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Bears vs Dragons

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The fight between bears and dragons really didn't matter. First of all, dragons don't really exist (or do they?) Second, why would bears and dragons even fight? So really, this shouldn't be important. 'Cause really, anyone who thinks it is so important that they should spend hours talking about it (or arguing about it) are total id-

"Look man! Bears would win!"

That was Sherlock. He's an idiot.

"Oh really? And why is that?"

Now that was John.

Both of them were arguing about who would win in a fight; dragons or bears. Yes. They are idiots.

"Bears can breathe fire! Nothing can beat that!"

John rolled his eyes. "No ya' idiot! Dragons breathe fire, not bears!"

Sherlock froze for a moment, thinking. "Huh. I guess you're right with that. But bears can still win!"

"You just said nothing can beat breathing fire!"

"Bears can!"

Yup. They have been doing this for 583,892,602 hours. Don't ask me how many days that is. Or years.

Oh, and my name is Molly by thr way thank you so much for asking you are so polite!

"Look man, dragons also have wings. Beat that!" John humphed and truned away like a little child.

You might be wondering about how they had just got to the point that dragons have wings and all that bullshit. Well, it's because they have been arguing for so long that they keep forgetting what they had previously said. So it's just an endless cycle.

"Bears have claws, John!" Sherlock yelled.

"Dragons have talons, Sherlock!" John yelled back. "And they breathe fire!"

See my point?

"No they don't!"

"Yes they do!"