up yesterday’s trail of clothes and changing into sweats before plopping down at his desk and turning on his computer. He pulled up Google and typed into the search bar.

Search: How do you get a sugar baby

He looked through the options at his fingertips and paused at one that looked promising.

“Magic Shop- Looking for a discrete financially beneficial relationship in Seoul? Our team will help match you with the best possible Alpha, Beta or Omega to suit your needs and interests. Please call to schedule an appointment.”

He opened the website and browsed through, noting that the webpage design was actually not bad. It seemed professional and that actually made him feel a little less like a fucking creep for doing this. Using a matchmaking service to help him find someone to sleep with was not his proudest moment. He looked at their hours and saw that they took calls even on Sunday.

He picked up his phone and unlocked it, dialing the number and hesitating. Was he really about to try and get a sugar baby?